SuperEngineerA good bit of inexpensive fun [£1.99 on Steam]: "notGTAV" - simple, small, old time, brilliant07:02
SuperEngineer...one of those games where even the intro makes you smile.07:03
brobostigonmorning boys and girls.09:24
brobostigonmorning popey09:59
webpigeonMorning o/10:38
daftykinsD-Link in 'stupid looking router' competition: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=9SIA0AJ2K41001&cm_re=dlink_ac3200-_-33-127-573-_-Product12:08
HanraHello, is this an appropriate place to ask for help with a boot issue?13:17
brobostigonwe can help, yes, atleast try, but we arent official support.13:23
daftykinsbrobostigon: now you've done it ;)13:28
brobostigonhe was abit quick to leave as well.13:29
daftykinsalways the way13:30
ChunkzZanyone own a raspberry pi 2?13:30
daftykinsi'm sure someone does, what would the next question be?13:30
shaunoanyone own only one?  ;)13:31
shaunoI seem to stockpile them without trying13:31
* brobostigon haz three, two old, one new.13:31
brobostigondaftykins: maybe like that nutter from the other week, who just serially abused everyone.13:33
daftykinsHanra: welcome back, so... boot issue?13:33
brobostigonmore informstion please.13:34
HanraI am dual booting windows 8.1 and ubuntu 14.0413:34
Hanraafter a recent windows update when I start up I get as far as a screen which says :13:34
Hanra"error:unknown filesystem."13:34
Hanra"grub rescue >"13:34
HanraNow, I have several live cds13:34
Hanrabut putting them into my dvd drive does nothing13:35
Hanraboot password is unknown (but annoyingly set)13:35
daftykinswhat kind of device is it?13:35
Hanrathis is a laptop13:35
daftykinsyou need to invoke a boot menu and select the optical drive explicitly13:35
daftykinswhat brand?13:35
Hanrainvoking the boot menu (f12) shows no optical drive13:35
Hanraacer aspire13:35
daftykinserr, as in one of the dinky netbook things?13:36
HanraI do, weirdly, have about 50 entries just marked HDD, then the windows boot manager at the bottom13:36
daftykinsor a proper chunky 15" laptop?13:36
brobostigonor maybe, said windows update tried to replace windows's bootloader with grub and broke the whole thing and all thats needed is reintalling grub?13:36
daftykins50? O_O13:36
Hanraand yeah, 0_0 indeed13:36
daftykinsso you don't have ubuntu on a flash drive?13:36
daftykinsonly DVDs?13:36
Hanrathat also didn't work13:37
Hanramight not have been ubuntu but my flatmate has *something* on a flash drive13:37
Hanraso far I have tried :13:37
Hanraset root=(hd0,6)13:37
daftykinssounds to me like incorrect configuration of the BIOS to get these boot devices to work13:37
Hanrayeah, I would agree there13:38
Hanraif I had the bios password I would fix that13:38
brobostigonwas there a bios update as well? to change its config?13:38
daftykinswhy is there a password that you don't know on your own machine? is it a work system?13:38
HanraI got it from a friend whose dad was trying to sell PCs with Linux pre-installed13:38
Hanrathere is every possibility that he thought it was "more secure that way"13:39
daftykinsso contact and ask for it13:39
HanraCurrently in Atlanta apparently and uncontactable13:39
HanraSpoke to my friend rather than his dad13:39
Hanrathere's a chance that I did it myself in a moment of "clarity" which I have since forgotten13:40
HanraI understand there is a way to do this without a live CD?13:40
brobostigonwould a bios reflash get rid of said bios passwrd?13:40
daftykinsdid what, set a password? :P13:40
daftykinsbrobostigon: nah doubt it13:40
HanraBrobostigon, I was also under the impression that was an option13:40
brobostigondaftykins: i would agree, just worth checking.13:40
daftykinsHanra: well it's a total mess given your circumstances13:40
Hanraam going to try taking out the CMOS battery in a bit but that requires taking apart most of the laptop13:41
HanraOn the off chance...13:41
Hanrawhat would happen if I took out my laptop's HDD and put it into my flatmate's laptop?13:41
daftykinsthat won't help you13:41
brobostigonyou could copy the data off it.13:42
HanraI have already copied the boot data onto this pi13:42
HanraI can hook the HDD up to an external mount thingy (technical term)13:43
daftykinsPi o013:43
daftykinspersonally i'd get past the BIOS password issue regardless of this problem13:43
Hanrabut am assuming the handy tools like update-grub wouldn't be able to update a mounted drive rather than the main system?13:44
daftykinsyou're unable to enter and change settings to even fix things properly, that's a huge roadblock i wouldn't tolerate13:44
Hanradaftykins : I agree and now I know about it it's on my TODO list13:44
Hanrathe main concern is that I work from home and my main work laptop is out of action13:44
HanraI could boot up into windows but *hiss*13:45
Hanraalso that side of things hasn't got all the tools, vm stuff etc. that I'm used to using13:45
brobostigonits probably worth starting with trying to update grub incase windows with said update, did mess with grub.13:45
brobostigonhowever for that, you need to boot off somethign else which cant be done yet.13:46
daftykinsso what *is* listed on the boot menu?13:46
Hanraone mo13:46
Hanra1. Ubuntu (ST9500325AS)13:47
Hanra2. HDD: (same serial)13:47
Hanra(all those are the same "HDD" entry13:47
Hanra9. Windows Boot Manager (ST9500325AS)13:48
Hanrathere were 109 HDD entries btw13:48
Hanranice round number of 111 entries in total13:49
daftykinswhat does #2 do?13:49
* brobostigon just had his biscuits and crisps afternoon snack. :)13:49
daftykinssame as?13:49
HanraI think the first is only named "Ubuntu" because of some fiddling I did with bootmgr when booted up in windows13:49
HanraSame as Ubuntu13:49
Hanraalthough slightly less bright...13:49
daftykinsso just to the grub prompt, mmk13:49
Hanragrub rescue, ayw13:50
daftykinswell i think you're up a creek without a paddle personally.13:50
daftykinsyou could *maybe* look for BIOS updates for that system from inside Windows, but i don't think updating is going to change anything13:50
Hanrawell, fyi in case anyone else hits this, the normal solution is actually quite straightforward13:50
daftykinsso your main mission is to resolve booting external media so you can get a live session up and running imo.13:50
Hanrabut I hit errors following it13:51
daftykinsyeah i'm aware of messing around in grub to check partitions and yada yada13:51
daftykinsbut your own mention of the issue spoke of what was it... "error unknown filesystem"13:51
Hanrawhen I run "set"13:51
daftykinswhich suggests it's lost its bearing on each of the partitions perhaps13:51
Hanrait has root=hd0,gpt5 when I know that hd0,gpt6 would be correct13:52
daftykinsi don't have the skills with grub rescue to list the available partitions and all that13:52
Hanranp, thanks for trying :)13:52
daftykinshang on the guy i know who's good with this has just come online13:52
daftykinslet me see if he's free13:52
daftykinshop over to #ubuntu and EriC^^ will sort you out13:54
daftykinsHanra: do you follow?13:56
Hanrashould I privately message him or just chat in the spammy chat?13:56
Hanra(sorry, was making a cup of coffee)13:56
daftykinswe don't do PMs to volunteers, bad netiquette :>13:57
daftykinsah excellent, mines black :>13:57
HanraThanks again by the way daftykins14:05
daftykinsit's what we do!14:05
* brobostigon just had, a not unsurprising discussion with his gf.14:28
daftykins"i want to switch to Linux" ?14:34
brobostigonshe is an IOS girl unfortunatly.14:35
HanraThere are worse things to be14:35
daftykinsoh dear14:35
daftykinsi'm quite judgemental when i see a fruity tech device in someones hands :P14:36
brobostigonvery true Hanra14:36
HanraBut surely that means they have a negative correlation of bank balance to sense and can afford to buy you a free coffee?14:36
daftykinsi'll have to try that one14:37
shaunowelp, I love my fruity devices :)14:38
shaunoand you should too!  especially if you saw how horrid android was before they had something worth copying ;)14:38
brobostigonwell she did buy me a new pebble for my birthday, :)14:38
daftykinsah everything was pants in the past14:39
daftykinshardly a metric for current things14:39
shaunoI just think the whole rivalry is hilarious14:43
shaunowe basically only benefit if neither of them win, keep the competition going.  but people get so tribal about it14:43
HanraApple do some lovely design work14:44
Hanraand they have *started* to be less closed-system about how they do stuff14:44
daftykinsshauno: agreed, but i do find it shocking the way Apple keep reading the source of Kodi to see how they're making use of Airplay, then they change their stuff to break it14:46
daftykinsthat's what annoys me about them :)14:46
shaunoI find almost everything microsoft do to be shocking, but it's no longer trendy to point that out14:46
daftykinsnah, 'cause Apple are in vogue :D14:46
shaunolike having to do a raindance to come up with privacy settings that are anywhere near acceptable.  that gets a free pass :)14:47
HanraIt's true, we should be united against the Common Foe14:47
daftykinsi dunno, if you're speaking of 10 there's plenty of tinfoilers going around at the moment14:47
daftykinsWindows 10 that is14:47
NokajiM$ meteoric rise follows an age ol' pattern of criminals becoming the govt and gaining respectability14:48
daftykinsoh crikey please don't bring politics into it XD14:48
NokajiI was evoking pattern recognition14:49
shauno(and no, they don't want people using airplay like that.  that's life)14:49
zmoylan-pievery new release gives chance to be the blogger who first spots the biggest flamingo up in new version of windows14:49
zmoylan-pisome one hasn't watched red dwarf... a flamingo up is like a cock up only much much bigger :-)14:55
daftykinscan't say i remembered that one14:56
HanraI have certainly watched enough Red Dwarf to know that everybody is dead14:59
mapppsred dwarf:D15:03
mapppsi used to like that15:03
brobostigonthey have been making new serials of that as well, :)15:04
HanraNot something I'd be excited about if I were you, did you see the recent attempts?15:07
daftykinsthe 'Dave' channel Blade Runner rips were terrible, but the newer stuff was good i thought15:07
HanraThe most recent series wasn't too bad. The previous stuff with captain hollister wasn't too bad but back to earth was .. Urgh... and the series doesn't seem to have the same feel to it15:11
zmoylan-piwell they lost half the writers15:26
brobostigonbtw, my gf said about the whole, how i feel about children, question/subject. was what i was refferring to.15:29
daftykinsbrobostigon: ah-har15:30
daftykinsthat's dropping a clanger :D15:30
brobostigonoh yes.15:31
HanraHow you feel about children in relation to apple products? Are firstborns still part of the T&C?15:32
zmoylan-pido you make the kids sign a new eula every six months?15:33
brobostigonlolz v.215:33
zmoylan-pithen hock them online when a new one comes along in 18 months...15:37
Hanrabut seriously, my sympathy, you has it15:38
shaunomeanwhile, trying to get a bog standard usb audio device to work properly in win7 ..15:38
daftykinsUSB audio :(15:40
bujjipopey: hello o/))15:46
* daftykins runs15:46
bujjiwhy ))15:46
lubotu3Please ask your questions in the channel so that other people can help you, benefit from your questions and answers, and ensure that you're not getting bad advice.15:48
daftykinswe go through this dance every time bujji15:48
daftykinsit is RUDE to just PM people without request, now stop it15:49
bujjifriend request)))15:49
daftykinsthis isn't a social network15:50
popeyhello bujji15:50
bujjipopey: hello ))15:51
bujjipopey: how is your weekend15:52
HanraI don't suppose anyone's used grub4dos?15:54
HanraEric^^ has suggested I do that to get around my lack of live CD access15:55
bujjihm great))15:56
bujjiyou are not repying sometimes are you busy.15:56
NokajiI'm trying to install a proggie. I've added the PPA but cannot find cdrtools in either Terminal, Software Centre or Synaptic. The last two call up simpleburn in a search as if it were the same thing (it is similar)16:03
popeywasn't cdrtools replaced?16:03
Nokajiit is the replacement as far as I can tell16:04
popeymy bad16:04
Nokajicdrah, mayber I should be trying to install cdrecord16:05
popeycdrkit is the replacement16:05
daftykinsusing policy or showpkg would show it's coming from that newly added PPA?16:05
shaunowhich ppa are you using?16:05
popey[M#kKDebian,[14] Red Hat,[15] Fedora,[16] OpenSUSE,[17] Mandriva[18] and Ubuntu[19] dropped the versions of cdrtools with CDDL code from their distributions and switched to the Debian project created cdrkit, a fork of the last GPL-licensed cdrtools version.[20]16:05
popeyi had forgotten about Joerg Schilling16:05
Nokaji ppa:brandonsnider/cdrtools16:05
Nokajithere are two options16:05
popeywodim is what you want?16:06
Nokajiit replaces wodim16:06
popeywodim is actually in the repo16:06
popeycdrtools isnt16:06
Nokajiproblem is blu ray disc fail on burn at end16:06
Nokajiproblem is K3B tries to replace buggy codecs or similar form cdrtool but fails if it cannot find it16:07
NokajiI have to install it, for K3B to select an alternative - sounds convoluted, i know16:07
Nokaji"Brasero and K3B can't burn Blu-ray out of the box. In order to do so you have to install the cdrecord package from this PPA https://launchpad.net/~brandonsnider/+archive/cdrtools and in doing so you will be uninstalling wodim which is used by default and does not support BD-R media"16:08
daftykinsso when you say you're burning a disc, you're not actually just throwing data onto it or burning an image - you're doing some conversion too?16:08
daftykinsor some authoring of video perhaps?16:08
NokajiI'm archiving stuff onto it, I created an image first which was succesgful, the burn failed at 99%. apparently there is an issue with the last file that is resolved by adding this package i seek16:09
daftykinsah ok16:10
NokajiI've tried adding other PPA - it didn't take16:13
Nokajion seconds thought, maybe it did. the erorr is unable to find a couple of sub-archives off of the ppa16:13
Nokajistill no cdrtools file though16:13
Nokajilooks like the file isn't available on the ppa "failed to fetch..." etc16:17
Nokajiokay, I'm sure the problem is CDRTools package does not exist, anywhere. That means, sadly and indeed tragically, there is no way to use my shiny new and expensive blu ray burner except perhaps as paperweight16:28
brobostigonraiders, bbc2 18:25.16:38
popeyBah, stupid Windows 10 machine has decided it no longer has the ability to send audio over dvi16:41
zmoylan-piyou need to pay a monthly fee for that :-)16:41
daftykinsnvidia card?16:41
daftykinstheir drivers are super shonky right now16:42
popeyworked the other day16:42
popeysuddenly it broke16:42
penguin42something updated?16:42
daftykinsWU probably put another on16:42
popeydriver says "no audio capable display"16:42
popeyI guess so16:42
penguin42try replugging the display ?16:48
Hanraon the off-chance, anyone in Cambridge willing to help me dismantle a laptop to get at the darned CMOS battery?16:59
daftykinsgoogle the service guide, Hanra17:00
daftykinsshould be one knocking about if it's old17:00
daftykinsmay even be within reach of underside panels17:00
Hanraoh, I know what I need to do17:00
Hanrajust don't seem to have the knack of these latches around the keyboard17:00
Hanrain other models the battery is *relatively* easy to get at. Here, it's under the keyboard17:01
daftykinsa model number could be handy if you can share17:06
daftykinsmake + model17:06
zmoylan-piand get a cup to hold the 17 different sized screws you need to remove to get to it :-)17:06
brobostigonlike the eeepc, it just two latches to pull the keyboard.17:06
daftykinszmoylan-pi: that's optimistic ;)17:06
Hanra Only two types of screw, so happy17:07
zmoylan-pioptimism is when you expect to get them all back into the laptop :-)17:07
penguin42or not to be rattling around afterwards :-)17:09
HanraAcer Aspire E1-57117:09
Hanrathere you go17:10
Hanraurgh, this is too much faff. I'm going to find someone I can pay to do this17:15
Hanrawhich is something I rarely ever say :S17:16
daftykinsi'd offer but there's water between England and me :D17:16
HanraI know, our kind cannot cross water.17:16
Hanrait would cause... complications17:16
daftykinsnot for cheap at least17:16
Hanraso, back to trying to get grub4dos working17:17
penguin42http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-33746126  oh wow17:17
* Hanra weeps17:17
daftykinsHanra: just get the hardware done, it's simples17:18
HanraIt's not simples17:19
daftykinsis that the victim?17:20
HanraThat is the patient, yes17:20
daftykinslooks pretty straightforward17:20
daftykinsand the target is to the side of the card reader17:20
Hanrawell, I don't know if I have the tools or the dexterity to undo each of those latches17:23
HanraI have a flathead screwdriver for the pushing of the latch, but nothing that hooks underneath...17:24
penguin42I don't think it needs to be a hook; just anything thin to stop it popping back down and reclicking into the latch17:26
Hanratell a lie... stage 1 complete17:26
daftykinsguitar pic thingy, plenty of choices17:27
NokajiHanra:  a digicam is a useful beast of burden if you are dismantling something17:33
diddledanpenguin42: oh dear - serbian lottery!17:33
daftykinsNokaji: good call that, pics are always handy to retrace your steps17:37
daftykinsand i found never start too late else come the next day you won't remember a thing :D17:37
penguin42yeh digital pictures are very useful when there are 4 connectors that can all go in one of 3 different places17:38
Hanraalmost there, just got one corner not separating17:43
daftykinspersuade it ;)17:43
diddledanwhen I persuade things I usually break the tabs17:44
Hanrait's around the audio jack and hdmi but17:44
Hanra(technical term)17:44
Hanraplastic on the case doesn't seem too happy17:49
daftykinsanother lurking screw?17:49
Nokajidaftykins: Thanke ye, I'm building up to answering a technical question one day :)17:50
daftykinsgood on you!17:50
Hanradaftykins, can't see any. Might just be a stiff latch and a fragile bit of plastic17:50
Hanraso close... but bailing for a bit to make sure I'm not destroying my laptop (and to maybe cook dinner)18:02
=== ChunkzZ_ is now known as ChunkzZ

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