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mapwrkMy location: Gibraltar, Gibraltar05:09
knightwisehey shauno, how are you today05:23
shaunoI have no idea yet :)  it'll take two cups of coffee and an empty inbox before I can decide that05:23
knightwiseI'm on the one cup of coffee mark05:24
knightwisebut i'm also at the post morning workout part , so i'm pretty awake05:24
zmoylan-pithat sounds like a reason not to workout to be honest :-p05:41
knightwiseI have a routine in the morning , do a quick workout while i put the kettle on05:43
knightwiseby the time coffee is ready, so is my workout05:43
knightwiseplanning on doing some urban exploring next week05:45
knightwiseabandoned colemine in the area is just waiting for a visit05:45
shaunomy 'morning routine' is much more like something out of 'shaun of the dead'06:00
knightwiseShauno of the dead06:15
knightwiseok , off to my first meeting , ttyl06:26
knightwiseShelllldorrr AFK06:26
shaunohm.  who on earth are Hermes and what are they doing with my package.06:51
bigcalmGood morning peeps :)08:37
JamesTaitGood morning all; happy Cheesecake Day! 😃08:50
* zmoylan-pi hasn't had cheesecake in yonks...08:52
shaunoI had strawberry cheesecake icecream.  if that counts.08:52
bigcalmMmmmm, cheese caaaaaake08:52
davmor2JamesTait: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0Qe7YmYgowM08:53
davmor2JamesTait: or the one I was actually thinking of https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fqrhdYQ_wMg08:54
JamesTaitIt's OK, davmor2, I daren't click on any links now I've looked at the first one.08:54
davmor2JamesTait: the second one is Louis Armstrong08:56
popeywise to avoid anything davmor2 posts08:57
popeyearworms usually08:57
JamesTaitThat's more like it, davmor2. Though, as popey says, earworm.08:58
davmor2popey: louis armstrong singing about cheesecake what can possibly be earwormy about that08:58
popeylalalalalala not listening08:58
davmor2popey: All the things that she said, that she said, are running through my head, running though my head, running through my head......I got no idea what you mean earworms pffff08:59
davmor2So this morning I woke up with Golden Eye in my head which of course lead to lots of other bond themes I can't find the real copy of skyfall on spotify though and the versions on there are crap :(09:04
directhexLet the sky foal ennet crumb bowl09:06
davmor2directhex: see even that is better than the ones on spotify09:09
JamesTaitdavmor2, https://youtu.be/RBumgq5yVrA and https://youtu.be/CnQ8N1KacJc are the two that seem to be on repeat in my head lately.09:10
popeyfun http://whatever.scalzi.com/2015/07/29/the-upgrade-from-hell/09:11
davmor2JamesTait: whenever I hear the group name I think of this though https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S0nlygb1Qfw09:12
brobostigonmorning boys and girls.09:12
davmor2JamesTait: so I think this would slot into that repertoire nicely https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=if-UzXIQ5vw09:16
davmor2JamesTait: or this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Orv_F2HV4gk09:18
* JamesTait feels a YouTube playlist coming on.09:27
davmor2JamesTait: you're welcome09:27
JamesTaitEarworm Radio. 😝09:28
davmor2JamesTait: that's my morning head song playlist :P09:28
davmor2JamesTait: If you want a funky day that helps you be productive, Start the do the 50+ playlist on Stiltskin Inside09:29
davmor2-do the09:30
JamesTaitNot forgetting https://youtu.be/8I8mWG6HlmU?list=RD8I8mWG6HlmU09:31
davmor2JamesTait: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eawL6aJ2nBc09:36
davmor2popey: never complain about me again after JamesTait last post even I'm not that low ;)09:41
davmor2JamesTait: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KQ6zr6kCPj809:41
Laneyjesus christ09:42
knightwisesurpirisingly catchy !09:50
davmor2knightwise: which?09:52
davmor2knightwise: we just pushed out a list of earworms and you say catchy ;)09:54
knightwisethe last one10:03
* knightwise is watching some old Space 1999 episodes :) 10:03
zmoylan-piseason 1 or season 2?10:07
knightwise this one is a season 2 episode10:08
knightwisealthough season 1 is better10:09
knightwisebut catherine shell is plain 70's drop dead stunning10:09
zmoylan-piah the jeri ryan of space 199910:14
knightwisewell put ..10:14
zmoylan-pithe mention of cheese cake earlier made me think of her... :-)10:14
brobostigonand ST:VOY.10:15
knightwisean awesome episode indeed where she has the doctor "inside" her .. magnificently entertaining10:16
davmor2JamesTait: I present you with https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6MdABLcI7RI10:17
knightwisecant believe that terry hatcher was a bondgirl10:18
davmor2knightwise: did you not see her in tango and cash10:19
zmoylan-piwe just have to convince them to have christina hendricks as villan in next bond movie...10:19
knightwiseshe was a lot younger then10:20
knightwisedesperate housewives ruined her for me10:20
brobostigonand she had a quest role in ST:TNG.10:22
knightwisebrobostigon: equally terrible10:23
knightwisethe outrageous okuda10:23
knightwisesorry okona10:23
brobostigonthat ep yes, not ST:TNG, that was great.10:23
davmor2JamesTait, knightwise: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h61QG4s0I3U10:30
knightwiseTHAT is an awe-some track !10:30
knightwiseplayed it a lot in my DJ days during warmup10:30
popeya way better track https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6O6q7JzYqMs ;)10:31
* knightwise imagines popey rocking out to this in the shower ... quite disturbing image10:33
knightwiseBelgian Culture : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Di-z4XSnus810:34
davmor2popey: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=25ytsEt87ro10:35
davmor2knightwise: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yw9GNz-EYP810:39
knightwiseCatcy remix here :https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V8xcS4HKgNA10:41
mapppslike 3 hrs sleep10:49
mapppstoo hot and noise outside10:49
shaunohot? in july?  that's what you get for moving to silly countries!10:51
shauno14C & drizzle here10:51
mapppshopefully one of the new places will have AC10:51
mapppsviewing two today10:51
zmoylan-piwell it is july so the snow is holding off for a few weeks shauno10:51
mappps27c atm10:52
mapppsoutrageus prices here10:53
mapppsbut i dont want to move to spain10:53
mappps£1100-1500 for a 1bed generally - Spain 750 euros for a 3 bed10:54
arsenipspain is cheap++ :D11:06
shaunoargh.  the artists formerly known as top gear have signed with Amazon.  but I don't want Prime.11:13
arsenipgreat business move eh, makes me now need to sign up to prime, i was already on the edge (trying to not do so even if it made sense)11:21
popeyI'm glad they moved to Amazon Video.11:28
popeyMeans it's easier for me to not watch them.11:29
jpds"Tonight, on Prime Gear, we drive around the Amazon rainforset"11:29
arsenipid not be surprised11:29
arsenipmake a fun joke, and an interesting show :D11:29
zmoylan-pinah a race around an amazon warehouse11:35
popeypip pip13:05
diddledan(I have no idea where that one comes from - probably east end)13:06
diddledan(my family were east-enders two generations ago13:07
diddledanmy nan moved from london to hampshire during the wat13:08
diddledanand met my grandad who was already here but was also an east-ender13:08
popeyduring the WAT!13:13
davmor2knightwise, JamesTait: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xat1GVnl8-k13:13
zmoylan-pithey had to speak up because of all the noise13:15
diddledanpopey: yeah, when I heard about the war I said "wat" :-p13:15
JamesTaitdavmor2, I'm not sure what you're saying....13:17
davmor2JamesTait: it's just a catchy tune :)13:17
davmor2JamesTait: you're so sweet and innocent I bet you still think relax wasn't about sex right :)13:18
JamesTaitdavmor2, don't be silly, it's about taking time out to relax and have a good time. 😉13:20
diddledanlol : https://youtu.be/Y7aEiVwBAdk13:40
popeythats neat13:47
exobuzzhi popey13:50
popeyhey exobuzz13:51
exobuzzpopey, thanks for the retropie mention on ubuntupodcast (some episodes ago)13:55
popeyis there an easy way to upgrade retropie on my pi2?14:01
popeyrather than reinstall14:01
exobuzzwhich image did you install originally ? or did you install from the script ?14:03
exobuzzbasically, the upgrade route is - update retropie-setup script, then do a full binary install.. but tbh from 2.6 -> 3.0 would need some manual work to merge in configs etc (and lots of stuff has moved etc). but if you started from say retropie 3.0 beta4 - it should be fine..14:04
exobuzzdoing a full binary install does not overwrite old configs, but leaves any new configs such as retroarch.cfg as retroarch.rp-dist so any new settings would need to be manually merged/compared14:07
MooDooafternoon all14:27
MooDoohow is everyone this after noon?14:45
bigcalmAll of my creative juices have been sapped by one client problem. I want to take the rest of the day off14:46
davmor2MooDoo: how are you me owld mucka14:47
davmor2MooDoo: had golden eye stuck in my head this morning which then of course leads on to all the other funky bond themes, But no skyfall to add the list :'(14:48
* diddledan gives bigcalm a transfusion14:48
MooDoodavmor2: yeah i'm doing ok thanks, just listening to some punk on sptify at the moment.14:49
* davmor2 provides bigcalm with a gun, that will solve the client problem ;)14:50
diddledanhttps://open.spotify.com/user/spotify_uk_/playlist/3fFwkB1IzcZlvYZEuiDzUU :-p14:51
diddledanromantic power ballads!14:51
diploWithout telling me this is a bad bad idea ( I already know! ) anyone think of a simple way to copy a single pub key to multiple users (400+) authorized_keys file14:52
diploI'm guessing writing a script is my best bet14:52
davmor2diplo: usb stick14:53
diddledandiplo: if you're doing it all on the same pc then it's simple14:53
diplo400 user profiles on same box14:53
diployeah same PC, basically a app that ssh's from one machine to the other but without creating 400+ ssh keys14:53
diddledandiplo: as root: `for i in /home/*; do mkdir -p $i/.ssh; chown $_; chmod 700 $_; cat id_rsa.pub > $_/authorized_keys; done` might do it.14:54
mgdmyou probably want '>>' instead of '>'14:54
mgdmor maybe pipe to tee -a14:54
diddledanmgdm knows his stuff :-p14:55
diploThat looks so simple that I should have thought of that!14:55
diploThanks guys14:55
mgdmdiddledan: I know some things through bitter experience :-)14:55
diddledanmgdm: hehe14:55
diddledanmgdm: those are the most fun14:55
diddledanI love bitter experience when I realise I've screwed a production system beyond repair14:55
mgdmnowadays if I break a production system I can terminate the VM and a new one pops up in its place14:56
diddledanthat's nice14:56
diddledanI really need to investigate that kind of tech14:56
mgdmAye, it's a handy trick14:56
diddledanI keep telling myself I'm gonna investigate docker, too14:56
bashrcI've tried docker and it's ok. I don't think it's as big a deal as some make out though14:57
bashrcI've also heard a few docker horror stories14:57
mgdmdocker is quite cool, docker-compose is cooler still, but I"m not sure I'd use it in production yet14:58
diddledanI just don't really understand what docker gives me that I can't get with aws normally14:59
diddledanbut yet amazon announce "we now support docker" as if it's important14:59
mgdmYou might be able to get more efficient resource usage14:59
diddledanobv I'm using amazon as an example, it covers any provider really14:59
mgdminstead of having to run two entire VMs to keep two services separate, you can have one with the two bits containerised on the same machine15:00
davmor2MooDoo: there had better be sexpistols in that list ;)15:22
diddledandavmor2: that sounds like a dangerous liason15:22
diddledansex AND pistols?!15:23
daftykinswhoa McCoys in new design packaging shocker!15:23
davmor2diddledan: water pistols I never said what sort you assumed15:24
diddledandaftykins:  :-o15:28
daftykinshad to double take what i'd just picked up to buy15:33
awilkinshttp://jakepoz.com/soviet_debugging.html << In Soviet Russia, cow debugs you15:50
bashrcyes, ionising radiation can flip bits16:00
daftykinsNASA have some kinda new tech trialling up on the ISS right now that's safe from it16:01
bashrccosmic rays have the same effect in space, so taking your laptop to Jupiter might not be a good user experience unless it has been radiation hardened16:02
bashrcthe Earth's atmosphere shields out a lot of the cosmic crap16:03
bashrcat chernobyl, circuit boards on the improvised robots melted after a while16:04
daftykinsthere we go, resists radiation and temperature issues16:05
daftykinsdiddledan: i pulled the win10 key out of my install today (which activated fine! must've been a lot lower load on their activation servers today) then clean installed \o/ (truly clean)16:07
daftykinsmmm haven't had some of that in far too long16:41
foobarryverdict on the museums today16:48
foobarryscience museum: no queue, did a rush job and only did 2 floors. would like to go back on my own without the son :D16:49
diddledanmuseums are wasted on kids :-p16:50
foobarrynatural history, long queues , especially for the dinosaur rooms, great for the boy16:50
foobarrydid most of nat history16:50
foobarryi didn't see the computers in the science mus16:50
foobarryjust saw the space room, and the room with stephensons rocket in, and the hands on stuff in  launchpad16:50
diddledanstephenson's rocket is in a museum already? I didn't know steamos was that noteworthy yet :-p16:54
foobarrysaw narwhals and pangolins16:56
diddledanyey for ubuntu! :-p16:56
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diddledan18:37 <Sbur> daftykins: I'm sorry, but as you probably can see, I'm a noob17:37
diddledanself-identifying as a noob is a worrying trend17:38
diddledanits akin to saying "I don't know anything, so I'm not going to try"17:38
diddledana much better term to self-identify as would be "learning"17:38
zleapwhat is self identifying17:39
diddledanI don't like that people are admitting defeat before starting17:39
diddledanzleap: identifying yourself17:39
daftykinsget it all the time with clients too17:39
diddledanzleap: hence, self-identifying17:39
zleaplike with gpg17:39
zleapor passports17:39
diddledannothing to do with passports17:40
diddledanzleap: you self-identify as "zleap"17:40
diddledanzleap: if you said you were a noob then you'd also be self-identifying as a noob17:41
diddledanzleap: self-identifying is telling other people what you have decided you are17:41
diddledanif I called myself a moron then I would be self-identifying as a moron17:42
zleapso python noob or c++ hacker,  like level of skill in something17:43
diddledan(not that I'm ever going to call myself a moron. that would be moronic :-p)17:43
diddledanit doesn't have to be skill-level17:43
diddledanit could just be a name17:44
diddledanI self-identify as "diddledan" for example as a name17:44
zleapi guess i self id as zleap then17:45
diddledanthe point is it's your own decision about yourself - it is about what you think you are rather than what other people think you are17:45
diddledanso my complaint here is people being defeatest by deciding they're a noob before they even try17:45
daftykinsoften an excuse to avoid being given links to learn things17:46
zleapyeah i see your point17:46
daftykinsand just want the answer handed over17:46
diddledandaftykins: yeah17:46
diddledandaftykins: I cut my teeth on a qmail mailing list which really was a trial-by-fire in terms of the members ensuring that you learnt the reasons and the solution rather than them just saying "run x y z and boom"17:47
diddledanI try to follow the same path when I help others but they do make it difficult at times17:47
zleapindeed as there isn't a one size fits all solution17:48
mapppsomg its boiling and i have to wea jeans and shirt17:58
mapppswork party and it says no shorts17:58
diddledaninteresting issue: https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/ticket/1669618:55
diddledantor is "unbalanced"18:56
diddledanBW == bandwidth - they measure bandwidth of nodes in the network to better asses a node's capability for transferring data for users18:56
diddledanfaster nodes get more traffic as a result18:57
* diddledan been loving it up with https://open.spotify.com/user/spotify_uk_/playlist/3fFwkB1IzcZlvYZEuiDzUU19:08
diddledanthe so-called "#throwbackthursday" playlist with this week's subject matter being "Romantic power ballads!"19:09
daftykinshrmm user getting black boxes in notifications and apps from gnome3 on intel graphics, sandybridge gen20:17
diddledanit's a laptop?20:19
diddledanif so I would guess it's got that hybrid thingy going-on20:19
daftykinsnah sole graphics20:19
daftykinsi had an lspci done20:19
diddledanno idea then :-p20:19
diddledanI only help when the answer's obvious :-p20:20
daftykinsguy rolled back 14.04.2 to a 3.13 kernel, probably suggest going newer20:20
daftykinssame pretty much20:20
daftykinsor the problem is interesting20:20
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vormephguys, will mesa 11.0 be hitting ubuntu? my laptop could sure use the opengl 4.1 tech :D21:14
daftykinsthis Turing film with Benedict Cumberbatch looks interesting23:11

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