teddy-dbearMorning peoples, critters and everything else12:10
ChinnoDogWhy does Firefox get slower and slower over time until it I kill it and start it again? This always happens. It isn't using a lot of CPU or I/O though.15:29
ChinnoDogAlso I have plenty of memory available and no swap file.15:30
jthanFirefox sucks.15:37
jthanI had to switch to chromium15:37
jthanBecause it just keeps eating memory and it's slow15:38
ChinnoDogThe last time I ran Chrome on Linux it had severe memory management issues. It was eating all my memory with just a few tabs open.15:40
ChinnoDogFirefox seems better able to handle having a bazillion tabs open.15:41
jthannot chrome15:41
ChinnoDogThey are from the same codebase. Do they not behave similarly?15:42
jthanidk. chromium has never given me that issue15:42
jthanand I'm a tab hoarder15:42
ChinnoDoghmm. Perhaps I will try it again then.15:43
lazyPowerGoogle Chrome forked when they did blink15:52
lazyPowerits no longer sharing a code base with chromium afaik15:53
lazyPowerChinnoDog: have you filed a bug on mozillas bug tracker? Might be worth while to do so and get some feedback from upstream. They might have some ninja features you can enable to help with the MM, or not be aware of the leak.15:53
ChinnoDogSome googling shows that everyone is well aware that this problem occurs. There are even add-ons to manage it.16:21
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