Noskcajbluesabre, Do we want to switch to sgt-puzzles this cycle? All the launcher needs to be in a archive-ready state is an icon01:09
bluesabreNoskcaj: potentially, I'll try to get some testing in on it this weekend and we can bring the decision in next week's meeting01:20
Noskcajok. i'll need to set up translations, won't i?01:20
Unit193Fix the issues I noted? :P01:20
NoskcajUnit193, Anything not in the TODO file?01:21
Unit193I don't know. :P01:21
Unit193http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~noskcaj/+junk/sgt-puzzles-launcher/revision/15 uhh, you can't do that...01:24
NoskcajHow to fix?01:25
Unit193(https://www.debian.org/doc/debian-policy/ch-files.html 10.7)01:27
NoskcajI realise it's not a good solution, but is there anything other than some if statements that i need?01:53
Unit193Well, while not perfect you can put them in another XDG_DATA_DIRS to toggle hidden=true, /usr/share/xfce4/applications/ for example.02:53
Unit193At least it's not as hacky, just only works in Xfce. :P02:53
NoskcajIs there any way it will actually break something, or is it just because it's too hacky?03:16
ochosimorning everyone07:36
flocculantmorning ochosi 07:40
lderanright, hello everyone :)10:46
ochosihey lderan 10:53
ochosihow're things?10:54
bluesabremorning everyone10:55
lderannot been so good of late, but hopefully getting better. I am really sorry about my absence for the past half a dozen months10:56
lderanhow are things with yourself?10:56
ochosihey bluesabre 10:59
ochosilderan: oh well, life can always turn hectic. it's starting to do that here too ;)10:59
lderanoh dear10:59
ochosibluesabre: anything you're planning on working on today? just saying cause i'll be about for a bit11:10
bluesabreochosi: poking menulibre as much as possible to get a release out tomrrow11:12
ochosiif there's anything i can help with lemme know11:12
bluesabreif you want to check out https://code.launchpad.net/~menulibre-dev/menulibre/2.1 and let me know if there are any changes you'11:13
bluesabred recommend for appearance/usability/etc11:13
bluesabreto use it:11:13
bluesabrepython3 setup.py install --user; ~/.local/bin/menulibre11:14
ochosiok, will do11:16
ochosihumm GLib.Error: gtk-builder-error-quark: Invalid property: GtkScrolledWindow.overlay_scrolling on line 834 (11)11:17
ochosioh woops11:17
ochosithat's probably me not being on gtk3.1611:17
ochosiis that a problem?11:18
bluesabreshould work without it11:19
bluesabregtk should really not be so chatty with invalid properties when it creates and removes many many properties every few months11:20
ochosiwell it actually does crash11:21
bluesabregimme a sec11:22
bluesabrepull and reinstall11:24
ochosihumm, no tags or revs to pull?11:24
ochosidid you push to the 2.1 branch?11:24
bluesabredidn't push11:25
bluesabretry again :D11:25
ochosiyeah, that's more like it11:25
ochosifwiw, using CSD would really make sense here...11:26
ochosisince all the layout of the app is already extremly CSDy11:26
bluesabreit'd clean it up substantially11:26
ochosihumm, i wonder what's wrong with the button style in that toolbar...11:27
ochosisomehow they seem totally flat11:27
ochosiat least the enabled ones11:27
ochosithe insensitive ones look ok11:27
ochosiinner-border is missing11:27
ochosialready checked with the inspector but this time it seems to be the theme's fault11:28
bluesabreI'll go ahead and CSDify the header11:29
ochosithat'll also fix those flat buttons without me touching anything :p11:29
ochosibtw, i'm wondering whether not using symbolic icons in that toolbar wouldn't be better11:29
ochosii do like how elementary uses colored icons there tbh11:30
ochosi(for other elements, like the inline toolbars, the symbolic icons are totally fine though)11:30
ochosicould try that since it's not very hard11:30
bluesabregood idea11:31
bluesabreI was on a symbolic kick at the time I cranked out 2.011:31
* ochosi remembers being really excited about those too11:32
ochosibtw, i really wonder whether we shouldn't include the topmenu plugin in the xubuntu-extras PPA11:40
ochosiit works ok, i've been using it for a few weeks already11:40
ochosiand i fixed the theming for it in greybird 1.611:40
bluesabresure, got a link?11:46
ochosione sec11:47
ochosithe source/project page is here: https://git.javispedro.com/cgit/topmenu-gtk.git/about/11:48
ochosibut it has been packaged already, obviously11:48
ochosiin ppa:webupd8team/mate11:49
bluesabreI'll port that over sometime today11:49
ochosithing is, without greybird 1.6 it won't look good11:50
ochosiso i guess adding it for <wily isn't a great idea11:51
ochosi(although apart from the warnings, greybird 1.6 can be used regression-free in vivid)11:57
bluesabreochosi: http://i.imgur.com/vYsH0Tx.png12:07
ochosi(i really need to reconsider whether to add some button style to the menu button)12:08
ochosi(at least on hover)12:09
ochosithat really cleans things up and looks lovely if you ask me12:09
ochosiare those separators widely used in CSD though?12:09
bluesabrefixing one other thing, then I'll push and you can play with it some more12:10
bluesabrethat's just a button pack_start'd12:10
ochosiright, seems to be the case with other csd apps too12:11
ochosiprolly have to improve the looks of those separators a bit in greybird12:13
ochosibluesabre: humm, again theming oddity? http://i.imgur.com/MwOSOkO.png12:15
bluesabreochosi: yeah... haven't gotten to that one yet12:22
bluesabrewondering what a good solution would be since I need two buttons there12:22
ochosigeez, gtkgesture is really giving me headaches with my touchpad12:22
ochosialways seems to initiate window-move randomely and then refuses to cancel that12:23
bluesabreor maybe I don't need two buttons12:23
ochosiyeah, just wanted to suggest that12:23
bluesabrejust the cancel button, and saving would commit the change12:23
ochosior just the accept button, and clicking away would cancel the change12:23
bluesabrethat probably makes more sense12:24
bluesabreI'll play with both ideas12:25
bluesabrebut it will be like the file selects below12:25
ochosithe cancel "x" initially didn't make sense to me, tbh12:25
bluesabreochosi: http://i.imgur.com/D2iVyJ6.png12:34
bluesabrehitting enter, clicking the check, or saving will apply the change12:35
bluesabreclicking elsewhere or hitting esc will cancel12:36
ochosithat looks about right12:37
ochosithat icon could theoretically be symbolic again12:37
ochosibut the green looks ok too12:37
bluesabreI'll probably just use symbolic for the inline toolbars on the bottom12:38
flocculanthi bluesabre 12:45
ochosibluesabre: something seems odd in menulibre's headerbar. seems like the "add" button is a gtkmenubar12:47
ochosior maybe it's just inspector acting up12:47
ochosiseemingly the first button in a headerbar always is a gtkmenubutton or something12:49
ochosiso better change the packing order to get the real gtkmenubutton in the first position12:50
bluesabreochosi: yeah, need to make that a popover instead of a menu12:52
bluesabrewasn't a super easy instant solution for that12:52
ochosibtw, i just pushed some nice improvement to Greybird12:52
bluesabrehi flocculant12:52
bluesabrehow's it going?12:52
ochosifor GtkMenuButton12:52
bluesabreochosi: pushed the new name and comment entry12:54
flocculantbluesabre: good thanks 12:56
bluesabreochosi: what icon size would you recommend I use for the toolbar if I go back to non-symbolic?13:02
ochosibluesabre: already working on it, one sec ;)13:03
ochosipersonally, i'd go for 16px, but then the buttons aren't square, which blows13:04
ochosioh well, actually they are13:05
ochosiwhen all of them are13:05
bluesabreok, can do 1613:06
ochosinormally, toolbar items have 24px icons13:06
ochosibut in the headerbar most toolitems use the TOOLBAR_SMALL size13:06
bluesabrepart of the issue is that some of the buttons were hardcoded to 32px13:06
ochosiwhich is 16px13:06
ochosii have the patch for that ^ ready btw13:06
ochosiin case you want me to push that13:07
ochosi(not that it's a lot of work)13:07
bluesabrehappy to take the patch13:07
bluesabreI might actually make the add button into the applications-other icon13:09
bluesabreit this case, it might make more sense13:09
bluesabrebut maybe not13:09
bluesabreglad you're in the menulibre-dev team13:12
flocculantochosi: talking of teams, can you add me to website one so I can do QA blog posts please :)13:12
ochosibluesabre: hehe, indeed ;)13:13
ochosiflocculant: sure thing, one sec...13:13
ochosithere, done13:14
ochosibluesabre: wow, you're not a member of the web team. how come?13:14
bluesabreochosi: probably because you guys are hesitant of my blog posts13:15
ochosiyeah, all those fancy screenshots and stuff...13:15
bluesabreit'd be a shame if our release annoucements displayed what we made13:15
ochosilunchtime, brb13:19
flocculantbbl - nice to see you bluesabre if you've gone when I get back :)13:26
bluesabreseeya later flocculant13:26
bluesabreochosi: headerbar button sizes should be a bit more consistent now13:33
ochosibluesabre: indeed but not square anymore13:34
ochosimaybe that's not a big problem though13:34
bluesabreyeah... if we want them square I think we have to force a size13:34
bluesabrenot sure whats preferred here13:35
bluesabremaybe I should look at some other CSD app code13:35
ochosithat sounds like a good idea13:35
ochosihave you pulled the latest greybird for the separator and menubutton improvement?13:36
bluesabrenot yet13:36
bluesabredoing so now13:36
bluesabreochosi: hm13:39
bluesabrehovering the menubutton makes it grow when it gets borders13:39
bluesabremakes the whole headerbar shift around13:39
bluesabreand lots of weirdness13:39
bluesabreone sec13:40
bluesabrebefore http://i.imgur.com/yh0wUbJ.png13:40
bluesabreafter http://i.imgur.com/ByC0MCo.png13:40
bluesabreheaderbar bigger, has a double line for the bottom border13:41
bluesabremake some other things13:41
ochosilooks totally fine here13:41
ochosion gtk3.1413:41
bluesabregot a wily vm?13:42
ochosiyeah, will fire that up and check in a bit13:42
ochosiguess that must be a gtk3.16 "feature"13:42
bluesabregotta love those13:43
bluesabrefeel free to tweak menulibre a bit more... going to go take a shower, brb13:46
ochosimeh, so yeah13:52
ochosiin wily it behaves oddly13:52
ochosibut actually it looks different from yours13:52
ochosiwith the hover style things look ok13:52
ochosithe headerbar just doesnt have a bottom border without13:53
ochosibluesabre: ok, works now for me in wily14:02
ochosipushed the fix to greybird14:03
ochosibluesabre: tbh, i preferred the button sizes as they were: http://i.imgur.com/D2iVyJ6.png14:07
ochosihm, or are they the same and just seem different at first glance..?14:08
ochosialso, the window previews in alt-tab... hm, i'm really not a huge fan of displaying those by default14:14
bluesabreochosi: they were definitely square before, I forced them to be :)14:14
ochosioh ok14:14
bluesabresquare, 32px14:15
ochosidid the greybird fix work for you?14:16
bluesabreochosi: yup, looks good now14:18
ochosik, good to know14:18
ochosistill works in gtk3.14 luckily14:18
ochosianything else that you wanna tackle in menulibre?14:19
bluesabreany other ui improvements you'd like to see?14:20
bluesabreotherwise, plenty of code to write for new feature/bugs/plank fixes14:20
ochosinew features?14:21
bluesabreonly going to do a few of those for now14:22
ochosioh ok14:22
bluesabremainly interested in fixing plank :D14:22
ochosithe UI still looks nice generally, no complaints here14:22
ochosiyeah, also using plank here14:22
bluesabrethe issues in plank are because for each dock item, it points to the launcher originally pinned14:23
bluesabreso, /usr14:23
bluesabreany changes local don't apply14:23
ochosiso any modification never show14:23
bluesabreso, just have to go in and tweak plank's dockitem files14:24
ochosisounds a bit tedious14:24
bluesabreperhaps a bit14:24
ochosiwouldn't it make sense to fix plank there?14:24
bluesabrebut shouldn't be too horrible14:24
ochosior is that a desired feature14:24
bluesabreprobably, but that happens to be a fundamental flaw in plank14:24
bluesabreso, workaround14:24
ochosiwell you could actually submit a bugreport and we could poke the elementary folks to get it fixed14:25
ochosior is there already one?14:25
bluesabreI might do that, haven't checked14:25
ochosii mean after all that'll affect elementary users too14:27
bluesabreit's probably not a major issue...14:28
bluesabrebut annoying to be sure14:28
bluesabreochosi: interestingly, the headerbar looks way worse in elementary (before and after at same link) https://imgur.com/haqXloA,AGooMLD#015:38
ochosihow do other elementary apps use headerbars?15:40
ochosidont they use granite in some way or something?15:40
bluesabreof course15:40
ochosialso, their colored icons don't really look nice there...15:40
ochosiand the gtkmenubuttons position is awkward15:40
bluesabrevs scratch https://imgur.com/HLFmrIP15:41
bluesabrelooks like they use bigger icons and more spacing... so I'd probably be better off comparing gnome apps in adwaita15:42
bluesabreI'll play with that a bit later15:43
ochosiyeah, large toolbar icons15:46
ochosiwhich is more consistent with current toolbars15:46
ochosibut creates a mess with other headerbar apps15:47
ochosiideally try to install some app that also uses a headerbar without granite15:47
ochosijust to see how that looks in elementary15:47
bluesabregotta run, bbl16:53
ochosibluesabre: one more thing to improve in menulibre would be keyboard navigation20:04
ochosiand i guess i really really have to improve the focus styles in greybird's gtk3 theme20:04
ochosii really don't like how you can't see what's selected sometimes20:04
ochosik, much better already now20:27
ochosi\o/ i can define the window controls for CSD in the theme20:58
ochosifinally found out how that one really works20:58

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