thafreakgenerating 4096 bit dhparam file really drains your battery02:17
Unit193Haha, well just a little, yeah. :P02:17
thafreakit's looking less and less like I'll be going to pyohio tomorrow02:47
Unit193yano: You were the other one that enjoyed that, no/02:48
dzhoI had hoped that "man utf-8' would show a character table akin to what "man ascii" does, at least on this system.  I am disappoint.13:29
paultagThere are a *ton* of UTF-8 codepoints13:31
paultagand god knows how many actually render13:31
paultagdoubly so in a monospaced terminal13:32
paultagalso terminals totally can't handle RTL markers13:32
paultaglibbidi can do some of it, but that's not going to cut it most of the time13:32
dzhoyeah, I was confused about page tables.13:44
dzholatin1(7) aka iso_8859-1(7) are what I was looking for, more or less.13:44

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