frewI'll change it to start on runlevel [2..5]00:00
Oblivionfrew yeah try init 500:00
siwicaWhy does the emacs package still include the version 24.3 instead of 24.5 which was already released in April?00:00
Oblivionfrew sorry init 3 your headless00:01
ezumadorjoin /#ubuntu-br00:02
Bashing-om!info emacs00:02
ubottuemacs (source: emacs-defaults): GNU Emacs editor (metapackage). In component main, is optional. Version 46.1 (vivid), package size 1 kB, installed size 25 kB00:02
Oblivionsiwica because Linux distros ship with packages at release of OS, they then pathch security and bug fixes but no features.00:02
HmmmphEssentially, I'm currently using an AMD HD 7770, but not only is the thing unable to perform to any standard worth crediting, but it fails to give even a correct resolution for my monitor, and frequently crashes when running most games, and sometimes crashes the whole computer. I've tried a number of different drivers, but they all seem to carry different variations of the same problems. Could anyone give me advice?00:02
ezumadorjoin / #ubuntu-br00:02
ezumadorcomo que e00:03
reisiosiwica: right, because upstream has different standards00:03
ezumadorcomo que ta galera00:03
ezumadortudo bom00:03
Oblivionsiwica ..ever get updated because its all about stability00:03
ubottuText Editors: gedit (GNOME), Kate (KDE), mousepad (Xfce4) - Terminal-based: nano, vi/vim, emacs, ed - For HTML/CSS editors, see !html - For programming editors and IDE, see !code00:04
ezumadorjoin /#ubuntu-br00:04
squintyezumador,   /join #ubuntu-br00:04
siwicaOblivion: So if I want to use the latest version there is no other way than to wait for a new major ubuntu release or to build it from source myself?00:04
TJ-frew: if you do "grep 'emit local-filesystems' /etc/init/* " you'll see the services that emit that event... mountall is the one, and some services alter their behaviour if /bin/running-in-container returns true (0)00:04
Oblivioni like nano personally if I need a quick edit of a text file wht fuck around with all the vi key presses00:05
squintyezumador,  or  /j #ubuntu-br00:05
siwicaOblivion: btw, how do I find out which version of emacs the next major release will most likely include?00:05
squintyOblivion, family channel00:05
Oblivionsquinty sorry00:05
Oblivionsiwica there website00:06
frewso I echo "start on runlevel [2345]" > dbus.override, and then initctl reload-configuration, and then init 300:07
frewand now I see a running dbus-daemon00:07
frewand now my services start00:07
TJ-frew: well done :)00:07
frewthanks for the help you guys00:07
Oblivionfrew cool defo looks like the rc scripts are screwed, what run level are you now?00:07
frewOblivion: it's really just that things aren't used to being in a container00:08
Oblivionfrew cool00:09
frewok I gotta get out of here00:09
frewthanks again!00:09
siwicaOblivion: I tried but it is hard for me to find the information on the website.00:10
Oblivionsiwica if you want to keep close to upstream you can only use a rolling release of install from source yes00:11
zzookkhello, guys. http://cs622020.vk.me/v622020883/3964a/vsz-H__FNCM.jpg - whats wrong with this? dont work00:11
Oblivion^ dont follow that link00:12
HmmmphCould anyone please offer advice?00:12
Oblivion^ dont looks like a Drive by or watering hole attack00:12
reisioHmmmph: brush your teeth00:12
reisioOblivion: wha?00:13
zzookkOblivion, its lnk on russian social network vk00:13
OblivionI see alot of attacks on a daily basis and zzook looked dodgy00:13
reisiozzookk: keys?00:14
Hmmmphreisio: Good advice. I already do. I meant though of course with my issue.00:14
TJ-zzookk: shouldn't it be 'send  "******\n"  ' ?00:14
wileeeHmmmph, Have some patience?00:14
zzookkTJ-, ***** - password00:14
TJ-zzookk: asking, not telling... not sure what is usual for the terminator - linefeed or carriage-return00:14
Hmmmphwileee: Sorry if I'm coming across as impatient. I don't mean to, it's just no one responded to any of my messages.00:15
wileeeHmmmph, free help volunteers we have no responsibility to answer. ;)00:15
zzookkTJ-, Oh, with \n nothing happened00:15
Hmmmphwileee: Sorry.00:16
wileeeHmmmph, just so you know is all, no biggie00:16
MijaHmmmph: what is your question?00:17
Oblivionzzookk stop trying to exploit flash/java on Linux00:17
HmmmphJust this problem has been bugging me for over a month and has rendered my computer difficult to use.00:17
zzookkOblivion, u craz man00:17
HmmmphMija: I'm currently running an AMD HD 7770 graphics card, but can't seem to find any capable drivers for it.00:17
wileeeHmmmph, That may work with a therapist, they will smile and nod, here it may work against you. ;)00:18
HmmmphI've installed a number ranging from the xorg to a selection of proprietary, but they're all prone to crashing software running or even my machine outright.00:18
HmmmphI also can't get the correct resolution for my monitor.00:19
zzookkhello, guys. http://cs622020.vk.me/v622020883/3964a/vsz-H__FNCM.jpg - whats wrong with this? dont work00:19
Hmmmphwileee: Again, very sorry to be a bother.00:19
OblivionHmmmmph you talk shit :)00:19
Oblivionzzookk fuck of00:19
Oblivion^ bot00:20
MijaHmmmph: check this out http://www.reddit.com/r/Ubuntu/comments/1929jz/any_one_using_a_amd_radeon_hd_7770/00:20
Mijabeta driver but says it worked for them00:20
Oblivion^its a bot00:21
TJ-zzookk: fixed it: https://iam.tj/projects/misc/test.expect00:21
tarelerulzWhat is the newest stable version of Ubuntu ?00:21
Obliviontarelerulz 14.0400:22
Mijatarelfulz: wouldn't that be the current download on their site?00:22
zzookkTJ-, wow. great thnx00:22
TJ-tarelerulz:  14.04 is LTS, 15.04 is stable, 15.10 is development00:22
HmmmphMija: Unfortunately I've already played about quite a bit with Xorg. At times even Unity would fail to start. Thanks though.00:23
Picizzookk: you really really really should be using key-based auth insteadl of using expect with ssh.00:23
=== denbeiren is now known as zz_denbeiren
MijaHmmmph: Google says that card is a nightmare, I would use a diff card. Why waste your time...00:24
zzookkPici: why?00:24
Oblivionzzookk sorry are ou really a human?00:24
PiciOblivion: Knock it off.00:24
meretrixAnyone happen to know how well Ubuntu runs on the Surface 3 (non pro)?00:24
zzookkOblivion, yep00:24
OblivionPici no I thought it was a bot why I was so rude00:24
meretrixGoogle is only turning up Surface Pro 3 results..00:24
Mijameretrix: finally and interesting question00:25
Oblivionzzookk sorry for my earlier comments00:25
Picizzookk: because expect is the worst way of doing this. using a passwordless key is the standard way, and expect is not easy to get right, you won't handle any non-standard scenarios properly with that, and it will fail for you in weird ways.00:25
TJ-Pici: some devices won't support key auth; I have that with several embedded devices here such as CDUs, KVMs, etc.00:25
zzookkOblivion, all ok, np.00:25
Oblivionzzookk cool00:26
HmmmphMija: I've looked into this, but AMD Support have been contemptible, the supplier have refused to take the thing back, and right now I have other things to spend my money on. I have looked into alternatives, and would if I could.00:26
PiciTJ-: sure, but doing expect by default is no good00:26
zzookkPici, but ssh - free shell server. its not my. i dont afraid if smb will brute/hack it )00:27
squintyHmmmph,  maybe related??  http://www.digit.in/forum/graphic-cards/161659-solved-screen-flickering-amd-hd-7770-monitor-not-recognized-os.html00:27
MijaHmmmph: you have painted yourself into a corner, that card is obviously not widely used and short of a developer answering your question i think your are SOL00:27
Picizzookk: but presumably your data will be on it if you are using it.00:28
zzookkPici, use it only for traffic tunel00:28
Oblivionzzookk what you mean by  Pici, but ssh - free shell server. its not my. i dont afraid if smb will brute/hack it ) ? SSH isnt vunerable to any of those attacks, apart from maybe 0 day00:29
Oblivionzzookk smb doesent operate over ssh , althought it could be tunneled00:29
=== zz_denbeiren is now known as denbeiren
ApteryxHello! In Evince, how can I get the hand tool back? To drag in any direction easily00:31
zzookkPici told that expect login - not secure way, as i understood. so i told that it doesnt matter, coz of i only tunnel traffic. dont want anybody listen it on wifi spots00:31
zzookki understood right? eng - not my native lang00:32
Oblivionzzookk so you have had a pcie check?00:32
Oblivionzzookk *PCI00:33
zzookkdont understand what u r talking about, srr00:34
mathaGreetings, I have been unable to stream on Netflix, prompted to install Silverlight then I have been unsuccesful in running the file after I download it(silverlight_x64.exe)  any ideas?  because I am running 32 bit OS?00:34
Oblivionzzookk your looking at hiding your tracks whilst hacking a network?00:34
Hmmmphsquinty: Hadn't considered this. I am using a DVI-1 VGA adapter, but have used it on many machines in the past with no problems.00:35
bubbasauresmatha, Should run in chrome I believe00:35
=== bubbasaures is now known as wileee
mathayes running in chrome00:35
zzookkOblivion, i hide my traffic with ssh-tun from hackers in open wifi spots :)00:36
TJ-Hmmmph: check "/var/log/Xorg.0.log" and see if the monitor reports a valid EDID set of modelines00:36
wileeematha, .exe is MS,00:36
squintyHmmmph, the "solve" point was the adapter power connector which may not be a factor on another machine.  Anyways hope you solve the bug  :)00:37
ubottuIf you use Netflix, there is an unofficial solution for using it in Ubuntu detailed in http://www.compholio.com/netflix-desktop/ - bug reports in https://bugs.launchpad.net/netflix-desktop00:37
Oblivionzzookk dont know ssh-tun but always best to encrypt all your packets00:37
wileeematha, ^^^^ not sure if up to date is all00:38
Oblivionzzookk never use public wifi without a vpn00:38
zzookkOblivion, vpn/ssh - same)00:38
wileeeOblivion, Please add in my opinion when giving them.00:39
matharan this in Wine program loader and got bad EXE format for install.exe00:39
Hmmmphsquinty: It's given something for me to think about. I'm a little sceptical, but will have a look into following the page's advice. Thanks a lot.00:39
squintyHmmmph, yw :)00:39
TJ-Hmmmph: does the monitor report valid EDID?00:40
=== denbeiren is now known as zz_denbeiren
squinty!wine | matha00:41
ubottumatha: WINE is a compatibility layer for running Windows programs on GNU/Linux - More information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Wine - Search the !AppDB for application compatibility ratings - Join #winehq for application help - See !virtualizers for running Windows (or another OS) inside Ubuntu00:41
Oblivionzzookk yeah there both encrypted. I cant think off the top of my head what vpn uses but SSH is SHA-200:41
HmmmphTJ: 'Cannot get  EDID information for CRT1'00:42
TJ-Hmmmph: OK, that explains your resolution issue then. You'd need to either fix that, or add an "/etc/X11/xorg.conf" with a Monitor and Screen section defining the frequencies the monitor can support00:42
TJ-Hmmmph: it's worth checking your DVI-I <> VGA adapter in case the DDC (data) pin has been messed up00:43
Oblivionzzookk I was referring to http/https/ftp/smtp traffic though00:43
mathathanks I will look at that... and the compholio solution00:43
wileeematha, https://insights.ubuntu.com/2014/10/10/watch-netflix-in-ubuntu-today/  be careful running after stuff, it supposedly works already.00:44
microhaxoIm having a problem. I cant resize windows, it works for like 2 seconds then nothing happens. and my cursor is huge now...00:45
Oblivionnetflix < html 500:45
HmmmphTJ: I have tried this in the past with regards to the resolution, but it only made things worse. http://community.linuxmint.com/tutorial/view/877 I'm not sure how to proceed with regards to the screen resolution.00:46
HmmmphTJ: with what you've just told me.00:46
TJ-Hmmmph: tell me the make/model of the monitor00:46
HmmmphNot sure of the model.00:46
HmmmphTJ: Make is Techwood.00:46
HmmmphIt's a TV, but with VGA input.00:47
TJ-Hmmmph: that is the vital bit, look on the maker's sticker on the back00:47
TJ-Hmmmph: what size screen does it have?00:47
HmmmphTJ: Model is: 26/244314400:48
Oblivionhmmmmph Ive come across that prob on a PI its the default resouloution of the tv dpui blah blah that caused the issue , dont know a fix for Ubuntu though00:48
TJ-Hmmmph: so page 26 of the user manual lists the resolutions and modes supported00:49
HmmmphTJ: That's interesting. 1600x1200 is the max the card is allowing, but in the past I've gotten 1920x1080 and higher, on Windows mind.00:51
HmmmphTJ: That may have been at 75Hz though.00:52
HmmmphTJ: If I recall.00:52
Oblivion<Hmmmph>  hows it connected?00:53
TJ-Hmmmph: do you want to have the TV as the sole display, or working with another monitor?00:53
HmmmphTJ: Sole display, which it is currently.00:53
TJ-Hmmmph: yes, the CRT on the TV will downscale some signals00:54
TJ-Hmmmph: OK, hang on a mo00:54
HmmmphOblivion: VGA cable using DVI-1 Converter.00:54
Oblivion<Hmmmph> sounds lik the problem I had with my PI, its the TV thats the prob00:55
TJ-Hmmmph: https://iam.tj/projects/misc/techwood-26-2443144.conf00:55
TJ-Hmmmph: copy that into "/etc/X11"  - "sudo cp /tmp/techwood-26-2443144.conf /etc/X11/"00:55
Oblivion<Hmmmph> not configured it in a long time, not had to , but hard coding your res in xorg.conf might fic00:56
TJ-Hmmmph: then create a sym-link to make it the active xorg.conf with "sudo ln -s techwood-26-2443144.conf /etc/X11/xorg.conf"00:56
HmmmphOblivion: Even with the crashes? Some games stutter, whilst others crash almost immediately upon starting. I find it a bit odd this would be caused by the monitor is all.00:56
TJ-Hmmmph: then log-out and back in so the xserver uses that config.... and then check "/var/log/Xorg.0.log" to check that config was both found and used00:57
TJ-Hmmmph: those issues sound unrelated to an incorrect resolution, they sound like drivers have been messed up00:57
Oblivion<Hmmmph> You using steam I ask because you said games, not a monitor problem but a problem with the kernel communicating with the monitor to get the resouloution00:58
HmmmphTJ: That was my original conclusion, but I can't get any driver I find working very well.00:58
TJ-Hmmmph: focus on one issue at a time :)00:59
=== Blaster is now known as Guest87789
Oblivion<Hmmmph> what drivers you missing? linux dont have driver probs much these days01:00
HmmmphTJ: I tried 'sudo cp /tmp/techwood-26-2443144.conf /etc/X11/', but I'm informed 'cp: cannot stat '/tmp/techwood-26-2443144.conf': No such file'01:00
Oblivionthere allways in the kernel as binary blobs now01:00
TJ-Hmmmph: well, I was rather expecting you'd correct the source path to whereever you downloaded the file to!01:01
=== zz_denbeiren is now known as denbeiren
HmmmphOblivion: I'm not sure. I've tried different releases of xorg and catalyst, both via installation manually and through the 'Additional drivers' menu.01:02
HmmmphTJ: I don't know where the file is. It really doesn't help the situation that I am terribly inexperienced with this depth of software.01:03
Oblivion<Hmmmph> sounds like a bug o me , a good reason to stick to LTS, they changed alot of stuff in 15.04, mainly sytemd replacing upsatrt01:04
TJ-Hmmmph: did you download it with the browser? I'd expect it might be in $HOME/Downloads/01:04
TJ-Hmmmph: as to the PC crashes, I'd bet with 80% certainty that is caused by not having a sufficiently powerful PSU... the 7770 needs a lot of power01:05
=== dearn_ is now known as dearn
blackmatrix_nyhi all...I get: "NTFS is either inconsistent, or there is a hardware fault, or it's a01:06
blackmatrix_nySoftRAID/FakeRAID hardware."01:06
HmmmphTJ: No driver in downloads folder.01:06
blackmatrix_nywhen trying to use win7 to create a bootable windows7 on a USB...anyone know how to fix it ?01:06
craigbass76When I start hydrogen, I'm fine.  When I start audacity afterward, it won't work unless I reboot.  I've tried restarting pulseaudio, but get no love.  I've got alsa mixer installed, but dont see a way to restart alsa01:07
squintyHmmmph, fwiw, after clicking on TJ's link in firefox, only the contents of the file was displayed.  you may have to copy/paste said contents to a new file01:07
TJ-Hmmmph: did you download the file using Firefox? check it's Download icon, then highlight the filename, and choose Open containing folder01:07
HmmmphTJ: So stuttering and resolution possibly result of VGA adapter and TV, and crashing perhaps a result of insufficient PSU.01:07
=== Yukkii is now known as Dhs92
Oblivionblackmatrix_ny you get that when?01:07
HmmmphTJ: I did but I can't find it.01:08
Oblivionblackmatrix_>> /dev/null01:08
TJ-Hmmmph: if you are on the page I linked yo to, you need to do File > Save Page As ... (or right-click)01:08
blackmatrix_nyOblivion, when I try to create a bootable win7 usb stick using the app winusb01:08
squintyHmmmph,  don't forget faulty power connector too (as per the article  4 pins verses 6 pins iirc)01:08
Oblivionblackmatrix_>> /dev/null01:08
blackmatrix_nyOblivion, or is there a better application to create a bootable win7 usb01:09
TJ-blackmatrix_ny: try ##windows ... this channel is for Ubuntu support01:09
Oblivionblackmatrix_not winshit support01:09
Hmmmphsquinty: Right.01:09
blackmatrix_nyTJ-, I'm on ubuntu :-)01:09
TJ-Oblivion: please moderate your language and attitude01:09
HmmmphTJ: Could you link the page again? So sorry.01:09
Oblivionblackmatrix_ok dont! :)01:09
lucas-arghey guys, is there any way to put a menu in unity?01:10
TJ-blackmatrix_ny: you can be on your bike, but your question is about Windows!01:10
TJ-Hmmmph: https://iam.tj/projects/misc/techwood-26-2443144.conf01:10
blackmatrix_nyTJ-, I can create a bootable ubuntu usb using the app but I can't create a win7. I need it to fix a friends pc01:10
Oblivion<lucas-arg> yes but you would need to know how to code and read code then recompile code01:11
TJ-blackmatrix_ny: but we're not the winusb support channel01:11
HmmmphTJ: Done. Thanks.01:11
lucas-argOblivion: how about classicmenu-indicator?01:11
TJ-Hmmmph: do you want me to repeat the instructions?01:11
blackmatrix_nyTJ-, but I'm on a ubuntu system running a ubuntu app (winusb)01:11
Oblivion<lucas-arg> you mean kernel args?01:11
TJ-!info winusb01:12
ubottuPackage winusb does not exist in vivid01:12
=== denbeiren is now known as zz_denbeiren
lucas-argOblivion: i need a menu... in unity... a menu like STAR menu button01:12
blackmatrix_nyTJ-, I was able to create a bootable ubuntu usb using a windows system a long time ago, I would think it is possible to create a bootable windows usb using a linux system01:12
thebotjust a simple question, does Ubuntu Phone have bluetooth support for simple HID devices like Keyboards?01:12
bubbasaureslucas-arg, The gnome fallback de is  a pseudo gnome 2, the shell has a a couple of menu addons.01:12
Oblivion<lucas-arg> yes but you would need to know how to code and read code then recompile code01:12
HmmmphTJ: I'm currently giving it a go.01:12
guest_Does anyone know of a channel where I can get tech support regarding Windows?01:12
hack-wizardHey, I installed XFCE on Ubuntu Server and I want to set up menulibre like on my laptop, which has xubuntu installed, how would I do this?01:12
bubbasaures!touch | thebot01:13
ubottuthebot: Information about the Ubuntu Touch platform for Phone and Tablet is available here https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch . Support and discussion in #ubuntu-touch01:13
bubbasauresguest_, ##windows01:13
Oblivionhack-wizard why x11 on a server?01:13
blackmatrix_nyTJ-, my other option is loading up a windows on a VM and using it to create the bootable disk but Im sure there are ways to do it on ubuntu01:13
TJ-blackmatrix_ny: if an ISO supports hybrid boot loaders (ISO9660/El Torito/MBR/GPT) then simply copying the ISO image to the USB is sufficient, using any tool (e.g. dd, cat)01:13
Oblivionhack-wizard use ssh and x11 forwarding01:13
guest_bubbasaures, thanks01:13
hack-wizard@Oblivion: Because I happen to have a nice monitor connected to it and I want to administer it from the box itself01:14
Oblivionhack-wizard unsecure server01:14
blackmatrix_nyTJ-, I tried that and got an error. Is there a specific format the usb has to be before I run the dd command ?01:14
HmmmphTJ: I'm currently learning how to use the console to navigate directories. Having some trouble getting to my downloads folder.01:14
Oblivionhack-wizard x11 has design flaws for remote access01:14
bubbasauresblackmatrix_ny, A usb, ntfs partiton with a bootflag and mount the iso in ubuntu and extract to the usb.01:14
HmmmphTJ: Again, I apologise.01:15
TJ-blackmatrix_ny: no format at all, the ISO image *must* be written to the raw device, not a partition (e.g. /dev/sdc *not* /dev/sdc1)01:15
TJ-Hmmmph: "cd $HOME/Downloads"01:15
squintyblackmatrix_ny,  might also want to check out  pendrivelinux.com   they have software and tutorials there01:15
hack-wizardOblivion: Ok, so how would I get the same interface on the screen without making it insecure?01:15
zxjcarrot 01:15
blackmatrix_nyThanks guys. Let me check all options given to me and will report back01:16
lucas-argOblivion: like this http://pasteboard.co/2kHpmZYw.png01:17
TJ-blackmatrix_ny: typically I'd do "sudo dd if=/path/to/image.iso of=/dev/sdz bs=100M oflag=direct,dsync iflag=fullblock conv=fdatasync,fsync"01:17
Oblivionhack-wizard as long as your running a Linux desktop ssh -Y user@host would log you into an ssh session, but as long as its installed on the server if you type i.e firefox it wil load firefox on your desktop but from the server01:17
canaimero4i am problemj01:17
blackmatrix_nyThanks again TJ-01:18
HmmmphTJ: Thanks. I'm trying to open the file, but it's telling me command not found.01:18
TJ-Hmmmph: what command are you trying to use?01:18
bubbasauresblackmatrix_ny, I like this loader, always works here. http://www.pendrivelinux.com/multiboot-create-a-multiboot-usb-from-linux/01:18
hack-wizardOblivion ok then, so would it be a good idea to just set up  virtual server then?  I also need to use this install as a desktop, limited hardware here01:19
bubbasauresah missed the dd command doh01:19
TJ-Hmmmph: If you saved to the "Downloads" folder from the Browser's Save Page As ... dialog, then in a terminal you can do "sudo cp $HOME/Downloads/techwood-26-2443144.conf /etc/X11/"01:20
HmmmphTJ: I've just typed in exactly that and I think it's done it.01:21
Oblivionhack-wizard depends on a few things, is it that precious, what could it be used for, how sensitvive is my data?01:22
HmmmphTJ: Yes. The file is there. I appreciate your help and patience.01:22
TJ-Hmmmph: good, now lets check there isn't already an xorg.conf: "ls -l /etc/X11/xorg.conf"01:23
HmmmphTJ: has replied '/etc/X11/xorg.conf'01:24
hack-wizardoblivion well I just wanted to do non-sensitive desktop tasks on it (plus some gaming since it's the only sys I have with a GPU) and on the server side I just wanted to have a my own dedicated web hosting for developing my own web sites01:24
Oblivionwow xorg.conf havent had to configure that in years01:25
=== jamietech is now known as Guest68497
TJ-Hmmmph: OK, we might need to preserve that. I need to see it first, too. can you do "pastebinit /etc/X11/xorg.conf" and tell me the URI it returns01:25
TJ-Oblivion: it's still very useful for anything even slightly exotic01:26
Hmmmphprogram not installed01:26
HmmmphTJ: Gonna do it through website.01:27
Oblivionhack-wizard so as I said before way up the risk and deploy the required protection . Im putting that in laymans but if you need any help with anything specific send me a private01:27
HmmmphTJ: http://pastebin.ca/308117901:28
OblivionThinks Ubuntu needs to stick with an LTS kernel01:30
=== zz_denbeiren is now known as denbeiren
TJ-Hmmmph: OK, I'm going to add the Techwood settings to that file, and give you a link to the new file01:33
=== corey84__ is now known as Corey84
Oblivionis there an ubuntu dev channel?01:35
TJ-Hmmmph: OK, https://iam.tj/projects/misc/xorg.conf01:36
Oblivion!ubuntu development01:37
Oblivion!ubuntu development01:37
Oblivion!ubottu dont know much01:37
ubottuOblivion: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)01:37
HmmmphTJ: How could I open xorg through the terminal?01:38
TJ-Hmmmph: all in one step: "sudo wget -O /etc/X11/xorg.conf   https://iam.tj/projects/misc/xorg.conf"01:39
HmmmphTJ: 'wget: invalid option -- '0' '01:41
TJ-Oh not Zero01:42
HmmmphTJ: Sorry01:42
HmmmphTJ: 'Scheme missing'01:43
=== denbeiren is now known as zz_denbeiren
TJ-Hmmmph: huh? what is that from?01:44
HmmmphTJ: Best you see. http://www.pastebin.ca/index.php01:45
Oblivionhmmmph your -0 should be -O01:45
HmmmphTJ: http://pastebin.ca/308119701:45
TJ-Hmmmph: all in one step: "sudo wget -O /etc/X11/xorg.conf   https://iam.tj/projects/misc/xorg.conf"01:47
HmmmphTJ: Oh I think it's done something.01:47
Oblivionhmmmph dont run wget as sudo01:47
TJ-Oblivion: please don't interfere. We're saving one step01:47
Oblivionhmmmph learn why you shouldnt use sudo inapropriatly01:47
TJ-Hmmmph: did you type the command *exactly* as I wrote it inside the " ... " ?01:48
HmmmphI'm aware it initiates an administrative mode that allows for more screwing about.01:48
HmmmphTJ: I think so.01:48
TJ-Hmmmph: you either know so, or you don't :)01:48
HmmmphTJ: It's the O01:49
TJ-Hmmmph: the pastebin you showed me didn't have the complete URI either!01:49
HmmmphTJ: It appears as I would expect a zero on my screen01:49
Oblivionhmmmph which is becoming m$ attempt in vista when clicking ok gave you sudo , which same as secure boot is easily over ridden01:49
TJ-Hmmmph: line 16 of that pastebin is incomplete01:50
HmmmphTJ: http://pastebin.ca/308120201:51
notafadshey guys im running into an issue with openssh-server cannot seem to connect to it externally01:52
notafadsset up port forwarding and my ISP does not block 2201:52
Oblivionisnt there a script you can run that generates xorg.conf , these days01:52
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Oblivionsure I came upon once upon a time01:52
HmmmphTJ: Line 21 onwards01:53
TJ-Hmmmph: that's better :) ... OK, so if you now do "cat /etc/X11/xorg.conf" you should the new Monitor section "Tech26"01:54
HmmmphTJ: http://pastebin.ca/308120801:56
drfoobazHi, my sound only plays if the program trying to play sound is run as root. My user is in the audio, pulse, and pulse-audio groups too. What should I do?01:57
TJ-Hmmmph: good. so now you can test it by logging-out and back in01:57
HmmmphTJ: Not a restart?01:58
Oblivion6 its not windows01:58
Oblivion^its not windows01:58
TJ-Hmmmph: No, just log-out which restarts the X server01:59
TJ-Hmmmph: in theory the drivers should now be able to select the most appropriate mode, which ought to be 166x120001:59
TJ-Hmmmph: err, 1600x1200 even!02:00
tewardis there a way to blacklist a specific package so it can never be installed02:02
drfoobazteward: I don't know, but why would you ever want to do that?02:02
TJ-teward: pin to a non-existent version02:02
HmmmphTJ: But I was already in 1600x1200.02:02
tewarddrfoobaz: because the -59-generic kernel on trusty is broken and i want to blacklist that specific package02:03
tewardTJ-: that'd work xD02:03
HmmmphTJ: My hope was to push it above that because I know the monitor can and has done it.02:03
TJ-Hmmmph: Right, but now the driver can select any valid modes.02:03
drfoobazDoes anyone know why sound would only play in programs run as root, even when my user is in all the right groups (audio, pulse, pulse-access)?02:03
HmmmphTJ: Did as you said btw.02:03
TJ-Hmmmph: The TV's maximum resolution is 1600x1200, you can't get more than that!02:04
HmmmphTJ: But I have done.02:04
TJ-Hmmmph: if you try to send a higher resolution the TV will dither and scale it02:04
HmmmphTJ: I used to use a Windows 7 machine that ran this same monitor at 1920x108002:04
TJ-Hmmmph: but it won't be 1:1 pixels, you'll lose information02:04
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HmmmphTJ: Right. And is this complete?02:05
TJ-Hmmmph: you send 1920x1080 to it, 320 pixels of resolution is lost due to the scaling02:06
bubbasauresdrfoobaz, running apps in root needs a bit oh context here.02:06
TJ-Hmmmph: Check with "xrandr -q" to see the list of valid modes the  VGA output will support02:06
Obliviondrfoobaz your not in wheel?02:06
drfoobazOblivion: Wheel?02:07
bubbasauresdrfoobaz, only seems to be the key word, you might list what you've tried and apps.02:07
bruceleeanyone know why i tried to apt-get install python-httplib2 last week and it was fine, but this week it asked that "this package is untrusted"02:07
HmmmphTJ: Is at 1600x1200 60Hz02:08
drfoobazbubbasaures: At first, I couldn't even get alsamixer or amixer to work. I then added my user to audio, pulse, and pulse-access and that worked. Now, sound only plays as root (firefox and mpv so far).02:08
bubbasauresbrucelee, you missing the repo key?02:08
Obliviondrfoobaz iirc its the way things like dbus and gksu/kdesu authenticate02:09
TJ-Hmmmph: right, which is what the manual says it can support. We've told the driver the range of signal frequencies the TV will accept, and it has figured out which modes are valid for that range02:09
drfoobazOblivion: I don't have any wheel group.02:09
bruceleebubbasaures: how do i check02:09
bubbasauresbrucelee, show us the error and all involved text.02:10
HmmmphTJ: Right. Thanks ever so much for your help.02:10
bubbasaures!pastebin | brucelee02:10
ubottubrucelee: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.02:10
HmmmphTJ: And I really appreciate your time and patience.02:10
TJ-Hmmmph: for your other issues, carefully check the rating of the PSU and make sure it's claimed max rating is at least 125% of the requirements of the PC, CPU+GPU02:11
bruceleebubbasaures: ok02:11
HmmmphTJ: Right.02:11
bruceleebubbasaures: https://gist.github.com/anonymous/3026ec2e675447f299c802:12
HmmmphTJ: And check power adapter02:12
HmmmphTJ: Sorry, the VGA DVI-1 Adapter.02:12
HmmmphTJ: Thanks ever so much for your help.02:12
TJ-Hmmmph: checking the DVI-I <> VGA adapter is only in case pins are broken/bent out, and that might explain the lack of EDID info on the DDC pin, but I doubt that would cause the PC to glitch02:13
bubbasauresbrucelee, You add a repo for that package like a ppa, an sudo apt-get update  would probably help us posted.02:13
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HmmmphTJ: But it might cause stuttering?02:14
HmmmphTJ: of the picture?02:14
TJ-Hmmmph: no... DDC is just a digital data line for the display and GPU to talk to each other on for configuration02:14
microhaxoI have a goofy problem. Every time i close an app in ubuntu i hear some weird crackly noise02:14
microhaxobut in sound settings i have sounds muted for effects02:15
TJ-VGA is an analogue signal sending Red, Green, and Blue colour components on separate wires02:15
HmmmphTJ: So you would put the stuttering down to the PSU as well?02:15
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bruceleebubbasaures: how do you know we have to add a repo for that package?02:16
bubbasauresbrucelee, looks like a ppa package you gotta add the ppa's key02:16
TJ-Hmmmph: I'd call it 50/50 on whether it was power related or driver issues, but as the PC is also crashing, I'd fall on the side of power issues without other evidence02:16
bruceleebubbasaures:  iguess the question is why is it not trusted with just ubuntu's regular repos? and why in the period of the last week it started giving this "untrusted" message02:16
bubbasauresbrucelee, I expect you to know really.02:16
bruceleebubbasaures: how do you tell its a ppa package? i see it here: http://packages.ubuntu.com/trusty/python-httplib202:16
bruceleebubbasaures: yah thats why im confused and trying to find out...02:17
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bruceleenot sure why sometime last week it worked, but this week it gives this message02:17
HmmmphTJ: Right. That gives me other options to look into.02:17
bruceleebubbasaures: could it be that the package was updated since then? can't seem to find anything that indicates so02:17
TJ-brucelee: what does "apt-cache policy python-httplib2" report?02:17
bruceleeTJ-:  let me check02:18
bruceleeaccording to changelog http://changelogs.ubuntu.com/changelogs/pool/main/p/python-httplib2/python-httplib2_0.8-2build1/changelog, it says last updated 2014 :/02:18
bruceleelet me run that command TJ-02:18
bubbasauresbrucelee, Your obsessing on the worked now doesn't without any realization of what you've done, a missing repo key causes this.02:18
bubbasaurescould be a system error but highly unlikely02:18
bruceleebubbasaures: the reason is because i install this package after a fresh ubuntu installation. last week it was the same fresh ubuntu installation, this week its the same. Nothing really changed on my end, thats why im suspecting its something that changed on the other end02:19
HmmmphTJ: Thanks ever so much. Bye :)02:19
TJ-Hmmmph: coincidentally I had been reading about the extreme PSU requirements of GPUs like that one, and the recommendation is to have a very good beefy PSU... 1000 watts or more in some cases... as I said, figure out the maximum power draw of CPU + GPU + all other devices (MB, disk drives, USB) and then add a 25% margin to figure out if the PSU can cope02:19
bruceleeTJ-: https://gist.github.com/anonymous/ae122c27cf38a07ea41a02:20
TJ-brucelee: no changes to that package since Feb 201402:20
bruceleeTJ-: yeah, weird... did i somehow lose the keys like bubbasaures was mentioning?02:21
TJ-brucelee: does that warning occur for any other packages?02:22
bruceleeTJ-: i dont think so, let me try a different package02:22
bruceleeTJ-: yeah, i get that same message even for vim02:23
dinoocchHi, we have a computer that is taking an abnormally long time for lightdm to come up - logging in from a tty takes a substantial amount of time as well.02:23
TJ-brucelee: sounds like a keyring issue. what does "dpkg -l ubuntu-keyring" report?02:23
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TJ-dinoocch: does the kernel log indicate some issues, such as disk I/O errors?02:24
bruceleeTJ-: https://gist.github.com/anonymous/af1079c56b2aea9a6e9c02:25
bruceleeTJ-: we're onto something? :p02:25
TJ-brucelee: that's correct. Now let's check the files installed are good: "pastebinit <( sha256sum $(dpkg -L ubuntu-keyring)  )"02:26
bruceleeTJ-: not sure if this would affect anything but its also going through a proxy for apt-get i believe. it's set to do it in /etc/apt/apt.cofn02:26
TJ-brucelee: HAHA! that'd do it if the proxy is being naughty02:28
bruceleeTJ-: ah.. yeah i dont have pastebinit installed, and tried to install it even though theres no verification02:29
TJ-brucelee: if the proxy has held a broken package but doesn't realise ..02:29
TJ-brucelee: OK, you can pastebin the ouput of the commands manually...  I was trying to make it easier for you02:30
Ububeginwhen I installed Ubuntu, my desktop just had a ssd drive... after which I added SATA drives.. Currently, one of the app I am running is writing logs to a ssd drive at (/opt/cm4.3/logs) and it is running out..  How can i map the /opt/cm4.3/ to the SATA hdd instead ?02:30
bruceleeTJ-: and low and behold, it freezes here: https://gist.github.com/anonymous/4bf207d8ed4a3687414902:30
bruceleeTJ-: i think theres something up with teh apt-cacher-ng02:30
TJ-brucelee: fix the proxy :)02:30
bruceleeTJ-: l33t ubuntu skills :P02:31
TJ-but not so bruce-lee!02:31
bruceleenot sure what to do, i guess ill restart the service :o02:31
bruceleeor delete the cache02:31
dinoocchTJ- No problems there :/02:31
TJ-dinoocch: for TTY log-ins I can understand that the uatomated update-motd scripts can cause delays generating the motd, since they will do a package upgrade check02:32
mbffHello! I was deleting some files off a ntfs drive when I got a "rm cannot remove directory not empty".  All the posts I see about this issue blame hardware however the issue is only present on a particular folder.02:32
mbffAny ideas for delete the bad folder?02:33
dinoocchTJ-: it is any service that needs to su, seems like...even sudo commands take a long time to execute02:33
TJ-dinoocch:  but a delay for lightdm wouldn't get that; best thing to do is analyse the time-stamps in /var/log/kern.log and /var/log/syslog... look for long delays between messages that might indicate something causing a freeze02:33
TJ-dinoocch: aaahhh..... name resolution!02:34
dinoocchwe have full dns and can confirm it is working02:34
lwizardlI was wondering if there is a trick to removing ubuntu from a uefi bios system menu. I have a system that has win8 and ubuntu on it but the ubuntu install didn't work and it still has the boot menu.02:34
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TJ-dinoocch: is the system hostname (/etc/hostname) also in /etc/hosts against the " ..." entry?02:36
rodhashGuys .. having trouble with NetworkManager, which doesn't accept my password ... any idea pls?02:36
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Ububeginwhen I installed Ubuntu, my desktop just had a ssd drive... after which I added SATA drives.. Currently, one of the app I am running is writing logs to a ssd drive at (/opt/cm4.3/logs) and it is running out..  How can i map the /opt/cm4.3/ to the SATA hdd instead ?02:36
dinoocchTJ-: Checking, but wouldn't that throw additional issues and errors, especially with sudo?02:36
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wileeerodhash, Try clearing it and adding it again.02:37
TJ-lwizardl: if the UEFI boot-manager doesn't allow you to remove it via an internal shell, you could install the EDK EFI shell to the EFI System Partition, boot to that, and then use the bootmgr in it to delete the Ubuntu entry02:37
TJ-dinoocch: it might depend on the "hosts" resolution order in /etc/nsswitch.conf02:38
lwizardltj, thanks I will look into that. it is my nieces system and she wants to upgrade to the new OS and I want to revert to factory first02:39
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TJ-lwizardl: I think there's a Windows tool for editing the UEFI boot menu, too02:40
lwizardltj, Makes senses there would be, but I dont use windows so didnt think about that might be an option02:41
bruceleeTJ-: restarted apt-cacher-ng and it seems im able to download the packages again but it still thinks its untrusted02:43
dinoocchTJ-: /etc/hosts is fine, as is /etc/nsswitch.conf, hosts are up and recognized02:43
TJ-brucelee: clear out the apt-cacher cache02:44
TJ-lwizardl: you can get the Tianocore EDK shell from https://github.com/tianocore/edk2-ShellBinPkg/tree/master/UefiShell/X6402:44
TJ-dinoocch: anything going on with LDAP/PAM ?02:45
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lwizardlTJ-, thanks again. I also found eayuefi says it can edit the menu02:45
TJ-lwizardl: if you install it to the EFI system partition as "\EFI\BOOT\BOOTX64.EFI" that's the 'simple boot path' for removable media, and you shuld be able to get into it simply by telling the system boot menu to boot the drive, rather than the Windows entry02:46
TJ-lwizardl: yes, probably easier for a novice to use, too02:47
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dinoocchTJ-: We are using Kerberos for authentication with an ldap backend. Pam handles the authentication. The only thing we suspect might be the cause is pam_mount, however, that should not be affecting local logins (and the same configuration works on all our other machines)...02:47
TJ-dinoocch: another log to check :)  "/var/log/auth.log"02:47
lwizardltj, yup when it comes to uefi i can admit i'm a noob at it02:48
TJ-lwizardl: I just keep the manuals up on 1 screen and type on another :D02:48
wileeeTJ-, Doh, you've outed yourself. ;)02:48
TJ-wileee: shhh!02:49
inOrbitHey there, I'm trying to get Guvcview to work, but when I try to open it, nothing happens... unless i have another webcam program working, then it tells me it can't start with minimum setup02:50
inOrbiti've tried restarting and unplugging and replugging in the cam like it says but for some reason, guvcview is the only one that won't work, and I kinda need that one to run02:51
TJ-inOrbit: if I recall correctly, if you want to use any device other than /dev/video0 you have to pass the device name on the command line.02:51
inOrbiti'm not running from a command line, i just click on it from the menu02:52
inOrbitim using lubuntu if that makes a difference02:52
TJ-inOrbit: try it from the command line02:52
TJ-inOrbit: from the desktop launcher it'll be defaulting to /dev/video0 - if the PC has more than 1 video device that might not be the webcam02:53
dotnetted_altHey all - I have Ubuntu 15.04 installed alongside Windows 8 -- Ubuntu boots fine but Windows is not listed in grub - http://paste.ubuntu.com/11963654/ -- I have tried the recommended settings in `boot-repair` and `grub-update` --- Any ideas appreciated- Thanks!02:55
inOrbitchrist i don't even know where it is02:56
dotnetted_altI can browse /dev/sdb1 inside Ubuntu (had to remove_hiberfile first)02:56
TJ-dotnetted_alt: I'd suggest it's because the file-system is marked dirty so the system will not mount /dev/sdb1 and therefore GRUB's os-prober will not discover the Windows boot manager02:59
dinoocchTJ-: auth log shows no anomoly's...sorry for the delay...it took 12 minutes to su up .03:00
reisioit's pretty awesome when Windows marks an FS dirty03:00
TJ-dinoocch: sheesh... that bad? I'd put a tap on the network, see if the LDAP lookups are hanging for some reason!03:00
TJ-dotnetted_alt: "Metadata kept in Windows cache, refused to mount."03:00
dotnetted_altTJ-: Thanks for the response - Missed that part heh03:01
dotnetted_altI'm guessing it's not an easy fix to clean it up03:01
dinoocchTJ-: The server will kill a query after 30 seconds regardless of if it gets filled.03:01
mobile3any php master here ??03:02
TJ-dotnetted_alt: do a manual Windows boot, full Windows shutdown, back into Ubuntu and update-grub03:02
inOrbitalison@FredII:~$ ./program /usr/bin/guvcview03:02
inOrbitbash: ./program: No such file or directory03:02
inOrbitit keeps saying no such file or directory but im looking at the program right now03:02
reisiomobile3: #php03:02
dotnetted_altTJ-: would I be manually booting into windows via the grub console?03:02
TJ-dotnetted_alt: to start Windows manually, you'd need to hold down Shift at boot to get the GRUB menu, press 'c' to get the GRUB command line... identify which GRUB device represents the Windows boot partition, and do something like "chainload (hd1,1)+1"03:03
inOrbitokay I'm sorry i got it now, it gave me a hole big... thing, do you want me to copy/paste it?03:03
dotnetted_altTJ-: Thanks for the info :) -- I'll give it a go now03:03
TJ-inOrbit: that might help :)03:04
TJ-dotnetted_alt: there's instructions here https://www.gnu.org/software/grub/manual/html_node/Chain_002dloading.html03:05
inOrbitalison@FredII:~$ guvcview 1.7.303:05
inOrbitfile guvcview_video.mkv has extension type 103:05
inOrbitfile guvcview_image.jpg has extension type 003:05
inOrbitfile guvcview_image.jpg has extension type 003:05
inOrbitVideo file suffix detected: 003:05
inOrbitImage file suffix detected: 103:05
inOrbitALSA lib pcm_dmix.c:1022:(snd_pcm_dmix_open) unable to open slave03:05
TJ-!paste | inOrbit03:05
ubottuinOrbit: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.03:05
inOrbitit's saying i'm not voiced03:06
TJ-inOrbit: that looks good so far, it's opened /dev/video003:07
inOrbitwell that's good to hear, but that's all it gave me, the program worked fine a few weeks ago03:07
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inOrbiti mainly need guvcview because i use it for streaming, it's the only webcam program that I know if that has the video view in a separate window from the options, i basically just need that (if that makes sense)03:08
TJ-inOrbit: did the program exit after that?03:09
inOrbitit never actually started03:09
inOrbitso yeah i guess maybe it's just exiting right away03:09
TJ-inOrbit: "drawing controls" suggests it began writing to screen03:09
TJ-inOrbit:  I wonder if the program has saved a user config file that has some bad settings in?03:10
inOrbitwell i deleted it, and restarted the program hoping it'd just make a new one, and it did but it didn't help much03:10
TJ-inOrbit: OK, you're ahead of me then :)03:11
inOrbit(deleted it meaning the config file)03:11
TJ-inOrbit: let's do some diagnostics. use this command, type everything inside the double quotes exactly: "strace -f guvcview |& tee /tmp/guvcview.log"03:12
inOrbitwell we crashed something03:13
TJ-inOrbit: what do you mean by 'crashed' ?03:13
inOrbiti got a pop up that it stopped unexpectatly03:13
TJ-inOrbit: That suggests your entire system has problems of some sort... possibly corrupted shared libraries03:14
inOrbitwell it spat out a lot of stuff but i can't even copy/paste it all cause it's too large, the terminal will only go so high03:14
TJ-inOrbit: That command was logging the strace output to a file. paste that file using "pastebinit /tmp/guvcview.log"03:15
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TJ-inOrbit: well, that confirms there's some major issue. a SIGSEGV means an attempt to access an address in memory that is not allowed. It shouldn't happen. That can be due to bad application configuration or bugs, or even hardware memory faults03:21
inOrbitthat's weird, i only ever have issues with this program, i just got a new motherboard a year ago, everything should be fine03:22
inOrbitlike i said, the program worked a couple weeks ago, i just figured it was some compatibility issues with an update03:22
TJ-inOrbit: as I said earlier, corruption of an executable file (or shared library) could cause it... have you tried reinstalling the application and its dependencies?03:23
inOrbitwell since i'm using lubuntu, it won't let me uninstall this program, it says if I uninstall it, i have to uninstall lubuntu as well03:24
inOrbitcause it came with lubuntu03:24
Gotoleia recent kernel update broke wine, and if I boot into an older kernel bumblebee doesn't work03:24
Gotoleiis there a way to make the nvidia kernel module(s) recompile for the older version03:24
Gotoleior whatever changes with kernel updates?03:25
tophwhats the command to change my super w from web browser to chromium?03:25
tophIt doesn't like chromium-browser03:25
Ben64toph: what?03:26
TJ-inOrbit: how about "sudo apt-get --reinstall install guvcview"03:26
tophi'm trying to change my super w command to launch chromium instead of firefox.03:26
inOrbitill try that then03:26
tophright now it's exo-open --launch WebBrowser03:26
tophthat launches firefox.03:26
Ben64toph: ok so go into whatever keyboard shortcut thingy you've got going on03:26
tophI'm trying to change it to launch Chromium when I hit super+w03:26
tophI've tried editing WebBrowser for Chromium Web Browser, Chromium-browser, etc.03:27
inOrbitno, didn't work03:27
Ben64toph: or try something like this http://docs.xfce.org/xfce/exo/preferred-applications03:27
TJ-inOrbit: you might need to do that with several of the dependencies, which have the libraries it uses03:28
inOrbiti guess i wouldn't know which ones03:28
TJ-inOrbit: what does this report "dpkg -l libavcodec*"03:28
inOrbitoh well.. here's something03:28
tophthat worked, ben.03:29
inOrbitno packages found matching libavcodec03:29
inOrbiti need that don't I?  That's weird, i should have that03:29
TJ-inOrbit: that'll be it... guvcview depends on 1 of 2, see "apt-cache depends guvcview"03:30
tjbiddleHey all - Anyway to run part of an upstart script as root/sudo and another as the actual user? I want to read in some environment variable from a 0600'd file, but pass them along to the user03:30
inOrbiti don't understand how they got removed, this is so weird, but ill try to reinstall them03:30
tjbiddleOr can suggest an alternative route to go? I'm keeping some passwords on disk, but keep them only readable to root.03:31
TJ-tjbiddle: use dbus03:32
TJ-tjbiddle: the user session can use the system dbus  to make requests for data from a privileged process03:32
inOrbitis there by chance something i can just run from the terminal for these?03:33
sheapmy debconf doesn't seem to change (when I change from string to select, for example) and keeps saying that my answer for the first question is "yes". Is there some cache that I need to clear?03:33
tjbiddleTJ-: Could you provide an example/resource to read on? I'm unfamiliar with dbus so unsure what to be looking for03:33
tjbiddleTJ-: This sounds like I'd be able to expose the file I have specifically to upstart/init and only upstart/init so that the underlying user the service is running under wouldn't be able to access it?03:35
xtrabet.....are you guys real human .....?   First time using IRC....03:36
TJ-tjbiddle: I'm struggling to find an easy example, but dbus provides Private Connections for this kind of situation, to sercurely pass data03:36
tjbiddlextrabet: Hell xtrabet. My name is tjbiddle. What is your task for me? Type help for a list of commands.03:37
TJ-tjbiddle: correct, the root process would be have a dbus service and the user would make a dbus query03:37
bevhi how can I ck my  hard drive03:39
TJ-tjbiddle: there's an interesting client-side Python example here http://www.indilib.org/support/tutorials/148-dbus-scripting-with-kstars-python.html03:39
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inOrbiti installed these /launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/libav/6:11-1/+build/6412722 and it told me i had them all installed but i reinstalled anyway and it still won't work and still says i don't have those packages03:40
bevxubuntu  how can I ck my  hard drive03:40
tjbiddleTJ-: Interesting. Okay - I think it might be a bit complex for my use-case; but definitely interesting to know about. Thanks!03:42
TJ-tjbiddle: yeah, always the case there's never a simple example script when you need it :)03:43
squintybev:  Disks ->  Smartdata and tests (cog icon at the top) would be one way.  running  fsck  would test file system integrity03:43
Bashing-ombev: The health of the drive ? see: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Smartmontools .03:44
inOrbitcan someone please help me install ffmpeg03:44
inOrbitand libavcodec?03:44
cfhowlettinOrbit, sudo apt-get install ffmpeg03:44
cfhowlettinOrbit, sudo apt-get libav-tools03:44
TJ-tjbiddle: how about creating a named pipe (FIFO) and letting the user ask for the password(s) over that?03:45
inOrbitpackage ffmpeg is not availabl, but is referred to by another package03:45
inOrbitevent not found03:45
bevok thx03:45
cfhowlettinOrbit, ffmpeg was removed from repos.  it will return in 16.**.  meanwhile, use libav-tools03:46
cfhowlettavconv - ffmpeg  (more or less)03:46
inOrbitinvalid operation libav-tools03:46
cfhowlettinOrbit, correct.  libav-tools is the metapackage name03:46
cfhowlettsudo apt-get install libav-tools03:47
dotnetted_altTJ-: Having some trouble booting into windows via the grub console -- It looks like /bootmgr is on (hd2,msdos1) -- Should I just be able to `chainloader (hd2,msdos1) && boot`?03:47
inOrbitit says it's already installed03:47
cfhowlettinOrbit, perfect!03:47
inOrbitokay, i give up on guvcview, is there another webcam program that has its video and tools separate?03:47
inOrbitcause guvcview won't load for me03:47
TJ-dotnetted_alt: chainloader (hd2,msdos1) +1    ... I think03:48
dotnetted_altI tried setting root to (hd2,msdos1)  and `ntldr $(root)/bootmgr` too but I get a blank screen03:48
TJ-dotnetted_alt: the important bit is the "+1" which tells it the sectors to fetch03:48
dotnetted_altTJ-: "error: invalid file name `'."03:49
TJ-dotnetted_alt: hmmm, try without the ()03:49
TJ-dotnetted_alt: I did this a few days ago but can't recall the format now!03:49
inOrbitcfhowlett do you know another program for webcam that has its video and controls in separate windows like guvcview does?03:49
dotnetted_altTJ-: Heh just my luck -- it does work without the space before +1 though -- so I should be able to run `boot` now03:50
=== denbeiren is now known as zz_denbeiren
dotnetted_altTJ-: Well now I get a huge blinking cursor lol -- progress03:50
cfhowlettinOrbit, sorry, I don't.  search the software center for "webcam"03:50
inOrbiti did, there isn't one, i just an't figure out why guvcview won't work when literally every other one works just fine03:51
TJ-dotnetted_alt: hmmm... try "chainloader (hd2)+103:51
=== gerald is now known as Guest55640
dotnetted_altTJ-: brought me into grub again - I may have grub on hd2 as well though (accidentally added it via boot-repair)03:53
inOrbitTJ- do you have any more ideas?  Sorry I know you're with someone else03:54
wileeedotnetted_alt, You have grub in sda, sdb, sdc mbr03:54
TJ-inOrbit: I'd focus on trying to fix the dependencies, that suggests wider issues on the system if they aren't shown as installed03:56
inOrbitthey ARE showed as installed03:56
dotnetted_altwileee: do you have that paste link from above? I was on the bad box when I sent it03:56
wileeedotnetted_alt, http://paste.ubuntu.com/11963654/03:57
dotnetted_altThanks :)03:57
wileeeno prob03:57
TJ-inOrbit: I thought you reported the libavcodec wasn't there?03:58
ICantCookI'm thinking of buying a Lenovo E450 with an R7 m260 GPU.  This would be used with the sole purpose of running Ubuntu.  I'm a little scared of the AMD GPU though (have had bad experiene with AMD + Linux in the past)03:59
inOrbitwhen i did sudo apt-get install libav-tools  it says they were already tehre03:59
ICantCookanyone got experience running such a GPU with Ubuntu (or is there a site I could find this sort of into)?03:59
dotnetted_altIf I added grub to the windows partition I should still be able to somehow manually boot into windows though right?04:00
wileeedotnetted_alt, not normally no04:00
dotnetted_altwileee: So maybe a win8 recovery disk can restore it?04:00
TJ-inOrbit: but how about the libraries - libavcodec* or libavcodec-extra*, and the reset as reported by "apt-cache depends guvcview" ... I'd do "apt-get --reinstall install ..." on those packages04:01
wileeedotnetted_alt, I know nothing about lvm so the grub issue no idea. You could put the windows boot back in it's mbr yeah.04:01
pumba-have a question.. if i kill networkmanager will my vpn connection drop?04:02
agent_whiteEvenin' folks04:02
dotnetted_altwileee: Yeah this is the first time I actually went with lvm -- always avoided it just in case of boot issues heh04:02
wileeedotnetted_alt, I would go to ##windows and get their help on that than you will have both boots for the time, just the HD is chosen for first read.04:03
=== adante_ is now known as adante
cfhowlettpumba, yes.  vpn is a type of network connection04:04
dotnetted_altwilee/TJ-: thanks for the help04:05
inOrbitokay when i try to download libvcodec extra 54  the status says Error:  Breaks existing package 'libavcodec54' coflict libavcodec-extra-5404:05
pumba-cfhowlett: so that means im off the internet totally once i kill network manager?04:05
=== it is now known as Guest74846
cfhowlettpumba, no network manager = no network connection04:06
inOrbitwait i just had an idea04:09
explodesunetbootin usb drive, installing ubuntu server 14.04.2 amd64, the thing complains about how the CDROM couldnt be mounted04:09
agent_whiteOh well.04:11
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arunsabapathyhey guys04:15
arunsabapathyanyone out here?04:15
cfhowlettarunsabapathy, ask your ubuntu question04:16
inOrbitalright i figured out a work around04:16
inOrbitit's good enough for me, thanks though TJ-04:16
inOrbitaww he quit, oh well thanks guys04:17
dotnetted_alterm is there any way that `boot-repair` run from an old live cd could somehow mess up my networking on my bootable 15.04 heh?04:21
=== denbeiren is now known as zz_denbeiren
wileeedotnetted_alt, Did you actually run it or just click the lower button on the gui for the info.script?04:24
wileeelooked like just the info script04:24
dotnetted_altBoth -- I'm like 95% sure it has to be unrelated but my dns cacheing is all screwed up now04:24
dotnetted_altNot the repair from above - ran another a few mins ago from a live cd04:25
wileeedotnetted_alt, should not matter the cd release, if it is the app04:25
cfhowlettdotnetted_alt, so far as I know, boot-repair doesn't re/configure networking options.04:25
dotnetted_altthanks heh - I would sure hope not - figured I'd ask though04:26
wileeedotnetted_alt, The first info script was just going to purge and reload grub noting the lvm setup04:27
wileeethe very end tels you what the fix is per the code, heh04:28
dotnetted_altyeah I didn't check the one on the live cd though - it might have performed other actions04:28
naymyowinanybody doing perl development on ubuntu?04:30
naymyowinwhat should I install?04:30
agent_whitenaymyowin: Perl is included in every Linux kernel, if that's what you're asking.04:31
=== naymyowin is now known as linocisco
linociscoagent_white, what about IDE good for ubuntu?04:33
agent_whitelinocisco: Depends on the person. I wouldn't suggest ONE, but I would suggest you to try out multiple ones, as most of the best are free.04:33
agent_whiteI don't use an IDE, so I cannot tell you.  I use vim (a text editor) and the command line.04:34
agent_whitelinocisco: Also, depends on the language, if you're aiming for an IDE. As it's a developer environment, _generally_ tailored to a specific language.04:35
linociscoagent_white, thanks for your suggestion04:36
tjbiddleLol - so went through the trouble of hiding some environment variables on disc to the user running a process - only to find you can print out environment variables for any process you own: http://serverfault.com/a/66366/12165704:36
tjbiddleAny other walls I can throw up for this? Maybe limit it so the user can't check running processes somehow?04:36
agent_whitelinocisco: Text editors are nondeterministic... they don't favor one language over another. They simply are there to read and write text. I suggest finding a good text editor (emacs/vim for terminal use -- or Sublime Text if you prefer a GUI).04:38
linociscoagent_white, my idea is to distinguish between codes to see clearly which are commands and which are variables something like that. good editors would be helpful04:40
cfhowlettlinocisco, gedit with plugins does that.  simple, clean.  YMMV04:41
dinoocchTJ-: Thanks for all the help, figured it out after taking a break and coming back ~ bad firewall configuration was blocking 3 of our 50 computers from accessing the file server, so pam_mount had to timeout every login :O04:41
agent_whitelinocisco: The ones I suggested are best. For instance, for ruby, if you use Rubymine, you insulate yourself from knowing the actual terminal commands run to execute a program, since there's a single button to do it.04:41
agent_whiteSo, find a good text editor. And learn how to run your programs via the command line. Is my suggestion.04:41
linociscocfhowlett, gedit is installed by default on ubuntu. Thanks for suggestion also04:42
linociscoagent_white, well understood your point . thanks04:42
vonStraussOr it might be called pluma if you use MATE04:42
agent_whitelinocisco: You'll thank yourself later for doing so :)04:42
agent_whitelinocisco: Go grab Sublime Text. And go from there.04:43
=== zz_denbeiren is now known as denbeiren
linociscoagent_white, ok04:44
linociscohow to check your ubuntu is running with correct drivers? I have newly bought a brand new dell laptop and overwrite with Ubuntu 15.04. after 1hr with A/C power, it becomes hotter04:47
cfhowlettlinocisco, Dell Linux Support04:49
linocisco cfhowlett URL please. I could not find on Dell website yet04:50
agent_whitelinocisco: Google what ctfhowlett said. Click the top link.04:52
cfhowlettlinocisco, unless you have the Developer Edition?04:52
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=== zz_denbeiren is now known as denbeiren
bev? why would   a  intel celeron d have a hard time on the network like youtube and facebook anyhelp on fixing it?04:59
wileeebev, You might define hard time for us.05:00
cfhowlettbev, celeron?  sounds old.  try lubuntu.05:00
bevi'm useing xubuntu05:00
cfhowlettbev, fair enough.  "hard time" = ???05:01
bevit lags  little here there every good 1m05:02
bevso ? would it be video05:07
cfhowlettbev, if video plays otherwise, I'm betting you exceeded your graphics card performance.05:08
bevcuse  it boots up vary fast05:09
=== john is now known as Guest35232
Guest35232Would anyone be able to offer me some assistance?  I deleted my ubuntu partition through windows disk management, and obviously now I'm getting "grub rescue" when I try to boot my PC.  I've tried to boot from my windows recovery disk, but my computer won't boot.  It simply loads into grub rescue.05:13
Guest35232I've also tried super grub on a USB, a ubuntu live usb, and my computer won't boot anything.05:13
cfhowlettGuest35232, get your windows recovery disk and run the repair utilities. you have no ubuntu anymore, so stop using grub tools05:14
magicrainbowi'm confused is this a helpline?/05:15
Guest35232I tried to use my recovery CD, my computer won't boot into the CD.  I even created an .iso from the CD, properly stuck that on a USB drive, and the computer still won't boot so I can use the repair utilities.05:15
lotuspsychjemagicrainbow: ask your question in the channel05:15
cfhowlettmagicrainbow, not a help line, a help channel. ask your ubuntu questions05:15
wileeeGuest35232, I'm on ##windows05:15
cfhowlettGuest35232, you have to go into the bios to direct the boot priority.  just plugging in your usb won't do that.05:15
magicrainbowwell i'm not sure you can help but my screen is zoomed in and i cant fix it05:16
Guest35232cfhowlett, I know.  I've tried everything.  Would it have anything to do with UEFI?05:16
lotuspsychjeGuest35232: make your life easy and single install ubuntu on your whole hd05:16
cfhowlettGuest35232, quite possibly.05:16
Guest35232Haha, I would, but I can't even boot into a Ubuntu live USB.05:17
lotuspsychjemagicrainbow: ubuntu version?05:17
magicrainbowbtw its just a normal monitor not an i pad05:17
lotuspsychjeGuest35232: disabled fastboot + secureboot in bios05:17
cfhowlettGuest35232, so to be clear: you DO NOT want ubuntu anymore, right?05:17
lotuspsychjemagicrainbow: we need more details mate05:18
magicrainbowyes i use Ubuntu05:18
locksmith2Hello, I was wondering is it possible to entirely disable all services in ubuntu 11?05:18
lotuspsychje!eol | locksmith205:18
ubottulocksmith2: End-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades05:18
cfhowlettlocksmith2, ubuntu 11 is dead, unsupported and dangerous to continue using.  upgrade to a supported OS or risk security breaches.05:19
Guest35232I do not want Ubuntu on this machine, correct.  and I don't have an option for secureboot in my bios version.  My bios is insydeH20 version A02.05:19
magicrainbowwell when i move my mouse it goes to that side of my screen05:19
cfhowlettGuest35232, so you only want windows.  ask ##windows how to repair your bot05:19
magicrainbowit would be really hard to play minecraft like that thou05:20
lotuspsychjemagicrainbow: you dont make sense mate, describe exactly what happens after your login05:20
Guest35232It has to do with grub, though. It's preventing me from booting from a disc/usb.05:20
lotuspsychjemagicrainbow: is your resolution too big?05:20
magicrainbow? what do you mean05:20
kerrick_How can I figure out what's taking my (Upstart-based) system so long to boot?05:21
magicrainbowuh i guess05:21
kerrick_With systemd there's systemd-analyze blame, but not sure if Upstart has an equivalent05:21
lotuspsychjemagicrainbow: have you installed your grafix card driver?05:21
magicrainbowim am confused by all these computer terms05:22
mobile3any php master here ??05:22
=== regedit_ is now known as regedit
cfhowlettmagicrainbow, good news:  easy to learn.  less good news:  you HAVE to learn because YOU are your own system adminstrator now.  unless you pay/inveigle someone to do it for you.05:23
mobile3any php master here ??05:23
locksmith2I mean ubuntu 14.1005:23
lotuspsychjemobile3: in #php05:23
cfhowlettlocksmith2, dead.  end of life.  no longer supported.05:23
cfhowlett!14.10 | locksmith205:23
ubottulocksmith2: Ubuntu 14.10 (Utopic Unicorn) was the 21st release of Ubuntu.  Support ended on July 23rd, 2015. See !eol, !upgrade and http://ubottu.com/y/utopic05:23
lotuspsychjemagicrainbow: can you make a screenshot of what happening and paste to us?05:23
mobile3lotuspsychje : I am not able to join that channel , error :  user must be invited.....05:24
lotuspsychjemobile3: sorry ##php05:24
lotuspsychjemobile3: not sure if you need to be registered05:24
lotuspsychjekerrick_: pstree in terminal to see all lines05:25
mobile3lotuspsychje: ##php Cannot join channel (+r) - you need to be identified with services05:25
lotuspsychjekerrick_: and you can use bootload script to measure whats lagging in your system05:25
lotuspsychje!register | mobile305:25
ubottumobile3: Information about registering your nickname: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat/Registration - Type « /nick <nickname> » to select your nickname. Registration help available by typing /join #freenode05:25
cfhowlettmobile3, http://php.net/support.php05:29
=== Dhs92 is now known as Yukkii
magicrainbownevermind sorry i fixed it05:29
lotuspsychjelol so far for feedback05:30
wileee!cookie | lotuspsychje For the effort05:31
ubottulotuspsychje For the effort: Wow! You're such a great helper, you deserve a cookie!05:31
lotuspsychjewileee: tnx mate :p need a coffee? join discuss :p05:31
kerrick_lotuspsychje, which bootload script thing are you referring to?05:32
lotuspsychjekerrick_: i think its bootchartpy or something05:32
mobile3lotuspsychje: ubottu: cfhowlett : Yesterday all of the files and folder got deleted by itself leaving a php file there. The file was not created by me. I just want you to see that php script and tell me what work that php script can do. I want to know whether someone hacked to my account... Can I show that php file ?05:32
lotuspsychjekerrick_: makes a gui plan of what your whole system does after a reboot05:33
lotuspsychjemobile3: are you on ubuntu?05:33
kerrick_lotuspsychje, cool, found it05:34
BerryHey, I have a question. When I boot my computer and hold shift to go into the GRUB, the computer attempts to load it but never does. I could leave it running for 10 minutes and it would make no progress.05:34
lotuspsychjemobile3: pastebin us the text plz?05:34
=== Blaster is now known as Guest13417
BerryAny idea on how to fix that?05:34
lotuspsychjeBerry: have you been able to enter grub before?05:34
Berrylotuspsychje: Many times, yes05:35
lotuspsychjeBerry: when did this happen? after update?05:35
Berrylotuspsychje: Just now, since I have to boot into something ending in a 58 rather than my normal 60. I forget what the term is, since I only have done it twice before this05:35
Berrylotuspsychje: I haven't changed anything to my knowledge05:36
lotuspsychjeBerry: not sure, maybe try a sudo update-grub ?05:36
Berrylotuspsychje: Thanks, going to reboot and see if it worked05:37
mobile3lotuspsychje: ubottu: cfhowlett : http://pastebin.com/wXCY0jTc05:39
kerrick_I can't install steam; apt-get says "unable to locate package steam". This is my /etc/apt/sources.list: https://bpaste.net/raw/1a667517e87805:39
cfhowlettmobile3, can't advise on php stuff: outside my area.05:39
cfhowlettkerrick_, you have to enable the multiverse repos05:40
kerrick_cfhowlett, aren't they enabled per that config?05:40
cfhowlettkerrick_, "that config"?  what config?  and no, by default they are not enabled.  http://paste.ubuntu.com/11964259/05:41
eliakimhey guys. How big server must I have to run a heavy website with millions of visitors?05:41
kerrick_cfhowlett, see the sources.list I provided in the question05:41
lotuspsychjemobile3: ftp_force and windows/linux/mac doesnt look to good05:41
lotuspsychjemobile3: can you tell us wich ubuntu version, and what kinda services you running?05:42
kerrick_cfhowlett, could you paste your sources.list?05:42
cfhowlettkerrick_, look again.  all you enabled were restricted.  NOT multiverse05:42
lotuspsychje!server | eliakim05:42
ubottueliakim: Ubuntu Server Edition is a release of Ubuntu designed especially for server environments, including a server specific !kernel and no !GUI. The install CD contains many server applications. Current !LTS version is !Trusty (Trusty Tahr 14.04) - More info: http://www.ubuntu.com/products/whatisubuntu/serveredition - Guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/lts/serverguide - Support in #ubuntu-server05:42
kerrick_cfhowlett, each line has "main restricted universe multiverse" on it; doesn't that mean that all of those are enabled?05:42
lotuspsychjeeliakim: for the hardware part you can ask in ##hardware05:43
mobile3lotuspsychje : Ubuntu 14.04 x64 Minimal , running Webuzo Control Panel05:43
kerrick_cfhowlett, note it wrapped because I copied out of my terminal05:43
lotuspsychjemobile3: fully updated to 14.04.2?05:43
cfhowlettkerrick_, those and ONLY those.  but NONE of those are multiverse.  here's my sources.list | grep multiverse http://paste.ubuntu.com/11964266/05:43
eliakimok. thnx.05:43
lotuspsychjemobile3: im already readin heartbleed exploits on webuzo, i suggest you register and ask in ##php what your file does exactly05:45
mobile3lotuspsychje : I don't know but after installation of 14.04 i run these commands sudo apt-get update        # Fetches the list of available updates sudo apt-get upgrade       # Strictly upgrades the current packages sudo apt-get dist-upgrade  # Installs updates (new ones)05:45
lotuspsychjemobile3: sudo apt-get update and sudo apt-get upgrade05:46
mobile3lotuspsychje : I am not able to register there....##php, first of all I am not able to login05:46
lotuspsychjemobile3: you need to register to the network freenode, not the channel05:46
mobile3lotuspsychje : I run that commands 2 days ago...05:46
lotuspsychje!register | mobile3 read this05:46
ubottumobile3 read this: Information about registering your nickname: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat/Registration - Type « /nick <nickname> » to select your nickname. Registration help available by typing /join #freenode05:46
lotuspsychjemobile3: lsb_release -a05:47
mobile3lotuspsychje: No LSB modules are available. Distributor ID: Ubuntu Description:    Ubuntu 14.04.2 LTS Release:        14.04 Codename:       trusty05:48
lotuspsychjemobile3: good!05:48
lotuspsychjemobile3: you using openssl too?05:49
kerrick_cfhowlett, ah, so I need to pick a mirror URL that has the multiverse repo? Is there a list of such mirrors somewhere?05:49
cfhowlett!mirrors | kerrick_05:49
ubottukerrick_: Ubuntu installation CDs can be downloaded from http://releases.ubuntu.com - Mirrors can be found at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/Mirrors - PLEASE use the !torrents to download !Vivid, and help keeping the servers' load low!05:49
kerrick_Is it some subset of the mirrors listed at https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+archivemirrors ?05:49
mobile3lotuspsychje : I don't know05:50
lotuspsychjemobile3: what do you do with webuzo?05:50
kerrick_Hmm, cfhowlett's instructions didn't really help and he left :(05:54
kerrick_Can anyone else help me figure out how to install Steam?05:54
lotuspsychje!steam | kerrick_05:54
ubottukerrick_: Valve have officially announced that they are developing Steam and are working with !ubuntu during their development, see http://blogs.valvesoftware.com/linux/steamd-penguins/ for further details, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Valve for install instructions, you can also join #ubuntu-steam for discussion.05:54
lotuspsychjekerrick_: normally it shouldnt be too hard mate05:54
kerrick_I tried copying these lines to my sources.list and running apt-get update && apt-get install steam: http://paste.ubuntu.com/11964266/05:55
kerrick_but it still says it can't find the file05:55
kerrick_lotuspsychje, I have a semi-janky install05:55
kerrick_trying to un-jank it05:55
lotuspsychjekerrick_: maybe its because your on studio05:55
kerrick_naw, that's not it05:56
kerrick_it's in LXC05:56
kerrick_so it's using the LXC template for Ubuntu05:56
kerrick_except under Arch05:56
kerrick_I had to supply MIRROR="http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu" when creating it05:57
kerrick_Ubuntu's LXC template is sorta buggy in that it doesn't work out-of-the-box on a non-Ubuntu distro05:57
lotuspsychjekerrick_: wait, your on arch?05:57
kerrick_yeah Arch Linux05:57
kerrick_but again the guest is Ubuntu; that's where I'm trying to install Steam05:58
lotuspsychjekerrick_: we cant support arch sorry05:58
kerrick_lotuspsychje, it's Ubuntu05:58
lotuspsychjekerrick_: on a VM?05:58
kerrick_in a LXC VM05:58
lotuspsychjekerrick_: normally you should not have to add mirrors, should install right out of the box05:59
kerrick_lotuspsychje, right, that didn't happen due to a bug in LXC05:59
lotuspsychjekerrick_: maybe the #lxc guys know more of this?06:00
lotuspsychjenever played it myself06:00
lotuspsychjekerrick_: what kind of error you getting after sudo apt-get install steam?06:01
kerrick_E: Unable to locate package steam06:02
slicepaperwordssteam is ubuntu compatible huh? so i can play half life on ubuntu?06:02
kerrick_Here's my lsb-release: https://bpaste.net/show/09462811645706:03
kerrick_slicepaperwords, yup!06:03
kerrick_And TF206:03
kerrick_and Bioshock Infinite06:03
kerrick_and Witcher 206:03
kerrick_and Counter-Strike GO06:03
kerrick_and and and lotsa game06:03
slicepaperwordsi bought the original half life collection randomly awhile ago but havent played it06:04
lotuspsychjekeep it ontopic guys06:04
slicepaperwordsnot that that was going to stop me but im about to replace all my windows with ubuntu06:04
lotuspsychjekerrick_: sudo apt-get install steam -y06:06
kerrick_I'm running an x86_64 version of Ubuntu06:06
kerrick_does that make a difference?06:06
slicepaperwordslotuspsychje: i am im sorry i was just wondering if steam was compatable since i saw it brought up06:06
kerrick_looks like there's only a steam package for i38606:06
kerrick_but I should be able to install i386 packages, no?06:06
lotuspsychjekerrick_: is your system 64bit?06:06
kerrick_lotuspsychje, yes06:06
kerrick_BTW with -y it produces the same result06:07
lotuspsychjekerrick_: if you running ubuntu, it should find the right architecture packages too06:07
lotuspsychjekerrick_: try this alternative download method with wget perhaps: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Valve06:09
kerrick_lotuspsychje, that's what the problem was :D06:11
kerrick_I followed the instructions here: 903b94bb8f0d7ca92dd896159f9001c95927e30e06:11
kerrick_here: http://www.unixmen.com/enable-32-bit-support-64-bit-ubuntu-13-10-greater/06:12
kerrick_the problem is that steam is i386 only and I didn't have i386 enabled on this system (again, janky install)06:12
lotuspsychje!yay | kerrick_06:12
ubottukerrick_: Glad you made it! :-)06:12
kerrick_the script I'm using is quite old (like 2 years) and not compatible out-of-the-box with Arch so I'm having to update/modify it06:12
kerrick_and it was originally designed to build an i386 system06:13
kerrick_anyway woot06:13
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UbubeginNow, I am stopping  a service "sudo service tomcat7 stop" , how do i put this into a service, so that it never starts by default,  after restarting the pc i mena06:18
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agent_whiteUbubegin: It already is a service. You want to disable its ability to auto-start?06:23
Ububeginagent_white: how do i prevent it to auto-start06:23
agent_whiteUbubegin: Look into 'how to enable/disable services in Upstart'.  -- Ubuntu uses Upstart instead of SysV. In SysV, you would `sudo systemctl disable nameOfService`.06:24
agent_whiteBut for how to do it in Upstart... you should look into it for practice.06:25
Ububeginagent_white: kk, will read up on Upstart06:25
ubottuUpstart is meant to replace the old Sys V Init system with an event-driven init model.  For more information please see: http://upstart.ubuntu.com/06:25
agent_white:) Exactly.  Though we'll see how it progresses compared to systemd. The latter looks for favorable.06:26
Ububeginafter adding a ppa, now i wanted to remove it.. sudo add-apt-repository -r ppa:webupd8team/java .. but this command seems to hang forever06:32
bubbasaures!ppa-purge | Ububegin06:33
ubottuUbubegin: To disable a PPA from your sources and revert your packages back to default Ubuntu packages, install ppa-purge and use the command: « sudo ppa-purge ppa:<repository-name>/<subdirectory> » – For more information, see http://www.webupd8.org/2009/12/remove-ppa-repositories-via-command.html06:33
=== bubbasaures is now known as wileee
Ububeginbubbasaures : actually, webup8 has some problem now.. Even when I want to install sudo apt-get install ppa-purge, it also connects to java website to wait for the java jdk..06:36
TycoonHow are all of you?06:38
wilfrarandom questions: what do people use to keep a dev log? like the one the Silk Road guy hand and Mark Zuckerberg had in early facebook days.06:39
wilfrajust notepad or something?06:39
wileeeUbubegin, Not sure I understand, the install of the purge app is an issue? The removal of the ppa is? there both separate tasks is all.06:42
Ububeginwileee: the ppa's link is broken.. but due to this, i can install anything else..06:43
Ububeginwileee: seems i have manually remove this ppa .. any idea how06:43
wileeeUbubegin, you don't need the ppa for a removal.06:44
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wileeejust the info of it for the script to run in ubuntu06:44
wileeethe purge script/app06:45
adacI have quite huge problems with my external display. It is often simply not recognized by ubuntu and a wrong resolution is shown, and when I put my nnotebook into the docking station and wake it up from sleep mode, ubuntu just hangs up. What I found in the logs is the following, and I think that must be the reason for this behavior: "[drm:intel_pipe_config_compare] *ERROR* mismatch in has_dp_encoder (expected 1, found 0)"06:45
adacany iedas on how to resolve that?06:45
wileeeUbubegin, At least I assume there is no call to the ppa while purging.06:46
wileeeUbubegin, can you do a regular update ugrade with no errors in the terminal?06:47
KlausedSourcehey guys, I am using gnome-terminal. It has a shortcut to switch between tabs with ctrl+page-up/-down. My Cherry keyboard has those buttons and they work they are also on the "num"-blocks on both my cherry keyboard and the built-in laptop one. But these combinations don't work on the numblocks on both keyboards. Unfortunatly my laptop doesn't have these keys seperately and I don't want to miss this function. Do you know why this happens?06:47
KlausedSourceAnything with my keymap settings?06:47
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wileeeUbubegin, for the record I'm looking at the ppa now looks fine, anyway call again if needed.06:50
jak2000hi all friends06:56
jak2000anyone have a graphical env, running?06:57
Ububeginwileee: I cant do sudo apt-get upgrade as well.. it is always trying to connect to the "Connecting to edelivery.oracle.com (edelivery.oracle.com)||:443..." and fails.. I just want to remove this shitty ppa06:58
wileeeUbubegin, open software & sources 2nd tab and click it off, do not just remove it. I suspect you're in this pickle just acting without really knowing what to do correctly, this is not a fix.06:59
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wileeeUbubegin, Than pastebin a sudo apt-get update07:00
wileeethe ppa has no oracle address anyway07:01
Ububeginwileee: i am in ubuntu server.. http://pastebin.com/cCavh6eJ07:04
wileeeUbubegin, a proxy?07:06
Ububeginyup, we connect thru a proxy..07:06
Ububeginwileee: it works for everyting except this ppa.. Anyways, now I dont even need this anymore and just want to remove it07:07
wileeeUbubegin, you need to run a dist-upgrade for the kernels if needed, I think the proxy is the issue, just a guess though but "Proxy request sent, awaiting response... 302 Moved Temporarily" this seems interesting.07:08
Ububeginwileee: after the dist-upgrade, what shld i do07:09
wileeeUbubegin, I would check if the proxy is the issue first if it were me, been awhile since I installed java but I didn't use a ppa, so the package call looks weird to me in it's address. I doubt I have any more help is all.07:11
Guest17184how can i instal this? https://www.dropbox.com/sh/07642x3lziqgmz9/AAC8y-QZwguqY2YAXTp7z4naa/stable/3.16.0-37.51?dl=007:13
wileeeUbubegin, I just noticed this however "1 not fully installed or removed." you have any broken packages obvious in an update?07:14
wileeeis it the java7?07:14
Ububeginafter the ppa failed to work, i just manually downloaded the java and unzipped into a directory..and set up path etc07:15
Ububeginwileee: same issue, sudo apt-get dist-upgrade also doesnt work07:16
wileeeUbubegin, Would it seem appropriate to you when you evidence it would be more pertinent then "also doesnt work"07:17
wileeehave evidence*07:17
Ububeginwileee: sorry, i mean the same error again07:17
wileeeUbubegin, which is? does this not seem important to be exact on?07:18
wileeeUbubegin, I'm trying to get you to realize that we are running around in circles.07:18
Ububeginwileee: same as the pastebin.. http://pastebin.com/cCavh6eJ07:18
wileeeUbubegin, I am past my patience level, it is not you but me, ;) read this when you have the time. http://www.catb.org/esr/faqs/smart-questions.html07:20
Ububeginwileee: ok, anyways, the only thing i wanted to do was to remove the ppa...  *sudo add-apt-repository -r ppa:webupd8team/java*07:22
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D30hello guys, im sorry if this question is just so noobish, but i cant get pubkey auth to work on ubuntu 14.0407:54
D30i followed the instructions outlined here https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SSH/OpenSSH/Keys07:55
D30but still when ssh’ng to the server, it only ask for password..07:55
sidd1994hi could anyone help me out with CR and LF07:57
D30i enable ssh verbose and this is what ive got07:57
sidd1994i want to send just LF so am sending \n through my c code07:57
D30debug3: Incorrect RSA1 identifier07:57
sidd1994but im recieving CRLF07:57
somsipD30: is OSX involved anywhere here?07:57
ObrienDavesidd1994, CR = Carrage Return LF = Line Feed. CRLF is 2 characters07:58
D30yes indeed im using OSx somsip07:58
somsipD30: so, nothing to do with ubuntu then?07:58
sidd1994yes i agree07:58
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sidd1994but thats how my code is behaving07:58
D30what do you mean? the problem is on my localhost?07:58
somsipD30: in what way are you using OSX and in what way are you using ubuntu?07:58
sidd1994i hava a character array. I am appending '\n' at the end which is LF07:58
ObrienDavesidd1994, sidd1994 Linux (Unix) does noe require LF. It's asssumed07:58
ObrienDavesidd1994 Linux (Unix) does not require LF. It's assumed07:59
D30OSX = personal machine, ubuntu=file server07:59
D30somsip: thats what you mean?07:59
somsipD30: so you need instructions on how to create a key correctly on OSX.08:00
sidd1994the thing is that im playing around with a custom software the takes inputs through serial.08:00
sidd1994it looks for an LF08:00
D30somsip: its weird.. i can ssh to other ubuntu server using the same keys08:00
D30the problem is only on this server08:00
somsipD30: is the debug log from the client or the server?08:00
D30*the other server08:00
sidd1994or else it crashes. So i am asking. :)08:00
ObrienDavesidd1994, k. i understand RS23208:00
D30somsip: from osx client08:00
sidd1994ObrienDave: so what can i do.08:01
somsipD30: so the client is reporting a problem with the client key. Not sure why ubuntu might be at fault here08:01
ObrienDavesidd1994, have it look for CR instead08:01
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ObrienDaveHex 10 , iirc08:01
D30hmmnnn just an fyi, i can ssh to other ubuntu with no problem at all somsip08:01
eltonhave you check your known_host file in ubuntu server?08:02
ObrienDaveHex 13, sorry08:02
sidd1994ObrienDave: because I dont have the source code so cant recompile08:02
eltoncat .ssh/known_hosts08:02
ObrienDavewhich program?08:02
D30elton: theres no known_host on my ubuntu server in my home dir08:02
sidd1994ObrienDave: its a simulated robot which was written by a colegue of mine.08:03
sidd1994ObrienDave: i cant get the source code from him08:03
somsipD30: beg pardon - that line is normal output in debug. http://stackoverflow.com/questions/12449626/trying-to-use-rsa-keys-to-ssh-into-ec2-getting-incorrect-rsa1-identifier-pe/15563793#1556379308:04
D30somsip: i have read that too somsip its okay :)08:04
ObrienDavesidd1994, ok, he's using LF because Windows always sends both08:05
eltonjust wondering on your osx does it mention your ubuntu file server?08:05
eltoni am trying to think if it’s problem with client or server @_@08:05
D30elton: let me double check first my server08:06
sidd1994ObrienDave: ok. The software is written on windows in C. I am using linux to test it. could that be the problem?08:07
eltonD30 i am pretty sure you need to include your osx key somewhere on the ubuntu server08:07
D30whats the correct permission? 644 or 600 ?08:07
D30elton: yep my pubkeys are there08:08
sidd1994ObrienDave: btw the communication is something like this android<-bluetooth->Intel_Edison<->Software_on_windows08:08
sidd1994ObrienDave: edison is just like a mediator takes text from android and passes to PC08:08
ObrienDavesidd1994, i would think so, have him test for CR instead08:09
fishcooker1if other user running apt-get dist-upgrade .. how to show progress log of apting action?08:09
sidd1994ObrienDave: Alrlight thankyou. :) . So just to confirm once again. Linux doesnt need LF so it will not send it?08:09
brophatubuntu software center says Python v3.4 is installed, but when I do a python -V it says 2.7.6 is running08:09
D30oh… elton somsip its working now08:09
D30a permission issue xD08:09
D30i used 644 instead of 60008:09
somsipbrophat: python3 -V08:10
brophatsomsip oh hmmmmm ok weird08:10
ObrienDavesidd1994, no, linux does not use LF08:10
sidd1994ObrienDave: Thank You08:10
eltonnice :p08:10
trae32566[w]you know it's bad when Canonical can't even keep the websites listed in the topic up ;) http://ubottu.com/y/irc08:10
ObrienDavesidd1994, Linux or Unix08:10
sidd1994ObrienDave: appreciate the help08:10
ObrienDavemost welcome08:10
brophatsomsip so all my commands for python I use python3 I guess?08:10
eltonwhen in doubt it is most likely a permission issue08:11
somsipbrophat: use a shebang would be easier I guess08:11
trae32566[w]you mayyyyyy wanna fix that.08:11
brophatsomsip ok thanks08:12
wileeetrae32566[w], What are you rambling about?08:12
trae32566[w]wileee: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat is down.08:12
trae32566[w]internal server error.08:12
wileeetrae32566[w], works here08:12
brophatsomsip why would they not just make python point to the latest version?08:13
ObrienDavetrae32566[w], PEBCAK08:13
trae32566[w]ObrienDave: one sec, pastebinning it08:13
trae32566[w]or rather imaging it08:13
somsipbrophat: backwards compatibility. IIRC there are still some libs/apps that are not yet fully P3 compliant08:13
brophatsomsip ok gotcha thaks08:13
ObrienDavetrae32566[w], i think you better look up PEBCAK first LOL08:14
trae32566[w]I find it interesting how it didn't work, nobody said anything, then you mentioned something and it worked. Here's some proof for ya. Explain to me how an HTTP 500 can EVER be PEBKAC: https://goo.gl/photos/RzdeZmSYUMrJ3pdC608:17
ObrienDave*face palms*08:17
trae32566[w]well actually, I guess I could make it 500 if the application was poorly written and I gave it a malformed URL08:18
trae32566[w]next time I'll make sure I do a CURL -I from several DCs though on it :)08:18
ObrienDavelyz_, Appropriate time-of-day greetings & Welcome08:26
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sidd1994ObrienDave: one last query: Do you have any idea about RFCOMM sockets?08:27
oaulakhis there any way i can open ubuntu partition in windows to edit my fstab, bcz i'm badly fucked up with my fstab man. hahhahahaha, so there's no way to edit fstab root shell or anything i have to edit it through my windows, any help?08:28
ObrienDavesidd1994, not sure what RFCOMM means. i assume something to do with Radio Frequency08:28
EriC^^oaulakh: do you have a live usb?08:28
the_drowwhat are my options if I want to use a docking station with Ubuntu?08:29
oaulakhyes general and don't want to laugh here bcz my ubuntu usb is not booting too ;)08:29
sidd1994ObrienDave: its sockets through bluetooth communcaiton08:29
EriC^^oaulakh: when you get a grub you can modify the kernel line and add init=/bin/bash to get a root shell , remount read-write and modify it i guess08:29
ObrienDavesidd1994, not familiar with that, sorry08:30
sidd1994ObrienDave: never mind. Thank you08:30
Sony_is there any way i can open ubuntu partition in windows to edit my fstab, bcz i'm badly fucked up with my fstab man. hahhahahaha, so there's no way to edit fstab root shell or anything i have to edit it through my windows, any help?08:33
Sony_dear EriC^^ as i said there's no way i can edit it in root shell in starting from ubuntu recorvery uses, but problem is whenever i stry to edit my fstab through shell or nano it says you cannot write files on this partition its read only :'(08:33
wileeethe_drow, Find one that works?08:33
the_drowI'd like to order one for work but I have to know ahead of time that it works well with ubuntu08:33
=== Sony_ is now known as oaulakh
k1lSony_: you need  to mount the partitin as read-write first in recovery08:34
linociscoon email client, Evolution , I now see dates are in local languages, I want to keep the same my local time zone but language of date and time should be english08:34
linociscohow can I do that?08:34
oaulakhdear EriC^^ as i said there's no way i can edit it in root shell in starting from ubuntu recorvery uses, but problem is whenever i stry to edit my fstab through shell or nano it says you cannot write files on this partition its read only :'(08:34
EriC^^Sony_: when you get grub, press e over ubuntu, then add init=/bin/bash to the line that says linux /vmlinuz ....... at the end, then press ctrl+x, after you get a root shell type mount -o rw /08:34
wileeethe_drow, Never mentioned here, I saw a use say the use one lately no name.08:34
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k1loaulakh: sony: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RecoveryMode08:35
EriC^^oaulakh: sorry, that's mount -o remount,rw /08:35
wileeethe_drow, I would foo the web for linux and dock08:35
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Mavadoes it work if i make aa disk to disk clone from windows 7 using ubuntu live and dd ?08:40
Mavaso: got an old disk and a new disk. should make 1:1 clone from the old to the new but donna what to use it for08:40
lotuspsychjeMava: whats your end goal exactly mate?08:41
lotuspsychje!clone | Mava08:42
ubottuMava: To replicate your packages selection on another machine (or restore it if re-installing), you can use the !software package "apt-clone" - See also !automate08:42
Mavalotuspsychje: to get rid of my 128bg ssd in my second machine running windows 708:42
lotuspsychje!info clonezilla | Mava08:42
ubottuMava: clonezilla (source: clonezilla): bare metal backup and recovery of disk drives. In component universe, is extra. Version 3.10.11-1 (vivid), package size 678 kB, installed size 2624 kB08:42
Mavajust got a brand new 256gb ssd! and damn, dont know how to clone it cause clonezilla does not work08:42
Mavalotuspsychje: that's tried already mate =)08:42
Mava"cannot find sdb1 on the system" or whatever is the issue08:43
Mavaso, got an idea that wheter you could direclty use something like dd in ubuntu08:44
KlausedSourcehey guys, I am using gnome-terminal. It has a shortcut to switch between tabs with ctrl+page-up/-down. My Cherry keyboard has those buttons and they work they are also on the "num"-blocks on both my cherry keyboard and the built-in laptop one. But these combinations don't work on the numblocks on both keyboards. Unfortunatly my laptop doesn't have these keys seperately and I don't want to miss this function. Do you know why this happens?08:45
KlausedSourceAnything with my keymap settings?08:45
the_drowmy nvidia driver doesn't seem to my second monitor although it is working correctly08:45
lotuspsychjeMava: maybe this can help:http://www.howtogeek.com/howto/19141/clone-a-hard-drive-using-an-ubuntu-live-cd/08:45
the_drowwhen I open the nvidia settings app and click on detect displays it crashes08:45
Mavalotuspsychje: was checking that true already, but somehow what i'm bit skeptic08:46
the_drowmoreover, I get some sort of wierd latency issue on the second monitor, whenever I type something I have to wait a bit until it's displayed08:46
the_drowHas anyone else experienced this problem?08:47
Mavahmm, just got found a newer version of the clonezilla, lets see what will happen08:47
lotuspsychjethe_drow: wich card, driver and ubuntu version?08:49
the_drowUbuntu 15.04, Nvidia Quadro K1100M and driver version 346.5908:50
the_drowThe tested one08:50
lotuspsychjethe_drow: you know if thats an optimus card?08:50
the_drowI'm currently trying to switch to the one with updates to see if it makes a difference08:51
the_drowlotuspsychje: No idea08:51
OerHeksnvidia 346 from xorg-edgers ppa ?08:51
Mavathe_drow: lemme guess08:52
the_drowIf I'd run xorg-edgers it would be on a VM. Not on my workplace's laptop08:52
Mavathe_drow: you've got intel hd in there AND the nvidia ?08:52
the_drowMava: http://partnerdirect.dell.com/sites/channel/Documents/Dell-Precision-M3800-workstation-spec-sheet.pdf nope, it comes with nvidia08:52
lotuspsychjethe_drow: thats text says optimus technology08:54
the_drowwhich means?08:54
lotuspsychjethe_drow: did you install the package nvidia-prime?08:54
Mavathe_drow: you have intel and nvidia in there08:54
Mavaor is it so ?08:54
lotuspsychjethe_drow: sudo apt-get install nvidia-prime and reboot plz08:54
Mavasince, i've got nvidia k2100 in my laptop and i'm screwed =D08:55
lotuspsychjethe_drow: you need to set your card on performance mode with nvidia-settings after that08:55
the_drowlotuspsychje: what does the nvidia-prime package do?08:55
lotuspsychjethe_drow: it will let you choose performance mode/saving mode08:56
OerHeksMobile Intel® HM87 Express comes with Intel 4600 inside.08:56
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the_drowlotuspsychje: nvidia-prime is already installed08:57
lotuspsychjethe_drow: ok then check nvidia-settings now08:58
the_drowIt still only recognizes one monitor08:58
wileeeblackeagle, You need support?08:58
OaulakhIs there any way I can mount my / partition in root shell bcz "mount -o remount,rw /" is not working. It's showing me / not mounted or bad option08:59
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fishcookerhow to kill dist-upgrade process that being stuck ?09:02
EriC^^Oaulakh: type lsblk09:02
k1lfishcooker: are you sure its stuck?09:03
wileeefishcooker, dist-upgrade is an in release upgrade, right?09:03
OaulakhOk now what 😳09:03
k1lfishcooker: some operations take some time, depends on bandwidth or cpu load09:03
wileeekernels can09:04
OaulakhIt shows me hard disk and partition structure09:04
k1lOaulakh: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RecoveryMode09:04
fishcookerhttp://paste.ubuntu.com/11965220/ k1l wileee09:05
fishcookerit looks like09:05
Tebboso i downloaded the dev's ubuntu09:05
Tebboand it's f'ing incredibly slow09:05
Koyaanisdont say fucking, its not allowed in here09:05
k1lOaulakh: hmm, if you messed that much with your system you might need to load a live usb system09:06
fishcookeri see half configured on kernel* @/var/log/dpkg.log .. "2015-07-30 14:39:33 status half-configured linux-image-3.13.0-61-generic:amd64 3.13.0-61.100"09:06
Tebboi like this chan already09:06
ObrienDavejust don't be a jerk about it, please09:07
wileeefishcooker, Not sure with that output myself.09:07
k1lfishcooker: did you use the dist-upgrade with changed sources? or just as regular update?09:08
fishcookeri've sudo pgrep apt | xargs kill wileee09:08
fishcookeryes regular update09:08
OaulakhDear all genius who are here plz don't make me frustrate now, no one knows nothing I told many times my sub not working and my system partition is not write able I'm just fucke up and u guys feeling it's fun😂😂😂😂😢😂09:08
wileeedoh I'm hit09:08
schangmiHi. I am no Ubuntu 14.04.2 but when I run sudo do-release-upgrade I am getting that there is no new release (though there are obviously newer versions). Any idea why it does that ? Thanks09:09
k1lOaulakh: no one is making  fun of you.09:09
k1lOaulakh: you can use a ubuntu cd/dvd too09:09
ObrienDaveschangmi, if you have your updates set for LTS only, you won't get notified of newer versions09:10
schangmiok then what should I set it to then ?09:10
fishcookerLoL wileee09:10
ObrienDaveschangmi, ANY release09:11
OaulakhOmg, hahahahahah now that's perfect joke😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂09:11
k1lfishcooker: if you are sure its hang up, then ctrl+c it. and run a apt-get update && apt-get dist-upgrade again09:11
schangmiObrienDave here /etc/update-manager/release-upgrades ?09:11
OaulakhMeans I know how to use use and I have one I know to boot cd and I have one two but nothing working my genious my lord😂😂😂😂09:11
schangmiObrienDave ok, works. Thanks09:12
ObrienDaveschangmi, menu, settings, software and updates09:12
ObrienDaveschangmi, most welcome09:12
k1lOaulakh: stop that. i am really trying to help you sort that mess that you made. i am not going to help you with that attitude.09:12
fishcookerk1l, E: Could not get lock /var/lib/dpkg/lock - open (11: Resource temporarily unavailable)09:12
fishcookerE: Unable to lock the administration directory (/var/lib/dpkg/), is another process using it?09:12
k1lfishcooker: is there still a process running using apt?09:13
ObrienDavefishcooker, that means you have another process going. close it09:13
OaulakhBut no one can help me I know09:13
OaulakhMeans I just make my partition write able but no one tell me how now I want to do it again to check my fstab, I really confused what to do😓09:14
xJeremyCxhey guys09:15
OerHeksOaulakh, good start: "no one can help me"09:15
xJeremyCxI wanna upgrade the bios of my computer09:15
xJeremyCxwill it break the grub2 installed?09:15
xJeremyCxI have windows 8 + ubuntu installed09:15
wileeexJeremyCx, Taking up brick making eh.09:15
ObrienDavexJeremyCx, you have to go through the manufacturer for that09:15
k1lxJeremyCx: in best case it will not change any bootloader settings09:16
OaulakhNo just simple boot in windows and download update package or boos bcz I don't think it can happen in Ubuntu09:16
ObrienDavexJeremyCx, worst case, it will bork everything ;P09:16
wileeexJeremyCx, Back everything up before you do it.09:16
k1lOaulakh: get a working ubuntu-usb or ubuntu-cd/dvd and repair that fstab. thats it09:16
xJeremyCxthe bios is provided my my laptop manufacturer09:16
ObrienDavexJeremyCx, you have to go through the manufacturer for that09:17
OaulakhI have both but nothing seems boot everytime system boot itself even my bios keys are not working too😓09:17
wileeexJeremyCx, All we can really say is anything can happen so be prepared, it may go fine however09:18
Kamueladoes openjdk install openjre?09:19
xJeremyCxthanks everyone for helping me09:21
xJeremyCxI properly will not upgrade it09:21
boxywindows boot loader has to be 1st its just the way it is09:22
boxygrub is much better at this09:23
k1lboxy: grub can load the windows bootloader fine.09:24
boxyif your bios has boot disk you can use that09:24
boxyif not just up date grub and in windows take out boot loader09:25
boxyill help what windows you  have09:27
xJeremyCxboxy, windows 809:31
boxyk1l just make grub your boot loader do it form a usb stick if you like but windows carnt be the boss09:31
xJeremyCxwindows 8.1 pro09:31
barqAfter doing autoremove on the old kernel headers and reboot ubuntu is not responding. I upgrade from the 59 to 61 headers, that worked fine but after autoremove of the old ones I get this behavior. How can I fix this?09:31
xJeremyCxand I'm going to upgrade to windows 1009:31
lotuspsychjebarq: wich ubuntu version are you on?09:32
Xexanis it safe to use some vivid repositories in trusty?09:32
boxyi use grub and my bios to boot what ever op i run09:32
somsipXexan: no. why do you think you need to?09:33
barqlotuspsychje: 14.0409:33
boxyif you are on the same disk it dont mater cos of the partison09:34
Xexani need some package within vivid repo which dose not exist in trusty09:34
lotuspsychje!pinning | Xexan09:34
ubottuXexan: pinning is an advanced feature that APT can use to prefer particular packages over others. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PinningHowto09:34
somsipXexan: which one?09:34
boxylinux dont no the dif nor dos windows09:35
boxyi would say for easy way just boot from live cd on usb stick09:36
Xexansomsip: obfs4proxy - i used to install pacakges like this with gdebi.09:36
k1lbarq: what kernels are installed? what kernel did you choose on grub?09:37
somsipXexan: looks like a PPA might be the way to go09:37
somsip!ppa | Xexan09:37
ubottuXexan: A Personal Package Archive (PPA) can provide alternate software not normally available in the offical Ubuntu repositories - Looking for a PPA? See https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+ppas - WARNING: PPAs are unsupported third-party packages, and you use them at your own risk. See also !addppa and !ppa-purge09:37
barqHow do I find out?09:37
barqI remember it 13.x.59 to 13.x.6109:38
wileeeboxy, way easier ways09:40
Xexanthanks, i was looking for a way to install these kind of package with ubuntu maintainers support.  i think Pinning is the way to go.09:40
OerHeksboxy, xJeremyCx is long gone09:41
boxywas just trying to help09:42
boxynever mind all good09:42
XexanIs there a good documentation to learn more about how ubuntu repositories and source file works? I already read the debian and ubuntu wiki page about source file but still i can't figure out how things works. why we have things like trusty trusty-update trusty-backports and trusty-security in there.09:49
EriC^^Xexan: type cat /etc/apt/sources.list09:50
EriC^^it explains each one in the comments09:51
=== vishnu is now known as Guest87408
Guest87408i ve been getting this erroor fish: No matches for wildcard 'https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w7lNCCSFowk'.09:52
Guest87408youtube-dl -f best https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w7lNCCSFowk09:52
TzunamiiGuest87408: Have you updated youtube-dl?  youtube-dl --update10:02
TzunamiiGuest87408: Also, it likes to have a target resolution to DL. youtube-dl -t -f 22 <YT URL>10:02
Tzunamiithat will DL in 720p10:02
=== nano is now known as citroniks
no0bixhello everyone, do any of you know how to disable ubuntu-goip and the disadvantages of doing so?10:11
CB6What kind of FTP server? VSFTPD any good?10:16
TzunamiivsFTPd is a good choice. Google it's features etc10:19
boxytor not working whats better?10:20
no0bixsorry, i meant ubuntu-geoip-10:21
ayoisaiahHow can Ubuntu be fast like Elementary OS Freya?10:38
ayoisaiahAny tricks or tips?10:38
=== sk_ is now known as Guest12687
=== vishnu is now known as Guest49558
FariokoI set up my mdraid, lvm and btrfs storage devices, now how do I proceed installing Ubuntu on top of this?11:03
=== CyberJacob is now known as zz_CyberJacob
CB6I've read SCP is slow over gigabit networks. Is samba faster?11:07
jpdsCB6: rsync is faster11:07
CB6jpds good with Ubuntu?11:08
jpdsCB6: It's been in Ubuntu since... forever11:08
k1lsamba is not fast11:08
OerHeks!info grsync11:09
ubottugrsync (source: grsync): GTK+ frontend for rsync. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.2.5-1 (vivid), package size 127 kB, installed size 700 kB11:09
CB6I haven't been able to get samba to work. Usershares confirms the file shares. Smbtree shows it as operational but windows doesn't see it. Ubuntu sees the other computers. Not sure why Windows 7 can't see Ubuntu lol11:09
CB6must be a firewall thing but when i shut down ufw no change11:11
FariokoI set up my mdraid, lvm and btrfs storage devices, now how do I proceed installing Ubuntu on top of this?11:12
jpdsCB6: So it's not a firewall thing11:12
CB6told default ubuntu has no ports open really. Considering that perhaps there's some other option I missed.11:13
jpdsCB6: When you install it, yes11:13
jpdsCB6: It doesn't have a firewall blocking incoming ports by default though11:13
lvlephI am having a conflict with my .bashrc and scp, but it isn't clear to me which line is causing the issue. You can have  a look at my bashrc here https://github.com/erichlf/dotfiles/blob/master/.bashrc11:13
jpdsCB6: You install a service that listens on a port, and that will be exposed.11:14
lvlephsomething about interactive shells is what I gathered11:14
FariokoCB6: HONEYPOT?11:14
CB6lol I named it that for my own joke11:14
CB6anyone goes in they're going to think twice with a name like that11:14
FariokoCB6: the other pc is in the same workgroup?11:15
CB6same name11:15
CB6ubuntu sees windows pc but windows doesn't see ubuntu11:16
CB6windows sees router with same workgroup name but not ubuntu. smbtree shows all 311:16
CB6makes me wonder what on ubuntu windows isn't seeing11:16
jpdsCB6: Can you see the Ubuntu one from another Ubuntu11:17
fidel_CB6: what exactly do you mean by windows doesnt see ubuntu-host?11:17
CB6this is my exclusive install and I don't have a bootable iso ATM11:17
jpdsCB6: VM?11:17
CB6it doesn't see the ubuntu pc when viewing network11:17
fidel_if you are browing the network/workgroup in windows - or if you enter \\hostname in explorer?11:18
CB6jpds I don't have any VM setup presently11:18
fidel_browsing the network/workgroup might not always show all existing hosts on some windows boxes11:18
CB6lol sorry I thought I typed that not you11:18
CB6I haven't tried exploder option11:18
pstongood afternoon. I'm using an external keypad from speedlink for my laptop. Number 3, 6 and 9 often do not work. Mouse keys are not enabled. Anyone got a lead on this?11:20
pstonI noticed that every time a numpad key is pressed, numlock is pressed first on the keypad (as seen in the keyboard overview in ubuntu) - followed by the number11:22
fidel_pston: random idea - dirt or bad contact inside the external keyboard?11:22
pstonjust bought it :(11:22
lvlephI am having a conflict with my .bashrc and scp, but it isn't clear to me which line is causing the issue. scp fails to download files with no error. However, scp -vvv gives a read failure. You can have  a look at my bashrc here https://github.com/erichlf/dotfiles/blob/master/.bashrc11:23
pstonand pressing 3, 6 or 9 repeatedly results in the keys becoming very responsive11:23
pstonso it's just a delay before they work11:23
lvlephfound it. It is when I am using base16 color schemes for shell11:23
pstonhow can a color scheme have an impact on scp?11:24
=== zz_CyberJacob is now known as CyberJacob
CB6https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Samba under "Known Issues" it mentions wifi. I'm using current version of desktop 14.04.2. My hosts doesn't look anything like either of the example in the mentioned file11:34
sadsadasdsadcx11hello guys11:53
baizonhi sadsadasdsadcx1111:57
sadsadasdsadcx11hi baizon11:58
sadsadasdsadcx11wassup :p11:59
kgalahassahi, my filesystem / is in read-only mode since i have booted, and  i have this on command line : mount -o remount,rw '/dev/sda6'        (who give) mount: cannot remount block device /dev/sda6 read-write, is write-protected12:06
cfhowlettkgalahassa, this error has been mentioned as a sign of hdd failing ...12:06
kgalahassayes cfhowlett, do you remember , i have met this issue last time, how can i set read-only mode off?12:07
cfhowlettkgalahassa, no idea.  look into backup and replacement options.12:07
OerHeksrun fsck on that partition ? or even better, whole drive?12:09
OerHeksor use live iso + sudo e2fsck /dev/sdX12:11
=== erwin_ is now known as easyOnMe
PetazzHi guys! I have a weird problem12:17
PetazzBooted from usb live disk and both my monitors work fine. Installed latest Ubuntu release and now only the other monitor shows stuff12:18
PetazzThe othe "blinks": Starts up and then goes to standby, as if it cannot read the signal from the graphics card12:18
PetazzPlease help. Worked fine on the live disk, dunno why it doesn't work after install12:19
BlasteresPetazz: What does display settings show?12:19
PetazzYou mean display settings in Ubuntu or settings on the actual display?12:20
Blasteresin Ubuntu :)12:20
PetazzOn Ubuntu it recognizes the display and sets the correct (used to be anyway) resolution12:21
BlasteresPetazz: Are you using Unity?12:22
PetazzBlasteres: Yea I think so, comes bundled with the "Ubuntu for developers"?12:22
BlasteresPetazz: I dunno :) But I had similar problem, when LiveCD used only one screen12:23
BlasteresBut its only liveCD12:23
Blasterestry if switching to tty shows something on both monitors12:23
clobranoPetazz: is the first display shown in display settings? Is it enabled, too?12:25
=== denbeiren is now known as zz_denbeiren
=== rusty is now known as Guest1913
Petazzclobrano: Yea both displays are shown and are enabled12:48
=== dv__ is now known as dv_
PetazzBlasteres: tty doesn't show on the "broken" monitor...12:48
BluesKajHowdy folks12:49
=== Evanion is now known as Evanion[AFK]
PetazzBlasteres: Any more ideas? :D I'm a bit lost here..12:56
PetazzCould it be the graphics card driver broken somehow?12:56
KlausedSourcePetazz, what does your xorg.conf look like?12:57
=== zz_denbeiren is now known as denbeiren
=== Jean is now known as Guest84969
knobIt's quiet in here today.13:00
Picieverything is working13:00
Guest84969testing xchat13:02
MonkeyDustGuest84969  it works, we see you13:03
knobTrue that... if everything is working... you don't hear from them users.13:05
PetazzKlausedSource: Where can that usually be found..13:06
BlasteresPetazz: Well, you can always install Ubuntu, that should solve your problem :)13:07
PetazzBlasteres: I am on installed Ubuntu :D13:07
PetazzIt WAS working on liveCD, not on installed13:08
BlasteresPetazz: So you have the same problem as on liveCD?13:08
PetazzNo, liveCD worked fine13:08
PetazzI might have said it wrong13:08
Blastereswell, thats unexpected13:08
PetazzI first tried with liveCD, worked fine, then install doesn't work13:08
BlasteresI think if tty isn't showing it might be some connection problem13:09
BlasteresBut you alredy tried that i presume13:09
=== no0bix is now known as Guest20771
PetazzBlasteres: Yea I've checked the cables..13:11
Blasteresdoes xrandr output 2 monitors?13:11
PetazzAnd as said, it seems to work fine when booted from the liveCD (usb)13:11
PetazzBlasteres: yea it does13:11
BlasteresPetazz: What driver do you have?13:16
PetazzBlasteres: Hmm.. The usual? :D Not sure, where could I check that out?13:18
Blasteressudo lshw -c video | grep configuration13:18
Petazzconfiguration: driver=nouveau latency=013:19
clobranoPetazz: have you installed proprietary drivers?13:19
Blasteresnoveau should be fine13:19
pragomer1how to start an application one time in a different language? e.g. my system is english but I want to run darktable in german13:21
ZequalI am trying to determine 'how' ubuntu is able to use the Microsoft Surface Pro 3's touchscreen interface. I see there are a lot of hid-related kernel modules loaded.. Though I don't see the device with 'lsusb'.13:22
ZequalAnyone know how I can probe Ubuntu to find out how it's interacting with this touchscreen?13:22
CedCannesI think that I have a bug with nc command13:24
ZequalCedCannes: You should probably take that to a bug ticket system then.13:24
kgalahassachowlett, if i reinstall ubuntu 14.04, will hdd failure  problem stop?13:25
CedCannesZequal, ok here ? https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/13:26
ubottuIf you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its derivatives, please file a bug using the command « ubuntu-bug <package> » - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ReportingBugs for other ways to report bugs.13:26
OerHeksit ends up on launchpad indeed13:26
CedCannesok thx13:27
BlasteresPetazz: You can try and install nvidia drivers (assuming you have nvidia), but i'm not sure it will get you anywhere.13:28
BlasteresIt could also have something to do with xorg, not likely though, if you haven't changed anything.13:28
BlasteresLastly, you could try installing another DE (perhaps even try running Wayland if nothing works)13:28
OerHekskgalahassa, " hdd failure " means it is a hardware failure, backup your data and replace the hdd13:28
BlasteresPetazz: If you have a fresh system, you can try reinstall, but again, if you haven't changed anything, it probably won't help you13:30
PetazzBlasteres: I think this is an Nvidia card.. Sorry for not understanding the jargon, what do you mean by a DE?13:30
BlasteresDesktop enviroment, you are using Unity on Ubuntu I presume13:30
PetazzYea, had the same issue actually with Linux Mint13:30
PetazzAh true, like GNOME or KDE13:30
PetazzI always like GNOME better..13:31
BlasteresPetazz: Yes13:31
mgs4hi guys got an issue, when i have my headset in on my ubuntu anytime i press the mute key it make my window go back or webpage go back i have looked into itt but come to a dead end anyone got any ideas13:31
=== Tsunami1 is now known as Guest87709
BlasteresPetazz: Had you the same issue with Linux Mint - based on Ubuntu?13:32
mgs4i tried mint and it was the same13:33
mgs4i have tried my other branded headset its the same13:33
TekkkzHi, can someone help me? http://askubuntu.com/questions/654572/audacity-doesnt-list-usb-microphone13:35
MoPacHello. I use Ubuntu 15.04 with an 840 EVO SSD (haven't upgraded the drive firmware yet...). I'm wondering if the 3.19 series Ubuntu kernel does/will include patches (nominally from 4.05+) that make the SSD less of a ticking time bomb?13:36
yjunc这是什么 鬼。13:37
ubottu如欲獲得中文的協助,請輸入 /join #ubuntu-cn 或 /join #ubuntu-tw13:37
ubottu如欲獲得中文的協助,請輸入 /join #ubuntu-cn 或 /join #ubuntu-tw13:39
MonkeyDustyjunc  it's   /j #ubuntu-cn13:40
yjunc学好了英文再来- -|||13:42
mgs4any ideas13:50
CedCanneshum ok it is not a bug, it is just because by default unbutu use netcat bsd , with netcat-traditionnal it's work13:53
barqI upgraded to 14.02 and now I get proxy error 407 us.archive.ubuntu.com trusty/main adm64 packages when I do apt-get update.13:56
barqHow can I fix this?13:56
MonkeyDustbarq  i'm sure you mean 14.04.213:57
barqMonkeyDust: Yes, 14.04.213:58
=== raj` is now known as raj
przemytrielhow to check in the email logs all e-mail addresses which were sent to email e.g X, i was given an advice to grep it within amavis14:13
magesingI've just installed the code-aster-run and code-aster-gui packages, however, when I try to run a simulation it keeps giving me the error: <F>_FILE_NOT_FOUND file not found : /usr/STABLE/config.txt .... How can I figure out where the code-aster-run package put config.txt? Thanks.14:14
=== denbeiren is now known as zz_denbeiren
MonkeyDustprzemytriel  grep to 'To' or so14:14
przemytrielMonkeyDust: Hello Mate, could you give me an example how to do it?14:15
=== JanC_ is now known as JanC
willcookemgs4, can you run xev from the command line, press the button and see what it says?14:20
willcookesounds like your button is generating a strange key code14:21
ringohello, installing 15, i get a popup during install: "The creation of swap space in partition #9 of SCSI3 (0,0,0) (sda) failed."...how do i fix this so i can install?14:22
MonkeyDustringo  15.04 or 15.10?   15.04 is supported, for 15.10 you should go to #ubuntu+114:24
mgs4whats the command is it sudo xev ?14:28
=== medz is now known as samsn
piggyyyymgs4: what14:28
ubottu如欲獲得中文的協助,請輸入 /join #ubuntu-cn 或 /join #ubuntu-tw14:30
mgs4did xev box cam up all sorts happened showing is as a keymapper14:32
MoPac(re-ask): How can I figure out whether it's now safe to upgrade to the latest drive firmware, etc. on y Samsung 840 EVO SSD?14:34
KotoRezI am new to ubuntu. Can somebody explain to me why ubuntu has no Iptables rules by default fresh install?14:36
piggyyyyMoPac: waiting for issues14:36
ne0hhello friends how can i assign my own command in linux14:36
PiciKotoRez: because nothing is listening to your external address by default.14:36
piggyyyyne0h: a terminal command?14:36
MoPacpiggyyyy: Sorry, I didn't quite understand14:36
piggyyyyMoPac: waiting to see if other people have problems with the firmware14:37
backboxhi all14:38
KotoRezPici: you mean by default there is no service that runs with open port?14:38
backboxam new with that system any body can help me14:38
PiciKotoRez: yes14:38
backboxwhat is ur name /14:39
backboxany body here ?14:39
KotoRezPici: but in general system usage, do I have to enable them or I am fine as is?14:39
MoPacpiggyyyy: I guess what I mean to ask is: does the currently-released Ubuntu kernel version play nice with the latest Samsung SSD firmware at least in theory? (Ie, the original problem is patched?)14:39
MoPac!ask | backbox14:40
ubottubackbox: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience14:40
PiciKotoRez: generally, you don't need to do anything.14:40
jnhghyI have ubuntu 14.04 I'm trying to create a desktop launcher but it's not showing, I'm using unity but the code I found for desktop is:14:41
jnhghygnome-desktop-item-edit --create-new ~/Desktop14:41
jnhghyI can't even right click on the desktop..14:42
funkenstrahlenAnyone here running btsync 2.0 on an ubuntu server?14:47
funkenstrahlenI need some help setting it up. https://forum.bittorrent.com/topic/40008-sync20-headless-server-instanceconf-how-to-set-the-secret/14:48
MonkeyDustfunkenstrahlen  there's also #ubuntu-server14:48
funkenstrahlenMonkeyDust: ok i'll try that14:48
=== erkules_ is now known as erkules
HMRIHello, running Ubuntu 12.04 LTS. Trying to set up Thunderbird. Got e-mail running to my companies exchange service via Davmail, but am trying to sync to my own google calendar via Lightning. Having trouble installing lightning though, Thudnerbird will not update to the latest version. No error, it just doesn't update automatically or manually15:05
MonkeyDustHMRI  maybe it upgrades to the latest version for the thunderbird version for 12.0415:09
SneegertCan I have a question?15:09
MonkeyDustHMRI  if you upgrade to 14.04, you'll probably get a newer thunderbird and newer lightning add-on15:10
Kamuelaaw he left, I was ready to give Sneegert a question15:10
kostkon!info thunderbird precise15:10
ubottuthunderbird (source: thunderbird): Email, RSS and newsgroup client with integrated spam filter. In component main, is optional. Version 1:31.8.0+build1-0ubuntu0.12.04.1 (precise), package size 36837 kB, installed size 79861 kB15:10
KamuelaIs there a way to disable to screen-edge behaviors? Like maximizing and docking15:10
OerHeksKamuela, sure, install unity tweak, it has those options and more15:11
OerHeks!info unity-tweak-tool15:11
ubottuunity-tweak-tool (source: unity-tweak-tool): configuration tool for the Unity desktop environment. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.0.6ubuntu2 (vivid), package size 325 kB, installed size 2550 kB15:11
KamuelaOerHeks, thanks15:12
=== Mitchell92[A] is now known as Mitchell92
HMRIMonkeyDust, thanks, I am a new hire and taking over this system from someone else, it is an LDAP client, will updating Ubuntu interfere with LDAP?15:15
HMRIMonkeyDust diclaimer, I am not very great with UNIX, just good at googling15:16
cfhowlettHMRI, linux != unix15:17
HMRIcfhowlett so then you understand how little i know about this15:17
cfhowlett:) hmri not to worry.  we all start somewhere.15:17
cfhowlettHMRI, did you know, for instance, about the #ubuntu-server channel?  ask your question there15:18
HMRIcfhowlett i did not, thanks15:18
cfhowletthappy2help! HMRI15:19
Timbohow can I change the mount options on an automounted usb stick? I want to add umask=007715:19
TimboI believe ubuntu uses udisks2 (via nautilus?), but I can't see where to add mount options15:19
OerHeksTimbo, what type of partition(s) are on that stick?15:20
Timbohence wanting umask, as I can't change the permissions from the default15:20
OerHeksTimbo, Timbo, add FS_MOUNTOPTIONS="dmask=0077,uid=1000" to /etc/usbmount/usbmount.conf >> https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Mount/USB15:29
=== CyberJacob is now known as zz_CyberJacob
TimboOerHeks: doesn't seem to work; does ubuntu even use usbmount? Pretty sure 15.04 is using udisks215:33
Timboindeed usbmount is not installed15:34
Qerwtr546I know this is the Ubuntu support channel, but can anyone help me with dual booting into Linux Mint 17.1 from Windows 10?15:37
Qerwtr546The Linux channel isn't being very helpful15:38
mcphailQerwtr546: sorry, but mint isn't supported here15:38
dr_planktonhi my love15:40
magesingQerwtr546: although, in general, the procedure is to install windows first (leaving space for linux), then install linux (with bootloader) second. You may have to muck around with the bootloader a bit until it boots both windows and linux... The reason you need to do things in this order is because the windows bootloader won't load your linux  kern15:40
magesingels for you.15:40
dr_planktonlooks bz here..15:41
dr_planktonanyone who know hw to install octoplus samsung with playonlinux or wine...15:43
daftykinsdr_plankton: cya o/15:44
=== Mitchell92 is now known as Mitchell92[A]
mcglitchi got this wierd bug in minecraft on the latest ubuntu15:47
=== Mitchell92[A] is now known as Mitchell92
mcglitchanyone got any ideas whats going on here?15:50
OerHeksmcglitch, you describe what is going on  please, screenshot looks nice.15:50
synergisticsI have a really dumb question and I've read the man page for ln but still have trouble understanding. If I run `ln foo.txt bar.txt` does foo refer to bar or vice versa?15:51
mcglitchu dont see the blue pixels on the block edges15:51
daftykinsmcglitch: nice artefacting. share your graphics hardware and driver in use, please.15:51
mcglitchits flickering all over the place15:51
daftykinsmcglitch: also ubuntu version and kernel.15:51
synergisticss/ln/ln -s15:51
mcglitchgtx 97015:51
mcglitchlatest driver15:52
daftykinsmcglitch: on one line so as to reduce spam, would be nice.15:52
daftykinsmcglitch: latest driver is useless - i want a number.15:52
OerHekssudo ubuntu-drivers devices15:52
Picisynergistics: ln -s target linkname, so bar.txt will point to foo.txt15:52
OerHeksmcglitch, paste the output to paste,ubuntu.com15:52
mcglitchi see 315:54
synergisticsPici: Ok thanks15:55
amicrawlerman i keep loosing my wif driver15:55
daftykinsmcglitch: so what is this, standard java based minecraft?15:56
daftykinstry another driver or use an alternative java.15:56
mcglitchwel yes what else?15:56
amicrawlerand added to modules15:56
samfais there a ubuntu gaming room?15:56
mcglitchalternative java?15:56
samfaor Linux gaming?15:56
OerHeks!alis | samfa15:56
ubottusamfa: alis is a services bot that can help you find channels. Read "/msg alis help list" . For more help or questions relating to alis, please join #freenode. Example usage: /msg alis list #ubuntu* or /msg alis list *http*15:56
amicrawlerwhen rebooting some times loose the driver any hints15:56
daftykinsmcglitch: yeah, so try oracle's instead of the openjava.15:56
samfaI'm trying to make a few macros for gaming15:57
bazhang!steam | samfa15:57
ubottusamfa: Valve have officially announced that they are developing Steam and are working with !ubuntu during their development, see http://blogs.valvesoftware.com/linux/steamd-penguins/ for further details, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Valve for install instructions, you can also join #ubuntu-steam for discussion.15:57
daftykins!java | mcglitch15:57
ubottumcglitch: To just use java you need a "Java Runtime Environment" (JRE) and/or a browser plugin. If that is not sufficient you will need a "Java Development Kit" (JDK) aka "Software  Development Kit" (SDK).  Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Java about how to install one of three current implementations.15:57
mcglitchthats not in the softcenter?15:58
daftykinsmcglitch: no, because it's proprietary. read the links.15:58
amicrawleris there a way i can make this driver stay put ?15:59
amicrawlercompiled from src15:59
amicrawlernetgear driver 8812au15:59
=== Mitchell92 is now known as Mitchell92[A]
OerHeksamicrawler, not sure about that device, trottle back to 54 mbit? that solves lots of wifi N issues16:00
mcglitchomg this a big can of worms16:00
mcglitchi dont understand a word of this16:01
amicrawlerits a ac card16:01
mcglitchwich java sude i get?16:01
daftykins"sude" ?16:01
daftykinsoracle JRE 816:01
MonkeyDustis there a wifi faster than 54mb ?16:01
daftykinsMonkeyDust: tonnes.16:01
mcglitchwich version or wioch acronim?16:01
daftykinsmcglitch: wow that's some terrible english16:02
mcglitchi never said im english16:02
rainbowwarriorhello , I plan on buying an MSI GP70 Laptop next week , is there still a problem with the Nvidia Geforce 840m graphics card please and also will it all work without me having to install anything without problems please ? As i looked on google but nothing showing up about these laptops and ubuntu ?16:02
daftykinsrainbowwarrior: if it uses the killer wireless, it will likely not work still16:03
rainbowwarriordaftykins ahh ok thank you , i suppose one way for that is for me to buy a wi-fi adaptor like the asus one I have ?16:04
rainbowwarriorI mean around that problem*16:04
daftykinsrainbowwarrior: i can't see it from here :)16:05
=== Mitchell92[A] is now known as Mitchell92
rainbowwarriordaftykins, true lol16:06
daftykinsrainbowwarrior: just look up the current state of ath10k or killer wireless support in ubuntu16:06
daftykinsit may've changed by now16:06
rainbowwarriordaftykins,  ok will do and thank you :)16:06
daftykinsrainbowwarrior: but buying a gaming sort of laptop then running Ubuntu... seems backwards to me :)16:06
rahulesHi, I've a problem with ubuntu live cd detecting my existing Ubuntu installation. I've posted the details here: http://askubuntu.com/questions/654641/ubuntu-live-cd-not-detecting-existing-15-04-partition . Can someone please check this out?16:07
rainbowwarriordaftykins, oh its not just for games, I plan on using it for radionics :)16:08
OerHeksrahules, you have /swap left from your windows install, so install ubuntu again ?16:08
rahulesOerHeks: the problem is I don't have a backup and almost everything related to my work is in that extended partition16:09
rahulesOerHeks: no way to get it back working again?16:09
OerHeksrahules, well, now it is gone, maybe testdisk can recover16:10
daftykinsrahules: that disk is an absolute mess16:10
daftykinsi'd start again if i owned that :)16:10
rainbowwarriordaftykins, I will have a play when I get it , I know the asus adaptor I have works with ubuntu perfectly . so i could just buy another one if needed. :)16:10
OerHeksrahules, use a live iso, install testdisk and follow the manual http://www.cgsecurity.org/wiki/TestDisk_Step_By_Step16:10
rahulesdaftykins: OerHeks , So I should try testdisk to recover and then do a fresh installation?16:10
EriC^^rahules: testdisk time16:11
daftykinsbut you backed up right?16:11
EriC^^maybe you can just recover the ubuntu partition16:11
EriC^^it looks like it's missing before the swap16:11
daftykinssda1 being extended is definitely nuts++16:11
OerHeksrahules, maybe positive news: in this case, fresh install, very good chance testdisk will find partitions immediatly ..16:11
rahulesdaftykins: I really did, but unfortunately, I wiped the exact partition where I had backed up my stuff to install windows without thinking16:11
EriC^^sectors 2046 til 76147916716:12
daftykinsoh you never store a 'backup' on the same disk.16:12
OerHeksone big extended16:12
rahulesI'll try testdisk. Hopefully it can recover about 200GB worth of files16:12
daftykinsbuy yourself a nice external drive perhaps16:12
daftykinsor a NAS16:12
EriC^^rahules: type sudo software-properties-gtk -e universe && sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install testdisk16:13
raubHow can I mount an ext4 local partition as a given user?16:13
rahulesdaftykins: Yea, I was going to put it in an external hdd but I couldn't get the time16:13
rahulesEriC^^: thanks. I'll try that.16:13
daftykinsrahules: sudo mount -t ntfs /dev/sdX# /media/mountpoint -o uid=1000,gid=100016:13
EriC^^rahules: you don't need to recover the files, just recover the whole partition while keeping the rest there too, or just that partition if you can't keep windows16:13
daftykinssorry the above was for raub ^16:13
daftykinssilly irssi16:13
EriC^^rahules: stick around in you try testdisk, we've used it many times here16:13
rahulesEriC^^:  I really don't need the windows installation. It was just for a temporary requirement16:14
EriC^^rahules: well, it doesn't matter, if they partitions don't overlap then it's ok16:14
EriC^^you'll just be writing the old partition's where abouts16:15
rahulesOkay, I'm booting in to live disk no16:15
__nemo__Hey. Im trying to clone a disk to another using 'dd'. The problem is that the two disks arent the same size (500GB HDD -> 240GB SSD) , so I cant straight clone bit by bit. is there a way I can create the partitions and copy the data, but ignore the "whitespace"? Ive tried creating the partitions on the SSD through gparted, but I cant make enough primary partitions. The program stops at 4, but the original HDD contains 6 partitions, all who ap16:15
raubdaftykins: Thanks but my question was for ext4, not ntfs16:15
daftykinsraub: ah yes, same deal just a mental hiccup :D16:17
daftykinsjust substitute ntfs for ext416:17
daftykinsbut bear in mind you'll have on-disk permissions after that too16:17
raubdaftykins: I am being told those options are unrecognized16:18
daftykinsraub: pastebin or it didn't happen.16:18
daftykinsas fun as it is to help people out when blind, i'd rather see...16:18
EriC^^daftykins: lol16:19
EriC^^pastebin or it didn't happen :D16:19
wileee__nemo__, Are you backed up otherwise prepared for any failure?16:21
wileeeyou can straight clone if that all fits on the ssd anyway, think about it a minute.16:22
__nemo__wileee: Yes I should be fine if the copy breaks.16:22
__nemo__wileee: ye all the data fits on the new drive. Im just worried the partitionsizes will make something stop16:22
wileee__nemo__, dd is fine I never use it so can't help there is all. I would resize the first partitions to be just slightly smaller than the size overall on the ssd. I like having images myself is all.16:24
mcglitchhey stupid question but how do i run minecraft.jar? all i can select is that opejava thing and i just installed the java816:25
wileee__nemo__, I hope nothing has been left out like lvm, err btrfs....etc is all16:26
daftykinsmcglitch: update-alternatives first to pick the java, then you can type "java minecraft.jar" or similar in a terminal, or in a script - there should be roughly one billion guides sharing how to do this online16:29
__nemo__wileee: well. I'll find out in 0-9 hours :)16:29
wileee__nemo__, Good luck. ;)16:30
mcglitchError: Could not find or load main class minecraft.jar16:31
tewardyou have to pass -jar i think with it16:32
daftykinsmcglitch: you're probably not in the same folder as it .16:32
tewardat least, with oracle java16:32
tewardbut you should be in the same folder as the jar, yes.16:32
rahulesEriC^^: Can you please tell me how I can recover the partition with testdisk? I've analysed the disk and I am presented with a list of partitions where the Linux partition is being shown. But there is no 'Write' option16:34
mcglitchi have no clue what that means16:35
SburI just got a Wifi ac adapter for my desktop. The brand = COMFAST, Model CF-912AC. It doesn't work.  How can I troubleshoot it to see if it is a power issue or a driver issue or something else?16:37
mcglitchi cant even google this error ...16:37
daftykinsSbur: identify the actual chipset by looking for its' lsusb or lspci entry to start with16:38
nicomachusmcglitch: looks like "libXtst.so.6" doesn't exist.16:38
nicomachusbut I have no idea, because java.16:38
mcglitchyea i have no clue to16:39
daftykinsrahules: i think in an ideal world you'd be restoring it to another disk16:39
mcglitchalso because java16:39
Sburdaftykins: Ok, will do.  But I will need to do that offline as I can't get it to show Wifi when it is connected.  Brb16:39
rahulesdaftykins: No way I can recover the partition table? Because when I tried listing the files in testdisk, i think all the files were being detected16:40
tgm4883nicomachus: yep, that is what that means16:40
daftykinsrahules: i'm sure EriC^^ will be your best bet when he returns :>16:41
EriC^^rahules: yes, 1 min :)16:41
rahulesdaftykins: thanks.16:41
rahulesEriC^^: sure.16:41
Dstevens08hey guys16:41
ioriamcglitch, locate libXtst16:41
mcglitchok got a fix, just to let yuou know i folowed this stuff and its resolved now http://askubuntu.com/questions/613881/how-to-open-minecraft-jar16:42
Sburdaftykins: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/11967737/16:43
mcglitchgod damit, it dint fix the bug16:43
mcglitchi still have graphical glitches16:43
daftykinsmcglitch: change driver next then.16:43
OerHeksno need to swear, mcglitch16:43
mcglitchits not swearing16:44
Sburdaftykins: Am I in trouble if I want this to function?16:44
daftykinsmcglitch: don't argue.16:44
mcglitchok, but what you recomend then?16:44
mcglitchlast time i changed drive i had to reinstall the entire os16:45
daftykinswhat did i just say?16:45
daftykinsthen you messed up :)16:45
tgm4883you shouldn't need to reinstall because you installed a driver16:45
tgm4883mcglitch: how did you install the driver16:45
EriC^^rahules: i'm back16:46
Sburdaftykins: ur busy ... I'll be back16:46
mcglitchsoftware updates?16:46
daftykinsSbur: takes me more than 5 seconds to check a link - ugh16:46
rahulesHey EriC^^ , So after analysing and a quick search, testdisk showed the Linux partition but there is no16:46
rahulesthere is no 'Write' option16:46
EriC^^rahules: after you press quick search, you get the partitions it found, use the right arrow to select it to be in the partition table16:46
EriC^^rahules: try to get all the partitions there, the linux and windows one, using the right arrow16:47
tgm4883mcglitch: and what happened that made you need to reinstall?16:47
EriC^^anything you write there will be the new partition table, so if you only choose the linux one, the windows will disappear16:47
rahulesEriC^^: Ok, let me try that16:47
mcglitchit would not output to the display at all16:47
rahulesEriC^^: So, how do I set them. Should everything be primary?16:48
tgm4883mcglitch: so you didn't see BIOS, you didn't see the boot screen either?16:48
rahulesIncluding linux swap?16:48
EriC^^rahules: i'd try to make it like it was, i dunno16:48
mcglitchi got no signal from the graphics card wen the driver crashed16:49
EriC^^rahules: you had an extended one with linux and swap and 2 primaries for windows i think16:49
tgm4883mcglitch: could you ctrl-alt-f1 to get to a console?16:49
tgm4883mcglitch: yes, yes you could16:49
mcglitchits like typing blind16:50
tgm4883mcglitch: what do you mean?16:50
rahulesEriC^^: using the arrow keys, I can only set it to primary bootable, primary or logical16:50
mcglitchthe display said no signal16:50
EriC^^rahules: set the linux and swap to logical, and windows to primary16:50
rahulesand when I set swap as logical, it says bad structure16:50
tgm4883mcglitch: switching to TTY1 wouldn't use your proprietary graphics drivers16:51
EriC^^rahules: hmm, try the linux as logical, and windows as primary, forget the swap you can easily recreate it16:51
mcglitchwhat is tty1?16:51
rahulesEriC^^: okay16:51
tgm4883mcglitch: that is where you go when you hit ctrl-alt-F116:52
tgm4883mcglitch: it's a console16:52
timbozemanCan I make F8 send paste keys (ctrl + v) through the system shortcuts settings?16:52
daftykinstry it and see16:52
mcglitchnice try tgm16:53
MonkeyDusttimbozeman  system settings > keyboard> shortcuts16:54
mcglitchi got stuck in the dam terminal16:54
rahulesEriC^^: Sorry, forgot to set windows as bootable. Have to load live cd and try again16:54
MonkeyDustmcglitch  what are you struggling with?16:54
EriC^^rahules: did you press write in testdisk?16:54
rahulesEriC^^: yes16:55
mcglitchgraphics bug in minecraft16:55
mcglitchalready changed java16:55
MonkeyDustoh, minecraft16:55
mcglitchso thats not the isue16:55
EriC^^rahules: ok, i think you can set the bootflag from fdisk16:55
rahulesEriC^^: okay. I'm booting back in to live cd. Maybe fdisk will show the linux partition16:55
raubdaftykins: sorry for taking so long, but http://pastebin.com/NJFKqCaT16:56
mcglitchim runing nvidia dv352.30 but im afrade to change driver cuz last time it tanked the my gpu compleetly16:56
raubdaftykins: Can we now say it happened? ;)16:57
daftykinsraub: you appear to have typed ext3 but i thought you mentioned ext4 earlier16:57
daftykinsraub: show me a "sudo parted -l"16:58
mcglitchsude i try the nouveau driver or an older nvidia driver?16:58
rahulesEriC^^: Can you check the output of 'fdisk -l' here: http://paste.ubuntu.com/11967827/ . Does this look ok? Can i try grub install now?16:58
daftykinsmcglitch: no to nouveau16:58
raubdaftykins: I did it from scratch since I have no access to the other machine right now16:59
rainbowwarriorhi cfhowlett  just want to let you know that 15.4 and 15.10 does not see the hp 4507 printer and that was with an old version and latest version of hplip16:59
mcglitchwel only other option is the older nvidia driver then16:59
OerHeksGlitches in minecraft, if you zoom in you see a windows 10 logo16:59
daftykinsraub: so why v3?16:59
tgm4883mcglitch: uh, yes. You would end up in a terminal. That's what I said would happen. Then we can look at some logs and see why it wasn't starting properly16:59
EriC^^rahules: type sudo cfdisk /dev/sda17:00
daftykinsraub: you are messing around mounting as root, you've got to change permissions after a normal mount to actually write as a user to it :)17:00
tgm4883mcglitch: and you aren't stuck, ctrl-alt-f7 would bring you back to the graphical environment17:00
cfhowlettrainbowwarrior, whaaaaaaa? sorry to hear you're still fighting with this.  sadly, the best option is for HP to support their hardware by releasing a driver.17:00
raubdaftykins: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/11967846/17:00
mcglitchwish me luck17:00
rainbowwarriorcfhowlett I agree17:00
rahulesI did EriC^^ . Should I make sda5 (Linux partition) bootable?17:00
EriC^^no, i guess it doesn't matter but set the windows one to bootable17:01
raubdaftykins: I thought mount by default was a root command17:01
daftykinsraub: yeah but you use sudo...17:01
rainbowwarriorcfhowlett I downgraded back to 14.04 and works fine with hplip17:01
cfhowlettrainbowwarrior, nicely done!17:01
raubdaftykins: what is the different between executing mount as root vs as sudo?17:01
raubbesides keeping records?17:02
daftykinsraub: so you can keep it simpler than that. as the user - "sudo mount -t /dev/sdb1 /mount/point -o user,auto" then "ls -al /mount/point" and pastebin that to see issues17:02
daftykinsi'll let you look that one up at your leisure17:02
rahulesEriC^^: I made the windows partition bootable but I am looking to boot in to grub. So what would be the next step17:02
EriC^^rahules: type sudo mount /dev/sda5 /mnt17:02
raubdaftykins: do you want also it to be ext4?17:02
daftykinsraub: that's up to you, i'm ok :)17:03
rainbowwarriorcfhowlett my next experiment will be either next week or the week just after that when I get an MSI GP70 and play with the wifi card lol :)17:03
cfhowlettbest of luck!17:03
rahulesMounted it EriC^^17:03
rainbowwarriorcfhowlett,  thank you :)17:03
EriC^^rahules: for i in /dev /dev/pts /proc /sys /run; do sudo mount -B $i /mnt$i; done17:03
twonicshi guys. if there are two NICs on a server (1x LAN, 1x DMZ), on which NIC do I set a default gw if both NICs on the firewall are configured to have an upstream gw anyway. so on both NICs on the server you could theoretically go out to the internet.17:04
EriC^^type the above line rahules17:04
rahulesRan  it too EriC^^17:05
temp_HD4600Hello. I'm on 15.04, on a machine with Intel Graphics HD4600. For some reason I can't get video output on HDMI, only on DVI. Anyone has any clue?17:05
daftykinstemp_HD4600: with something else connected, or as the sole display?17:06
rainbowwarriorhi , how do i donate to ubuntu please ? As I have had lots of help from you great people in here, so would like to donate soon :)17:06
ubottuPlease read the channel topic whenever you enter, as it contains important information. To view it at any time after joining, simply type /topic17:06
dave102guys can anyone tell me how i can use grep to exclude a directory in bash? im currently in / and want to exclude /mnt recursively17:06
MonkeyDust!donate | temp_HD460017:06
ubottutemp_HD4600: To donate to Ubuntu, you can !participate or go to http://www.ubuntu.com/community/get-involved/donate17:06
sarkyniinis there any application that allows me to change a key binding in a single application/window?17:06
rainbowwarriorMonkeyDust thank you :)17:06
temp_HD4600daftykins, I have 2 cables: one DVI and another HDMI, both running to the same TV. I'm only connecting DVI because I don't have another screen and I need to use this computer. I figured once I get HDMI working I'll unplug DVI.17:06
daftykinsdave102: #bash might be handy if you get no response17:06
daftykinstemp_HD4600: ok well cold boot (i.e. from powered off) with just HDMI connected, DVI totally removed... and see what happens.17:07
EriC^^rahules: ok, type sudo chroot /mnt17:07
dave102daftykins: doesnt necessarily need to be form bash just from a terminal17:07
dearnHey guys. Not really Ubuntu related - My PC doesn't boot, I cannot even enter bios setup, it keeps bootlooping with A2 error (MSI Motherboard). I found advice on net to try restarting CMOS. How to do that? Is taking out battery enough? Because it tried and nothing changed17:07
temp_HD4600ok will do and report back.17:07
raubdaftykins: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/11967877/17:07
rahulesDone EriC^^17:07
RaulwynnSo I've been working with 15.04 and I can't find any reason to stay with Ubuntu. It can't perform simple tasks without using 10x the resources as Windows or OSX. I can't even play online videos with a Wolfsdale and a nvidia GTX 660. How can I get my computer to perform using more than 10% of it's capability?17:07
EriC^^rahules: ok, type grub-install --recheck /dev/sda17:08
daftykinsdave102: yeah but they might know...17:08
dave102daftykins: ok thanks17:08
ubottuTo contribute and help out with Ubuntu, see http://community.ubuntu.com and https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ContributeToUbuntu17:08
daftykinsraub: so now "sudo chown -R user: /tmp/user/"17:08
=== antifa is now known as Guest20846
vbotka_dearn, there shall be a pin on the motherboard to reset the CMOS17:09
rahulesEriC^^: It says installation finished without error. So, should i try rebooting?17:09
TJ-dearn: if that's an ATX motherboard (not a laptop/notebook) then removing the CMOS battery and/or shorting the CMOS reset pins should be sufficient. Check the motherboard manual for accurate details of course17:09
EriC^^rahules: not yet, type update-grub17:09
rahulesDone EriC^^17:09
EriC^^rahules: type nano /etc/fstab, comment out the line that says swap17:10
EriC^^add a # before it17:10
temp_HD4600daftykins, same behavior. I just noticed something too: bios boot screen doesn't show on HDMI. Think I should change something in BIOS? It's a Gigabyte z97n board17:10
rahulesEriC^^: the line below swap right17:10
dearnvbotka_: TJ- the problem is there are is no 'jumper' not sure how to call it on those pins - in manual it says no 'jumper' on reset pins means it keeps date, and putting 'jumper' on them resets it - but I don't have this thingy (jumper?) to put on pins17:11
EriC^^rahules: the one that says UUID=....... swap 0 017:11
Guest20846hello! I have Ubuntu 14.04 LTS on my Dell latitude d630 laptop and it worked great until my last update, now it loads up and after 2 minute or such it freeses ! crtl+alt+bckspace does nothing crtl+f1 does nothinhing, if something with audio on it gets in a loop !17:11
Guest20846any ideas ?17:11
rahulesEriC^^: yes. Okay, commented it17:11
daftykinstemp_HD4600: is it the only HDMI cable you have? and only input on the TV? if you have another system i'd be handy to SSH in and read the X log to see what's going wrong.17:11
EriC^^rahules: ok, type exit, then restart17:12
TJ-dearn: "jumper" just means shorting the pins... hold a metal screwdriver blade across them , or anything small and electrically conductive17:12
dearnTJ-: is taking battery enough? I even tried putting it (but not all the way down) (as it said on MSI youtube video) but maybe I have to press it all the way down?17:12
rahulesok EriC^^ . fingers crossed17:12
raubdaftykins: It worked! http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/11967900/17:12
temp_HD4600daftykins, in what sense "only"? I have other peripherals connected to the TV. But not an hour ago I had another laptop connected to the same HDMI input of the TV (that laptop running Linux Mint and ATI graphics card). So I'm almost sure it's not the TV.17:12
twonicshi guys. if there are two NICs on a server (1x LAN, 1x DMZ), on which NIC do I set a default gw if both NICs on the firewall are configured to have an upstream gw anyway. so on both NICs on the server you could theoretically go out to the internet.17:13
daftykinsraub: don't be so shocked :P17:13
dcHi, I've a problem and no idea howto:17:13
dearnTJ-: aight I'm gonna try that now.. I'm kinda worried something is f**d with my Motherboard. :( Thats what happens when you try to upgrade to Windows 1017:13
daftykinstemp_HD4600: ok. fully updated install?17:13
cfhowlettdearn, you might want search for your device's service manual.  it'll answer those specific types of questions17:13
raubSo the uid=,gid= do not work in ext as I originally thought17:13
cfhowlett!details | dc17:13
ubottudc: Please elaborate; your question or issue may not seem clear or detailed enough for people to help you. Please give more detailed information, errors, steps, and possibly configuration files (use the !pastebin to avoid flooding the channel)17:13
raubbut the option user takes care of that17:13
daftykinsraub: no, still wrong. the permissions on the file system are still there regardless.17:13
temp_HD4600daftykins, yes. I was on 3.19 kernel, and just to try things I just upgraded to 4.1.317:13
TJ-dearn: when you remove the battery there are capacitors on the motherboard that may hold charge for a minute or more, but by shorting the CMOS reset pins it directly grounds the integrated circuit CLEAR signal17:13
dearncfhowlett: all it said was to put metal thingy on those pins ut I don't have it so I' gonna try with screwdriver as TJ- suggested17:13
daftykinsraub: no it does not :)17:13
Raulwynn!details | ubuntu17:13
Guest20846hello! I have Ubuntu 14.04 LTS on my Dell latitude d630 laptop and it worked great until my last update, now it loads up and after 2 minute or such it freeses ! crtl+alt+bckspace does nothing crtl+f1 does nothinhing, if something with audio on it gets in a loop !17:13
ubottuubuntu: Please elaborate; your question or issue may not seem clear or detailed enough for people to help you. Please give more detailed information, errors, steps, and possibly configuration files (use the !pastebin to avoid flooding the channel)17:13
Guest20846and how can I change my nickname ?17:14
tewardGuest20846: repeating yourself doesn'thelp17:14
tewardso don't repeat17:14
daftykinstemp_HD4600: ok so SSH in and pastebin /var/log/Xorg.0.log when booting with just HDMI to see what's up17:14
tewardGuest20846: /nick SomeOtherNickHere17:14
raubdaftykins: can you explain it?17:14
dearnTJ-: ok gonna try it again, also is that true that holding power button (with power supply off) will discharge capacitors?17:14
daftykinsraub: sorry nope.17:14
Guest20846:Nick/channel is temporarily unavailable17:14
rahulesIt is working EriC^^ . I thought I had lost all my data. You've been a lifesaver. Thank you very much17:15
tewardGuest20846: then pick another one17:15
TJ-dearn: it used to but less likely these days since ATX supplies generally are activated by a low-power signal rather than having their power directly controlled17:15
EriC^^rahules: great, no problem17:15
temp_HD4600daftykins, sorry but what do you mean SSH in? I'm now on this machine itself with that behavior, and I just cold-booted on HDMI (then when it was a black screen, re-plugged DVI to be able to log in). Will the logs be available?17:15
EriC^^rahules: you wanna make the swap partition?17:15
dcwget -P . https://xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx/myplace/myfile.txt --no-check-certificate17:15
dcERROR 404:not found17:15
daftykinstemp_HD4600: no since the log is now that of being DVI connected.17:15
dearnTJ-: thanks17:15
daftykins!ssh | temp_HD460017:15
ubottutemp_HD4600: SSH is the Secure SHell protocol, see: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SSH for client usage. PuTTY is an SSH client for Windows; see: http://www.chiark.greenend.org.uk/~sgtatham/putty/ for it's homepage. See also !scp (Secure CoPy) and !sshd (Secure SHell Daemon)17:15
tewarddc: check the remote server error logs - 404 NOT FOUND means that either the server is saying it doesn't exist, or it intentionally returned that coded17:16
=== Guest20846 is now known as joda
cfhowlettdc looks like you have an incorrect download url17:16
=== joda is now known as yodaantifa
rahulesEriC^^: yes I'd like that17:16
dcteward: Exist17:16
EriC^^rahules: ok, type sudo cfdisk /dev/sda, and make a swap partition in the free space17:17
rahulesEriC^^: okay17:17
dccfhowlett: I think is a config problem on remote, but I have no idea were17:17
temp_HD4600daftykins, sorry to be such a pushover but I'm new to this. If I install putty, do I use a machine on the same domain to ssh to this one? (since when on HDMI I can't see anything)17:18
TJ-dc: is the file accessible to the http server user ID?17:18
OerHeks" wget -P . https/... " is that dot a typo?17:19
=== frits is now known as Guest80777
daftykinstemp_HD4600: two systems, same network. if both are Linux, you open a terminal and type "ssh IP_address_of_other" assuming openssh-server is already installed.17:19
dcTJ-: Localy yes17:19
dcOerHeks: dot17:20
Guest80777yes, i like that new ubuntu core thing17:20
TJ-OerHeks: No, -P . is the default directory to download to... and the default if -P isn't used so unnecessary17:20
daftykinsPuTTY is simply the Windows client.17:20
temp_HD4600daftykins, ok I'll configure ssh here and try to find my way around it17:20
Guest80777true, putty is windows client for connecting to unix/linux17:20
TJ-dc: if the server runs as the www-data user, does the file have ownership/permissions for that user?17:20
Guest80777and other good one is kitty, which is based upon putty17:20
daftykinsGuest80777: yes, but not relevant to the current conversation.17:21
Marezzhello everyone! :)17:21
dcTJ-: Ah, may be thats the problem. Ill change it and ... Ill guive news. Thanks, Bye17:22
dearnTJ-: touch JBAT1 (reset pins according to documentation) with 2 screwdrivers didn't help... one last thing - will taking CMOS battery out for whole night will be enough to make sure problem is not BIOS related ?17:22
EriC^^rahules: i'm back17:22
rahulesOk EriC^^ , I've made the swap partition. Should I restart after write?17:22
EriC^^rahules: no, type sudo blkid17:23
TJ-dearn: if you've shorted the reset pins that would be sufficient. Are there add-in PCI adapter  cards plugged in? In these cases it often helps to remove everything, disconnect disk drives, and just try to get the Mobo+CPU+RAM+video to start17:23
rahulesI did EriC^^17:23
EriC^^rahules: get the UUID and then type sudo nano /etc/fstab and replace the old UUID with the new one17:23
TJ-dearn: when the PC powers-on does the CPU fan start turning?17:23
rahulesEriC^^: it's not showing the swap partition.17:24
EriC^^rahules: ok, type sudo parted -l17:24
EriC^^do you see it there?17:24
dearnTJ-: yes they do and it starts to bootloop with A2 on bottomright of screen. When I spam F2/delete it also shows info about "Entering Setup" but it resets before doing so17:25
rahulesEriC^^: it's showing the partition but the file system part is blank17:25
dearnTJ-: gonna try unplug wifi card and graphic card as well and try to start it from integrated one17:26
EriC^^ok, type sudo mkswap /dev/sdxY rahules17:26
EriC^^replace sdxY with it's number17:26
Sburdaftykins: I can't see my Wifi thing under lsusb or lspci17:26
rahulesok EriC^^ , now it's showing the block id17:27
TJ-dearn: what is the exact model number of the motherboard?17:27
daftykinsSbur: is it USB or what?17:27
EriC^^ok, replace the uuid17:27
rahulesEriC^^: I did17:27
EriC^^rahules: ok, type sudo swapon /dev/sdxY17:28
Sburdaftykins: It connects in the USB port, yes.  And it is supposed to be usb 317:28
SburI don't know whether or not my ports support usb 317:28
rahulesDone EriC^^17:28
yodaantifacan I repeat niw?17:28
yodaantifahello! I have Ubuntu 14.04 LTS on my Dell latitude d630 laptop and it worked great until my last update, now it loads up and after 2 minute or such it freeses ! crtl+alt+bckspace does nothing crtl+f1 does nothinhing, if something with audio on it gets in a loop !17:29
xcyclistI am re-asking this here, even though Ubuntu may do it differently, because nobody seems to be at home in redhat land, as one might expect:  What is the dot in the far right column of ls -l file permission reporting like:  -rw-r--r--.    ??????17:29
EriC^^rahules: ok, type free -m , does it show up?17:29
Sburdaftykins: I don't know whether or not my ports support usb 317:29
rahulesEriC^^: I just tried htop and  it's showing swap17:29
daftykinsSbur: they'd be blue or have a "SS" logo beside them if they were v3.0. you might want to unplug it, run "lsusb" then plug it in again and re-run "lsusb" to see which entry is added17:29
Sburdaftykins: brb17:29
EriC^^rahules: ok, cool17:29
rahulesYes, free -m is also showing swap17:29
rahulesThanks for your help again EriC^^ , really appreciate it17:30
xcyclistIs that kind of dot in file permissions even used outside of redhat?17:30
EriC^^rahules: no problem :)17:31
geronimo_ive a problem, the thing at the top of the screen that displays menus icons and clock is missing .can i restart a processes to fix?17:32
rahulesEriC^^: one more thing, will there be any problem with boot if I had to delete the windows partition?17:32
ex0rHmm.. I had ubuntu 14.04 and windows 7 dual booted together, and ubuntu was the default boot OS. I recently upgraded my win7 to win10, and it overwrote the boot order it appears because it automatically boots into windows 10 now without even prompting.. how can I fix this?17:33
TJ-xcyclist: not sure; it could be indicating there are some ACLs set on that entry17:33
cfhowlettex0r, reinstall grub17:33
cfhowlett!grub | ex0r17:33
ubottuex0r: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub217:33
EriC^^rahules: no, i don't think so17:33
rahulesokay, thanks :)17:33
ex0ryes, that will help.17:33
yodaantifa<ex0r> in my experience the easyest thing to do is to download a boot repair live cd !17:33
ex0rThat will work, thank you.17:34
Sburdaftykins: I'm back with an answer17:35
Sburdaftykins: Bus 002 Device 008: ID 0bda:8812 Realtek Semiconductor Corp.17:35
daftykinshad a feeling it was that one17:35
Sburdaftykins: This is the only change in lsusb.  No change in lspci17:35
daftykinswell yeah because you didn't unplug a PCI device17:36
Sburdaftykins: Is that a problem?17:36
daftykinsnah i'm just pointing out how it was pointless to check PCI devices17:36
daftykinsso apparently that might be a Realtek RTL8812AU device17:36
MoPacHello. I think this is probably just a Google-fu failure, but I'm wondering if there is a standard way to try out Ubuntu Gnome in an LXC? (Or, I guess, to replicate the old "gnome fallback" without messing with any current Unity settings. I just want to have a poke at it in a way that's easily reversible.17:37
Sburdaftykins: I'm sorry, but as you probably can see, I'm a noob17:37
daftykinsSbur: is your install fully up to date?17:37
Sburdaftykins: As far as I know, yes17:37
Sburdaftykins: But my mother board ... grandmother board.  MS750217:38
Sburdaftykins:just did.  Not up to date, but I will change that immediately17:39
daftykinswhy are you telling me your motherboard?17:39
Sburdaftykins: Should that fix the problem or will I need another repo?17:40
daftykinsSbur: update, restart, then click the dash icon top left and type "additional drivers" - see if you are offered any17:40
Sburdaftykins: Sorry, when you asked me if it was up to date ...17:40
Sburdaftykins: Update what?  I did my software update17:41
daftykinsyeah the OS.17:41
daftykinssince we're in an OS support channel17:41
Sburdaftykins: what is the "dash icon top left"?17:42
yodaantifaSbur how did you update ?17:42
Sburyodaantifa: Software updater17:42
Sburyodaantifa: Like I always do17:42
yodaantifaoh ok ! I thoght you update by terminal, cause sometimes there is confution between the commands :D17:43
yodaantifahello! I have Ubuntu 14.04 LTS on my Dell latitude d630 laptop and it worked great until my last update, now it loads up and after 2 minute or such it freeses ! crtl+alt+bckspace does nothing crtl+f1 does nothinhing, if something with audio on it gets in a loop ! any ideas what should I chek first ?17:49
BenMcLeanmy ubuntu won't do higher screen resolutions18:00
BenMcLeanI tried the commands on this blog post http://www.thefourtheye.in/2013/04/ubuntu-screen-custom-resolution.html18:00
BenMcLeanthe screen goes blank for a bit then comes back unchanged18:00
Sam___So I reinstalled windows 7 on my dualboot ubuntu (they are in different partition) now when I choose windows in grub page I see this one before windows start to boot. http://imgur.com/wRxejZC18:00
Sam___Ubuntu 14.0418:01
BenMcLeanhow do I make the screen resolution bigger? I have a TV hooked up to this laptop with HDMI18:01
BenMcLeanright now it's even the wrong ratio18:01
ubottuXRandR 1.2 is the new method of running dual screens in !X.  Information/HowTo here: http://wiki.debian.org/XStrikeForce/HowToRandR1218:01
cfhowlettSam___,did dualboot ever work?18:01
TJ-BenMcLean: the correct resolution depends on the display reporting the valid modes to the GPU using a data structure called EDID. If that fails then the GPU won't know which modes are valid. To check for that, look for EDID messages in "/var/log/Xorg.0.log"18:02
Sam___Oh everything works on windows and ubuntu but I get that screenshot error before getting to windows18:02
Sam___Yes dual boot worked aswell18:03
MoPacHas there been any recent (last 6 months) progress on multi-touch support in Unity7, or is all that development in Unity8? I'm wondering if I'll really have to wait for 16.04+ to do anything other than the couple of default window gestures.18:03
Sam___cfhowlett: Yes dual boot worked aswell . I just dont like to get that error18:05
BenMcLeanTJ- here's what it says http://pastebin.com/0T1M8j6g18:06
dcHi, the same file, 3 diferent ways, 3 diferent responses:18:08
dcwget -P . https://xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx/myplace/myfile.txt --no-check-certificate18:08
dcDoing from remote: ERROR 404:not found18:08
dcDoing from local, but over the net, it means giving my external IP: Connecting with ... connection refused18:08
dcDoing from local -localhost or -> OK18:08
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.18:09
daftykinsdc: right so you're not listening remotely then.18:09
TJ-BenMcLean: looks like there could be more useful info in that file, can you pastebin the entire contents? "pastebinit /var/log/Xorg.0.log"18:10
dcdaftykins: telnet works18:10
BenMcLeanno. didn't know there was a pastebinit. I found the first occurrence of EDID and pasted from there. i will pastebin the whole thing18:10
TJ-dc: That sounds like you've not got the correct VirtualHost configuration for the public IP/hostname18:11
BenMcLeanTJ- here! and thanks for telling me about pastebinit http://paste.ubuntu.com/11968234/18:11
TJ-BenMcLean: look at lines 170/1 - those look like the correct modes don't they?18:12
BenMcLeanTJ- look. in the log. but that's not the actual sizes I'm seeing18:13
BenMcLeani typed those in at the command line18:13
dcTJ-:ok, iLL CHECK18:13
BenMcLeaner, "terminal" -- whatever, i'm new to linux ^_^18:13
TJ-BenMcLean: What is the make/model of the TV?18:15
BenMcLeanlemme see ... it's vizio18:15
BenMcLeanbut i gotta turn it round and look at the back, brb18:15
TJ-BenMcLean: OK ... all those "HDMI max TMDS frequency 230000KHz" suggest a bad or plain incorrect EDID18:16
=== NotANick_ is now known as NotANick
SchrodingersScat!ask | server-help18:18
ubottuserver-help: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience18:18
daftykinsserver-help: that's not a question18:19
cfhowlett!details | server-help, no detailz = no answerz.18:19
ubottuserver-help, no detailz = no answerz.: Please elaborate; your question or issue may not seem clear or detailed enough for people to help you. Please give more detailed information, errors, steps, and possibly configuration files (use the !pastebin to avoid flooding the channel)18:19
=== davidw is now known as Guest54828
server-helpI have a 12.04 server that hangs on boot just after the bit about IPv4 addressing.  Then 1fUbuntu12.041f.... repeats several tims across the top of the display and then nothing18:21
cfhowlett!server | server-help see the server channel18:22
ubottuserver-help see the server channel: Ubuntu Server Edition is a release of Ubuntu designed especially for server environments, including a server specific !kernel and no !GUI. The install CD contains many server applications. Current !LTS version is !Trusty (Trusty Tahr 14.04) - More info: http://www.ubuntu.com/products/whatisubuntu/serveredition - Guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/lts/serverguide - Support in #ubuntu-server18:22
BenMcLeanTJ- what would you suggest doing?18:23
BenMcLeanwould trying a different HDMI cable help18:23
TJ-BenMcLean: first thing is to get the manual for the display and determine what it is capable of on the HDMI port, then figure out what the GPU sees via EDID, and then maybe discover why it is selecting and then changing the 1920x1080 mode18:25
TJ-BenMcLean: which is why I asked for the model number18:25
javiialguien que hable español?18:25
lotuspsychje!es | javii18:25
ubottujavii: En la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba " /join #ubuntu-es " (sin comillas) y presione intro.18:26
BenMcLeanoh right i'm sorry, i didn't get that yet, did i18:26
jake_hello again18:28
lotuspsychjejake_: welcome, what can we do for you?18:29
jake_Aaah, nothing for now. :) But thanks!18:29
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tgm4883TJ-: it's not uncommon for the EDID to just be bad either. It's possible he'd need to set ignoreEDID and set it up manually18:31
poopsniffer\server irc.irchighway.net18:33
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nuk3hey guys, anyone know exactly which font / suite of icons, are required to display the "Valid Name" and "Valid Executable" tick icons when editing quick launch icons in Cinnamon?18:36
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BenMcLeanJD- I got the TV model, but a coworker found the real problem for me18:36
BenMcLeanI was attempting to mirror my laptop display18:37
BenMcLeanUbuntu limits mirrored displays to the smallest display being mirrored18:37
=== twisted`_ is now known as twisted`
BenMcLeanSo while on Windows 8.1, plugging in a big screen TV takes you to the big screen TV's resolution, doing the same thing on Ubuntu limits you to the laptop's resolution unless you turn the laptop's built-in display off18:38
EriC^^you can set mirroring off and have different resolutions on both18:38
BenMcLeanonce I turned the built-in display off, I could go to 1080p or whatever18:38
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SCHAAP137so, a higher resolution than the laptop can technically handle, gets downscaled to the laptop's screen?18:40
SCHAAP137like, 1920*1080 scaled to 1600*900 because of plugging in that external Full HD screen?18:40
EriC^^i think he means just the monitor18:41
tgm4883SCHAAP137: sounds more like the laptop's 1600x900 gets upscaled to the TV18:41
BenMcLeanThe laptop can't do 1600x900 apparently18:41
BenMcLeanit was weird18:41
=== MLM_ is now known as MLM
BenMcLeanlimited to 1024x768 if mirrored, but can go to 1080p if i turn the built-in display off18:42
SCHAAP137and if you used extending instead of mirroring?18:42
mircx1how i fix this a error18:42
SCHAAP137mirroring will just copy the exact same screen, you could just run them as separate ones18:42
SCHAAP137*while you could18:43
mircx1someone please?18:43
MonkeyDustmircx1  start from the beginning, what brings you here18:44
mircx1how i fix this please?18:45
MonkeyDustmircx1  that is the outout of what exactly?18:45
ki7mtAnd what was the command that initiated the error.18:46
TJ-mircx1: If you're running the compiled binary without installing it, you must use the .libs/ generated output so that the shared library dependencies can be located18:53
mircx1ok then how i fix it?18:57
mircx1i try run something18:57
mircx1and this a firt time i see problem18:57
TJ-mircx1: execute the binary in the .libs/ directory. What application is it?18:58
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Euphoria42Hello Horseface18:59
Horsefacei can_t find de_loadkeys1 on my sistem after a reboot19:00
Horsefacels -R | grep de-latin1 no results19:00
Euphoria42Did you select that keymap when you installed?19:00
=== zz_CyberJacob is now known as CyberJacob
Horsefaceyes. Ir worked perfectly for month. I just started the computer and it|s english now19:01
Euphoria42Ah, i see.19:01
Euphoria42Im looking into this, give me a second19:01
Horsefaceloadkeys de-latin1 gives the following output19:02
HorsefaceLoading de-latin119:02
Horseface/usr/bin/ckbcomp: Can not find file "symbols/de-latin1" in any known directory19:02
mircx1TJ i dont know how i check this what commands for it in Terminal?19:03
TJ-mircx1: you've already been asked - what is it you are actually doing?19:03
Euphoria42Horseface, can you change the keymap by going into settings and then Text Entry? http://i.imgur.com/DTAESsO.jpg19:05
Horsefacei|m using gnome3 and ubuntu 14.04... i|ll try to find it19:06
Euphoria42Oh, im sorry. That may be a Unity specific thing. Let me know but ill keep looking.19:07
mircx1TJ- i run something from ubuntu 14 this janus anyway in oter system is run ok but my question how i fix the error?19:08
mircx1is have maybe commands for this or i need install something?19:08
Horsefacethere is a keyboard layout switch in the bar, but i can|t change it there either.19:09
TJ-mircx1: We have no idea what 'something' is, and it doesn't look like you're trying to use an Ubuntu package. You'll probably be better asking the organisation that supplies the software you're trying to use19:09
blackrathello all19:09
blackratsomeone here is alive?19:09
Euphoria42Horseface, Does it look like this? http://i.stack.imgur.com/81nDH.png19:10
mircx1TJ- i give to you the error19:10
mircx1if you dont know what problem in here then why you say i need go to package19:11
TJ-mircx1: you're compiling some non-Ubuntu software we have no idea what it is, that isn't an Ubuntu support issue19:11
OerHeksmircx1, providing just that error is not enough19:11
=== ni291187 is now known as Sbur
Horsefaceno wait. The specific entry for Text entry settings is missing in this menu19:11
Euphoria42Horseface, is their an option to change it if you pick Text Entry Settings?19:11
OerHeks!details | mircx119:11
ubottumircx1: Please elaborate; your question or issue may not seem clear or detailed enough for people to help you. Please give more detailed information, errors, steps, and possibly configuration files (use the !pastebin to avoid flooding the channel)19:11
ioriamaybe this https://github.com/danieldg/janus/blob/master/c-src/ssl-gnutls.c19:12
mircx1when i make configure19:12
blackratI have a question... I got a laptop with wifi conection, and PC, but in my PC WIFI card is broken. I got a RJ45 cable and i think to connect laptop-PC and using internet on this way... but i don't have any idea how do this19:12
mircx1the janus irc  i get this19:12
Horseface@euphoria sry, it is still different. wait i|ll try to make a screenshot19:12
Sburdaftykins :  I have not yet checked about new drivers, but, if I don't have needed drivers for my Wifi dongle, what is the first thing to do?19:14
TJ-mircx1: ioria You need to read the manuals for mircx, and ask the developers of that package: see http://mircx.forumotion.net/t326-guide-install-janus-irc19:14
Euphoria42blackrat, try looking up Connection Bridging your probably find stuff there19:15
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mircx1TJ- this not what i find anyway thanks about your help19:16
Horseface@Euphoria42 weird... suddenly i can|t take screenshots19:18
Euphoria42Horseface, I think i've found it. in gnome settings. http://i.imgur.com/Jewkgav.png19:19
Euphoria42and then click the little plus button under Input Sources19:19
Horseface@Euphoria42 exactly thanks what next?19:20
ThinThreadwhich ubuntu should i dev (c++11) on for best binary distribution properties?19:21
Horseface@Euphoria42 i|ll have to reboot. Thx.19:22
Euphoria42Horseface, oh did that fix it?19:22
Horseface@Euphoria42 Idk there are 2 menues, one for the Device and one for Language and Keyboard-format19:23
Horseface@Euphoria42 i can|t find my region to pick. So i thought i just restart19:24
Horseface@Euphoria42 i'll try restart if it doesn't help i'll be back19:26
Euphoria42Horseface, hold on im getting a screenshot set together19:27
Euphoria42lets try that first19:27
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=== Holzbein is now known as Horseface
Horseface@Euphoria42 Ok reboot brought no results19:31
Euphoria42Horseface, you should be able to change your keyboard format by following this: http://imgur.com/a/Pimsf19:32
Horseface@Euphoria42 right. Thanks19:33
lotuspsychje!ru | user__19:34
ubottuuser__: Пожалуйста наберите /join #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке. | Pozhalujsta naberite /join #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke.19:34
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Euphoria42Why do none of the Ubuntu sites mention linux at all anymore? ;_;19:41
plytroI don't know... I see it http://www.ubuntu.com/search?q=linux19:42
Euphoria42plytro, those are articles on kernel vulnerabilities.19:42
daftykins!ot | Euphoria4219:42
ubottuEuphoria42: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!19:42
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hellohentaianyone up19:45
plytroits 145 in the afternoon19:45
plytroof course i'm up19:45
hellohentaicould you  give me some help19:45
Euphoria42hellohentai, Don't ask to ask, just ask :)19:46
hellohentaii have a live usb for ubuntu 15.0419:46
hellohentaiand i just built a new pc, trying to get ubuntu as primary os19:46
hellohentaibut whenever i attempt to boot from the usb drive19:47
daftykins...it gives you free ice cream? adopts a kitten?19:47
hellohentaii get stuck at the mobo logo screen, and i any buttons i press on the kb have no effec19:47
daftykinsand it stalls there permanently?19:47
hellohentaiand if i remove the usb the logo screen goes to the boot menu19:47
daftykinswere you installing in EFI mode?19:47
hellohentaiso i plug the usb back in(boot menu)19:48
Euphoria42Its possible that the USB key is screwed up19:48
hellohentaiyup everything is gpt uefi19:48
hellohentaiand no usb key is confirmed working19:48
hellohentaiif i plug the usb back into the computer while in boot menu19:48
hellohentaii can select OS19:48
MonkeyDusthellohentai  don't hit the enter key so often, it's getting a headache19:48
OerHekssounds some usb connector plugged in wrong, building a pc is easy19:48
daftykins^ less enter key pressing please.19:48
OerHeksyeah, easy on the enter19:48
hellohentairight, my bad19:48
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tearhttp://goo.gl/hJHNmo - There is no forgiveness if you don't stop with your sin / turn/repent from your sins! Btw. Sex outside of marriage [between 1 man and 1 woman (I don't speak of divorce&remarriage because divorce&remarriage = adultery)] is called fornication and is a sin as well.19:48
daftykinsare you typing from a live session?19:48
Guest93072how to install linux kali?19:49
daftykinsGuest93072: Kali is not supported here.19:49
ubottuUbuntu channels can only provide support for Ubuntu itself, as other distributions and derivatives have repository and software changes. Please consult their websites for more information. Examples: gNewSense (support in #gnewsense), Linux Mint (see !mint), Kali Linux (#kali-linux), CrunchBang (support in #crunchbang), BackTrack (support in #backtrack-linux)19:49
MonkeyDustGuest93072  not supported here19:49
Euphoria42Can someone please mute him19:49
daftykinswhat, twice?19:49
Euphoria42tear, thats not supported here19:49
daftykinsEuphoria42: just ignore it.19:49
hellohentaii can select os, but if i try to do anything(i.e., run from drive, write onto disk, etc) it doesnt work19:49
MonkeyDustEuphoria42  wait until it's over19:49
teward!ops | tear is a spambot19:49
ubottutear is a spambot: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - Pici, Myrtti, jrib, Amaranth, tonyyarusso, Nalioth, lamont, CarlK, elky, mneptok, PriceChild, Tm_T, jpds, ikonia, Flannel, genii, wgrant, stdin, h00k, IdleOne, nhandler, Jordan_U, popey, Corey, ocean, cprofitt, djones, Madpilot, gnomefreak, lhavelund, k1l, rww, phunyguy, bazhang19:49
tewardconfirmed by dual striking in other channels as well19:50
daftykinshellohentai: which OS did you make up the flash drive from?19:50
hellohentaimy monitor just shows as no signal and i am stuck in the loop19:50
hellohentaii made the drive in windows 7 home premium19:50
Piciteward: and? the bot already took care of it.19:50
daftykinshellohentai: with which program?19:50
hellohentaiI amade it with rufus19:50
tewardPici: it took it and +q'd it - won't help long term.  thank you TonyBareta19:51
* teward kicks tabcomplete19:51
tewardunless you're suggesting Drone wouldn't -q it, Pici19:51
daftykinshellohentai: go back to your windows system and confirm the ISO was a good download by hashing it against the hashes available online19:51
hellohentaiI've done that already19:51
hellohentaithey are valid19:52
daftykinshellohentai: ok now run 'cmd' as admin, run diskpart then select your flash drive and run 'clean' on it.19:52
daftykinsafter this, remake your flash drive.19:52
hellohentaithanks, will be back soon.19:52
dgarstangHas ubuntu got .profile.d ?20:02
=== zz_CyberJacob is now known as CyberJacob
MonkeyDustdgarstang  /etc/profile.d/20:03
dgarstangMonkeyDust: I was hoping for ~/.profile.d as well20:04
bpromptdgarstang:    I think is ~/.profile20:05
dgarstangbprompt: I know, but I wanted to append to .profile's functionality without having to maintain the file, hence multiple scripts in ~/.profile.d20:06
Jamie_1daftykins: do you think you can finish helping me figure out what is going on with my computer from yesterday?20:06
daftykinshow far did we get?20:07
daftykinsi slept since then... ;)20:07
Jamie_1daftykins: not really anywhere other than my hardware specs20:07
TJ-dgarstang: create the directory yourself, then use something like "run-parts" to execute scripts in the directory20:07
daftykinsJamie_1: oh the gnome3 black box thingy?20:08
daftykinshrmm what did i say last, i remember making a suggestion but then you said you had a meeting so couldn't mess with it...20:09
daftykinsJamie_1: give me a pastebin of your CPU model from /proc/cpuinfo20:09
nixninehave elementary installed.  aplay-l says no soundcard.  Any suggestions?  Just installed the os so wonder if I am missing a driver or something.20:09
bekks!elementaryos | nixnine20:10
MonkeyDustnixnine  elementary is not supported here20:10
bekks!elementary | nixnine20:10
ubottunixnine: Elementary OS is an Ubuntu derivative which is supported in their IRC channel #elementary on irc.freenode.net - http://elementaryos.org/ for more information on this distribution.20:10
dgarstangTJ-: I see. Maybe... but then I'd have to modify .profile still, which I wanted to avoid20:11
quiscalushowdy folks I am not a smart man that needs help20:11
gabriel_Hello All. After installing ubuntu 15.04 I keep getting freezing windows when minimizing any window, like firefox or even the terminal for that matter, help please...20:11
Jamie_1daftykins: https://pastebin.mozilla.org/884112720:12
mahdi_jahi all20:12
mahdi_jatonight i install last ubuntu kernel update and after restart system my wine not work20:12
mahdi_jamy wine version is 1.7.4420:13
Jamie_1daftykins: do you think swapping to a newer kernal version might help?20:13
Jamie_1i already tried swapping dm20:13
mahdi_jaand my kernel version is 3.13.0-59-generic20:13
TJ-dgarstang: you could simply modify the skeleton in /etc/skel/.profile which is used when new user accounts are added20:14
dgarstangTJ-: I know, but I'm using chef. That means I have to put the .profile into chef and git, and well, i dunno... i guess20:14
TJ-mahdi_ja: known issue, I saw it being traced and fixed yesterday. I think a bug-fix kernel will be in -proposed and released quickly20:14
mahdi_jaTJ-, thank you20:15
Jamie_1daftykins: actually im sorry... can i post pone this for like half and hour... forgot i have a meeting in five minutes... sorry about that20:16
daftykinsJamie_1: mmm yeah so sandybridge i7. are you 100% sure you've installed the correct meta package that pulls in everything needed for a gnome3 desktop?20:16
daftykinsJamie_1: well go work on that, i'm gonna have some life to attend to this evening :) 9pm here20:16
dgarstanglife? what's that?20:16
lotuspsychje!life | dgarstang20:16
ubottudgarstang: life is something very few people know about in this channel - and anyway, it's probably offtopic, perhaps you want to try #ubuntu-offtopic20:16
Jamie_1daftykins: i did the full gnome installation from the net install... but it worked decently untill i swapped to a differnt kernal... but brb in a little20:17
quiscalusI am a dunce that needs help but it appears lots of other n00bs need help too20:17
dgarstangubottu: :-\20:17
lotuspsychjequiscalus: fire away your question anyways mate20:17
xanguaquiscalus: please don't call names20:17
quiscalusI got ubuntu mate 64bit for intel based hardware, checked the md5 sum to make sure all was well, made a usb with UUI, restart boot from USB live USB is a bit slow but everything appears functional, install all is well until installing grub 2 and I get a fatal error20:20
quiscalusI think the error was "grub-install /dev/sda" but I am unaware how to check error reports on this20:20
quiscalusonce again I am very ignorant about the use of this distro and linux and general20:21
quiscalusalso sorry I didn't mean to offend anyone with such language20:22
Aleksandar86i have database folder on DESKTOP and I need good tools for backup to HDD220:24
Aleksandar86i wanna setup backup any day in 00:0020:24
Aleksandar86copy database folder to HDD220:25
Aleksandar86name must be date of backup20:25
Aleksandar86or somthing similar20:25
MonkeyDustAleksandar86  better ask in in #bash20:26
=== __Trullo is now known as _Trullo
Aleksandar86maybe some people here know tool for backup20:27
MonkeyDustAleksandar86  or do you want a GUI?20:27
Aleksandar86or i can use script and shedule under Ubuntu20:28
MonkeyDustAleksandar86  yes, #bash can help you with scripting20:28
diddledanAleksandar86: you want crontab20:29
diddledanAleksandar86: or /etc/cron.daily20:29
MonkeyDustdiddledan  yes, but he still needs a script to set the date as filename20:29
gabriel_Hello All. After installing ubuntu 15.04 I keep getting freezing windows when minimizing any window, like firefox or even the terminal for that matter, help please...20:29
diddledanMonkeyDust: `date`20:29
MonkeyDustdiddledan  tell him, not me20:30
mustmodifyOn my dev machine, before installing the package, `ag` gave me two options... phython-ase and silversearcher-ag. On my client's server, I only get python-ase. Is it likely this is because they are running two different versions of ubuntu?20:33
leeyaaany idea why would kswapd0 use 100% cpu. machine isnt swapped20:36
mustmodifyapparently I was impolite. :P20:37
biscuitkingchrome is maxing out my cpu - help!20:41
=== Bray9082_ is now known as Bray90820
humphrey2How come you can still `ls` a directory even if its permissions are `r--` (no x permission)?20:42
bekksbiscuitking: So close the tabs which content that maxes out your CPU.20:42
EriC^^humphrey2: x is just to cd20:42
biscuitkingwhat is this compiz20:43
biscuitkingive justreverted to default20:43
biscuitkingjust a minute ago20:44
MonkeyDust!info indicator-cpufreq | biscuitking this helps me20:44
ubottubiscuitking this helps me: indicator-cpufreq (source: indicator-cpufreq): CPU frequency scaling indicator. In component universe, is extra. Version 0.2.2-0ubuntu1 (vivid), package size 32 kB, installed size 601 kB20:44
biscuitkinglet me try20:44
=== aktx__ is now known as aktx
MonkeyDustbiscuitking  it lets you choose between 4 cpu modes, it changes immediately20:45
biscuitkinghmm, what am i supposed to type in terminal20:45
biscuitkingindicator-cpufreq  ?20:45
MonkeyDustbiscuitking  apt install indicator-cpufreq20:46
biscuitkingthis compiz is a hog20:47
xangua(15:41:07) biscuitking: chrome is maxing out my cpu - help! - close tabs, avoid flash, close chrome¿ you don't really give any if no details20:47
biscuitkingxangua, I've just reverted back to default chrome. cpu is better20:47
bekksbiscuitking: What was "not default" on your Chrome?20:48
biscuitkinga whole bunch of stuff.... i installed several extensions20:48
MonkeyDustfrankenchrome, so to say?20:48
humphrey2EriC^^: Ah. x permission is just to access the files within the directory.20:50
biscuitkingthat might be the solution for compiz. remove the compiz folder and reset20:53
xanguanot really20:53
xanguadeteling compiz cinfiguration won't make it magically use half resources it uses20:53
humphrey2What is the point of having --x permissions on a directory?20:53
zykotick9humphrey2: it allows the user(s) to "enter" the directory.20:54
biscuitkingmy cpu is constantly jumping from 5% to 40% due to compiz20:54
=== Joel is now known as Guest47949
xcyclistI apologize for missing.20:55
biscuitkingis seemed to have worked for the user in the link i posted. is there an alternative you can suggest. why is this thing such a resource hog?20:55
humphrey2zykotick9: Thanks.20:55
humphrey2Is there any point to -w- permissions on a directory?20:56
biscuitkingmaybe unity --reset?20:56
diddledanhumphrey2: man chmod20:56
zykotick9humphrey2: it allows the user(s) to "write" to/in the directory.20:56
=== toph is now known as tophs
biscuitkingxangua, ?20:57
MonkeyDustbiscuitking  you can always try something different from unity20:57
zykotick9biscuitking: compiz uses a lot of resources... end of story.  you could use another DE/WM for something lighter.20:57
FourFirecan I install Kernel 4.0.9 on my Ubuntu 15.04 without concern for everything breaking spectacularly?20:57
tophs /msg NickServ VERIFY REGISTER tophs koptvzsujegu20:58
FourFire#ubuntu-kernel is distressingly idel20:58
MonkeyDusttophs  change your password!20:58
FourFiretophs, your pass is compromised20:58
biscuitkingcan you please recommend something else?20:58
FourFirechange it now20:58
tophsgood thing i never use it. lol.20:58
biscuitkingcan you please recommend something else? MonkeyDust20:58
xanguaFourFire: you can, but you will  probably get a not supported package20:59
ubottuThe kernel team supply continuous mainline kernel builds which can be useful for tracking down issues or testing recent changes in the Linux kernel. More information is available at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/MainlineBuilds20:59
FourFiretophs, for future, always use the (freenode) "channel" for logging in20:59
biscuitkingwhat is DE WM zykotick9 ?20:59
MonkeyDustbiscuitking  http://imgur.com/a/9iaLJ#cMfLqdM20:59
FourFirexangua, I don't know what that means, can you give an example of what would happen from a user perspective20:59
zykotick9biscuitking: sorry DE = Desktop Environment (Gnome/KDE/Unity/etc) and WM = Window Manager (fluxbox/openbox/awesome/etc)20:59
biscuitkingif i use something else am i likely to break other apps? I like the gnome desktop21:00
xanguaFourFire: not supported means you are on your own21:00
humphrey2zykotick9: It doesn't as far as I can try...21:01
FourFireThe last kernel which isn't an RC or unstable is 4.0.9-wily21:01
FourFirethat's the one I'm asking about21:01
zykotick9humphrey2: sorry, i don't grok your statement21:01
MonkeyDustFourFire  there's alos #ubuntu-kernel21:02
FourFireMonkeyDust, distressingly inactive21:03
FourFirelike i siad21:03
geniiFourFire: If you're running 15.10/Wily they might know more about it in #ubuntu+121:03
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=== themill_ is now known as themill
humphrey2zykotick9: How am I supposed to write to a directory with permissions -w-?21:05
zykotick9humphrey2: you'd probably need read as well...  in the "21:06
aktxThrow the rules out the window, odds are you'll go that way too.21:06
zykotick9humphrey2: sorry, in the "old days" i used wx for an upload directory, so people could upload to it, but not see what was there.21:07
zykotick9humphrey2: as a test, i created a directory with wx and could copy files into it... but could "ls" in the directory.  What are you trying to do?21:09
zykotick9humphrey2: without x directories are pretty useless!21:10
=== Rosa is now known as Jarboe
humphrey2zykotick9: You said you could upload files to a -w- directory21:11
humphrey2You were wrong21:11
humphrey2You need the x21:11
diddledanzykotick9: humphrey2: without x you can still write to the directory as long as you don't try to "change" into that directory first21:11
zykotick9diddledan: i couldn't with wx... i just tried.21:12
diddledane.g. echo foo > /some/w-only-dir/test21:12
humphrey2diddledan: I think that's wrong21:12
humphrey2diddledan: But I'll try it :)21:13
zykotick9humphrey2: i agree.  i get permission denied diddledan21:13
humphrey2zykotick9: Yup, me too.21:13
zykotick9humphrey2: "you where wrong" <- no i said with xw, just no read - for my old ftp setup, same here with my testing21:14
humphrey2[16:56] <humphrey2> Is there any point to -w- permissions on a directory? [16:56] <zykotick9> humphrey2: it allows the user(s) to "write" to/in the directory.21:16
humphrey2zykotick9: ^^^21:16
zykotick9humphrey2: w does give write permission.  "...sorry, in the "old days" i used wx for an upload directory"21:17
yourmommyany guide to install oracle xe on ubuntu21:17
humphrey2<zykotick9> humphrey2: it allows the user(s) to "write" to/in the directory. <--- Not without the x permission21:19
bobby_Does anyone either have or know of anyone having real world experience with Ubuntu (any version or flavor) on an NVME drive such as the Intel 750 series?21:20
tgm4883humphrey2: true, but the x permission doesn't allow writing, it allows access21:20
bubbasauresbobby_, Exact experience does not matter, address the issue for help21:21
bubbasauresthe channel is full of IT pros most if the time21:22
bobby_bubbasaures, what do you mean by that?21:22
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience21:22
ubottuPlease elaborate; your question or issue may not seem clear or detailed enough for people to help you. Please give more detailed information, errors, steps, and possibly configuration files (use the !pastebin to avoid flooding the channel)21:22
bubbasauresbobby_, ^^^^^21:22
bubbasauresbobby_, phishing the channel as you were will not get you results generally, addressing the actual issue will, is the point. ;)21:23
bobby_I was just wondering if I could use it as a boot drive instead of a more traditional (and slower) SATA drive21:23
kjsis it not possible to partition a system using kickstart ?21:23
tgm4883bobby_: I suppose that would depend on how the BIOS/UEFI sees the drive21:24
bobby_tgm4883, so what your'e saying is that if the motherboard supports it, it'll work theoretically or do you know from experience?21:26
tgm4883bobby_: if the BIOS/UEFI sees it as a drive, and presents it to the OS as a drive, why wouldn't you be able to use it as a boot device?21:26
k1l_bobby_: 99,9% all ssds work as traditional hdds, just much faster.21:27
tgm4883k1l_: the question is the interface, not that it's an SSD21:27
bobby_tgm4883, I know that the Linux kernel has supported it since 3.1 but I don't know if it matters if Ubuntu has blessed it21:27
tgm4883bobby_: you could always just try it ;)21:28
tgm4883bobby_: it's been about 10 minutes since you asked, you could be 2/3 though an install by now :)21:29
thesebpossible to edit itunes account on ubuntu w/o using the Wine buggy monstrosity?21:29
bobby_tgm4883, I guess that would be the route I go, but those drives are so much more expensive that I don't know if I could justify that experience on my current salary21:29
tgm4883theseb: yes, you have to use a VM and windows though21:29
tgm4883bobby_: fair enough, are they that much faster than a SATA 6 SSD?21:30
thesebtgm4883: thanks...and ug..that means BUYING winders....*sigh*21:30
tgm4883theseb: you could always move away from itunes21:31
thesebtgm4883:call me crazy but how hard could it be for apple to make a web interface to itunes?21:31
bobby_tgm4883, they are theoretically 32Gb/s, so yeah they are insanely fast21:31
thesebtgm4883:to honest i'm a newb to an IPod....yes . i know i'm a dad whose probably the last person to get an iPod.....21:31
tgm4883theseb: really hard. If they made a web interface to it, then it would be less walled gardeny21:31
thesebtgm4883: please tell me this...possible to just mount my ipod in ubuntu and move files that way?21:32
thesebtgm4883:then i'd never need itunes21:32
thesebtgm4883:that would rule21:32
tgm4883theseb: I don't know. I know you could do it at one point, but updates to IOS would keep breaking it, so it was always a cat and mouse game21:32
tgm4883theseb: which ipod21:32
thesebtgm4883: it is an old thin one21:33
thesebtgm4883:i think nano21:33
thesebtgm4883: i think nano 4th gen since it looks like this... http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/415-rVCMO3L._SY300_.jpg21:34
tgm4883theseb: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PortableDevices/iPhone21:35
tgm4883theseb: note that while that says iPhone, the article seems to be about all ios devices21:35
aktxfor ubuntu 14.0421:40
aktxwhat should be in my .vnc/xstartup21:40
aktxto have the standard desktop ui?21:40
aktxi tried "startx &" and that completely borked it :(21:40
bubbasauresaktx, startx for the desktop has not been used for awhile.21:41
thesebtgm4883:holy hell...i think you nailed it..rhythmbox seems to work with ipod nanos!21:41
thesebtgm4883:you rock21:41
tgm4883theseb: yw, glad it's working fo ryou21:41
bubbasauresaktx, Not sure in that scenario but from a tty on an install it would be sudo service lightdm start if it is lightdm21:44
marxSI shrunk my C drive in Windows and left 30GB unallocated space to install ubuntu but when i try in installer it says "unusable"21:47
bubbasauresmarxS, Can you pastebin sudo fdisk -l run in the ubuntu terminal21:53
bubbasaures!=he gone21:53
andrewjs18what's everyone using for automatic mysql backups?21:56
SchrodingersScat!info mysqldump | andrewjs1821:57
ubottuandrewjs18: Package mysqldump does not exist in vivid21:57
SchrodingersScatandrewjs18: comes with mysql-client22:00
andrewjs18does it do automatic daily/weekly/monthly backups?22:00
andrewjs18right now I'm using automysqlbackup, but it's old22:00
SchrodingersScatandrewjs18: no, I guess the automatic portion is to throw it in your backup script. I duplicity my data then dump mysql to a file in a directory, duplicity that directory.22:03
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Guest24914HELP please. i am having problems booting into 15.04. I am using boot-repair and I receive a message to enable a repo containing grub-efi-amd64-signed on sda6 (the part with Linux) how do I do this?22:16
Guest24914I am running a live CD22:16
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kubuntu_Sorry, I'm back with the boot repair question22:21
=== cyphase is now known as Guest10808
kubuntu_No one?22:26
=== Tekwar_ is now known as Tekwar
meatiekubuntu_, ask away22:28
Bashing-omkubuntu_: Wait, UEFI is over most of our experience. There are those that frequent this channel who do know .22:28
kubuntu_The Boot-Repair is asking me to enable a repo on sda6 (linux partition), how do I do this?22:29
=== bubbasaures is now known as wileee
wileeekubuntu_, not sure we would want to do that without some context, like why are you using the app?22:30
Bashing-omkubuntu_: Pastebin the advisory, in the context it is given . I do not recognize such an advisory .22:31
kubuntu_When attempting to boot my dual boot system, it dropped out the grub_rescue. I made a live USB of 15.04 and tried to fix any issue. Boot-repair ran for about 10 minutes, then simply popped up that message22:32
kubuntu_My 15.04 had been plugging away just fine. I had booted into WIndows 8, then tried back into 15.04, then this happened22:32
wileeekubuntu_, Can you just run the bootinfo summary alone, the click is on the first gui?22:32
wileeekubuntu_, Are you rebooting windows or using it's hybrid fast boot/sleep22:33
kubuntu_Running that now22:34
kubuntu_wileee: here is the asummary http://paste.ubuntu.com/11969867/22:35
wileeekubuntu_, If you are using the fastboot it will cause huge problems, is why I asked, generally it is windows not booting, just covering the bases.22:35
kubuntu_wileee: I did a shutdown on windows, then restarted my sytem22:36
FuxYHey guys, i need help fixing the GRUB after various tries22:36
EriC^^FuxY: what's the problem?22:36
FuxYEriC^^: I was running Ubuntu 15.04 with Win7 64 bit, but while i was upgrading win7 to win10 , grub broke22:37
EriC^^ok, do you have a live usb?22:37
nicomachushi, just a quick question: I need to update my BIOS, and the package is an .exe file. Do I need to boot into Windows to execute it or can I do it from Ubuntu? Link to the bios update here: http://www.dell.com/support/home/us/en/19/Drivers/DriversDetails?driverId=CXRD822:38
FuxYwhile upgrading windows, it had to restarted, when it turn on something along : Grub-rescue > appeared22:38
wileeekubuntu_, I see burg in there, not a good idea to use, you have alegacy boot with grub in the mbr and a uefi windows, not sure, but I would get help not use the bootrepair here.22:38
FuxYEriC^^: im typing this from live cd22:38
EriC^^FuxY: ok, type sudo parted -l | nc termbin.com 999922:38
FuxYEriC^^: http://termbin.com/ok7l22:39
funkyHatnicomachus: if the only format they supply it in is a .exe then yes you should do it from Windows. Even if the exe might run OK in wine I wouldn't trust it to get something as low level as a BIOS reflash right.22:39
EriC^^FuxY: ubuntu is gone22:40
wileeekubuntu_, So at some point this all worked, looks like a messy install is all.22:40
nicomachusgotcha. Thanks funkyHat. I'll have to restore the Windows 7 partition to a working state then. Thanks again.22:40
kubuntu_wileee: this had worked fine for, years? until now22:40
FuxYEriC^^: wait, it formatted ubuntu's partitions?22:40
EriC^^FuxY: yeah22:40
kubuntu_wileee: is there a way to reinstall Kubuntu without wiping my data?22:40
EriC^^FuxY: did you have important stuff there?22:40
kubuntu_wileee: No one on Kubuntu channel22:41
funkyHatnicomachus: often you'll find another format is available too, like a CD you can burn. All depends on the manufacturer (and maybe even model) though...22:41
=== cyphase_ is now known as cyphase
wileeekubuntu_, Ah, well that is good news, excellent help here, I would use it rather than the tool. Reinstall I doubt, anything is fixable theoretically.22:41
FuxYEriC^^: i copied some important stuff from windows to ubuntu (both in the same hard drive, that was dumb) as a backup22:41
edilsonhello speaking spanish?22:42
nicomachusfunkyHat: I won't put it past Dell to release the least amount possible, aka exe only. They won't even support any OS past w7 on this mobo, which is only 3 years old. :/ But that's off-topic here so I'll keep my grumblings elsewhere.22:42
FuxYEriC^^: how can i now resume win 10 setup? It always boots into grub22:42
kubuntu_wileee: If I understand correctly, try a re-install?22:42
ubottuEn la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba " /join #ubuntu-es " (sin comillas) y presione intro.22:42
wileeeedilson, ^^^^ there22:42
kubuntu_wileee: Also, I should back up my home dir to me safe22:42
EriC^^FuxY: you can try getting the stuff back using testdisk ( sudo apt-get install testdisk )22:42
EriC^^FuxY: you need to /join ##windows and ask about that, i think it should write the mbr22:43
wileeekubuntu_, No, I would calm down and get good help, you have to be careful here. I can assume you have no backups for any possible scenario?22:43
FuxYEriC^^: i don't think i can use the win7 cd to fix my mbr, since it's in the middle of a win10 setup, no idea what to do22:44
wileeekubuntu_, Just earlier myself my main SSD froze up, 3 OS's, however I have images of all them and backups, had I not fixed this, I would just load the image to a new HD.22:45
EriC^^FuxY: if the files are important then first try to recover them you can probably get your whole installation back if you wanted, then continue the win10 setup or ask in ##windows about it22:45
FuxYEriC^^: what's the command to join #windows ? im not familiar with irc22:46
wileeeFuxY, /j ##windows22:46
kubuntu_wileee: I can make a backup of my home dir for sure22:47
wileeekubuntu_, I would just to be safe, this should be fixable.22:47
kubuntu_wileee: I would like to keep the windoze, myunderstanding is I can reinstall Kubuntu on the same partition without formatting it to recover?22:47
wileeekubuntu_, Not sure I always fresh install, or reload a clone, I think so though, however this may not necessarily fix it is all.22:48
kubuntu_wileee: gotcha22:48
LonelyDanboany reason to get Ubuntu 14.04 over 15.04 for the purposes of making sure Wine runs as well as Linux native Steam?22:53
wileeeLonelyDanbo, 5 years support?22:53
LonelyDanboI don't understand 5 year support. Don't you just update to another version?22:54
wileeeLonelyDanbo, 14.04 a longterm-5 years 15.04=9months22:55
LonelyDanboI had 5 year support for Xubuntu and I ended up breaking my Wine games and Steam won't run at all, so what good is it?22:55
wileeeLonelyDanbo, You are far from an experienced user I have watched your issues. That experience is what is good. ;)22:56
LonelyDanboAlso at least in Xubuntu, it had a very old version of Wine. Every time I would ask for help people would tell me what an ancient version I had.22:56
wileeeand the support if you can follow and do it22:56
wileeeCan you generalize more "everybody"22:57
LonelyDanboso it's not like the 15.04 will have more bugs. it's just not supported past a certain date.22:58
LonelyDanboI wonder if there's any more problems switching from 15.04 to 15.10 once it expires, compared to updating within 14.04 and everything breaking.22:59
LonelyDanboor... not everything, just something important.23:00
=== dearn_ is now known as dearn
awktionwho's having trouble right now, i don't feel like doing the work i'm payed for23:06
=== Blaster is now known as Guest85735
wileeeawktion, this is free volunteer help, are you kidding?23:09
awktionwileee: quite serious23:10
awktioni'm a sysadmin for a datacenter atm, and i dont have anything to do23:10
awktionfigured i'd scare up something here23:10
wileeeawktion, Heh, I miss read that my bad, help away. ;)23:12
awktionwileee: i planned to.... :P23:14
awktionanyone wanna do something fun like setup varnishd or something?23:14
awktion(yes i'm really that bored, got 1h45m to go, and i doubt i'll have more than 20m of real work in that time)23:15
wileeeWe just wait for post here is all, most here are luking23:15
awktionbeen here since 0523:15
wileeehad my SSD freeze up today, guess the fix23:16
=== cyphase is now known as Guest42364
awktionssd? what brand23:16
awktionand what size23:16
wileeecricial m4 ssd23:16
wileee250 gigs23:16
awktionprobably bad trim/GC23:16
awktion250G won't have nand fully populated23:16
wileee!cookie | awktion23:17
ubottuawktion: Wow! You're such a great helper, you deserve a cookie!23:17
awktionwileee: if you want the best performance from ssd i do have a cpl tips23:17
awktion1. setup boundaries on the 4k lines, so they line up nicely, and 2. only partition 75%23:17
awktionthe rest will go to the scratch area and increase your _average_ performance #s nicely23:18
wileeeawktion, I'm set but thanks, I had a W8.1 updxate require a hard off is a;ll23:18
awktionsee several anandtech reviews for some good data on the partitioning23:18
awktionwileee: aww23:18
wileeeyeah that is amy basic setup, except 3 OS's23:18
meatieawktion, what % perf. did you experience?23:18
awktionmeatie: i don't get scientific with my own equipment, and my work is too lazy to measure like i would23:19
awktionbut what i do notice is lag spikes23:19
awktionand i notice many fewer lag spikes due to i/o when it's setup that way23:19
meatiethat's odd23:19
awktionthat's specifically ssd not flash in general so doesn't apply to things like microsd cards23:19
awktionmeatie: lets take a look23:20
awktionhere's a very recent one, we are looking @ t2b samsung 850, but also look @ the others it's compared to23:20
awktionlook @ 3rd chart down23:21
awktionsee how it goes way low?23:21
awktionon the second pull down select the same drive23:21
awktionyoull see it stays higce and high around 36k instead of dipping down below 10k23:21
meatiethat is unfortunate...23:22
awktionthe 4th chart is even a bigger difference23:22
meatiei liked my 1TB fusion-io23:22
awktionlet me toss a composit up23:22
meatiewhat does that 2TB one cost?23:22
awktionfusion-io's turned out to be disappointing in production @ CDN i worked out23:22
meatieyeah i got it years ago...23:23
meatiebastard was $10k23:23
awktion~800 atm23:23
meatiedumb bosses, but i was happy.23:23
awktionmaybe 1k23:23
awktionyeah i bet you were ;)23:23
meatiethats very cheap.23:23
awktionyeah love the new prices23:23
awktionstill got a ways to go, but it'll get there23:23
meatiei just bought several 250gb 850 EVO's23:23
nicomachus!ot | awktion meatie23:27
ubottuawktion meatie: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!23:27
awktionnicomachus: relax bro, wait till there are actual questions b4 you go being a richard23:27
meatiewe were talking about tweaking mysql for ubuntu, and drives.23:28
awktiondrive consistency is everything for db's23:28
awktionnot that it doesn't matter elsewhere as well..23:28
meatiei will refrain from mentioning anything outside of the ubuntu realm.23:29
joujouHi guys. I'm installing kubuntu 14.04 on a pc but during the installation I dont see the option to encrypt my home directory, how comes?23:30
joujouThat also if I try the manual installation23:31
wileeejoujou, I think it asks you in the manual upon choosing to do the setup install.23:32
meatieyou can do it easily post-install. although you are right, it should be in the setup.23:32
joujouwilee, I'm trying the manual way but there is no encrypt option, strange as it may sound23:34
joujouI only can choose the partitions, mounting points etc23:34
wileeejoujou, I believe after you set up your install and then click go it asks you then.23:34
joujouwileee, thanks, I'll try =)23:35
=== erwin is now known as easyOnMe
meatiecan just deal with ecryptfs-* if thats what i remember23:35
wileeejoujou, No problem, I don't encrypt anything but a password file.23:36
=== cartucho is now known as Guest40617
easyOnMemy laptop always gives me a message failed to download required packages I do not know what is the problem here23:36
wileeeeasyOnMe, Show us the proof in a pastebin23:37
meatieafter apt-get update ?23:37
wileeeeasyOnMe, handful of reasons is all, some context helps.23:38
awktionoops sorry got busy23:38
easyOnMeearlier there was this info that says there is an update available so I tried clicking on it and it asked for my password after I key in my password it tried to download then after waiting for the download it replied with failed to download packages23:38
awktionwileee: rock it bra u2 meatie23:39
* awktion poofs for a bit23:39
wileeeeasyOnMe, pastebin a sudo apt-get update and sudo apt-get dist-upgrade23:39
easyOnMewileee: http://pastebin.com/wKF1bPkh23:40
easyOnMewileee: http://apaste.info/RAg23:41
=== CyberJacob is now known as zz_CyberJacob
wileeeeasyOnMe, I see a hash error on a kernel download, any errors in the update not showing?23:42
easyOnMewileee: http://apaste.info/RAg23:42
wileeeeasyOnMe, actually not a kernel, I would just change repos as a start and see if the hash error disappears.  E: Failed to fetch http://ph.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/pool/main/g/ghostscript/libgs9_9.10~dfsg-0ubuntu10.4_i386.deb  Hash Sum mismatch23:44
meatieyou can do --fix-missing23:44
meatieyou can select a better mirror.23:44
wileeeeasyOnMe, I'm getting that same package update right now, hold on23:45
easyOnMewileee: I manage to solve it23:46
wileeeeasyOnMe, Good job. ;)23:46
wileeeinstalled here fine as well23:47
easyOnMeI did sudo apt-get update --fix-missing then to sudo apt-get upgrade then do sudo apt-get dist-upgrade23:47
G0Eh ?23:47
easyOnMeso far all went well23:47
=== TheEternalAbyss is now known as Guest52575
daftykinsthere's no point doing upgrade *AND* dist-upgrade23:48
daftykinsjust do dist-upgrade.23:48
tux_My webcam shows up in cheese but wont show up in propritiery flash plugin23:48
tux_any idea?23:48
overflyer-mainevening guys.... linux user with medium experience here. can anyone held me concerning wireless connection via console? wpa_suuplicant and interfaces are configured. ifup -v wlan0 was completely successful. LAN works right away and automatic startup is also ok which i can especially recognize because im able to ssh to my server now. however i get no internet connectivitiy...ping and apt-get wont work. iconfig t23:48
overflyer-mainells me wlan0 is fine and got IP and everything. the only error i noticed while logging in after a reboot now is [ 54.565837] ieee802.11 phy0: invalid picp cck rate (0)23:48
easyOnMewileee: do you know how to do bash scripting23:49
wileeeeasyOnMe, If you use the terminal you will see more info on updates/upgrades I find it easier myself, personal choice is all.23:49
wileeebash nothing but super simple, not really23:49
wileeetux_, "propritiery flash plugin"?23:49
G0How can I know if there are a BackDoor on Linux ?23:50
wileee!ot | gonyere23:50
ubottugonyere: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!23:50
easyOnMewileee: I want to learn it but I do not want to mess up my ubuntu laptop due to the configuration, files and software stuff I already have and I spent time doing so23:50
tux_G0, you need to audit the entire source code of every distro.23:50
easyOnMeso what is the best way to learn bash scripting: do I need another laptop with another linux OS where I can do my learning so as not to mess up my ubuntu linux in this current laptop23:51
=== bazhang_ is now known as bazhang
daftykinseasyOnMe: talk about it in the right channel would be #1 - so #bash23:51
tux_easyOnMe, You shouldn't mess anything up learning on your local machine.23:51
easyOnMedaftykins: ok23:51
wileeeeasyOnMe, Noble goal, you will get your hands dirty learning though, I just make sure I have images of the OS and all backups so a image load is used if the fix is a longer time scale.23:51
gryeasyOnMe: what one is not really a bash question .. and no you do not need new os for bash learning, learning in this one is ok23:52
tux_Flash plugin from Adobe.23:52
tux_Not open source23:52
wileeetux_, IN ubuntu?23:52
gryadobe stopped maintaining flash for linux tux_, better not use it23:52
overflyer-mainnobody got any advice?23:53
tux_gry, Really? Thery just released an update23:53
daftykinsthey're doing security updates, but it's a moot point23:53
squintysecurity update23:53
daftykinsshe dead.23:53
grymaybe old updade and you just noticed?23:53
wileeetux_, this a flashplugin-install from ubuntu? adobe wont run23:53
xanguaSecurity update, major ones stopped at 2010 tux_23:53
tux_daftykins, THAANK GOD FINALLY23:53
tux_What are we using as an alternativge these days?23:54
daftykinstux_: inappropriate language here.23:54
meatieflash gives stability to my life. i can count on it crashing several times a day.23:54
tux_daftykins, Not as a developer HTML5 rules23:54
tux_if I need to access existing flash sites what is a recommended replacment to adobe flash plugin?23:54
daftykinsyou can use pepperflash with chromium or chrome23:55
daftykinsthere is no direct substitute that's worthy of mention23:55
daftykinsflash is essentially dead in Firefox23:55
tux_pepperflash is google code though?23:55
urkengurkeni have the right version of ubuntu and architecture but it my computer keeps giving me errors (hp envy m4 1015dx) like saying shit like "efi wont load" and then whenever i try to installl ubuntu it just makes a loud fan sound and huts down immediately i am using a rewritable disc to install it. windows 8 isnt on the computer anymore.23:55
daftykins(although pepperflash wrappers do exist)23:55
tux_Isn't that closed source too?23:55
daftykinsi'll let your research answer those questions :)23:55
daftykinsurkengurken: language, please.23:56
B0g4r7_Another day, another kernel update.  Another ~60MB download.23:56
urkengurkeni apologize23:56
G0There are a way to call to a cell phone by the computer ? Using wireless board , for example23:56
B0g4r7_du -sh /boot -- 697MB23:56
daftykinsB0g4r7_: you're right, how dare they apply fixes!23:57
overflyerevening guys!23:58
urkengurkenanyone know whats up with it or?23:58
urkengurkenevening overflyer :)23:58
daftykinsurkengurken: see if your systems BIOS is the latest version, reset defaults, clear all keys, boot media again in EFI mode, zero the first 100MB of the disk with dd, then clean install.23:58
easyOnMewhat is lxc23:59
overflyerim a linux user with medium experience here. can anyone held me concerning wireless connection via console? wpa_suuplicant and interfaces are configured. ifup -v wlan0 was completely successful. LAN works right away and automatic startup is also ok which i can especially recognize because im able to ssh to my server now. however i get no internet connectivitiy...ping and apt-get wont work. iconfig tells me wlan0 is23:59
overflyerfine and got IP and everything. the only error i noticed while logging in after a reboot now is [ 54.565837] ieee802.11 phy0: invalid picp cck rate (0) and the console keeps throwing stuff like ieee80211 phy0: channel change: <number> -> <number> failed (2)23:59
G0Hey guys, how to copy and paste on the terminal without the mouse ?23:59
urkengurkenim sory but  what do you mean by clear all keys?23:59
urkengurkeni apologize im a bit new to linux23:59

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