lotuspsychjegood morning to all00:52
lotuspsychjebored video lol01:34
lotuspsychjeand lazy cpu01:34
* daftykins facepalms at #ubuntu02:10
* lotuspsychje also has a pc02:11
* ObrienDave waves to the crazy people ;P06:08
wileee1 bazinga for ObrienDave06:56
ObrienDaveOMG seriously? ROFL06:57
wileeeheh, I did'nt know what to say06:57
ObrienDavei almost answered, a brain ;P06:57
wileeelol, a lot of key links there realy and a search engine06:58
ObrienDavego figure06:58
wileeeanother !00F day here06:59
wileeeroasting hot06:59
ObrienDavecool off the dingleberry, please ;p06:59
ObrienDaveya THINK???? ;P07:02
ObrienDaveto make people ask silly questions, works, didn't it? ;P07:03
wileeelike some that come here they want it spoon fed07:05
ObrienDaveno one does research anymore?07:06
wileeeseems that way, I always wonder the age07:06
wileeebasic developmental stuff, lol07:07
ObrienDavein his case, 8 ;P07:07
ObrienDavei was being kind. 6 ;D07:07
lordievaderGood morning.08:00
ObrienDavealready waved at you ;P08:01
lordievaderAhh, can I nog get two waves?08:03
* ObrienDave waves again ;P08:04
lordievaderSo, how are you doing, ObrienDave?08:06
ObrienDavegood, thanks. and you?08:06
lordievaderI need coffee...08:06
ObrienDavei need sleep LOL08:07
ObrienDaveyou having fun in #U? ;P08:08
ObrienDavesleep needed. *waves*08:23
=== JanC_ is now known as JanC
* daftykins shakes his head12:44
lordievaderIs there a party in #ubuntu?12:50
OerHekssaturday madness, as usual12:54
OerHeksdrunk & bored, lets join #ubuntu12:55
* lordievader grabs popcorn and joins #ubuntu12:55
OerHekspopcorntime \0/12:56
OerHeksow wait, those are illegal movies man12:56
OerHeks.. and i have about 150 dvd's ready to watch...12:56
daftykinsdidnt that thing get shut down?13:27
OerHeksi have no idea, maybe it is .. hosting that app13:28
OerHeksanyway, i have matrix and matrix reladed and Mao's last dance ready13:28
daftykinsah EriC^^ just in time13:52
EriC^^hi daftykins!13:52
daftykinshow do? :)13:52
EriC^^good, you?13:53
daftykinsyes thanks, other than the weekend rabble in #ubuntu ;)13:53
daftykinswe just had some guy come in #ubuntu-uk with a misconfigured GRUB problem, as in he boots to grub rescue13:53
daftykinsseems he can't boot external media and the system has a BIOS password so he can't sort it out13:53
daftykinsare you free for me to direct him your way?13:53
EriC^^oh, yeah sure13:54
daftykinscool :) the user is 'Hanra' i'll get 'im to join #ubuntu main13:54
daftykinstime for breakfast 8D13:54
EriC^^have a good one13:55
daftykinsoh i'm taking my laptop down there XD13:55
daftykinsso much tinfoil hat stuff going about online about Windows 10's settings at the moment13:55
daftykinsgotta wonder what to believe :)13:56
EriC^^yeah, i was reading an article someone posted13:56
daftykinsof course we always get these ones when a new OS comes out13:56
EriC^^yeah, that's true13:57
daftykinsi wonder if Hanra has mentioned having over 100 boot devices in his boot menu, yet?14:51
daftykinsthat one flummoxed me14:51
cfhowlettwho, what?  Is that even possible/14:51
daftykinse.g. ubuntu, HDD a bunch of times, then the Windows boot manager at the end :D14:51
daftykinshaha yeah that's what i wondered14:51
OerHeksi luv windows updates14:52
daftykinsi don't think that's truly what has happened here14:52
daftykinsi've got xubuntu installed beside the test machine i was using with win1014:52
daftykinsit's survived through over 10 total build reinstalls and left GRUB alone14:52
cfhowlettif people would just WAIT and stop doing Zero Day installs, a lot of issues would be figured out already.14:53
daftykinsanecdotal evidence though, granted14:53
OerHeksi heard this yesterday too, might be true : [16:00:08] <Hanra> Eric^^ I dual boot Windows 8.1 and ubuntu 14.04 on this laptop. Recent windows update happened14:53
daftykinsOerHeks: heard of an update breaking things?14:54
OerHeksjups, uefi.14:54
daftykinsi swear we're getting way more foreigners than usual14:57
daftykinstrying to speak non-english in #u i mean14:57
cfhowlettmore international is good14:58
OerHeksmaybe we should start a hangout, non english spoken only14:59
daftykinsi'd have to crack out my poor school level German15:12
OerHeksmy chinese is as terrible as my english15:14
EriC^^Hanra --> 1 for the x-files15:15
EriC^^i dont see how a windows update is going to do all that15:15
daftykinsnah, i don't think it was to blame15:15
daftykinsbut it's cool to hate after all15:16
daftykinshe says he got the machine from a friends father who is selling old laptops with Linux on, for some reason with BIOS passwords set too15:16
daftykinsand he can't contact the guy15:16
daftykinsmaybe it's just stolen :)15:16
daftykinsmakes you wonder though, the seriously messy states of systems some people are content to run15:17
daftykinsit must be a gamble switching it on every day ¬_¬15:17
OerHekszillion vulnerable androids :-D15:18
daftykinsthe way he says 111 boot entries though, just wat15:18
EriC^^bungee jump, sky dive, or turn my pc on..15:18
EriC^^turns pc on, pc turns into terminator, burns apartment, ..15:19
daftykinsbad PC15:20
daftykinsmaybe that was also in win10's license agreement15:20
daftykins"right for Microsoft to turn your computer into a terminator"15:20
OerHeksdaftykins, see, another broken win8 boot ...15:26
daftykinsinteresting indeed!15:27
OerHeksi think defender used some tool to clean uefi from unwanted parasites..15:27
OerHeksor.. the upgrade to 10 tool that preloads, is the attacker..15:27
OerHeksask them, if they hit yes to preload to 1015:28
OerHeksor generate a list with last win8 updates...15:28
OerHeksthat would be handy too, to compare with that hanra15:28
daftykinsmmm, definitely seems suspect to come at a time so close to win10 release15:30
daftykinsthough we'll be seeing a lot more of it if it is 10, since 10 is getting released in waves15:30
daftykinssome people, never satisfied ;)15:47
daftykinsthis guest talking about firefox blocking SSLv3 router pages sounds interesting15:47
OerHeksold certificates on a router, known issue.15:48
OerHeksold router needs update, or allow once15:48
daftykinsi haven't seen a page you couldn't bypass warnings on before, yeah15:49
daftykinsthat guest makes it out as if it's not even possible anymore15:49
daftykinstum te tum16:44
OerHeksso .. Hanra is disassembling a laptop due to a windows 8 update ..17:22
daftykinsEriC^^: he's kinda quitting on the hardware part :P17:22
daftykinsturning into one of those 'give me a single command to fix it all' types :<17:22
OerHeksif we knew, what update does this ..17:22
EriC^^yeah, he's pretty close to getting it fixed17:23
EriC^^i dont want to say anything and have him screw his laptop up cause of what i said though17:23
EriC^^but he's almost there.. shame he's quitting17:23
OerHeksindeed, just removal of the battery & hold power should be enough..17:23
EriC^^i think he can put jumpers together too17:24
EriC^^i remember lotus saying something about software that resets the bios but i couldn't find it online once17:24
OerHeksit is in the bios itself17:26
EriC^^heh cgsecurity has the software http://www.cgsecurity.org/wiki/CmosPwd17:28
daftykinscould well be dragons with that17:36
EriC^^you mean it most likely won't work?17:37
EriC^^( not familiar with the expression )17:37
daftykinsjust strikes me as dangerous17:38
daftykins'here be dragons!'17:38
EriC^^oh ok17:38
EriC^^cool :D17:39
daftykinsi think he's carrying on with the surgery approach though17:39
JanCPC BIOSs haven't used CMOS to store the password for over 20 years or so18:29
ObrienDaveonly if you use BIOS/administrator setup passwords18:30
JanCthere simply is no CMOS on the motherboard of anything recent18:31
ObrienDavenot what you mean by CMOS, no. but since CMOS means Ceramic Multi-Oxide Substrate, most chips are CMOS designed ;P18:38
ObrienDaveruh roh, *makes popcorn* this is going to get good ;P20:48
OerHekszaturday nightz20:49
OerHeksi told one that his netbook is a nice door-stopper :-D20:50
ObrienDavey'all have waaaaaay more patience than i ;P20:50
daftykinsi thought CMOS was complimentary metal-oxide semiconductor o021:24
ObrienDavecould be, i'm older ;P21:25
ObrienDavesenility ;P21:25
OerHekscomplex metal Obrien's solution21:25
ObrienDavei like that one :)21:25
OerHeksstill wonder what windows update ruins the bootloader21:27
ObrienDavedunno, dont seee anything newer than a year21:28
OerHeks32 gb of swap ...22:00
ObrienDavewow, i would love to have that much ram LOL22:02
OerHekshybernate, isn't that something like a screensaver ?22:03
ObrienDavenaw, it's for impatient people that can't do a proper shut down LOL22:04
OerHeksif one does not know about HT, one does not need HT * famous quote by OerHeks22:27
daftykinswho's got that swap?22:44
ObrienDavegustav__ something ;P22:52
daftykinsthat's the stuff23:53

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