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tophHey all.03:21
tophWhat is the command for Chromium if I want to change my super w hotkey to chromium?03:22
tophexo-open --launch Chromium WebBrowser doesn't work.03:23
tophnor chromium-browser03:23
holsteinchromium-browser works here03:26
holsteinwhat are you trying to do? maybe the other code is not correct..03:26
tophexo-open --launch chromium-browser works?03:27
holsteintoph: the command "chromium-browser" works03:28
tophyeah,  i changed my preferred app to chromium, and it did the trick :)03:29
holsteini dont have exo-utils installed..03:29
tophsorry - new to linux/xubuntu03:29
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xubuntu011im isalling xubuntu 14.04.2 LTS on a Virtual machine09:00
xubuntu011in vmware09:00
xubuntu011cd /mnt09:09
xubuntu011apt-get install firebox09:09
roninwhat should i do, im trying to install chrome: Unpacking google-chrome-stable:i386 (from .../google-chrome-stable_current_i386.deb) ...09:18
ronindpkg: dependency problems prevent configuration of google-chrome-stable:i386:09:18
ronin google-chrome-stable:i386 depends on xdg-utils (>= 1.0.2).09:18
ronini thinki tried 32bit for 64bit09:23
BublzHey there :)  can anyone help me please?09:29
BublzI have got a problem with the wireless card, when  I plug in my USB wireless adapter it works no bother  but on the internal one or can't search for  any wireless points09:31
BublzI have a broadcom chipset (dell inspiron 3543)09:31
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SunilJoshiHello, can you please help me to get autoconnect work in xubuntu 15.04? its not able to swtich automcatically between wifi and LAN13:24
ringohello, trying to install 15.04, just as i start the install, i get a popup telling me "The creation of swap space in partition #9 of SCSI3 (0,0,0) (sda) failed."14:18
ringoand install freezes14:18
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fruit_im trying to download dolphin emulator through linux, but i get this error: dependency is not satisfiable: libavcodec56 (>= 6:11~beta1)|libavcodec-extra-56 (>=6:11.2) and i have tried to download them by sudo apt-get install libavcodec56 && sudo apt-get install libavcodec-extra-56 but it said (unable to locate package libavcodec56. any help?14:28
bazhang!find libavcodec5614:29
ubottuFound: libavcodec5614:29
bazhang!info libavcodec5614:29
ubottulibavcodec56 (source: libav): Libav codec library. In component universe, is optional. Version 6:11.2-1 (vivid), package size 4648 kB, installed size 16133 kB14:29
fruit_wait what?14:38
cfhowlettshould be in libav-tools15:11
CosmicNoiseI'm in the UK, using a UK keyboard, and I use LVM encryption. When I am prompted for my encryption key, my keyboard is interpreted as a UK keyboard. When I am prompted for my login passphrase, my keyboard is interpreted as a US keyboard. When I have logged in, it is back to UK mode as that's what I've set it at.16:25
CosmicNoiseHow do I make sure my system interprets my keyboard as UK at all times and all stages of bootup and login?16:26
flocculantCosmicNoise: have you removed US option? settings - keyboard - layout16:33
CosmicNoiseflocculant, yup.16:33
CosmicNoiseflocculant, as I say, the ONLY time it's on US mode is when I'm typing in my passphrase to log in.16:34
flocculantthere was issues back a while where ibus took over and this was one of the resulting issues we found16:34
flocculantwhen you're at the login - is there US available as well at the 'human' icon top right?16:36
CosmicNoiseLet me check 2 secs.16:37
CosmicNoiseNext to the human, it says en_GB.16:37
flocculantmmm - well that is odd then ...16:37
CosmicNoiseIt's greyed out, with no other options, can't click on it.16:38
CosmicNoiseBut still, I have to type my pass in as if it was a US keyboard.16:38
CosmicNoiseI have a wired keyboard, let me try that, see if it's dependent on the keyboard...16:40
CosmicNoiseAhh... it interpets my other keyboard correctly.16:41
CosmicNoiseSo it's a driver issue?16:41
flocculantno idea I'm afraid - but if your keyboard is available in setting - keyboard you could try setting that specifically16:42
CosmicNoiseIt's not, although there are many options from the same brand.16:43
CosmicNoiseMine is a Logitech K800.16:43
CosmicNoisewhere are the keyboard files kept in the filesystem?16:44
CosmicNoisePerhaps I can edit it.16:44
flocculantI don't know16:45
flocculantCosmicNoise: what version xubuntu?16:51
flocculantdo you have ibus installed for some reason?16:55
flocculantcan't remember now when ibus was causing problems16:56
CosmicNoiseI have no idea what ibus is. I never installed it if it is here...16:59
slickymasterWorkflocculant bug 128463517:00
ubottubug 1240198 in ibus (Ubuntu Trusty) "duplicate for #1284635 [SRU]Wrong keyboard layout active after booting into desktop" [Undecided,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/124019817:00
CosmicNoiseIt's a fresh install just hours old.17:00
slickymasterWorkiirc that was the one you faced, back then17:00
flocculantCosmicNoise: ok in a terminal dpkg -l ibus*17:00
flocculantI think17:00
flocculantslickymasterWork: yea - cheers :)17:01
flocculantCosmicNoise: also have you updated everything17:01
slickymasterWorkglad to help flocculant :P17:01
CosmicNoiseflocculant, no matching packages.17:02
flocculantCosmicNoise: ok - not sure what's going on for you tbh - this was an issue with 14.04 iirc - which is why you shouldn't have ibus17:10
flocculantissue only showed then when there was ibus17:11
flocculantas no-one else appears to be active atm and I can't do anymore, try joining #ubuntu and asking - more eyes active there usually17:11
flocculantif you get an answer I'd love to know it17:14
Sailor4051Hi. Is there any window manager that allows split screen in xubuntu? Not just for terminal but to split screen for two.open applications. Thanks18:11
mrkrampsSailor4051, like tiling?18:12
mrkrampsactually xfce's window manager xfwm4 has this feature18:13
Sailor4051Ya. A tiling manager that will keep both open side by side.18:13
Sailor4051Do I access the feature under desktop settings then?18:13
RaynerSailor4051, wmii, xmonad, awesome, …18:14
mrkrampsnope, it should be "window manager tweaks"18:14
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Sailor4051Thanks for that.18:14
mrkrampswindows are automatically tiled then when moving towards screen edges18:14
mrkrampsor you may assigned a keyboard shortcut18:15
Sailor4051I want the facility to open libreoffice and zotero standalone so I can view citations rather than tiling in and out. Found that approach troublesome when writing a researc article recently.18:16
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john123456hello, is it possible to disable corner tilling?20:06
pleia2john123456789: could you be more specific? I don't know what "corner tilling" is20:09
flocculantjohn123456: settings - window manager tweaks - accessibility tab > turn off tile when moving towards screen edge20:10
john123456789pleia2, i mean top-left, bottom-right.... etc 25% tilling20:10
flocculantbut I don't know if you can specifically turn off 1 only20:10
john123456789i want somthing like gnome3/win720:11
flocculantwell we have what we have - more or less positive it's an on and off deal here20:18
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