amrik_is there anyone to help me to install ubuntu 15.0402:50
amrik_inside the windows02:50
amrik_i'm getting error02:50
amrik_while installing02:50
DonkeyHoteii think you want #ubuntu02:51
amrik_i downloaded tht already02:51
DonkeyHoteithis channel is for ubuntu on phones02:51
amrik_i hv nokia n8 mobile02:52
DonkeyHotei/join #ubuntu02:52
amrik_can i install02:52
amrik_ubuntu on that phone02:52
DonkeyHoteithat's the list of phones02:53
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brunch875popey: I've seen your new games! They're terrific. I was on my way to craft a Qt game but now I'm considering doing it in HTML5 instead... would you rather recommend html5 over qml?12:00
edakiriSays, "OS: Ubuntu" Is that Ubuntu Ubuntu or Ubuntu Touch?  Last I read, the OS update mechanisms are different. http://store.bq.com/en/ubuntu-edition-e512:31
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pkhaxorzI bought a OnePlus One phone.16:15
pkhaxorzwhat is the status of ubuntu on there?16:15
popeypkhaxorz: ask mariogrip - he's doing (one of?) the ports16:38
mariogrippkhaxorz: https://devices.ubports.com/#/bacon16:41
popeywoah, never seen that site before.16:43
pkhaxorzI donated 5 bucks16:43
popeyaww, that's kind.16:43
pkhaxorzbecause then16:44
pkhaxorzI can have ubuntu on my phone and ubuntu on my laptop16:44
mariogrippkhaxorz: Thanks! :D16:45
pkhaxorzno prob16:45
hevyhomieHello hope you are well, I am porting to Moto E, and ran into this issue: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/11981230/18:07
hevyhomieHere is build info : http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/11981241/18:08
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Paddy_NII was given an Ubuntu Phone (bq Aquaris E4.5) today by a friend and have been trying to reach him for the "passcode" which seems to be a 4 digit number. I have tried factory reset however this does not seem to remove the passcode, would anyone know if there is anything else I can do to remove it whilst I await his response?22:25
Paddy_NIMy goodness popey you're EVERYWHERE! lol22:26
Paddy_NILove the podcast22:26

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