ubottulotuspsychje called the ops in #ubuntu (horselover)01:14
tgm4883Anyone around to pipe up and deal with the guy wanting me murdered in #ubuntu?05:22
tgm4883that would be great05:22
tgm4883tonyyarusso: thanks. Argumentative people usually don't bother me but he was pushing it a bit far05:31
tonyyarussoStill PMing me about how you must have access to his machine too.  Weird.05:33
ubottutpanmajia called the ops in #ubuntu ()08:35
ubottutpanmajia called the ops in #ubuntu (roundfater)08:35
ubottuTomyLobo called the ops in #ubuntu (IlIllIChild|I[\`)09:32
ubottuIlIllIChild|I[\` called the ops in #ubuntu (TomyLobo sexually harassing me in private message!)09:33
mike802please stop ruining things for everyone09:33
mike802thank you09:38
CzokNorris1is there a specific way to cope with channel ops who ban users just because they dislike them?16:29
hggdhCzokNorris1: please provide details17:29
hggdhCzokNorris1: if it is a core Ubuntu channel, you can go to #ubuntu-irc-council and discuss your issue17:29
hggdhtgm4883: if it is via private messages, just /ignore them17:31
tgm4883hggdh: oh, didn't realize I was still in here. No, it was in the main channel17:32
hggdhtgm4883: OK. if you are done here, please /part. This is a no-idling channel.17:32
tgm4883yep, sorry about htat17:33
hggdhCzokNorris1: if you are done here, please /part17:33
CzokNorris1Oh, sorry, was away: the channel is a unofficial channel of our university (but not directly run by the university) and frequently visited by students. The channel name is #in.tum and the ops name is mike2 (thats his visible name in the chat) he seems to like insulting and banning people just because he dislikes them or their opinion. I thik banning should only happen if someone massively trolls or floods the channel or does something destructive to th17:39
hggdhCzokNorris1: there is not much that can be done within freenode. Ops can do whatever they want in the channels the are ops. For Ubuntu, we have the IRC Council to mediate issues,17:47
hggdhCzokNorris1: but other channels may, or may not have an equivalent process.17:47
hggdhCzokNorris1: Find out who is/are the channel founder(s), and discuss it with them.17:48
hggdhnothing we can do here, sorry.17:48
CzokNorris1hmm, ok..17:49
CzokNorris1i see, its ok.17:49
CzokNorris1thanks, bye17:49
k1l_what is up with that script? Mjzf (~Mjzf@ARennes-656-1-288-2.w2-10.abo.wanadoo.fr)   joining with new nick=ident and then getting a exess flood  disconnect22:12
k1l_ iuifx (~iuifx@ARennes-656-1-288-2.w2-10.abo.wanadoo.fr)   << 2 minutes before22:13
bazhangrunning gentoo, or so he says23:50
bazhangcome to #ubuntu to troll23:50
bazhanghe does not know how to check his kernel and runs gentoo23:51

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