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marianoI got a machine (thinkcenter server) and I would like to use it to learn how to work with various databases. From what I understand, and correct me if I'm wrong, I can install ubuntu server on this machine and then install virtualbox. I can then install various virtual machines (i.e. mysql server, windows server, ect) and run them via a web browser (PHPvirtualbox)? Is this correct?04:02
sarnoldmariano: that sounds like a lot of work compared to just using libvirt and qemu/kvm04:03
marianoOk, let me read what libvirt and qemu/kvm are. I'm new to all of this.04:04
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marianolibvirt  qemu/kvm sounds a bit over my head. I'm a noob in all of this.04:15
sarnoldmariano: apt-get install virt-manager, and run it with "virt-manager", it'll provide a much friendlier gui04:17
marianoSo the main OS on the machine should be ubuntu server and dthen run apt-get on there yes?04:18
marianoOk, perfect. I'll start messing with that stuff. And this will still be a headless option as far as running my guest machines correct?04:19
sarnoldmariano: yeah; to use virt-manager, you'll use ssh -X when connecting to it..04:22
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marianoThank you so much for the info sarnold04:22
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lordievaderGood morning.07:33
fishcooker1if other user running apt-get dist-upgrade .. how to show progress log of the apting action?08:10
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fishcookersorry for being disconnected.. how to show log progress of apt-distupgrade action .. in case there are other user doing that action?08:37
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jamespage_zul, hey - can you look at unblocking all of our openstack in wily - I'll have a bit of time tomorrow, but it would be nice to get the current log jam through before we have to work on l209:10
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zuljamespage: ack11:51
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momomoWhenever I send a file with scp, the maximum speed seems to be around 1.2 MB/s ... why? Is there a way to increase this speed?13:13
JanCmomomo: how fast is the (upstream) internet connection that you use for the system where you send that file from?13:33
momomoit should be about 10 mps13:58
momomomaybe I am wrong thoguh13:58
momomospeed testing13:59
momomoyes, it's about 9-1013:59
tewardMB per second, or Mb per second?  (One's megabytes one's megabits)14:00
tewardif it's the second one, 1.2 MB/s is about what you'd expect from a 10 megabit upload connection.14:01
tewardmomomo: speedtest.net?14:02
tewardthey use Megabit not MegaByte14:02
momomohmm .. ook so times 8 ?14:02
tewardmomomo: 10Mbps (Megabits per second) is about 1.25 MBps (Megabytes per second)14:02
teward(Megabits per second) / 8 = MegaBytes per second14:02
momomothanks for clarifying :)14:02
tewardmomomo: so, 1.2MB/s is as expected for that type of an upload connection speed14:03
tewardnow, 10000 Mbit / second... that's fun :P14:03
* teward had access to such a speed for all of 10 seconds xD14:03
tewardmomomo: but to answer your initial question about the max speed being about 1.2 megabytes per second.14:04
tewardit's becuase you only have 10Mbit upload speed - that's 1.25MB/s14:04
jamespagezul, ta14:08
jrwreni wonder when 10Gbit hardware will be priced for home.14:08
Slinginfiniband is already pretty cheap14:13
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jrwrenit is?14:16
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funkenstrahlenAnyone here running btsync 2.0 on an ubuntu server? I need some help setting it up: https://forum.bittorrent.com/topic/40008-sync20-headless-server-instanceconf-how-to-set-the-secret/14:49
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hallynsmoser: http://paste.ubuntu.com/11967817/  proposed seabios for wily, any objections/comments?  qa-regression-testing test-qemu.sh passes...16:56
smosernothing screams at me.16:57
smoseri was just a cuople minutes ago reminising about16:57
smoser https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ipxe/+bug/92123016:57
ubottuLaunchpad bug 921230 in ipxe (Ubuntu) "presense of kvm-ipxe slows down kvm non-network boot" [Wishlist,Fix released]16:58
smoserhow was that fixed ?16:58
smoseroh. you set the timeout to zero.16:58
hallynsmoser: ok, will pushonce test-libvirt.py completes17:01
smoserhallyn, since i like to complain about essoterric features not wroking correctly...17:19
smoserbooting qemu with the ovmf bios (for uefi) renders -curses useless.17:19
smoserthat bios goes itno 800x600 mode right away.17:20
fellayaboyis an ldap server basically a domain controller with active directory in a sense?  is it so you can create and store new users and computers that join a domain and you could administer those users and ocmputers from there?17:22
fellayaboyis ldap server basically linux17:22
tarpmanfellayaboy: an ldap server is just a database and a protocol for talking to it17:23
fellayaboyversion of domain controller and active directory17:23
hallynsmoser: uh.  what.  why can't i find edk2 for wily?17:23
fellayaboyoh okay17:23
pmatulisfellayaboy: AD is strictly a microsoft product that, among other things, embeds an LDAP-like service17:24
smoserhallyn, https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/edk2 ?17:24
fellayaboyok so im familiar with active directory and creating a domain controller in windows server... whats linux equivalent17:24
fellayaboypmatulis, oh i see i see17:24
pmatulisfellayaboy: investigate samba417:24
fellayaboyisnt samba just a file sharing protocol?17:25
pmatulisfellayaboy: about a decade ago, yes17:25
fellayaboycreates a networe share17:25
tewardit's far more than that now17:25
tarpmanfellayaboy: in addition to samba4, check out freeipa17:25
fellayaboycould you provide a link of all the other stuff it does..i would google it but i know ill just get lost in the ocean of information17:25
fellayaboyfreeipa thanks tarpman17:26
fellayaboyive setup a samba share in ubuntu server 15.04 here at our enterprise...its quite fast and very reliable17:26
pmatulisfellayaboy: https://www.samba.org/17:26
fellayaboyworks very well with our windows clients17:26
fellayaboyguys thanks for that information17:27
pmatulisfellayaboy: note samba4 and samba3 are not the same. the former is a complete rewrite and enables a standalone AD-like thing, replete with its own embedded LDAP service17:27
fellayaboyvery helpful thank you17:27
fellayaboyi see pmatulis17:28
fellayaboyso samba 4 and create domain users17:28
fellayaboyapply some sort of policies to linux machines similiar to gpo?17:29
pmatulisfellayaboy: normally i would point you to the ubuntu server guide but it has not been updated to samba4 yet17:29
pmatulisfellayaboy: you really need to take some time, prolly a lot of time, and read the docs17:30
fellayaboyi meant to say "can samba 4 create domian users?" and can it apply policies to machine objects17:30
fellayaboyill go over to samba too..since these are samba related questions  thanks pmatulis17:30
hallynsmoser: yeah, but aptitude doesn't find it17:34
hallyn(or its binary packages)17:34
server-helpCan anyone explain this:  I have a server that hangs on boot and repeats the message 1fUbuntu12.041f.... several times18:26
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