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deper29hey, I'm having troubles with this bug https://bugs.launchpad.net/kubuntu-ppa/+bug/145172802:30
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1451728 in ktp-accounts-kcm (Ubuntu Wily) "kde-config-telepathy-accounts package install error" [Undecided,Confirmed]02:30
deper29I can't get anything to install or remove at all though02:30
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lordievaderGood morning.07:52
DeepfriediceLesson learned: check the video is fully downloaded BEFORE assuming it's a CPU microcode issue. I'm a moron.09:24
lordievaderDeepfriedice: ?09:30
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aimon_кто есть14:38
aimon_напомните как лоигниться под своим ником14:38
aimon_я как то был в ирке зареган14:38
lordievader!ru | aimon_14:40
ubottuaimon_: Пожалуйста наберите /join #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке. | Pozhalujsta naberite /join #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke.14:40
aimon_how login nick14:50
lordievaderaimon_: What are you talking about?14:52
aimon_I need to enter a username and password in the IRC chat14:54
lordievaderNot necesarilly, only if you want to register your nick with Freenode.14:55
lordievaderaimon_: https://plone.org/support/chat/how-to-register14:56
aimon_I registered just want to login14:56
lordievaderaimon_: /msg nickserv identify <password>14:57
lordievaderOr preferably query nickserv.14:57
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gabihi folks....17:20
krisesoon as i hit window decorations in system setings, system settings crashes. does anyone else have this problem ?18:36
kriseExecutable: systemsettings5 PID: 9133 Signal: Segmentation fault (11) Time: 02.08.15 21:36:2318:36
lordievaderkrise: Window decorations works fine in Plasma 5.3.218:40
kriselordievader how do i check plasma version ?18:44
archetechkf5-config -v18:44
lordievaderkrise: Open kinfocenter.18:44
lordievaderIf you have backports installed you should have 5.3.1 (I think).18:44
krisei have plasma 5.2.2, how do i upgrade it18:45
archetechI have 5.3.218:46
archetecheasy way is to upgrade to 15.1018:47
lordievaderkrise: Do you have backports installed?18:48
lordievaderarchetech: Not good advice to recommend a development release.18:48
krisei dont know18:48
lordievaderkrise: ls /etc/apt/sources.list.d/18:48
archetechtrue but its solid18:49
lordievaderarchetech: Yes, but still in development. Things can still break. Even more likely now with the jump to GCC5.18:51
lordievaderJust that? Then you do not have backports installed.18:52
lordievaderkrise: https://launchpad.net/~kubuntu-ppa/+archive/ubuntu/backports18:52
vividi would argue how solid kde5 is at the moment, highly unstable for me even in "stable" ubuntu 15.0418:57
lordievadervivid: What version of Plasma do you run?18:58
vividand none of the issues i had were solved by the backports ppa18:59
vividusing plasma 4 now, because as i said, plasma 5 is not ready18:59
lordievadervivid: What kind of problems are you having?18:59
vividthe two most annoying are18:59
vividchrome/chromium turning black randomly, forcing me to pick the window up and move it to redraw19:00
vividand xrandr has about a 10% chance to destroy the desktop when i invoke it with two monitors, about 90% chance with three19:00
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vividboth have workarounds, but doing that every 15 minutes should be an indication its not ready19:00
lordievadervivid: Have you submitted bugs about those issues?19:00
vividalready filed19:00
lordievaderOk, good :)19:01
lordievaderToo bad they are there in the first place thought :(19:01
vividat least, the chromium one was19:01
vividadditionally, i got multiple random crashes as krise is describing19:01
vividincluding konsole crashing whenever i exit19:02
vividleaving a process using 100% of one core every time19:02
vividsddm draws and stretches across all connected monitors, so i have to turn some that shouldnt be in use on to log in ( or just type password and press enter :D )19:03
vividsddm also appears to be lacking the ability for me to set the DPI like i can with lightdm19:04
vividwhich is a complete blocker due to the xrandr issue19:05
lordievaderYou could still use lightdm ;)19:05
vividand i could spend a bunch of time changing and fixing all of those little things into the infinite19:05
vividi could also go back to a stable kde4 :D19:05
vividi couldnt get it to honor setting dpi in xorg.conf.d either, not sure why, but thats not related to kde19:06
krisei added ppa to the system and started upgrade, but muon craches in the middle of downloading/installation19:08
krisetrying to overwrite '/usr/share/accounts/services/google-im.service', which is also in package account-plugin-google 0.12+15.04.20150415.1-0ubuntu219:11
lordievaderkrise: In a terminal: sudo dpkg --force-overwrite -i /var/cache/apt/archives/kde-config-telepathy-accounts_15.04.1-0ubuntu1~ubuntu15.04~ppa1_amd64.deb19:12
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kriselooks like something went wrong, ill be back after restart19:23
lordievaderkrise: Wait.19:23
lordievaderYour package system ain't broken?19:24
krisenow i have plasma 5.3.1.  Window decoration still craches19:28
lordievaderHmm, I guess it is time to file a bug.19:30
lordievaderkrise: http://bugs.kde.org19:30
soeekrise: on Vivid ?19:31
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DragginGood evening! I'm yet again struggling with my nVidia drivers on an old machine (legacy drivers). Card looked like it was packing up, so I took it out and did some maintenance on it (cleaning heatsink unit, cleaning off thermal paste, putting new thermal paste on, etc.). In the meantime, I used another card in the machine just to be able to start it up. But I think it confused things. Now, with the original card back in, even though "Additional Drivers"21:00
Draggintells me that the nVidia legacy drivers are loaded, lspci claims that Nouveau is the kernel driver running. I also can't open anything GL (glxgears included, and simply get "Xlib" extension 'GLX' missing on display ':0' Error: couldn't get an RGB, Double-buffered visual"21:00
DragginI've manually reinstalled the nVidia driver via the xorg-edgers ppa, and it seemed to be compiling everything perfectly21:01
Max^is there any config files for the mouse settings? http://i.imgur.com/id3MYTj.png21:09
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MichaelPWhats this i read about 15.10... Kubuntu 15.10 Could Be Last Release as Official Ubuntu Flavor...   http://news.softpedia.com/news/kubuntu-15-10-could-be-last-release-as-official-ubuntu-flavor-485388.shtml21:53
bpromptheard that back in version 12 I think21:58
ahoneybunI never use softpedia as a source for anything21:59
bpromptMichaelP:   then again, that simply means kubuntu the installation distrinbution package, as opposed to say, install ubuntu and then install KDE, and you'd be running pretty much the same thing21:59
ahoneybunthere is a bit more work then that bprompt22:01
ahoneybunplus without the backport ppa they get old a bit22:01
MichaelPbprompt: guess now that you mention it.. i remember that 2 a few years back...... Or install netrunner22:01
MichaelPKubuntu always seems more stable then ubuntu22:02
bpromptahoneybun:    I've run kde since... Suse....actually even before, I used to run it back in 2000 in Mandrake 9 IIRC, so....  and one can say wasn't ubuntu, but doesn't matter22:03
ahoneybunKDE is KDE22:03
ahoneybunjust some distros have different freezing times22:03
bpromptwell... I install kubuntu just that reason  per se22:04
MichaelPthink i started kde at 2.x22:04
bpromptMichaelP:     but when some articles mention the discontinuing bit, it's just the package, you can always just install ubuntu and then kde, and off you go22:05
bpromptthen again, I've heard that back when 12.04 came out I think22:05
MichaelPyes i know22:05
MichaelPYeah... and the same thing about mandriva years ago....22:06
bpromptmandriva, the new name for the ol` mandrake =)22:07
bpromptran SuSE 9.2, pretty solid IMO, ran kde 3.x as well as gnome 2.x on it22:08
MichaelPfedora i used that as redhat back in the days22:08
bpromptwell... fedora.... is more of a redhat fork, because redhat never got discontinued22:09
MichaelPfedora is the desktop while redhat is the interprise22:10
bpromptI see22:12
kalibHello guys, my kubuntu (with plasma) stopped working. Meaning.. I boot my system, and when I see the login screen, I do insert my password.. and it starts to load kde.. I can see the bar loading.22:13
kalibbut it doesn´t complete.. I can wait 5 minutes.. nothing happens.22:14
kalibBut the system is alive.. I can go to a terminal with ctrl + alt + F2 and do wathever I want.22:14
kalibbut can´t log in to kde.22:14
kalibAny tip?22:14
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MichaelPkalib: you get your desktop back background ?22:17
bpromptkalib:   can you run systemsettings from the console?22:17
kaliblet me try to run systemsettings.. I´m rebooting it, since I tried to rm .Xauthority22:18
kalibMichaelP: what you mean?22:18
MichaelPkalib: your wallpaper22:19
kalibMichaelP: it seems to be normal.. at least at the login screen..22:19
kalibsince I can´t really pass from it.22:19
kalibwell rebooted now.. let me see if I can login after removing .Xauthority22:19
MichaelPlast time that happen to me.. i shutdown restarted and it was fine22:19
kalibwell, now I rebooted it.. but it didn´t even show my login screen..22:21
kalibonly a black screem with my mouse pointer22:21
kalibbut now I can´t even go to ctrl + alt + F222:22
bpromptkalib:    do you get the grub menu at boot time?22:22
bpromptkalib:    ok.... reboot, once at the grub menu, pick your boot entry and press "e" to edit the entry, scroll down to the line with  "quiet nosplash" and remove those two arguments, they'd be at the end of that line, when done, press ctrl-x to use that edited line to boot22:23
kalibactually is "quiet splash" in here22:24
kalib... ...  ... ro quiet splash $vt_handoff22:25
bpromptohh shoot,  yeah22:25
kalibso.. remove quiet splash ?22:25
bprompthmm     well, just the "quite splash" remove22:25
kalibdid it..22:26
kalibnow ctrl + x22:26
bpromptyes, that should show the boot progress and where it gets stuck, if it does22:26
kaliblet´s see what happens22:26
kalibbut the boot was working fine.. my problem was on the login screen22:26
kalibwell, now I can see nothing.22:26
bpromptmaybe it was something else =)22:26
kalibdidn´t see anything at boot.. and now it´s just a black screen.. with my mouse pointer22:27
kaliband can´t go to ctrl + alt + F2, etc..22:27
kalibI removed .Xauthority22:27
kalibrebooting again now.22:27
bpromptkalib:  maybe if you do an "fsck" in a root terminal from the recovery menu22:28
MichaelPWhat video driver22:28
kalibI´m thinking about trying the recovery mode22:28
kalibbooting now the recovery mode.22:28
kalibrunning fsck from the recovery mode22:29
kalibgot an error trying to run the fsck menu22:30
kalibError getting authority:22:30
kalibError initializing authority: Could not connect: no such file or direcotry (g-io-error-quark)22:30
kaliblet me try to resume it now..22:31
kalibi can see my login screen.. let me insert my password22:32
kalibI can see the K.. the blue loading bar...22:33
kalibnothing else.. it breaks it.. and freezes..22:34
kalibcan´t even go to ctrl + alt + f2.. :/22:34
kalibanyway.. got to go now..22:35
kalibI´ll check it later.. thanks.22:35
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