kivijeepers...  hurry up click08:50
kiviI wish they gave me a better idea how long creating the framework would take.08:50
popeykivi: creating a framework?10:10
popeyoh, a kit?10:10
kivipopey, erm yah10:10
kiviits done now :P10:10
popeyit can take a while, ssd ftw :)10:10
popeyhuzzah indeed10:11
kiviI think I got this static linking down. I hope to submit an app to the competition you posted on your podcast.10:11
svijyay for the ubucontest ;)10:15
ogra_hah, tiny rifles10:16
ogra_popey knowledge spreads :)10:16
kivitiny rifles?10:17
ogra_html5 offline game ...10:17
ogra_just hit the store10:17
* kivi really needs to get a device10:17
popeyogra_: oh sweet!10:23
popey\o/ more games10:23
ogra_yeah :)10:23
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rocknHello, i trying to embed fullcalendar in a html5 app. my app is a tabs style. the calendar is not on the first tab and it is not shown when I select the tab. I think I have this problem : http://stackoverflow.com/questions/10340362/jquery-fullcalendar-not-rendering12:23
rocknbut I don't know where and how write the answer in my code...see my code here : https://github.com/wood-galaxy/CDL/tree/full-calendar12:23
DF_hi some one here??14:20
kiviDF_, yep14:20
DF_ok nice, can some one see my projeto14:20
DF_my web app doesnt run14:21
kiviDF_, what app?14:21
DF_i've done everything right and he doesnt run on my mx414:21
DF_a web app14:21
kiviDF_, you sure it isn't running into app armor?\14:21
* kivi is not a html5 dev14:22
DF_i'll send the link to the files14:22
kiviDF_, why are you using mega, and not launchpad?14:24
DF_kivi i'm kind used to mega14:25
kiviDF_, isn't it just an upload site?14:25
DF_i've not set yet the ssl on launchpad14:26
DF_meter i've not configured launchpad on my pc yet14:27
kiviDF_, You should try launchpad. It makes it much easier for devs here to looka t your code.14:27
DF_i'll configure launchpad right now14:27
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D0k_hi all!16:57
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