bitcoinassassinHi. Rubbing Ubuntu Server 14.04.2 LTS after most-recent updates cannot get past "configuring network interfaces" upon reboot00:59
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sarnoldbitcoinassassin: try selecting a different kernel from the grub boot menu?01:07
bitcoinassassinsarnold: thanks. I did that. same result.01:08
bitcoinassassinsarnold: it actually hangs on 'starting network configuration'01:08
bitcoinassassinis there some way to boot past this and then edit the network configuration file?01:09
patdk-lapit isn't hanging there01:10
patdk-lapthat is just the last thing it prints01:10
sarnoldbitcoinassassin: you may have success if you add "single" to the kernel command line to tr booting in single-user mode; if that doesn't work, you can boot with init=/bin/bash  which ought to do the trick -- just don't forget the sync, remount read-only ..01:10
bitcoinassassinsarnold: thanks.... but.... that's over my head; do you have a link to a post that tells how to do what you suggest?01:12
sarnoldbitcoinassassin: this isn't too far off of it: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LostPassword01:15
sarnold"The Other Way" -- just before "reboot" I'd add in "sync ; remount -o ro /" -- the remount might not actually work, but it's worth trying first :) heh01:16
sarnoldnot remount -o ro / --- mount -o remount,ro /   --- I knew that felt wrong even as I typed it and thought it was just the keyboard I'm using.01:17
bitcoinassassinok thanks .......I'll check that out01:18
bitcoinassassinahhh well...... to no avail....... I'm wasting so much time it's quicker to just reinstall the server os..... thanks anyway01:25
holmshi, i've got upstart init script stuck in here.. probably not releasing tty..  http://paste.ubuntu.com/11977248/ can please someone take a look :)?02:31
sarnoldholms: does /var/www/shrinktheapp/bin/celery daemonize automatically?02:34
sarnoldholms: maybe add some -z ${CELERYD_PID_FILE} kind of checks, for all the variables needed, after sourcing the configs?02:34
holmsit does daemonize automatically02:38
sarnoldholms: is pre-start the best place to put it?02:38
holmsthat's just example i've found02:38
holmswhat's your recommendation :)?02:39
sarnoldholms: perhaps you could try < /dev/null > /dev/null 2>/dev/null to try disassociating the fds the script has... (that's a WAG)02:39
holmswhat's -z ?02:40
sarnoldit checks that there's contents in the variable..02:40
sarnoldah, that's -n, -z checks that it's empty: http://tldp.org/LDP/abs/html/refcards.html02:41
holmswould be vice, just not the case probably02:41
holmsis ther's posibility that it's celery-multi not realeasing tty?02:42
sarnoldholms: re: starting the daemon, I'd expect this to be the better config directive: http://upstart.ubuntu.com/cookbook/#exec02:42
sarnoldholms: and the expect directive to tell it how many times it'll fork()....02:42
holmsokay will do02:42
holmsreload configuration, still the same =/02:43
holmslol after executing command manually02:46
holmsit closed ssh connection what the hell :D02:46
sarnoldholms: !!02:48
sarnoldholms: wow :)02:48
holmsanyone good in upstart in here?04:12
holmsgot things moving but still stuck.. it's just freezed when service celery start being done04:13
holms http://paste.ubuntu.com/11977693/04:13
holmsin 15.04 there's no python 2.7?04:41
holmsat least in digital ocean04:41
tonyyarussoUm, sure there is.04:44
holmspython2.7 ok i've installed it /usr/bin/python is not found04:45
holmslinking manually? ouch04:45
holmsansible doesn't work out of the box04:45
tonyyarusso2.7 is even still the default in 15.04, so I have no idea what you're talking about.04:46
eredwoodhello everyone04:54
holmsin 15.04 default is python304:56
holms/bin/sh: 1: /usr/bin/python: not found04:56
holmsfresh system from digital ocean image04:58
eredwoodI have a Ubuntu file server and on that server I have a working DVD RW. I would like to use it form any computer in my house I am using samba as my file server. I tried to mount it using fstab but it not wokring  any ideal on what I should do to make it work?05:01
sarnolderedwood: what error did you get when you tried to mount it?05:05
eredwoodsarnold let me check the log file05:07
holmsso where did /usr/bin/python gone from 15.04?05:08
sarnoldholms: you ought to be able to install python 2 with apt-get install python2.705:10
holms /usr/bin/python still absent05:10
holmsroot@celery-test:~# ls /usr/bin/python*05:13
holms/usr/bin/python2.7  /usr/bin/python3  /usr/bin/python3.4  /usr/bin/python3.4m  /usr/bin/python3-jsondiff  /usr/bin/python3-jsonpatch  /usr/bin/python3my05:13
tonyyarussoholms: Just checked myself, and the default in 15.04 is most definitely 2.7.9, not 3.05:17
holmswell then digital ocean image is broken?05:17
tonyyarussoOr you broke it.05:17
holmsi didn't do anything05:17
holmsrestored image from scratch05:17
holmsonly python3 presents05:17
sarnoldheh, my minimal building schroots don't have any /usr/bin/python symlinks either. go figure.05:17
holmsif anyone would check AWS im pretty sure it will be the same05:18
sarnoldmy 14.04 lts does have symlinks, both python and python2 are symlinked to python2.705:18
holmsit's about 15.0405:18
holms14.04 works fine for me05:18
eredwoodsarnold I cant tell you the error but this is the way I have it set up in the /etc/fstab : #/dev/sr0/   /media/cdrom         defaults   1        205:19
eredwoodwhat I do know is that the server come to a stop and I have to hit S to move it to the next level05:21
eredwoodor so that I can log in05:21
sarnolderedwood: '1 2' are odd choices for the dump and fsck fields; try setting those to '0 0' instead.05:22
eredwoodok cool05:22
sarnolderedwood: oh and change 'defaults' to 'defaults,noauto'05:23
eredwoodThat what I love about Linux thank you and every one that I get the chance to work with05:27
sarnolderedwood: woot :)05:30
holmshow to start a service on boot other then upstart (it freezes with celery-multi, offial bug), other than systemd (because ansible doesn't work with 15.04), otther then supervisord (because i can't find how to specify start/stop commands manually)05:55
skrphow the crap can i filter the syslog and many other important logs in /var/log ?05:58
skrpto take out all the regular traffic. like instead of output where it counts the times the 'incident' happened06:00
skrpin the freebsd fw logs you can adjust them so that they count instead of it over and over06:00
skrp*adjust the logs so each incident is counted not repeated-line-for-line*06:02
sarnoldskrp: investigate logwatch06:04
eredwoodsarnold in the fstab file was I to use deaults and noauto  together with the coma or was I to use just noauto?06:04
eredwoodto use the cdrom06:04
skrpsarnold, nothing native to ubuntu? i stay more pure closer to the core06:04
sarnolderedwood: I'd go with "defaults,noauto" -- I'm pretty sure that works..06:05
sarnoldskrp: heh, welcome to linux :(06:05
skrpsarnold, haha. thanks. proud to be here... actually im thinking of going to PCBSD06:05
sarnoldskrp: in my experience, none of the linux distributions feel quite as 'smooth' or polished as the BSDs.06:05
skrplinux soo messy06:05
sarnoldskrp: .. but the flip side is, the debian/ubuntu archives are _huge_, have a lot more packaged than are available in ports or pkgsrc etc...06:06
skrpsarnold, you are a wise one06:07
sarnoldskrp: of course, pf is (imho) way nicer to configure than iptables, but I think iptables will scale far far further on much larger hardware, if that's your thing... always tradeoffs.06:07
skrpsarnold, so why do you use ubuntu? i would like to know why you pick it of all distros06:07
sarnoldskrp: I was pretty happy with debian, but ubuntu switched to using security-hardening throughout the distribution extensively by default: safer compiler options, ASLR in the kernel, integrated apparmor support, and dedicated security team to do security updates06:09
sarnoldskrp: I liked it well enough to join canonical's security team and help out :) hehe06:09
skrpi been on ubuntu. it has been a kind learning curve. but now it is a compromise on my system because its "less polished" its a mess06:09
sarnoldskrp: .. but part of me will always miss the nice polished feel from our bsd friends.06:09
skrpsarnold, daemon for life. i just use ubuntu cause im addicted to gaming06:10
skrpsarnold, you gonna make it to DefCon?06:10
sarnoldskrp: not this year06:10
sarnoldskrp: I've only been a few times, and it was for capture-the-flag contests each time, so I've never actually _seen_ most of defcon..06:10
skrpim not to far from it so i'm carpoolin06:10
sarnoldnice :)06:10
skrpctf so you are one of hose guys06:11
sarnoldpurely defensive. I'm useless for exploits :(06:11
skrp*thank gawd im behind a bouncer*06:11
skrpsarnold, why did you say that "but ubuntu switched to using security-hardening throughout the distribution extensively by default: safer compiler opt"06:12
skrpsarnold, why did you say that like it is a bad thing06:12
sarnoldskrp: hah, sorry to give that impression -- that was the feature that caused me to move _to_ ubuntu :)06:13
skrpsarnold, ahhh. i pm lattera who is developing hardenedbsd. which takes it to the max06:13
skrpsarnold, but the memstick img won't work :)06:13
skrpsarnold, i came to the server last week. vlc was running at 99% cpu. my pfsense box was rooted. and my lxde hacked to shit on my ubuntu06:18
sarnoldaww :(06:18
skrpmy own fault... i wasn't watching logs. i partied all that weekend06:18
skrpsarnold, you sniff anything out. i don't even have ports forwarded to my ubuntu. how could it have happened...06:19
sarnoldskrp: I've gotten the impression that most hacked systems are (a) brute-force sshd password guessing (b) webbased control panels (c) wordpress plugins, etc...06:21
skrpsarnold, logs were scrubbed and the server time was hacked. like system time was the vector, as that is popular06:22
skrpsarnold, do do torrenting, wget -m, and various other things too06:22
sarnoldthis is the only CVE that we know is open against ntp: http://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-security/cve/2015/CVE-2015-5146.html06:23
sarnoldskrp: torrent software can be pretty variable.. you might want to use an apparmor profile around your torrent client, I really don't trust those..06:24
skrpsarnold, you got to slum in the slums sometime. live fast. die young.06:27
sarnoldhahaha :)06:28
skrpi wild card torrents so its even worse :)06:28
skrpmovie file 190* - 198* #every movie torrent from years 1900-198906:29
skrpsarnold, i don't find porn from 1906 very appealing but you get what you get with castin a net06:29
sarnoldshow more ankle!06:30
skrpthey were pretty ugly back then. i'd rather fk a sheep.06:30
skrpBrigham Young. Poligamist of 25+ wives, and they were all ugly as sin06:31
eredwoodsarnold how long have you been working with Linux.07:02
sarnolderedwood: about 21 years07:02
eredwoodare you a sys admin07:03
sarnolderedwood: no; just my own systems..07:03
eredwoodThe reason cool07:04
eredwoodsarnold when I grow up I want to be like you LOL07:06
sarnoldbed time :) have fun guys07:06
sarnoldwhen I grow up I want to be a puppy dog07:07
eredwoodHave a good night07:07
sarnoldnn :)07:07
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eredwoodGood night eveyone07:48
eredwoodGood night everyone07:48
eredwoodThanks again07:49
eredwoodthis a test07:51
lordievaderGood morning.07:59
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kklimondaany best practices on "quarantining" new packages until they've been tested on a subset of all servers, before doing more widespread upgrade?08:51
cluelesspersonHey all.  I'm trying to setup CIFS mounts08:57
cluelesspersonproblem is it keeps telling me Permission denied...08:57
cluelesspersonbut no clue where that is.08:57
lordievadercluelessperson: Permission denied on what? Logging in?08:57
cluelesspersonlordievader,  I do   mount -v music and it tells me Error 1308:58
lordievaderCan you browse to your share and look at the contents?08:58
cluelesspersonlordievader, yes.08:59
lordievaderDo you need credentials for that?08:59
cluelesspersonlordievader, yes.  However, on my laptop, I first logged in as my user, and now I can't try another user08:59
cluelesspersonlordievader, However, I tried messing with the permissions for that active user.  They're the same for the user I'm trying "mediashare"09:00
lordievadercluelessperson: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1871142&s=db1f510747d9360ff5891e964fc631b5&p=11403163#post1140316309:00
cluelesspersonsec=ntlmv2 gives me invalid arguement09:07
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Wadduphi guys just wanna ask, i have an ubuntu server 14.04 with 4 3TB WD Red setup in raid 0+1 and separated 1tb Regular for OS Drive. now everytime i save from it after i close the file i save it becomes corrupted. is it because probably my drives have bad sector or because there is somethign wrong with my setup?13:27
lordievaderHave you checked if the drives contain bad sectors?13:34
Waddupi am currently,13:35
Waddupi have not checked it before since it was new13:35
Waddupi loaded it one by one on my windows computer and run hdtune.13:36
lordievaderWaddup: Could you pastebin the output of smartctl -a off all four drives?13:37
Waddupthis is my first project in linux and i dont really know if there is a way to chec badsectors like hdtune does on pc in linux13:37
Wadduphold on13:37
Waddupletme download smartmon first i dont have it yet13:37
Waddupi was wondering because it was doing ok at first had 300gb worth of files in it already and just a few weeks later it started corrupting my files one by one13:38
Wadduplordievader : here you go http://pastebin.com/tACvatMD13:41
lordievaderThere is one disk with a raw_read_error_rate of 52, the rest is fine. No bad sectors.13:45
Waddupso what should i do with that one?13:46
lordievaderSee if it increases or not.13:46
lordievaderWhat kind of raid are you running?13:46
Waddup raid 0+113:46
lordievaderWaddup: How is it set up, hardware? Software?13:48
Waddupi have it on an i7 4600k machine with 32gb of ram13:49
Waddupand a sabertooth z97 board13:49
Waddupwhat do i do to see if the 52 in raw read error increase? just check smartctl again?13:51
lordievaderWaddup: Yes, or run the smartd to check it for you.13:52
lordievaderWaddup: mdraid, lvm raid?13:52
Waddupmdraid i think13:53
Waddupi just used webmin to put it to raid13:53
Waddupsorry im really new to linux and have no idea what i am doing. i just followed a few instructions on the net13:53
Waddupanyway in anycase if it increases or not both means i need to replace it right?13:54
ubottuwebmin is no longer supported in Debian and Ubuntu. It is not compatible with the way that Ubuntu packages handle configuration files, and is likely to cause unexpected issues with your system.13:54
lordievaderFyi ^13:54
Waddupi see.13:55
lordievaderWaddup: Not necessarily, it might just be a bad sata cable or something. Anyhow with a raid 01 you should see any effect of it, in theory.13:55
Waddupso i should uninstall it13:55
Waddupsmartd /dev/sde13:56
Waddupis this correct?13:56
lordievaderYes, it is better to properly administer your server through ssh than webmin.13:56
lordievaderWaddup: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Smartmontools#Advanced:_Running_as_Smartmontools_as_a_Daemon13:56
lordievaderThe config file explains a lot.13:56
Waddupthankyou ill go take a read13:57
Waddupthank you13:57
Waddupanyway just in case i wanted something like a webmin, for lets say i need someone less inexperienced than me to take care of it while im away13:58
Waddupis there anything like it that still works great with ubuntu?13:58
lordievaderA web based control panel? No idea, I rather dislike those things.13:59
Waddupahh cool with me bothways. thanks14:00
Waddupoh one more thing, if the file corruption still continues, whatelse could still be done to check which is at fault?14:01
lordievaderThen you want to figure out if it is a block level or at filesystem level.14:03
Waddupi tried checking the os drive too, could this also be a cause in file corruption ? http://pastebin.com/iBJz7cuh14:03
Waddupi see, well i guess ill jsut have to try and buy another 3tb and replace the faulty drive14:05
lordievaderI'd say that would be too much of a rush job.14:06
lordievaderIf it is at file system or raid level buying a new drive wouldn't solve anything.14:06
lordievaderFirst investigate the problem.14:06
Waddupi see14:09
Waddupill try to read about how to check if the filesystem or raid level is at fault14:09
Waddupthanks lordievader14:11
lordievaderSure, no problem14:12
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j3r0guys what is setgid www-data ?18:28
lordievaderj3r0: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Setuid It sets the group to www-data (Apache usergroup).18:56
bekksj3r0: setuid www-data sounds like wrong approach.19:10
bekksj3r0: What are you actually trying to do?19:10
skrpi have a 1 ubuntu and 5 bsd on my rack. i use the ubuntu as a gui client. im thinking of switching to pcbsd19:20
skrpwould the diversity avilable of having a ubuntu box be valuable in a way im not seeing/19:20
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j3r0bekks I am trying to set up django with gunicorn21:24
j3r0Guys if I have some apps install as root user. If I create a normal user, will the user will access to apps ?21:25
bekksj3r0: Depends on how you installed your software.21:30
j3r0from what I rember I always used sudo command. I don't now if that matters though21:32
bekksAnd how did you install which software?21:33
geniiIf they installed to the normal places which are in their normal PATH like /bin /sbin /usr/bin /usr/sbin   then the normal user will be able to find them, but if those applications require root or sudo to run, then the user will need to be added to sudoers21:39
j3r0almost 90% of the installations were made with sudo apt-get install21:45
JanCthat should be fine21:46

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