aeden__ddoes anyone ever use this channel?19:23
Unit193Well there's those of us that idle here, and randomly something does spark a little conversation.19:24
aeden__dwhat OS do you use for your daily use?19:27
Unit193Xubuntu on any of my hardware.19:28
Unit193Server is Ubuntu/14.04 and Debian, though.19:29
Unit193Servers are, rather.19:29
aeden__dI'm trying out Lubuntu, Xubuntu, Ubuntu, Mint and Tails atm...19:31
aeden__dUse to be an avid Ubuntu user back in the day. Dropped off around 201119:32
aeden__dgetting back into it I suppose19:32
Unit193Ah, nice.  Interesting to have Tails among those.  Used to do more with Lubuntu, though not much nowdays, Xfce fits me quite well I've found.  Though in terms of using something without a DE, Openbox is nice.19:34
aeden__dHa, tails is odd in that list. Interesting only because I believe in certain rights and freedoms19:37
aeden__donly problem is, I'm ignorant to how all that works.19:39
Unit193I have tor installed and running as well, just not tails.19:41
aeden__dwhat about email, is that pushed through tor?19:41
Unit193Not for me, nope.19:42
Unit193I randomly use it, sometimes for IRC links, may have a hidden service too.19:43
aeden__dI've tried connected to Freenode via SASl+Tor etc.. unsuccessful on every attempt19:45
Unit193That'd be because it's disabled for now, too many brute force attempts on user passwords.19:45
aeden__dHave you ever had any success getting a IP mask from a Freenode moderator?19:46
Unit193Yep, I'm cloaked now.19:47
aeden__dI see that, how do you do that??19:47
Unit193I don't see any staff online right now, but usually you join #freenode and ask for a cloak.19:48
aeden__dEvery time I ask it seems there are ~hundred different folks asking for a mask from the staff...19:48
aeden__dI guess they just get overwhelmed with it19:49
Unit193There's also an ideal time to ask, and I would have said that'd be two hours ago or so.  One may show up eventually though.19:50
Unit193(If you wait up until tonight, you'll see the troll hour too. >_> )19:51
aeden__dhaha, thats always fun... The only problem I have with that is, I want my daughters to know about IRC19:52
aeden__dbut you always have some douche bag out there that puts stuff out in the channel thats inappropriate19:53
Unit193Well then, I'd say avoid #freenode from 1900-0400 (can't remember the exact time, so may as well overshoot.)  There are plenty of nice and friendly channels, all depends on what you're looking for.19:54
aeden__ddoes cyberanger show up much, or is he as elusive as ever?19:56
Unit193He generally likes the evenings/nights, but he can be found.19:57
aeden__dha, only if he wants to be19:58
aeden__dgood chatting with you Unit19320:04
cyberangeraeden__d: unually I'm lurking and can show up when summoned21:31
cyberangerbut I'd been nightshift for awhile, this room isn't much for that21:32

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