Roguehorsequiet day ... everyone must be out =)00:00
nhainesI know I'm not here.00:00
Roguehorsehad to do an update on my Garmin ... been over a year00:01
nhainesI am quite happy I haven't needed my TomTom in a very long time, although I still keep it around on camping or road trips or whatever.00:02
RoguehorseI suck at directions so I use mine fairly regularly00:03
nhainesOh, I use my Nexus 5 and Google Maps.00:03
Roguehorsenow updates on the laptop ... W7HP00:03
nhainesPretty much constantly.00:03
nhainesOn the bright side, I'm the default voice on UNav for Ubuntu phones  :)00:03
RoguehorseYeah, phone works too00:03
RoguehorseThat's just way cool =)00:04
ianorlynI wonder if microsoft cliamed to love linux don't they have some better voices they could allow screenreaders on linux for00:05
pleia2it's sysadmin day, we're out celebrating (or fixing problems for people, like every other day)00:06
akkI use OsmAnd for maps -- openstreetmap, plus it works offline (which I usually am).00:08
nhainesGoogle Maps added offline maps *again*.00:08
nhainesI'd be more annoyed but they also added a much more useful location history feature.00:08
akkAh, I haven't actually tried in years since way back when they didn't support the android version I had then.00:09
akkThey do tend to offer things then take them away, though. At least with OsmAnd, in theory I could compile an old version if I needed to.00:09
akk(I also keep some old binaries and data sets archived just in case.)00:09
akkAnd openstreetmap shows more trails than google.00:10
ianorlynyeah google kills stuff that would cost them rather than lose money00:12
akkOr they "upgrade" the app to make it hard to use, like google maps on browsers.00:13
akkOf course all projects do that, but google seems to do it worse than most because they like to redefine what the project is for.00:13
Roguehorse\o/ Yay SysAdminDay .... I'm updateing Windows =(00:26
RoguehorseOh, well, it has to get done too ....00:26
nhainesRoguehorse: it's a pretty painless update and it's a nice iteration from Windows 8.100:30
RoguehorseThat is true00:31
Roguehorse46 total updates, on 11 now ... gonna be a while00:32
Roguehorsegetting there, 37 of 4601:09
ianorlynhmm I don't have anything other than linux really that I boot01:27
RoguehorseIt's a beautiful day! \o/19:12
RoguehorseI got pictures of the blue moon last night ....19:13
Roguehorsethey're eh...19:13

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