* xnox ponders how nuts is wily at the moment.01:09
Unit193Are you referring to the golang transition about to begin, python3 transition, or gcc5 transition? ;)01:10
infinityxnox: wily is fine.  wily-proposed, on the other hand, might be a bit lolz.03:40
infinitymitya57: It seems you lost track of #1157421 a long time ago.  Did you want to fix that SRU or just backport the trusty version (assuming it builds with all << trusty kernels)?04:41
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siretartLaney: I'd say drop libav completely, if dropping the -dev packages help in the interim, I have no objections12:53
MegaManSecWill Ubuntu be going back to the regular glibc soon?14:02
ogra_ogra@styx:~/apps$ apt-cache show libc-bin|grep ^Source14:08
ogra_Source: glibc14:08
ogra_MegaManSec, ^^14:08
ogra_(thats on 15.0414:09
MegaManSecpatches will not occur on eglibc anymore?14:09
ogra_i dont think so ...14:09
ogra_(well, for the LTS releases that use it they will)14:10
MegaManSecHmm, ok. development for eglibc within ubuntu seems to be dead14:14
MegaManSecso I guess it doesn't really matter.14:14
MegaManSecoh also, does ubuntu have an open repo. for its development stuff? such as their (now old) eglibc?14:44
Laneysiretart: Needs a transition doing, like Debian's, I guess15:41
infinityMegaManSec: We weren't upstream for eglibc, I'm not sure what made you think we are.  Like any other ubuntu package, though, you can get the source via "apt-get source eglibc" on the release you're using.17:54
infinityMegaManSec: That said, eglibc was a pretty lightweight fork of glibc, many of the patches I carried in the package were directly from glibc git, you're better off treating them as the same thing.17:55
mitya57infinity: Actually I know nothing about blktap-dkms, and don't remember why I started looking at it back then.17:58
infinitymitya57: Heh.  Check.17:58
infinityWell, we should probably fix that SRU.  Though, hopefully all the people who cared found another solution by now. :P17:59
mitya57It will be nice if someone else can look at that, otherwise I'll do it later (I'm on semi-VAC these days).17:59
infinitymitya57: I just noticed because I'd done wily/vivid/trusty uploads and was scouring for bugs.  And there was the ancient precise SRU failed and sad.18:00
mitya57Also I didn't get much feedback on the version in my PPA (I believe the package is still there)18:02
mitya57It will be nice if someone else tests it :)18:03
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siretartLaney: the transition in debian is already done20:16
siretartLaney: more or less: https://release.debian.org/transitions/html/ffmpeg-libav.html20:17

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