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lordievaderGood morning.07:59
* ObrienDave waves08:00
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BluesKajHiyas all11:57
penguin42Hey BK11:58
BluesKajhey penguin4212:02
studio_someone online, or only bots in here?16:02
lordievaderNo, just 111 bots in here.16:03
studio_cool :)16:03
studio_i need some help with ubuntu-desktop-next under vbox 5.016:04
studio_it is still not working ...16:04
lordievaderNot working.. how?16:05
studio_under tail -f /var/log/systemlog i get a message like "can't connect to mir" or something like that ...16:06
lordievaderAh, Mir. I'm out ;)16:07
studio_tail -f /var/log/syslog ... sorry16:09
studio_ah, ok, who can "maybe" help?16:10
studio_i am not happy about MIR, it makes more problems than it is helpful ...16:12
studio_is 15.10 based on systemd or not?16:14
penguin42   Konsole output     root         1     0  0 12:03 ?        00:00:08 /lib/systemd/systemd --system --16:16
penguin42deserialize 1716:16
studio_i am not sure about that, because i am able to set "enp0s3"  via /etc/network/interfaces ...16:17
penguin42(I would love to know why cutting/pasting is now prepending 'Konsole' when I paste from Konsole)16:17
studio_why eth0 is now called enp0s3 in ubuntu-desktop-next?16:18
Meerkatwhere can I find existing bug reports on Wily?16:19
studio_@Meerkat, Wily is working fine for exp. on Ubuntu-Studio, or Ubuntu-Mate, but on Unity8 with MIR it is a "no-go" ...16:22
penguin42studio_: It comes from bios naming, it's great when you've got multiple ethernet cards and you need some consistency in how they get named16:23
lordievaderstudio_: That is the new udev/systemd interface naming, http://www.freedesktop.org/wiki/Software/systemd/PredictableNetworkInterfaceNames/16:24
penguin42you can turn it off if you feel really offended by it though16:24
studio_@penguin42, how to use Ubuntu-Desktop-Next on VBox 5.0 ?16:25
penguin42studio_: YOu don't need to use @ on here16:25
penguin42studio_: And, I've not tried vbox recently, so not sure what the problem is16:25
studio_@penguin42, Ubuntu-Desktop-Next is a heavy Alpha, I do not like, to install that on my HDD ...16:29
studio_@penguin42, please, try to install it on VBox 5.0 ...16:31
lordievaderCould it be that it requires proper hardware acceleration?16:31
studio_I don't know, but "tail -f /var/log/syslog" allways tells me, that it can't connect to MIR ...16:36
lordievaderUbuntu Next doesn't use Systemd?16:36
studio_i don't know, therfore i asked ...16:37
lordievaderstudio_: What does 'ps -p 1' return?16:37
studio_@lordievader, on the phone or on the desktop?16:38
lordievaderThe Ubuntu Next thing... not sure if that is the phone or the desktop ;)16:38
studio_the phone suckz ...16:39
studio_i "think" the "phone" is a "sub-version" from Android" ...16:41
lordievaderWhere do you run the 'tail -f ...' on?16:42
studio_@lordievader, under VBox 5.0 under Ubuntu-Desktop-Next, latest Version, Kernel 4.1 ...16:45
lordievaderRight, so run 'ps -p 1' there ;)16:45
studio_wait ...16:46
studio_on the "Desk-Top":  ps -p 116:52
studio_  PID TTY          TIME CMD16:52
studio_    1 ?        00:00:01 systemd16:52
studio_but i am not able to login via UI !16:53
lordievaderRight, so you are using systemd. Then why ready /var/log/syslog? It ain't used.16:53
lordievaderUse 'journalctl'.16:53
studio_/var/log/syslog allway tells me, not able to connect to MIR ... or something like that ...16:54
vividprobably mir requires an egl driver and vbox isnt providing it?16:55
lordievaderIs that information up to date?16:55
studio_sudo service lightdm restart restarts the UI, but i am not able to login16:55
vividright, mir, egl16:56
lordievaderstudio_: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SystemdForUpstartUsers16:56
studio_@lordievader, sorry, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SystemdForUpstartUsers is describing why Ubuntu-Desktop-Next is not working unter VBox 5.0? So why i can still use /etc/network/interfaces under "systemd" ?17:02
studio_did i missed something?17:06
lordievaderNo it describes the transition from upstart to systemd.17:10
studio_but it seems not to be true ... is the Ubuntu-Touch-Device or the "Ubuntu-Desktop-Next" not able to handle true systemd?17:12
studio_do i need to purge the "network-manager" to test it?17:15
lordievaderstudio_: If 'ps -p 1' returns systemd, you are running systemd ;)17:17
studio_@lordievader, and if  i  am able to run systemd, why my network-configuration is still working unter /etc/network/intefacec17:30
lordievaderBecause it is configured there?17:30
studio_interfaces and not unter /etc/systemd/network?17:30
studio_so it is still compatible?17:31
lordievaderNo, Ubuntu configures their network devices in /etc/network/interfaces17:31
studio_and since when eth0 is called enp0s3 ?17:33
lordievaderSince some update of systemd/udev.17:33
lordievaderSee the link I posted earlier.17:33
studio_so it is "nearly"  same  as fedora?17:34
lordievaderPerhaps. I don't know Fedora. But seeing as Redhat developed Systemd, probably ;)17:35
studio_ok :)17:35
penguin42actually my fedora box seems to have called it em1 on this box, but hey such is variety17:39
lordievaderHmm, that should be consistent across OS'es.17:43
lordievaderAs it gets the name from the bios.17:43
penguin42yes, I think it might depend on whether the bios is giving a sane answer17:45
lordievaderThat might very well be.17:46
studio_my fedora  (22) is using enp0s3 fot eth0,  maybe it is a "chance" for ubuntu-touch ...17:46
studio_since ubuntu-touch is just another clone from android, ubuntu-touch is not "my thing" ...17:48

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