ejatlazyPower: http://paste.ubuntu.com/11979459/12:29
ejatlazyPower: ?21:43
lazyPowerejat: looks like you've been stuck by this bug: https://bugs.launchpad.net/juju-core/+bug/125967522:04
mupBug #1259675: ERROR Get : 301 response missing Location header <juju-core:Opinion> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1259675>22:04
ejatthanks lazyPower22:15
ejatreported 2014 ?22:15
lazyPowerit doesn't seem to be very common22:16
lazyPowerIf you dont need to recover the environment (as in nothing important is running in it) the easy fix is to remove the bucket that contains the state info file22:16
ejati never had this problem before22:16
lazyPowerand rebootstrap22:16
lazyPoweryeah i dont know why its surfaced. its an older bug, i ran into it with a couple people in #juju back when i first started22:16
lazyPowerbut it hasn't come up again until now22:16
ejatremove the bucket in aws console ?22:16
lazyPowerLoad up S3 and find the juju bootstrap bucket22:17
ejatu want me to update the bugs ?22:17
lazyPowerfwiw - we're removing that requirement in 1.25 - so the bucket related issue should go away.22:17
lazyPowerthat would be brilliant, that way we have a breadcrumb trail to follow should this come up again22:17
ejatowh ... so temp solution is to remove bucket manually ?22:17
lazyPoweryeah :(22:18
lazyPoweri haven't figured out how to fuly recover from it22:18
lazyPowersince it never happened in my deployments i didn't have a busted env to poke at and find a proper fix22:18
ejatok .. trying to remove it manually22:19
ejatbut i've bump into another issue :)22:19
* ejat contacting rackspace support .. waiting for their feedback as well 22:19
ejatits regard to tenant-name22:19
lazyPowerejat: aiui - we wont officially support rackspace until we land the new storageless provider code i referenced above22:21
lazyPowerunless you use it in a manual provider space22:21
ejatlazyPower: sorry .. what is aiui22:21
lazyPoweras i understand it22:21
ejatowh okie22:22
lazyPowerif you could file a bug about that as well - https://bugs.launchpad.net/juju-core/+filebug22:22
ejatto bad for me for the short form :)22:22
ejatabout the rackspace issue ?22:22
lazyPowerThat would get you a notification once its corrected,  I'll tag it and poke the core team about it22:22
ejatok ..22:22
ejatlazyPower: bug 148061622:28
mupBug #1480616: juju with RackSpace configuration <juju-core:New> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1480616>22:28
lazyPowerthanks ejat22:28
ejatmost welcome22:28
* ejat just wondering no one using juju with rackspace :) 22:28
lazyPowerSorry  I didn't have better news for you :-\ but we're certainly working on those issues.22:28
ejatno worries .. u help a lot at least i know its a bugs22:29
* ejat just missed the juju core team , marco .. kapil .. james ... because no UDS anymore .. cant met them 22:29
ejatbcoz change to UOS :)22:30
* ejat pokes marcoceppi22:30
* ejat pokes jamespage22:31
ejatlazyPower: sorry to bother u again22:34
ejathttp://paste.ubuntu.com/11982946/ <-- hpcloud22:34
lazyPowerhmm, thats generic. are you able to ping the IP of the bootstrap node contained in your hpcloud .jenv file?22:37
lazyPowerejat: i've got to run for a bit, but i'll circle back when i get home to check on you22:44
ejatlazyPower: back to amazon issue after removing S322:44
ejatdo i need to manually create in S3 ?22:44
ejatokie .. take ya time ... will wait for u when u get home .. no worries .. thanks22:45
ejatlazyPower: juju with azure :( http://paste.ubuntu.com/11983218/23:35

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