jrwrenwhoo hooo... every lxc i start is on public ipv6. muhuwahahaha!00:34
jrwrennow if only every else were on ipv600:34
cmaloneydream on00:34
cscheibjrwren: teach me how to make a pretty interface for a REST API for my Isilon plzkthx01:19
jrwrencscheib: ugh. i don't know how ot make pretty interfaces.02:14
cscheibjrwren: wrapping my thick skull around parsing json02:27
jrwrencscheib: like, parsing it yourself, or calling json.loads() ?02:28
cscheibwell, using ruby02:28
cscheibbut calling json.parse02:29
cscheibjust remembered I have ruby cookbook, which should have something useful in it.02:41
cscheibalright, got this shit figured out.03:57
cmaloneyGood morning13:33
cscheibjrwren: you still in for lunch? I'm thining 1230ish13:56
jrwrencscheib: yes, I'm still in. 12:30 works for me.14:04
cscheibk, I'll text when I'm in A2 to solidify14:05
jrwrencscheib: cool. hopefully jcastro and marcoceppi can make it.14:06
jrwrenkdub: Want to join us?14:07
kdubjrwren, have to pass :/, not very developer-mobile at the moment (in the market for a new laptop)14:08
jrwrenkdub: Maybe next time.14:09
kdubfor sure, thanks for the invite!14:09
cscheibjrwren: jcastro said he's getting a new dog14:10
cscheibapparently jill set up an appt during lunch14:11
jrwrencscheib: WAT?!?  lame.  cool that his current dog will have a playmate.14:11
jrwrencscheib: I've never seen marco on US soil, so I was looking forward to that :)14:11
cmaloneyTagspaces didn't release a .deb package for their latest version. :(14:12
cmaloneyI has irritation14:15
jrwrenwtf is tag spaces? do you want me to build you a deb?14:16
cmaloneyjrwren: http://www.tagspaces.org/14:17
cmaloneyI sent the developers an issue14:17
cmaloneyIt has a tarball that I could install but that's a PITA.14:18
jrwrengiven that it is node and webkit, making a deb wouldn't be trivial :(14:43
jcastrocscheib: hey14:44
jcastrodog is a scratch, so where you guys meeting?14:44
jrwrenjcastro: los amigos on State at 12:3014:46
jcastrojrwren: cscheib: we'll be there.14:47
cmaloneyjrwren: Yeah, it's a pain in the ass15:02
cscheibjcastro: nice15:27
cscheibjrwren: just got to A215:27
cscheibso 1230 is a go15:27
brouschSeems accurate17:38
brouschApproximately how much does a job like this pay? Canonical - software engineer (foundations) https://ldd.tbe.taleo.net/ldd01/ats/careers/requisition.jsp?org=CANONICAL&cws=1&rid=99718:00
jrwrenbrousch: whatever you want it to.18:05
brouschThanks :P18:06
greg-gaka: negotiate :)18:09
brouschI have a suspicion that jobs in the open source world pay less than those in the commercial sector, but I have no idea if it's true18:12
greg-gdepends if the company is non-profit or not18:13
greg-gthat's the bigger factor18:13
jrwrenbrousch: it has not been my experience.18:13
jrwrenbut then, much of what I write is closed source, so go figure :p18:14
greg-gwhen will people learn: Canonical != open source :P18:15
greg-g(your troll of the day)18:15
jrwrengreg-g: hahahaha.18:15
brouschIs Canonical going to shut down when it gets to Zippy Zebra?18:23
_stink_maybe unicode next18:24
jrwrenbrousch: wrap around to a is the official policy. sorry.18:24
greg-ggawd, emoji release names, please pleaes tell me no one has done that18:24
brouschjrwren: I actually like Canonical, so no need to be sorry18:25
brouschI think I'll apply for that job. I lack C/C++ and recent experience with other things, but they are easy to pick up.18:32
jrwrengreg-g: good idea!  does git let me tag things with 😭18:35
jrwrengit push origin18:37
jrwren * [new tag]         😭 ->18:37
jrwrengithub even supports it in the url. well done18:38
jrwrenthere ya go greg-g, since github tags are releases: https://github.com/jrwren/jrwren.github.io/releases18:38
greg-goh gawd18:39
greg-gthe end of the world18:39
jrwreni love that you give me credit of such power.18:39
brouschthat is so not right18:39
cmaloneybrousch: I made a huge jump in pay when I went to work for Sourceforge from contracting at Chrysler.19:24
cmaloneyfrom roughly $60k to $80k19:25
brouschHeh, someone asked if I'd be interested in working at Sourceforge. I cringed.19:25
cmaloneyWait until the dust settles19:25
brouschHopefully they can find a more benevolent overlord19:26
cmaloneyHonestly when they were bought by Dice I had a serious offer to come back to work for them19:26
cmaloneybut the whole Dice thing didn't sound right at all19:26
cmaloneyI'm sad that my hunch proced prescient.19:26
cmaloneyThat and I didn't want to go back into an ops position19:27
cmaloneySorry, but I like not having a pager go off at 3am19:27
cscheibcmaloney: man, people on the Chrysler side really got shafted in general20:32
cscheib<-- used to work for EDS/CSC20:32
cscheibwhen the Chrysler folk came over to the CSC side, they all made at least 20% less than their counterparts who worked at EDS or CSC originally20:33
cscheibin similar positions20:33
wolfgerI'm happy about this in principle, but... I want those 7 minutes of my life back that I wasted on that video.22:00
wolfgerCould have just summed it up by saying "It does what any other phone does... mostly. And plasmoids too."22:00
wolfgercscheib: you used to work for CSC? I'm sorry.22:03
wolfgeralthough all I know about them comes from people who were absorbed via Chrysler, I heard absolutely nothing good, or even indifferent about them.22:04
wolfgerI'm so glad I escaped that. I had Chrysler folk watching my back for me.22:05
cscheibwolfger: honestly, the worst part of Chrysler for me was Chrysler23:58
cscheibChrysler senior management couldn't pull their heads out of their asses to save their own lives23:58
cscheibI got paid really well, and knew how to get most of what I wanted23:59

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