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maprericjwatson: i think there is a typo in the blog post: "Various code pages now have meta tags to redirect go get to the appropriate Bazaar or Git URL".  that "go to" looks weird and incomprehensible to me.20:54
maprerioh, "go get" is tool... well, i had to read the linked bug report to understand it, but nevermind, then (unless you want to improve the wording somehow) :)20:57
blrmapreri: blame google for naming their language 'go' :)22:32
mapreriblr: "go get" sounds like a good name for a game, not really for a programming tool (or whatever it is) :S22:42
sergio-br2can't understand why it's not building in launchpad... it's building here at least22:53
wgrantsergio-br2: /«BUILDDIR»/dolphin-emu-5.0~rc+r1~2~ubuntu14.04.1/Source/Core/Common/Logging/Log.h:96:51: error: format not a string literal and no format arguments [-Werror=format-security]22:55
sergio-br2oh, i didn't see that22:56
wgrantSearching for errors in the log of a build that runs into errors is usually a good start.22:56
sergio-br2weird, why it's building here?22:56
wgrantAre you building against a clean chroot with trusty-updates?22:57
sergio-br2normally, the errors are close to the end of the log, this is why i didn't see :p22:57
sergio-br2humm, i'm using "Default (security deps....)"22:58
sergio-br2in the PPA deps22:58
wgrantThe default set includes -security and -updates22:58
wgrant-updates has a new version of gcc.22:58
wgrantIf your local builds don't include -updates, they may be erroneously using the old gcc, invalidating the test.22:59
sergio-br2i'm using gcc 4.9, in the ppa22:59
sergio-br2export CC=gcc-4.922:59
sergio-br2from another ppa (a copy of ubuntu toolchains)22:59
sergio-br2and i'm not using chroot to build here23:01
wgrantWell you need to use something like schroot or pbuilder.23:01
sergio-br2yeah, i know23:01
sergio-br2there's a -Werror=format-security in the log here, in my laptop23:03
wgrantBuild in a clean chroot, or all bets are off.23:04
sergio-br2well, I'm using gcc 4.8.4 here, so probably it's due for the different gcc version there23:05
wgrant... yes23:05
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