RoguehorseDid anyone else have to re-install Enigmail lately?14:12
RoguehorseHah! Dug up some old photos.....http://www.roguehorse.net/gallery.html20:33
darthrobotTitle: [Scott DuBois - Gallery]20:33
DonkeyHoteiwyatt earp is buried a few spots away from my dad20:36
Roguehorseget out! Cool!20:36
DonkeyHoteiyou didn't know he was in colma?20:36
RoguehorseEarp? Yeah, that photo is from 2003 or 200420:37
DonkeyHoteimy dad died in 199720:38
RoguehorseLOL! Back when I still had dark hair ... not grey20:38
DonkeyHoteii had gray, though20:38
DonkeyHoteijust less of it20:38
RoguehorseYeah, gettin' old isn't easy20:39
RoguehorseI'm just glad I've taken the time to learn the skills I have so I can share them with people and be able to create something I can leave for my son, ya know?20:42
RoguehorseMan, looking back, I've done a lot of stuff. =)20:44
DonkeyHoteilooking back, i've done nothing important20:45
RoguehorseAh, sure you have. You just have to look from a different perspective.20:46
DonkeyHoteiunfortunately the only perspective i usually have is my own20:46
RoguehorseMe, I've always felt one has to make their moments and make sure to capture them.20:54
RoguehorseI bet you have some really cool memories lying around just waiting to be let out20:54
MarkDudeWhat sound does the dog make DonkeyHotei ?21:02
MarkDudeOf course the Koan goes along the lines of Does a dog have the Buddha Nature?21:03
MarkDudeAnd the sound is closer to wu most likely, but, I digress, if you can study the Chou Chous dog thing, it's good for perspective :_)21:04
darthrobotTitle: [Four myths about Zen Buddhism's "Mu Koan" | OUPblog]21:06
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RoguehorseHmm ... I have  a lot of old web work from years past21:33
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