ObrienDavei'm staying out of main channel tonight ;P04:12
ObrienDavenot EVEN going to look ;P04:12
ObrienDavedang, i looked ;P04:16
wileeethe freaks come out on saturday night04:19
ObrienDavedang! i had to look ;P04:39
cfhowlett@ what?04:39
ObrienDaveat main channel. swore i was not going to ;P04:40
ObrienDavedefinitely staying out after my herpa derp LOL04:41
cfhowlettObrienDave, you gotta stop smoking so much of the herbal derp04:41
ObrienDavenot in 5 years, i swear ;P04:41
wileeeObrienDave, I checked with the local diocese, no hail ubuntu's needed. ;)05:15
ObrienDaverofl ;P05:15
wileeeyou've done your time, lots of leeway05:16
ObrienDave*bangs head on desk* there, i feel better ;P05:16
ObrienDavei suppose in a back-handed, leftward sort of way, (rolls eyes) battery life could be considered backup *cough* ;P05:17
ObrienDaveif you really want to stretch the point LOL05:18
cfhowlettI saw that too.  Decided you had matters very well in hand, so no need for me to confuse the issue05:19
wileeeheh, many come here and just don't know the lingo, it gets aggravating, it can make a simple say fdisk take forever and may be only the start of getting to the isssue.05:19
ObrienDavei blame google translate ;P05:20
wileee10 min on you might pastebin this, not a fix but a huge hurdle for them05:20
cfhowlettno, you english suck ...05:21
ObrienDaveROFL ;P05:21
ObrienDavecfhowlett keeps me grounded ;P05:21
wileeeyeah, the language barrier is s tough one, cultural as well, use of words and meaning. europe and the west as a side ways example have a marriage model based on love generally, while huge parts have something way different.05:22
ObrienDavewileee, yes, but i would gladly step them through installing pastebin rather that them telling me, no, you're wrong because some archaic blog told them otherwise :)05:23
wileeeOh yeah, that is in the how to ask smart questions anyone makes, as a barrier, and guessed fixes, and the fixation on both. ;)05:24
wileeeThere is nobody here I don't like, however I don't support passive aggressive communication, it is a developmental issue. We all use subtle communication but there is a place and time.05:26
ObrienDavewow, really weird. my screen went wonky05:28
ObrienDaveOMG troll night? ;P05:49
cfhowlett99.9% sure05:50
ObrienDaveadd a few 9s to that ;P05:51
ObrienDave*face palms* why do i try?05:57
cfhowlettcuz you're a wizard, Harry!06:00
ObrienDavei give up, all your bud ;P06:01
cfhowlettoh, you've gone and done it now ...06:03
ObrienDaveOMG i think i'll have a smoke ;P06:04
ObrienDaveand another beer ;P06:05
ObrienDavetwo ;P06:08
* wileee blows out a huge cloud of smoke and coughs06:18
ObrienDavei wish i could ;P06:19
ObrienDavesometimes ;P06:19
wileeeoh wow man look at the colors ;)06:19
ObrienDavespacey, dude ;P06:19
lordievaderGood morning.07:53
* lordievader waves back08:17
lordievaderObrienDave: "It makes use of a certain piece of software, so that is a dependency" :P08:22
ObrienDave*slaps head* oh yea, right ;P08:23
lordievaderAltough, I searched for his thing. Someone else said MS dropped Alsa support...08:31
ObrienDaveno clue here08:31
ObrienDaveWHY oh WHY do i get involved? ;P08:51
lordievaderObviously has no clue of what he is doing ;)08:53
ObrienDavei'm staying out of it ;P08:54
lordievaderYeah, right ;)08:55
ObrienDaveok, so i lie a LOT ;P09:00
lotuspsychjegood noon to all10:13
ObrienDavenoon? omg 4 am here10:14
OerHeksoh boy random questions for k1l10:25
ObrienDaveLOL he can have fun with that ;P10:28
lotuspsychjewileee: hellow :p10:39
wileeemorning, err here,10:39
Bashing-omdaftykins: ^^ Good one, and is apt (in my estimation of Windows) / LOL .18:15
lordievaderWindows can do that too :P19:49
daftykinsi'm typing from Windows \o/19:50
OerHeksi'm typing from a glass desk22:07
daftykinsthose things get dusty22:08
OerHeksjups, on the other side it is cleaner than wood22:10
OerHeksdouble glass https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/6885560/pczooi.JPG22:12
daftykinsooh a bit of surgery22:22
wileeemmmm steamed hardware22:29
OerHekssocket 775 .. not sure what cpu, but i am happy with that geforce 7600GT fanless22:32
Bashing-omJust caution with them loose nuts in the upper left .22:37
OerHeksyeah, i see those connector screws are not secure, i have a special 6 mm socket wrench for that22:41
Bashing-omEriC^^: Question : Given 'df -h ' output "/dev/sdb1        96M   96M     0 100% /boot/efi" // Is this something that could/should be handled by the boot manager ?22:49
daftykinsouch a 100MB EFI is tiny22:50
Bashing-omdaftykins: yeah , tiny, no experience in EFI, may as well get my feet wet . Make matters deeper, dual booting windows, and Windows has the boot partition .// The things I step into !23:18
daftykinsif Windows was just a ~200MB boot and then the C:, that must be a legacy install - so incompatible?23:23
Bashing-omdaftykins: Not as bad as feared, as the dual booting per 'gdisk' are on seperated drives. Go do homework, see what I can do , Many many problems in this install . Make up my mind what to tackle 1st.23:29
daftykinsah ok :)23:30

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