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Elleokenvandine: yeah, turned out to be a different test suite brendan was getting failures on that was trying to use keys on the numberpad layout that don't exist (but of course worked with the fake keyboard)00:35
LightningModscan anyone give me the boot.img for falcon (moto g) as the link was taken down00:54
LightningModscan anyone give me the boot.img for falcon (moto g) as the link was taken down00:56
LightningModsfor ubuntu touch00:56
kenvandineElleo, ah02:41
TonyBostonI can not update Apps anymore, it just doesn't start downloading04:59
TonyBostonare there any known issues on that?04:59
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dholbachgood morning06:54
TonyBostondholbach moin06:56
dholbachhey TonyBoston06:56
TonyBostondo you know of an issue where touch can't download updates anymore?06:57
TonyBostonI have that since two days06:57
dholbachTonyBoston, is that with apps or system updates?07:02
TonyBostondholbach thats with apps07:05
dholbachTonyBoston, you could try to re-add your ubuntu one account07:05
TonyBostondholbach okay, trying that now07:06
TonyBostondholbach that did the trick, thanks. must be a bug though07:08
dholbachbeuno, ^07:08
TonyBostondholbach is there a documentation on how to ssh into the device and the location of logs to file a bug?07:09
dholbachenable developer mode in the settings, plug it in via usb and use phablet-shell07:11
TonyBostondholbach okay, I tried to ssh into the device via wireless lan yesterday and got a privatekey error. I'll try the phablet-shell07:12
dholbachI always plugged the phone in via usb07:13
JamesTaitGood morning all; happy Cheesecake Day! 😃08:50
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ogra_MacSlow, awesome work !09:47
* ogra_ loves the new splash screen09:47
MacSlowogra_, ah... that's old... at least for three days in images already ;)09:47
MacSlowogra_, but thx :)09:47
ogra_hmm, i didnt have it on yesterdays upgrade09:47
* ogra_ is on the daily image09:48
MacSlowogra_, I think it started being part of r115 from devel-proposed09:48
ogra_ah, heh, wily09:48
ogra_nothing anyone should run :P09:48
MacSlowogra_, not everybody :)09:48
ogra_well, if you want a functional phone at least :)09:49
mptAccording to bug 1436063, Ubuntu has a Calendar app. Where is it? I can’t find it in the store.10:15
ubot5bug 1436063 in ubuntu-calendar-app (Ubuntu) "[Calendar] clicking on "Add new Calendar" in the Calendar-App brings you to the system settings" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/143606310:15
ogra_mpt, https://uappexplorer.com/app/com.ubuntu.calendar10:16
mptahh, apparently I’m not connected to the Internet10:19
mptThe Store was just pretending to search for things, when really it couldn’t10:19
ogra_sounds like a bug :)10:19
mptI guess this is 70% my fault because I haven’t designed the fix for bug 127576110:21
ubot5bug 1275761 in indicator-network (Ubuntu) "No standard explanation of why you're offline" [Wishlist,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/127576110:21
mptbut 30% the Store showing a bouncy progress bar when it was in fact doing nothing at all10:21
ogra_(i think thats not store specific, all scopes do that)10:26
oSoMoNnerochiaro, http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~uriboni/webbrowser-app/new-tab-wide-format/revision/1080 is fishy…11:28
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nerochiarooSoMoN: i hate that that file keeps getting built, it always manages to sneak in. i will just revert the file to whatever is in trunk11:38
nerochiarooSoMoN: regarding the fullscreen+volume key bug: it is not a Qt only issue. Gtk apps lose focus for a brief moment too when the volume keys are pressed. Seems more like a WM problem11:49
oSoMoNnerochiaro, re revision 1080, it’s not just that the translation template sneaked in, it’s also that the change to debian/control sneaked out…11:55
nerochiarooSoMoN: i just fixed all that. not sure how it did happen11:56
oSoMoNnerochiaro, re the fullscreen issue: how do firefox and chromium behave, as a comparison point?11:56
oSoMoNnerochiaro, and why does loosing focus exit fullscreen mode? maybe that can be fixed?11:57
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nerochiarooSoMoN: losing focus exits fullscreen mode in both chrome and firefox, but they do not seem to exit fullscreen when the volume keys are pressed. in our browser exiting fullscreen when losing focus is one line of code that we can easily comment out, but i suppose it was put in there for a reason. one easy workaround is to have a timer and exit fullscreen when we lose focus without regaining it for more than, say, 500ms. t12:18
nerochiarohat will fix the problem with the volume buttons12:18
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oSoMoNnerochiaro, right, the "exiting fullscreen when loosing focus" behaviour is intentional indeed, when switching apps on a device (with e.g. the right edge), and then going back to browser, it is not expected to remain fullscreen12:29
nerochiarooSoMoN: it is also good to have on desktop, and i think my workaround will be a good solution to that problem for now. Ideally we need to figure out why the WM does what it does with the buttons and fix it but I think we can start with the workaround12:35
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dholbachbeuno, did you see the comment from TonyBoston about not being able to install updates earlier?13:13
nocturnHi MacSlow, we discussed utuntu phone notifications from python yesterday13:14
MacSlownocturn, yup13:14
nocturnWanted to let you know that I found a way to do it without pynotfy, using gi.repository import Notify13:14
nocturnwhich is in the default image13:14
MacSlownocturn, yeah... forgot about that... some examples use that already too13:15
pmcgowandholbach, app updates? his U1 account needs a new password prolly13:15
nocturnMacSlow, only one thing remaining, but I think your examples don't do that either13:15
nocturnI want to get them under the envoloppe icon in the bar13:15
dholbachpmcgowan, yep, app updates - it looks like re-adding the Ubuntu One account made it work again13:15
MacSlownocturn, how do you mean?13:16
dholbachpmcgowan, is there a reason he might have needed a new password?13:16
nocturnMacSlow, Instead of a disappearing notification, I want to stick them in the notification list like Telegram and Twitter do13:16
nocturnso that if you do't see them at the time of creation, they do stay put13:16
MacSlownocturn, ah... that's a differnece there... regular (libnotify) vs push notifications13:17
MacSlownocturn, push notifications get listed in the message indicator13:17
nocturnMacSlow, can I only get push notifications there?13:17
pmcgowandholbach, you have to have a U1 account to access the store13:17
MacSlownocturn, yes13:17
nocturnI see that they are created with dbus13:17
nerochiarooSoMoN: do you think i should go ahead and implement the timer workaround ?13:18
pmcgowandholbach, and the password length was increased and sso added13:18
dholbachpmcgowan, ah ok, that might have been the issue - I don't know13:18
MacSlownocturn, you app can fire both if you want13:18
dholbachTonyBoston, ^13:18
pmcgowanits a but of a mystery to me13:18
MacSlownocturn, but it's a different dbus-api to talk to13:18
pmcgowanI didnt expect sso prompt13:18
nocturnMacSlow, do you have an example of push notifications from python?13:18
MacSlownocturn, nope sorry13:19
MacSlownocturn, but I guess if you grab lp:indicator-messages and look at tests/test-client.py you can borrow some code from there13:21
nocturnMacSlow, I will check that out!13:22
pmcgowanTonyBoston, are you seeing app updates stuck at 0% downloading?13:22
TonyBostonpmcgowan I had that this morning but dholbach told me to delete and re-add the U1 account which helped to sort that out13:23
pmcgowanTonyBoston, exactly good13:23
MacSlownocturn, another one might be lp:message-app, but it's mostly C++ iirc13:23
MacSlownocturn, ehm.. lp:messaging-app I meant13:24
nocturnMacSlow, checking it out...13:25
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kenvandinemandel, did you see my question about the http status?13:36
kenvandinemandel, if i change my u1 password, it gets a 200 response with "Unknown Error"13:36
kenvandines/if i change/after changing/13:37
kenvandinempt, o13:38
kenvandinempt, i'm working on the mouse and touchpad UI13:38
mptkenvandine, I agree entirely13:38
kenvandinempt, i need the image for the eyes open and eyes closed smiley, i assume that's not be done yet?13:39
oSoMoNnerochiaro, it doesn’t hurt to give it a try13:39
oSoMoNnerochiaro, could it be that the notification OSD is taking focus? (and if so, could it be that it’s a bug in notify-osd?)13:40
mptkenvandine, correct, but you could use the emoji to start with. That would (a) be ok anyway and (b) motivate visual designers to replace it13:40
mptOh, I never finished that sentence in the spec…13:41
dobeykenvandine: the "ask for list of updates" HTTP request gives you that 200 if you invalidate your token on login.ubuntu.com?13:42
kenvandinedobey, yes13:43
nerochiarooSoMoN: it does not take focus when it delivers a message. so maybe the things tha actually displays the volume notification is not notify-osd ? or it is notify-osd in a different mode ?13:43
nerochiarooSoMoN: who might know ? MacSlow maybe ?13:43
dobeykenvandine: that sounds reasoanble, i don't think you need to be logged in to get the lsit of updates (which, admittedly is slightly odd)13:43
kenvandinedobey, well i don't get the list of updates though13:43
oSoMoNnerochiaro, yeah, I guess MacSlow would know13:43
dobeykenvandine: but when you make the HEAD request to get the X-Click-Token value, you should get a 401/403 i think13:43
kenvandinethe errorString in the QNetworkReply is Unknown Error13:44
dobeykenvandine: how is the updates panel showing a list of updates?13:44
kenvandinebut the http status is 20013:44
kenvandinedobey, it's now showing the list :)13:44
kenvandineunless this is the bug that was introduced with the fix-network branch :)13:44
dobeykenvandine: but the bug report is that the list is shown, and the updates just hang13:44
kenvandinemaybe it's unrelated13:44
dobeyi guess that's possible13:45
kenvandinedobey, yes... mandel had branches that cleaned up a bunch of the network code13:45
kenvandineand improved error handling13:45
dobeywhat's the url for the fix-network branch?13:45
kenvandineso i based my fix on those branches13:45
dobeyok, that sounds like a regression in those branches then13:45
mptkenvandine, spec updated. <https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MouseAndTouchpad?action=diff&rev2=7&rev1=6>13:46
kenvandinemost likely13:46
kenvandinedobey, that is built on top of both of those branches13:46
dobeybecause the system-settings in the current image shows the updates, but they hang when trying to download13:46
dobeyyes, i reviewed your branch :)13:46
kenvandinewhen we tried to land the fix-network branch seb128 ran into a regression which mandel is looking into13:46
kenvandineso i'm thinking it might be the same problem13:47
kenvandinedobey, if you want to look at the code, just browse that branch :)13:47
dobeykenvandine: you need to fix your branch to delete the token from online-accounts though13:47
kenvandineseb128, do you recall the problem you had?  was it not finding the click updates?13:47
kenvandinedobey, do i need to if i'm prompting the user to login again?13:48
dobeykenvandine: yes, because online-accounts-ui will just show the existing account and the user will have no idea what is wrong or what to do once it pops up13:48
dobeyat least, that is my understanding of how online-accounts works when there's already an account and it's a type that only supports a single account13:49
kenvandinei think it'll be prompting to login there, but i need to figure out this issue first13:49
kenvandineto confirm13:49
pmcgowanmardy, dbarth__ ^^13:54
* mardy reads13:55
* dbarth__ read but wonders what to do now13:57
dbarth__dobey: what should oa-ui do instead ?13:58
dbarth__it feels like it's adding confusion to your scenario13:58
kenvandinei think my fix will do the right thing13:59
dbarth__(which i'm still trying to get from the early conversation)13:59
kenvandineassuming the other problem i ran into gets fixed13:59
kenvandinei think it's unrelated, but a bug in a prereq branch13:59
dobeydbarth__: i don't think oa-ui should do anything. it doesn't have the intellegence to know what to do14:00
mardydobey: ideally, all this should be handled by the signond plugin for U1 (detecting that the token is expired and informing signond about it, so that a new one will be requested automatically)14:00
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dbarth__dobey: hmm ok, oa won't have enough context14:01
dobeymardy: u1 isn't using a special signond plug-in; it's using the password back-end14:01
dobeyi should probably kill off the code we have there at this point, as i don't see us getting the time to write a proper signond plug-in at this point, and keeping it will just cause confusion14:02
mardydobey: maybe you don't have the time, but I wonder if kenvandine could implement the fix by writing a proper signond plugin, rather then fixing this in u-s-s14:04
* mardy always assumes that kenvandine works 48 hours per day14:04
kenvandinei think the fix in settings will be easy14:06
mardykenvandine: OK; I just wonder if other apps (pay-ui?) will need to have a similar fix, so it might be better to fix it in one place only14:06
mardydobey: ^ ?14:06
dobeymardy: all the scope stuff is fixed already14:07
kenvandinethe network code in settings was aweful, and did virtually nothing with errors14:07
dobeyi don't see how a proper signond plug-in would help here either14:07
kenvandinemandel had refactored that and made it much better14:07
kenvandinebased on that branch, i think it'll be a simple fix14:07
kenvandinebut his branch has another problem :)14:07
mardydobey: if pay-ui already handle the errors gracefully, then indeed this wouldn't help much14:08
dobeywell, signond isn't always running, and the only way we can know a token is invalid, is by checking it against the server; and i don't think that would make sense to do in the signond plug-in14:09
mardydobey: the flow would be: 1) the client (u-s-s, pay-ui) asks OA to give an authentication token14:10
mardy2) signond loads the U1 plugin, providing it with all the cached data14:10
mardy3) the U1 plugin checks with the remote server is the token is valid14:10
mcphailIs anyone else on krillin/OTA having problems with severe lag, and dbus-daemon consuming huge amounts of CPU?14:11
mardy4) if not, the U1 plugin tells signon that it needs a new password14:11
dobeymardy: seems like a waste, because client apps of any u1 services will still need to handle all the error cases anyway14:11
mardy5) signond talks to the OA UI, which opens a trusted session on top of the client app, asking the user for a new password14:12
mardydobey: sure, some error handling is still needed, but that's mostly about permanent errors14:12
mardydobey: I mean, non recoverable14:12
dobeymardy: the problem is this creates excessive network traffic, and will only slow the process down, when the token is still valid14:13
dobeyit only optimizes the case where we will know the token is invalid; and there is still time for the token to be invalidated between then, and when the client app actually makes the requests14:13
mardydobey: I'm proposing something similar to how the OAuth plugin works: if it sees that the token is expired, it automatically tries to get a new one; of course, the client still needs to check for some errors, such as access denied14:13
dobeyso the client apps will still need to handle the case when the token is invalidated between those two points in time14:14
dobeymardy: the oauth plug-in hits the network every time someone requests the credentials from signond?14:14
mardydobey: no; with OAuth we are given both the access token and an expiration time; until that is valid, we return immediately the cached token14:15
dobeymardy: right; we don't have token expiration times in u114:15
mardydobey: if the client gets the cached token, and it turns out that it has been revoked by the remote service, the client repeats the authentication and adds a flag ("clear the cached data, it's invalid!")14:16
mardydobey: it's not completely hassle free, you see, but it's bearable14:16
dobeyand so this same issue still exists with regular oauth plug-in using apps too; if i go to the web site for the service and delete the token on the server, prior to the expiration time originally given for the token, the client apps are still going to have to deal with the errors in that case14:16
mardydobey: indeed14:17
mardydobey: but they do it via the same API14:17
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dobeyso that's what we're doing here; the client has to clear the data and request a login14:17
ogra_svij, wow, congrats, you made it onto "cashys blog" with your review !14:17
mardydobey: yes, I'm not really trying to convince you; indeed, the advantages would be really minimal14:18
mardyand the risk of regressions quite high :-)14:19
nerochiaroMacSlow: hi, when you have a minute can you please ping me ? I have a couple of notify-osd questions for you14:19
dobeymardy: if that's doable now via the newer OnlineAccountsClient API in a single call, that's fine; but u-s-s needs to be the one making that request14:19
svijogra_: hah, I asked him and submitted my review ;)14:19
dobeylibubuntuoneauth was written well befre OnlineAccountsClient existed afaik14:19
mardydobey: no, as you said, there is no way to avoid having to handle at least the error case where signond thinks that the token is valid, but it isn't (unless we make a network query every time)14:20
mardydobey: http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~online-accounts/online-accounts-api/trunk/view/head:/src/lib/OnlineAccounts/authentication_data.h#L4814:21
seb128kenvandine, right, it was not listing click updates14:23
dobeyah ok; so we don't really expose the online accounts api via libubuntuoneauth14:23
kenvandineseb128, ok, that confirms my problem14:23
kenvandineso i guess that has nothing to do with my error handling :)14:23
dobeyso i guess u-s-s can't do that14:24
dobeyso it would need to call the method in libubuntuoneauth's api to clear the token14:24
faenildo we have a bug for network-manager dbus causing the phone to freeze 2-3 seconds every 20 seconds?14:26
faenil(everytime a wifi scan is performed, basically)14:26
faenilawe_: ^14:28
awe_faenil, can you be more specific?14:28
awe_device? channel?  image?14:28
faenilawe_: it's always been there as far as I can tell14:29
faenilbut anyway14:29
faenilif you have wifi enabled, and many hotspots in your area14:29
awe_that's a pretty broad assertion14:29
faeniltry tiping a message14:29
faenilyou'll get interrupted by 2-3 seconds freezes every 15secs or less14:29
awe_and why do you think it's NM?14:29
faeniland, exactly in that time14:29
faenildbus-monitor is flooded with14:30
faenil"hey! this accesspoint changed this property!"14:30
faenil"check it out!" :D14:30
awe_faenil, if you think it's a bug, then please file it14:30
awe_with all the supporting details14:30
awe_( ie. device, channel, image, steps to reproduce, logs, ... )14:30
faenilawe_: yeah I was just asking if you guys knew about something similar, as it's so frustrating14:30
awe_your the first person to ever mention it14:31
faenilwow, ok14:31
faenilawe_: I'll take some logs and file a bug this evening when at home14:31
faenilnp :)14:31
faenilawe_: anything in particular you want me to attach?14:31
awe_anything you think can prove the bug14:31
awe_syslog would be a good start14:32
faenilawe_: more generic question, have you ever experienced the keyboard getting stuck for 2-3 secs and then processing all the keys at the same time?14:33
awe_are you on wily?14:33
faenilno, rc-proposed14:33
faenilbut it's always happened, but recently it got worse I think14:33
mcphailfaenil: do you think that is why I'm getting spikes in dbus-daemon activity and lots of phone lag?14:33
faenil(maybe it's just because I move to a new flat with more hotsopts nearby)14:34
faenilmcphail: yay, I'm not crazy14:34
faenilmcphail: just check dbus-monitor when that happens :)14:34
mcphailfaenil: I can barely type at the terminal when it happens :(14:34
faenilactually, keep dbus monitor open, and check what it shows when you the phone freezes14:34
faenilyeah I know, keep it open via ssh14:34
faenilin my case it keeps printing, even if the phone is frozen14:35
mcphailfaenil: it tends to happen most when I am at work (with no access to SSH). I thought it might be the time from reboot when it started to lag, but wonder if it is due to the change in hotspots etc?14:36
faenilawe_: I also have the impression that since 2-3 weeks mobile keeps crashing...sympthom: I'm using browser (or telegram, or whatever) all at once mobile signal goes to 0, mobile data disappears, as if there's no SIM. and after 10secs everything is restarted and connection is back14:36
faenilsmells like something crashing and restarting, but I haven't checked properly what happens, yet14:37
faenilmcphail: you can't plug phone to usb at work?14:37
mcphailfaenil: not to anything useful, no. Heavily locked-down XP desktops only14:38
faenilohhh crap, alright14:38
mcphailI can try at home, but dbus-daemon rarely goes above 20-30% CPU there, whereas I get 98% at work14:39
faenilI see..14:39
awe_faenil, are you on vivid or wily?14:40
awe_and what device(s)?14:40
faenilawe_: rc-proposed (so vivid), krillin14:40
awe_if you're seeing problems like this, *please* file bugs14:40
mcphailhard to pin down, but the only bug I've contributed to on this is https://bugs.launchpad.net/canonical-devices-system-image/+bug/146674114:41
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1466741 in unity8 (Ubuntu) "system slow to wake up/unlock screen sluggish since the update to vivid" [Undecided,Confirmed]14:41
awe_I haven't seen any reports of issues like that14:41
mcphailI'm sure it is the frequent mini-lags which are runing my chances of a decent score in "Don't Crash" :)14:43
mcphailfaenil: If you write a bug report I'll try to reproduce your results and +1 it14:48
faenilawe_: I agree, yes, but I usually wait until I have proper details and logs14:49
faenil(I should probably ask if it's okay to spend time investigating this stuff during working hours)14:51
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nerochiarooSoMoN: is there some reliable way in the browser to know if we are on desktop ? browser.wide does not seem to be the correct thing to check to know if we are on a system where notify-osd might be running15:51
oSoMoNnerochiaro, (formFactor == "desktop") is better, although not perfect and not very future-proof15:52
nerochiarooSoMoN: it will do in this case15:52
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ubot5You can find the full list of devices, official images, community images, and works in progress at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/Devices16:55
ogra_pmcgowan, planning to do a port ?16:55
* ogra_ is sure pat looks for something to fill his weekends :)16:56
pmcgowanogra_, heh no unfortunately16:57
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LaibschIs Ubuntu phone fully open-source or are there some binary blobs?17:27
LaibschI have read http://askubuntu.com/questions/235649/will-ubuntu-phone-os-be-entirely-open-source but it doesn't really answer the question17:27
dobeythere are no 100% open hardware stacks for consumer mobile devices yet17:27
LaibschAs a Sharp Zaurus collie user way back when I know what it means if your phone is open-source but not totally17:27
Laibschdobey: that is not true17:28
* Laibsch points to openmoko17:28
Laibschopenmoko was fully open-source, but I know it was difficult for them17:28
* dobey reiterates *consumer* mobile devices17:28
dobeyopenmoko was a developer device17:28
ogra_Lauthere are no open modems ... at leasnt not in any relevant phones on the market17:28
Laibschdobey: in that respect the Ubuntu phone is not a *consumer* phone, either17:28
ogra_same goes for most sensor HW, many GPS chips used in phones etc etc17:29
LaibschYes, I see.17:29
ogra_and sadly also for most graphic chipsets used in these phones17:29
dobeyubuntu phone is a consumer phone17:29
Laibschdobey: reviews on the web agree the Ubuntu phone is not ready for consumer use.17:29
ogra_(though there is at leat some reverse engineering going on)17:30
dobeyat least, the bq/meizu phones are built to be consumer devices17:30
ogra_Laibsch, not ready doesnt mean it isnt aiming for that market17:30
Laibschogra_: thank you for confirming.  I'm really wishing for a fully open source phone one day.17:30
ogra_the ubuntu phones are fully usable as day to day devices17:30
ogra_but nothing i'd give to any whatsapp junkie yet :)17:31
dobeyogra_: you just need to ween them off the kool-aid17:31
LaibschI'm happy to see they are at least attractively priced17:31
ogra_and convince them to use tekegram :)17:31
LaibschNot 500 to 1000 USD I used to pay for the Sharp Z and the openmoko17:32
ogra_i assume the actual converged phone will be more expensive though17:32
Laibschthe one you can use as a desktop/laptop replacement?17:33
LaibschI'd be absolutely fine with that17:33
Laibschin face, it would be a financially more attractive option even at the 500 USD mark if not too much more than that17:34
dobeyi wouldn't call it a PC replacement17:34
LaibschIs that likely to come out in time for X-Mas?17:34
ogra_well, we'll see i guess :)17:34
Laibschwishing for a X-Mas present17:34
ogra_Laibsch, if it comes out around that time it will still have very rough edges17:35
Laibschkeep up the fight, I wish you luck17:35
LaibschSorry to be back with a follow-up question: What is it that spoke against the Calypso chipset and the Osmocom FOSS baseband? https://www.privacyinternational.org/?q=node/15617:52
popeythe what and the who>17:53
Laibschwe discussed earlier that the Ubuntu phone like Android will not be open source in critical parts17:53
Laibschusually the most difficult one is the baseband17:54
popeythats a hard problem to solve17:54
popeywe are not big enough to do that17:54
Laibschyes, that is where Osmocom comes in17:54
popeymaybe in the future.17:54
Laibschso I'd like to ask if it was considered and if so why it was rejected?17:55
popeyi dont think it was considered.17:55
LaibschI think I know one of the guys from Osmocom and I'll ask him if he tried to do business with the Ubuntu phone17:55
popeyWe don't actually make the phones17:56
LaibschOK, then it would be high time to have it in the next phone and I'd be frantically lining up to get my hands on one, even with rough edges17:56
LaibschI am aware of that17:56
LaibschBut I suppose there is some discussion with the makers?17:56
LaibschMaybe Osmocom can make their own or partner with an OEM17:57
LaibschI'll discuss it with them17:57
LaibschYes, indeed I remembered correctly that one of the people behind Osmocom is a good friend of mine17:57
DonkeyHoteiit seems that osmocom does not support even 3G let alone 4G17:59
popeynot a huge set of supported devices http://bb.osmocom.org/trac/wiki/Hardware/Phones18:01
popeyall very much from the past18:01
Laibsch1time to build a more modern version with one of the supported baseband chipsets ;-)18:22
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popeyFeel free.18:25
Laibschthat's the spirit18:25
Laibschtime for bed18:25
Laibschgood night18:25
JanChm, is it just me, or is the calendar app totally broken for everybody?19:17
davmor2JanC: just you, works great here19:24
JanCdavmor2: looking at the bugs in launchpad it hardly works at all, and not just for me...19:25
JanCtimes jumping around, etc.19:26
davmor2JanC: I guess it depends on what you mean by doesn't work it's fine for me19:26
JanCdavmor2: do you use it to add & edit "local" events, or just to look at your google calendar or something like that?19:28
davmor2JanC: both19:28
JanCthere are at least 3 bugs about this not working and start/end times jumping around in timezone-difference-from-utc increments19:29
TonyBostonare you guys all using ubuntu as a desktop?20:08
TonyBostontrying to use adb with fedora20:08
TonyBostonbut I cant find the device20:08
pmcgowanTonyBoston, likely, which device do you have, robably need to tell adb about it20:12
TonyBostonpmcgowan, auaris E520:12
pmcgowanTonyBoston, I know in the past I have dropped a device code into .android/adb_usb.ini20:13
pmcgowanecho 0x2a47 >> ~/.android/adb_usb.ini20:14
pmcgowan$ adb kill-server; adb start-server20:14
TonyBostonit doesnt even show unrecognized device or omething20:14
pmcgowanTonyBoston, you have the device in developer mode and unlocked20:15
TonyBostonpmcgowan, do you know if I can change touch variant from within the device?20:20
pmcgowanTonyBoston, what do you mean?20:22
TonyBostonpmcgowan, the branches20:22
pmcgowanTonyBoston, if you mean the image version yeah you can with system-image-cli20:24
pmcgowanTonyBoston, did you try that ini trick above? seems it helped in several cases20:24
TonyBostonpmcgowan, not yet since I guess when it does not show even something with 'adb devices'20:25
pmcgowanTonyBoston, sounds the same as http://askubuntu.com/questions/601324/bq-e4-5-adb-fails20:26
pmcgowanotherwise I dont know20:26
TonyBostonpmcgowan, okay will try20:27
TonyBostonpmcgowan, alright there we go, thanks20:32
alinquestion did anyone update ubuntu meizu to plasma mobile?20:33
TonyBostonpmcgowan, could you give me an advice on changing the image version?20:34
pmcgowanTonyBoston, what do you need?20:34
TonyBostonpmcgowan, everything :)20:35
pmcgowanit come default on the stable channel20:35
pmcgowanthe only other channel of interest is rc-proposed20:35
pmcgowanwhich moves to table every 6 weeks20:35
TonyBostonpmcgowan, I'd like to change it to a faster release image20:36
TonyBostondoesn't matter if its buggy since it not relly usable right now anyway20:36
pmcgowanTonyBoston, oh that kinda hurts :)20:36
pmcgowanso you could flash buntu-touch/rc-proposed/bq-aquaris.en20:37
pmcgowanu buntu-touch/rc-proposed/bq-aquaris.en20:37
pmcgowanusing ubuntu-device-flash20:37
pmcgowandont go to wily now though, its about to explode a bit20:37
TonyBostonright let me check that20:37
TonyBostonpmcgowan, now that needs an ubuntu desktop I guess20:40
pmcgowanits written in go so should work20:43
TonyBostonpmcgowan, cant find ubuntu-device-flash20:43
pmcgowanTonyBoston, here's a handy guide http://www.leenukes.co.uk/2014/01/17/installing-ubuntu-touch-onto-nexus-7-2012-from-fedora-20-in-depth/20:45
pmcgowangoget-ubuntu-touch is the project20:45
TonyBostonahh cool20:45
PloppzIs Skype in the app store?20:47
PloppzDoes it look like it might come, or any other client?20:50
PloppzOr is there any other app that can do video calls?20:52
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alin_adb devices gives me this22:56
alin_????????????    no permissions22:56
alin_when i boot in recovery22:56
alin_this recovery wget http://people.canonical.com/~alextu/tangxi/recovery/recovery.img22:56
alin_on ubuntu meizu mx4 any idea?22:56
moritz31hey guys23:14
moritz31got an error that ion_allocation_data has no member heap_mask some idea how to fix ? add the member to the struct ?23:15
moritz31strange all definitions of ion_allocation_data have the heap mask23:24
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