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Johnny--hey guys, does anyone know how to get to the sound settings, besides clicking on the volume icon in the panel?03:05
xubuntu34whi, please i need install interface gnome in my xubuntu03:06
holsteinxubuntu34w: sure. use the package manager of your choice, to search for, and install what you like03:06
Unit193Johnny--: Menu → Multimedia03:07
Unit193gnome-shell, or flashback, or whatever it is.03:07
xubuntu34wonly gnome-shell or gnome3?03:07
holsteinxubuntu34w: it'll look a lot like this to convert to it http://askubuntu.com/questions/614657/install-gnome-desktop-ubuntu-15-04 but you may want less03:07
holsteinas in, you may want to be able to keep xubuntu/xfce and just add gnome.. not ubuntu-gnome03:08
Johnny--Unit193: thanks, the main problem is this:  Indicator menus are too short and scroll when opened from screen bottom03:10
ubottuLaunchpad bug 965953 in GTK+ "Indicator menus are too short and scroll when opened from screen bottom" [Medium,Confirmed]03:10
Johnny--Unit193:  do u have that same problem? wifi menu is short03:11
xubuntu34wbut the command for install gnome in xubuntu is sudo apt-get install gnome-shell or sudo apt-get install gnome303:11
Unit193Though I can't say I know what you're talking about precisely, I'd say no I do not have this problem, Johnny--.03:12
xanguaGnome-shell for a minimalistic approach03:12
Johnny--i temporarily uninstalled, like that link^ said:  xfce4-indicator-plugin indicator-application.  which fixed the short wifi menu.. but now other stuff if missing like volume control LOL03:13
Johnny--xubuntu34w:  is there anyway to get "aero-snap" in GNOME classic/fallback?03:14
Johnny--Unit193: what do these 2 progams do? (what will imiss out on anything besides the volume control)  xfce4-indicator-plugin indicator-application03:15
Unit193They provide xfce4-panel with access to applications' indicators, rather than tray icons.03:16
Johnny--Unit193: thanks.  okay, i reinstalled the  xfce4-indicator-plugin. i'll reboot. BRB03:22
xanguaWhy reboot? This ain't Windows03:24
xubuntu34wthe command gnome3 is fail, only gnome-shell operated03:24
Unit193xfce4-panel -r  if nothing else.03:25
Unit193!info gnome303:25
ubottuPackage gnome3 does not exist in vivid03:25
xubuntu34wok thanks for all bye03:26
Johnny--Unit193: Okay, now it works! (no more scrunched down wifi-menu)  All i did was uninstall + reinstall + reboot: indicator-application-gtk2   indicator-application   indicator-application03:34
Unit193Johnny--: indicator-application-gtk2, what version of Xubuntu is this??03:34
Johnny--maybe u dont even have to do all 3.   U guys can add that to the solution bug.launchpad, if u have a login/password (i dont):  https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gnome-panel/+bug/96595303:35
ubottuLaunchpad bug 965953 in GTK+ "Indicator menus are too short and scroll when opened from screen bottom" [Medium,Confirmed]03:35
Johnny--Unit193: i'm using Linux Mint Xfce 17.203:35
cfhowlett!mint | Johnny--,03:36
ubottuJohnny--,: Linux Mint is not a supported derivative of Ubuntu. Please seek support in #linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org03:36
cfhowlettJohnny--, ask the mint folk for support of their product.  it's not ubuntu = it's not supported here.03:36
Johnny--sorry, unit helped me here, i thought we all XFCE family   :)03:38
cfhowlettJohnny--, #xfce would agree with that statement03:39
Unit193Well, to some extent, but we/Xubuntu can't know what Mint has changed, so can't really support it.03:39
Johnny--i do use xubuntu 14.04 also, and i do have the same problem, it is squished but not as much (makes u scroll thru it, instead of displaying all the wifi stuff at once03:45
Johnny--my 2nd computer has xubuntu
Johnny--so i'll my uninstall/ reinstall to see if that works on xubuntu03:49
Johnny--Okay, it works for xubuntu 14.04.2  also!  Even more streamlined solution:03:59
Johnny--Uninstall + Reinstall:    indicator-application    Then, just log-off + Log-in.04:00
Johnny--so now, no more squished-down WiFi menu !!  i'm happy now, if i u have login info, please add that simple solution to:     https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gnome-panel/+bug/96595304:02
ubottuLaunchpad bug 965953 in GTK+ "Indicator menus are too short and scroll when opened from screen bottom" [Medium,Confirmed]04:02
Johnny--xangua:   is there anyway to get "aero-snap" in GNOME classic/fallback?04:04
Johnny--Hey does anyone here know of a theme like clearlooks-phenix-theme, but with squared-off edges for GTK3?  or how do u square them off, urself?04:19
Johnny--or of theme like Numix, but with high contrast colors (i.e. black font, not grey)04:19
Johnny--i finally found exactly that, but it is GTK2-only.  Is there any way to get a similar theme to this in GTK3?   http://gnome-look.org/content/show.php?content=10949404:20
parsniphi, is alt-right-click resize windows set in xfce?06:00
Comstockyes it works06:02
parsnipComstock: me? what i meant is, is the setting created in xubuntu, or how can i change it to something like ctrl+alt+right-click drag?06:02
parsnipi don't know if it's at xorg level, xfce, ubuntu, debian, ...06:03
Comstockthat i do not know, sorry06:03
parsnipthanks though06:04
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Executioner`"libgstreamer-plugins-base0.10-dev:i386 is already the newest version."17:08
Executioner`"configure: gstreamer-0.10 base plugins 32-bit development files not found, gstreamer support disabled"17:09
scodalWhat's up fellow xubunters?17:56
scodalHmm was frustrated trying to connect to facebook chat so just opened Trillian with Wine and that seems to work fine18:13
scodalPidgin wasn't connect, forgot to note that18:14
mrkrampsscodal, probably plugin is missing or not up-to-date18:15
scodalI read about perhaps needing a plugin18:15
scodalBut doesn't it just connect through XMPP?18:16
scodalor did FB make some changes to their chat system18:16
mrkrampsfb chat is _based_ on the XMPP protocol18:16
scodalah gotcha18:16
mrkrampsbut you require an additional plugin to address the changes FB made18:16
scodalThis makes sense, okay so I was kinda right lol18:17
mrkrampsrelevant changes to plugin git repository … 2 days ago18:17
scodalgeesh, well drunk trillian on wine will do for now18:17
scodalI have other things I need to tackle first, but thanks for letting me know the right direction to go18:17
mrkrampsyou're welcome18:17
scodalI'm a web developer, php, html, css etc.. what's everyones favorite code editor? I'd like to try a few out on xu18:21
mrkrampsscodal, there are quite some text editors available18:22
mrkrampseven xubuntu's default editor mousepad knows about syntaxhighlighting and stuff btw.18:22
scodaldo I have to enable syntax highlighting?18:23
scodalI just made a file on my desktop called file.php and all the text within is still just black on white18:23
mrkrampsscodal,  in terms of activating a color scheme18:23
mrkrampsview - color scheme18:24
scodalI tried some color schemes, just looks like terminal18:24
mrkrampsthen you need to choose a file type18:24
mrkrampsmousepad recognizes file types by mime type for syntax highlighting … or by selecting file type manually18:25
scodalOh dang that did it18:25
scodalDoes mousepad support plugins18:25
scodalOblivion works for me theme. Alright cool Mousepad makes a great quick editor then18:26
scodalI ask because I use Sublime on Yosemite and Windows and it has an FTP plugin to sync with your work and up/download18:26
scodalThat's ideally what I'm after18:26
mrkrampsscodal, sublime should run on linux as well18:27
scodalhow silly of me, I'm just noticing this on their website. it's a .deb file, that will be okay?18:27
mrkrampsactually their screenshots on the webpage are made with ubuntu ^^18:27
scodaloh really? i just got the tar.bz218:27
scodaloh bad assery18:28
scodalwhat u recommend? the tar.bz2 or the .deb installation?18:28
mrkrampsin general deb is easier18:28
scodalthat's what i figured18:28
mrkrampsbut it depends what's in the tar.bz218:28
scodali kinda like the tar.bz2 cause when it errors i find out things my system could use to support more things in the future lol18:28
mrkrampsyou can also use the tar.bz2 in this case18:30
mrkrampssublime comes with a pre-compiled binary and can be started directly from the uncompressed directory18:30
scodalin the .deb?18:30
mrkrampsalso in the deb with is just a different style of compress archive but known by the package manager18:31
mrkramps--with ++which18:31
scodalah gotcha18:31
scodalit's been a while since i put linux on my system for full time use18:31
scodalmy last experience was before redhat became fedora, and i ran KDE18:31
scodalso now i'm xubuntu xfce like :O18:32
scodalwell not entirely true i've played with a few other distributions but something about xubuntu speaks to me18:32
mrkrampsbtw. an interesting - and free - alternative to sublime might be geany18:33
scodaldid not expect that suggestion, thought you were about to say Atom, alright checking out geany now18:33
Snake1130I really enjoy using Geany over sublime18:33
mrkrampsatom is still quite beta, but it is good to keep an enye on it18:34
mrkrampsSnake1130, i do not know much about sublime, but are there any advantages from using geany instead? i am just curious18:35
scodalI have it on my Windows computer, I used it for about a week before deciding Sublime looks the same and runs faster. Atom likes RAM18:36
scodalis Snake1130 also a web developer?18:37
scodaloh I like .deb files, I just read you should -I to check dependencies, then apt-get install to retrieve, then -i to install18:38
Snake1130I think it was the price difference. I would try out Geany and see what you think. Everyone is different18:38
scodaland just like that, Sublime works on my computer18:38
scodalI have a license for Sublime, but yes, $ is a deterrent18:39
Snake1130Geany did everything I needed out of an editor but like I said, everyone is different.18:40
scodalRight, yeah editors one of the biggest debates on line of all time lol18:40
scodalWhere I work we get in fights about it18:40
mrkrampsscodal, i guess that's the reason why there are so many different editors nowadays18:41
scodalto draw blood in fights at work18:41
scodalI'm just glad everyone quit using Dreamweaver, it's so clunky18:42
scodalYou runnin 32 or 64bit?18:43
mrkrampsscodal, because of dependencies i would recommend using the deb for your system's architecture18:45
mrkrampsalthough i do not know if subline has any dependencies at all18:45
scodalright right, that was glorious, compared to reading a bunch of error messages looking for something to google18:45
scodalit said negative on dependencies. i'm up and running licensed version of sublime already, with my SFTP plugin installed and also licensed18:46
scodalhappy scodal right here18:46
scodalshoot, on windows I know the name of monospace fonts off the top of my head, what are good monospace fonts on linux?18:47
scodalI shall google..18:47
scodalMmmm Inconsolata is hot18:52
Snake1130looks good18:57
mrkrampsscodal, you may also try Terminus19:02
mrkrampsit's a matter of taste - no question - but at least for me it works pretty nice for plain text (and irc)19:03
scodalI liked Terminus too, I have settled on Inconsolata though.. for now19:04
scodalSo my two next big experiment/tackles are: dual screen & windows network shares19:06
scodalAny thoughts before I start getting my hands dirty?19:06
mrkrampsscodal, dual screen depends a lot on your use case19:06
mrkrampsand windows share on if you're want to connect or host them19:06
scodalconnect to19:09
scodalfor now19:09
mrkrampsthat's easy as xfce's file manager (thunar) supports samba shares via gvfs19:09
mrkrampstry url 'smb://WORKGROUP;USER@IP/SHARE'19:10
scodalnice! samba, ah yes I remember this. I map network drives like a mad man. Is that also possible in xfce?19:10
scodalok just a sec19:10
mrkrampsalternatively use gigolo to manage your connections19:11
scodaldoes it work like that? Yes my workgroup is 1, to avoid capitalization confusion19:12
scodalmy username is User19:12
scodalcan I use network names or do I have to specify the local IP?19:12
mrkrampsnetwork names work19:12
scodalwhere do I paste that? I tried the "Run" box and Firefox address bar lol19:12
mrkrampsscodal, in the address/url/path/whatever bar in file manger19:13
Snake1130in the thunar bar19:13
scodalthunar! new term to me, ok looking for thunar19:13
mrkrampsscodal, thunar = file manager19:13
scodaloh that just opens file manager, is that..19:13
scodalyep ok19:13
Snake1130lol yes.19:13
Snake1130scondal: When you open Thunar I can normally see the network on the left side bar. Lets me browse for the share I'm looking for.19:18
scodalNice I see this now19:18
scodaland I connected easily to my network share thank you19:18
scodalThese small things make such a huge difference in how productive I feel on linux19:18
mrkrampsyeah, that should work as well, but sometimes it don't and you the should now about URI solutions19:18
scodalcan you add the password to the smb:// address?19:19
mrkrampsscodal, i don't think so19:20
scodalchalk that one up as reasons: "security"19:20
mrkrampsbut this is where gigolo comes in handy to manage these connections more effectively19:20
scodalCustom Location?19:21
mrkrampsscodal, windows Share ;)19:21
scodalshoot, timed out19:22
scodalasked for password and everything19:22
scodalOh windows share lol19:22
scodalI should try that method19:22
mrkrampsdamn, obviously gigolo as well can't handle passwords19:22
scodalwell in this case, it asks for Server: and Share:19:23
Snake1130I haven't used Gigolo but it looks like a great way to go.19:23
scodaldo I just put network name + share name?19:23
mrkrampsor prolly you need to have the gnome keyring installed to handle passwords19:23
scodalgross I hate keyrings lol19:23
scodalwho's idea was that19:23
Snake1130There is one built into xfce.19:23
scodalI seent it sneaking up pestering me lol19:24
scodalreminds me of Yosemite19:24
scodalwell damn how do I access my keyring19:24
scodalI typed it and no results19:24
scodalI see when you choose Gigolo windows share, it just writes the same thing, the whole smb:// out19:25
scodalIt's hating my password for no reason19:25
xubuntu46whi, can you help, please ?19:50
knomeask the question and find out19:50
xubuntu46wwell.. I installed xubuntu and after that I installed Windows19:51
mrkrampsxubuntu46w, wrong order :)19:52
xubuntu46wbut i cant restore grub or use a live cd to do this19:52
xubuntu46wyeah I know19:52
xubuntu46wbut I needed to make a backup first19:52
xubuntu46wand now I cant acess xubuntu partition19:52
xubuntu46weven if I use a live CD19:52
xubuntu46wDo you know anything that can help me?19:53
mrkrampsxubuntu46w, what do you mean by "cannot access"19:55
mrkrampsdoes this partition still exist?19:55
xubuntu46wif I use a live cd to see all my devices19:55
xubuntu46wIt wont show xubuntu's partition19:55
mrkrampsit the partition encrypted?19:56
xubuntu46wyes, this is why i cant acess it ?19:56
mrkrampshave a guess19:57
xubuntu46wI had not really thought about it ..19:59
jeeponHey guys, I've got a question as well20:00
xubuntu46wis there a way to decrypt it ?20:00
xubuntu46wi know it does, but how ?20:00
xubuntu46wcryptsetup ?20:00
jeeponIs it possible to install xubuntu on a usb drive?20:01
ObrienDavejeepon, yes it is20:01
jeeponWell it's not working :/20:02
mrkrampsjeepon, elaborate20:02
xubuntu46wdoes anyone have an idea about decrypt it ?20:02
jeeponI put the installer using Unetbootin on one usb drive, booted normally and in the installer chose "something else" to set the partitions manually20:03
jeeponSplit the target usb drive into 2 partitions, 1 Primary ext4 as root and another logical for swap20:05
jeeponAnd I chose the device (and later the root partition) for the boot loader20:05
ObrienDaveyou need one for /home20:05
knomeObrienDave, nope.20:05
knomeObrienDave, /home is optional20:06
mrkrampsjeepon, you use the live usb as an installation target?20:06
jeeponon my laptop, I can't even choose it as a boot option, on another computer I get a "missing operating system" error20:07
jeeponnope, 2 different usb drives20:07
xubuntu46w"mount: /dev/sda3 is write-protected, mounting read-only"20:11
mrkrampsjeepon, Lecacy or EFI boot management?20:14
Snake1130xubuntu46w: do you remember what encryption you used?20:15
xubuntu46wno, i just clicked on encrypt my home folder option while installing xubuntu20:16
mrkrampsjeepon, prolly grub efi failed because you used the manual partitioning20:16
mrkrampsyou need an additional efi parition20:16
mrkrampsat least iirc20:16
Snake1130xubuntu46w: Check this information out http://askubuntu.com/questions/63594/mount-encrypted-volumes-from-command-line20:17
ObrienDave*face palms* why do people encrypt the home folder? just set up an encrypted sub-folder later. SMH20:17
xubuntu46wis not a valid LUKS device.20:18
xubuntu46w0brienDave now i learned that20:19
Snake1130Yes I was under the impression you encrypted the entire drive not just the home folder. So the step I provided aren't going to work20:19
xubuntu46wthis is too bad? D:20:20
mrkrampsjeepon, btw. if you only use 1 partition for linux and one for swap you may use the automatic partitioning20:20
jeeponmrkramps: I'll look it up, any pointers?20:21
ObrienDavepeople, encrypted drives/partitions are just ONE BIG FILE. if any part gets corrupted, you lose the ENTIRE DRIVE. sheesh20:21
mrkrampsjeepon, as said "use entire disk" or manually add the EFI Parition in the installer or gparted20:21
jeeponHonestly, I wasn't sure I could trust the installer to leave the rest of the disks alone :)20:22
xubuntu46wany sugestion to a better encrypting, 0brienDave ?20:22
ObrienDavexubuntu46w, only encrypt what you need to. a file, a folder, whatever. not the WHOLE drive20:22
mrkrampsjeepon, which rest?20:22
mrkrampsjeepon, or do you want to have an additional data partition on this usb drive?20:23
xubuntu46wbut the option said only home folder. I have no ideia how it was the whole device20:24
jeeponI've got 2 main drives in the laptop, I wanted to install to the usb drive only20:24
Snake1130xubuntu46w: Have you tried opening gparted and see what partitions you have?20:25
ObrienDavexubuntu46w, it is just the home folder, but it turns that folder into one file20:25
mrkrampsjeepon, if you "use entire disk" and select the usb drive the installer will of course just use this device20:25
mrkrampsjeepon, but i can absolutely understand your worries ^^20:25
ObrienDavexubuntu46w, try using VeraCrypt. based on TrueCrypt which is not maintained anymore20:25
xubuntu46wSnake1130  it says that my partition is unallocated20:26
jeeponHehe, yeah I've been burned before20:26
ObrienDavewe all have :)20:26
jeeponone time i clicked the 'minus' key thinking it was related to resizing a partition... I was wrong >.<20:27
Snake1130xubuntu46w: So you have the windows partition then this unallocated space?20:27
Snake1130I'm going to guess that your xubuntu install is gone20:27
jeeponmrkramps: so going your way, will the installer keep the boot loader on the same device as well?20:28
xubuntu46wif I remove my Windows partition, it will boot xubuntu ?20:28
Snake1130xubuntu46x: Even if it entire drive was encrypted it would still show a ext4 partition20:28
Snake1130Least I think it does. ObrienDave might know.20:29
mrkrampsjeepon, good question … afaik the installer will again ask for target device20:30
xubuntu46wi'll try to do that20:30
xubuntu46w0brienDave, if I remove my Windows partition, it will boot Xubuntu ?20:31
scodalthe heck what kind of hardware are you using?20:31
scodalI did win xp first, then xubuntu and it was fine20:31
ObrienDaveSnake1130, i think you're correct or with a LUKS sub-partiton20:31
xubuntu46wit shows my swap partition20:32
mrkrampsjeepon, in case of doubt, maybe a good day for a backup =P20:32
ObrienDavexubuntu46w, only if you don't mess up the bootloader20:32
jeeponAlright, I'll give it a go then!20:32
jeeponi got a spare machine I can mess around with20:32
scodalAre you using a critical system? I do everything on experimental systems where it's not critical if I get it right or not20:33
scodalAh ok20:33
scodalAnd would you be going 64 or 32 bit?20:33
xubuntu46wwell, can I just delete my Windows partition with a live CD ?20:33
xubuntu46wscodal, are you talking to me ?20:33
xubuntu46w32 bits20:33
scodalI like problem solving20:33
scodalNice, okay 32 bits I'm good at20:34
jeeponThanks for all the help :D20:34
scodalIf you delete your Windows partition from the Windows Live CD it will be totally inaccessible, if that's your goal20:34
ObrienDavexubuntu46w, now days, windows has 3 partitions, recovery, boot and OS. the MBR is separate and you should, SHOULD, be able to delete windows partitions, i repete, should20:34
scodalsorry from a Linux Live CD20:34
scodalI've seen 2 from windows? not seen the third you speak of20:35
xubuntu46wYeah, I only 220:35
scodalIt has the boot partition, 100mb usually, unless windows 10, then I think it's 1gb now20:35
ObrienDaverecovery partition is hidden :)20:35
scodalnot hidden real well, but yes hidden lol20:35
scodalhidden from windows..20:35
ObrienDavenot hidden from gparted ;P20:36
scodalperfect haha20:36
scodalI love how linux doesn't care about Windows and just breaks it's rules20:36
ObrienDavewindows does not care about it's own rules. LOL20:36
xubuntu46wwell, I can see a 100mb partition, my  300gb windows "normal" partition, a 96gb partition what it was suppose to be Xubuntu20:36
xubuntu46wand a 4gb swap20:36
scodalah not bad20:37
scodalShit I forget how I did this laptop20:37
ObrienDavethen you have no windows recovery partition20:37
scodalIf I remember correctly when installing windows I purposely split my hard drive in half20:37
scodalbecause I knew I wanted to put linux in the other half20:37
scodalThat would explain why my boot loader  by default is not linux asking if I want to boot xubuntu or Windows20:38
xubuntu46wGRUB saves lifes xD20:38
scodalit does20:38
scodalI'm not even sure if Grub is what I use20:38
scodalwhatever I'm using is far different looking than GRUB I used years ago20:39
ObrienDavei have 1.5TB lappy drive. 500M windows, 1TB Xubuntu ;P20:39
scodalI would flip it around20:39
ObrienDaveno on YOUR life LOL20:39
scodallinux software uses less hard drive space than windows for some reason20:39
ObrienDavewindows = bloatware LOL20:39
scodalYou will take your whole LIFE to fill that 1tb of linux with software lol20:39
ObrienDavemovies ;P20:40
scodalYeah lol exactly give mr bloatware the space imho20:40
mrkrampswell 1000GB of linux software … a challenge20:40
scodalhe's a necessary evil20:40
xubuntu46wthat moment when you forget your problem and makes some friends20:40
scodalmovies are for external hard drives lol20:40
ObrienDavethat too ;P20:40
xubuntu46wso, what i suppose to do ?20:41
scodali have to be social tomorrow for a birthday, it's going to hurt :(20:41
xubuntu46wdelete my windows partition and left the 100mb partition ?20:41
xubuntu46wscodal is training with us haha20:41
mrkrampsthe 100mb partition might be a EFI parition20:41
scodalIf you are in a situation to reinstall windows, I would put the win disc back in, partition out what you need for Windows ahead of time20:42
ObrienDaveyou delete that and windows will never work20:42
scodalright no it won't20:42
ObrienDaveyup, install windows first and then xubuntu20:42
mrkrampsxubuntu46w, is there something you really _need_ windows for?20:42
xubuntu46wi dont care about Windows, i just care about my xubuntu parition xD20:42
mrkrampsgaming or such?20:43
xubuntu46wwork :'(20:43
Snake1130If your windows install is working... you can just install ubuntu in the blank space20:43
scodalI like having windows installed with certain apps just in case I need to wine them20:43
scodalthat's it20:43
xubuntu46wbut i cant reinstall everything, i need to access the xubuntu'a partition20:43
scodaloh you're in a less needy situation than me by far20:43
ObrienDavei have CAD/CAM software i must have windows for.20:43
scodalit sounds like your linux boot loader isn't working right20:44
xubuntu46w yeah20:44
ObrienDaveupdate grub?20:44
xubuntu46wi already try that,20:44
xubuntu46wand use boot-repair too20:44
xubuntu46wit says "its fine, you can reboot now"20:45
scodalyou are trying to dual win 7x86 and xbuntux86?20:45
mrkrampsxubuntu46w, can you provide any information about this partition?20:45
xubuntu46wbut wont boot linux20:45
ObrienDaveboot-repair can't fix LUKS20:45
xubuntu46wcryptsetup says it isnt luks20:45
xubuntu46wyes scodal20:45
xubuntu46wwhat partition, mrkramps ?20:45
xubuntu46wwell, i installed at this morning.. It is 32bits20:46
scodalthis is why I am unfamiliar, win xp 32 does not use more than 1 partition20:46
flocculantxubuntu46w: have you looked at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EncryptedPrivateDirectory#Live_CD_method_of_opening_a_encrypted_home_directory20:47
xubuntu46wnops, sorry, xubuntu is 64bits20:47
scodalthat stupid boot partition20:47
scodalwin 7 does20:47
scodalyall have exceeded my pay grade, I haven't experimented with these specifics. I apologize20:48
scodalSo you are using a 64 bit processor, dual booting win 7 64-bit and Xubuntu 64-bit?20:49
xubuntu46wnop, i use win 7 32bit and xubuntu 64bit20:50
flocculantI think that at the moment - that stuff isn't really needed20:50
xubuntu46wdont ask me why because i dont know either20:50
Snake113064 bit or 32bit it really doesn't matter20:50
flocculantwhat xubuntu46w should be trying to do is access the encrypted stuff and backing it up - then worry about booting, because at that point a reinstall is 20 minutes away20:50
xubuntu46wyeah! im just trying to access that20:51
flocculantso check out that link :)20:51
flocculantsee how that works - worry about one thing at a time20:52
xubuntu46wim reading it20:52
scodalKind of matters, choosing the right Distro of Win and Linux for the processor in the machine20:52
flocculantmrkramps is right about the odd /boot partition you're going to be needing - ext2 by default20:52
scodalbut I digress, we covered it :)20:52
mrkrampsflocculant, ext2?! always thought fat20:52
Comstockno fat shaming please20:53
flocculantpretty sure ext2 when you encrypt during install from live - and it's not big enough for people who don't keep an eye on kernels installed either20:53
scodalfat is good for you, I drink extra virgin olive oil daily20:53
mrkrampsflocculant, howtos always mention a minimum 100MB  fat32 parition, but may differ for encrxyption of course20:54
knomelet's keep the discussion on-topic please, #xubuntu-offtopic is our general chatter channel20:54
xubuntu46wsudo mount -o remount,ro20:57
xubuntu46w /dev/sda3 mount: can't find /dev/sda3 in /etc/fstab20:57
flocculantso when you installed windows after you installed xubuntu are you sure you didn't let it use the whole drive?21:00
xubuntu46wwell i'll try to remove windows and boot my machine21:01
xubuntu46wlets see what will do..21:01
flocculantthat won't do anything afaik - you removed the bootloader when you installed windows21:01
scodalI am a noob on these chats I know but I swear it's a conflict of 32 to 6421:01
scodalActually I think about it that doesn't make sense21:02
xubuntu46wwell it needs to boot something21:02
scodalTrue that21:02
knomescodal, filesystems have nothing to do with architectures, so no.21:02
xubuntu46wwell... be right back21:03
xubuntu46wbye, thank you guys21:03
flocculantxubuntu46w: run sudo fdisk -l |pastebinit from livecd21:03
scodalok come back!21:03
xubuntu46wUnable to read from: from21:04
xubuntu46whaha forget it21:04
xubuntu46wwe will see now21:04
scodalI'm presume you did much google searches lol21:04
scodalI'm only this far thanks to research, not irc21:04
scodalI betchu xp to 7 is a different beat thanks to that new partition Microsoft introduces21:25
scodalI'm just saaaaaaaaaaying21:25
scodalMy laptop ix win xp / xubuntu and it's happy slappy pappy21:25
knomescodal, and how is that on-topic for a xubuntu support channel?21:25
knomescodal, please keep the chatter at #xubuntu-offtopic21:25
scodalThis is on topic because both x86 and x84 versions of xubuntu are supplied on the official website21:26
scodalI said that a little wrong I knew what I meant but I did not execute well. Apologies21:32

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