jrwrenwasn't sure if my inet was out or what. still not sure if it was comcast or battle.net :)00:12
jrwreni rmember powertools for XP had a virtual desktop thing00:12
gamerchick02yeah it did00:19
gamerchick02i dunno why they killed it. it's so damn useful. i use it on linux and on mac, and now on windows. i could use it forever at work00:19
gamerchick02i'm watching Murder She Wrote and they're using an old computer.00:21
gamerchick02sounds like a buckling spring keyboard00:22
jrwrenvista killed it, cuz dwm works differently00:38
brouschcmaloney: You at PyOhio?01:02
cmaloneybrousch: Just got here01:41
cmaloneywas at a viewing around 3:30pm01:41
brouschWe're in the lounge01:43
cmaloneyCool. PLanning on heading there in a bit01:50
gamerchick02nice. how's PyOhio so far?02:03
brouschNot yet started02:05

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