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LinDolhi :)06:48
lindolhi all09:16
lindolum.. Could i find something that i can use memo application? for example) sticky memo in Windows.09:59
darkxstlindol, I don't know what that is, but there is tomboy and bijiben as note apps10:38
darkxstI think there may have also been a gnome-shell extension, that does something similar10:39
octoquadhi darkxst11:39
darkxsthi octoquad11:39
octoquadI'm having a hard time getting a debdiff for #1406200. Can you help?11:40
octoquadchanges are done, packages build, packages upgrade and using goa: works, i've just been stuck on the changes not showing the debdiff for the last three weeks11:41
darkxstoctoquad, just do `debdiff <new>.dsc <original>.dsc11:42
octoquadthis is what I get when I do it: http://pastebin.com/LvEwBt0y11:42
darkxstthen your changes are missing?11:43
octoquadI know right! lol11:43
darkxstfrom the source pacakage?11:43
octoquadWell, I only changed the debian/control and created a new .install file. I though debuild -S would pick it up but it doesn't11:44
darkxstoctoquad, does syncevo use a control.in?11:44
octoquadlet me check11:44
octoquadthere is ./src/synthesis/configure.in11:45
darkxstoctoquad, no in debian/11:45
darkxstoctoquad, wierd then, since debdiff will show all changes between your source package and the old one11:46
octoquadexactly, very weird11:46
octoquadI've tried some many different things it's driving me crazy now haha11:47
darkxstit shouldnt be hard11:47
darkxstbut I still think that your 1.5-0ubuntu5 package is missing the changes to debian/control11:48
octoquadThat's the new one I created based of 1.5-0ubuntu4.11:49
darkxstoctoquad, or your diffing against an ubuntu4 package that has your changes (and not the exact ubuntu version)11:52
octoquadcan you provide an example of what you mean? I'm using this at the moment: debdiff syncevolution_1.5-0ubuntu5.dsc syncevolution_1.5-0ubuntu4.dsc > debdiff.diff11:54
darkxstI mean somehow you changed the ubuntu4 versions control file, before you added the changelog entry?11:54
darkxstif you did a debuild -S before adding the changelog, that would happen11:55
octoquadI can't use debuild -S unless I add a change log entry otherwise it wants the GPG key that does not belong to me11:56
octoquadOk, so if I don't do dch -i first, then I get "signfile syncevolution_1.5-0ubuntu4.dsc Ken VanDine <ken.vandine@canonical.com>"11:56
octoquadsecret key not available11:56
darkxstwell you can if you have a default key set (or use -us -uc) but clearly that is not the problem11:57
octoquadSo, are you saying that I should rather create a new change log entry, then edit the control file and create the .install file and then use debuild -S11:57
darkxstwell yes, but if you didnt do that already it shouldnt be a problem11:58
darkxstoctoquad, feel free to make a bzr branch if that is easier11:59
octoquadI think I see where I went wrong, I got the package with dget, did the changes then ran dch -i, then debuild -S. Let me try other way and see if that works, I can't remember if I tried it that way before.11:59
octoquadoh the branching was a mission as well lol12:00
darkxstoctoquad, why?12:02
octoquadit worked!12:04
octoquadoh my hat, so the order I did it was wrong. Thanks darkxst12:04
darkxstoctoquad, np12:05
octoquadI had patch hunking failures12:05
octoquadand fuzz12:05
octoquadand previous patches were trying to be applied12:05
octoquadFor bug #1406200 should we re-assign to wiley milestone?12:06
ubot5bug 1406200 in Ubuntu GNOME "Add support for GOA in Syncevolution to make it work with Ubuntu-Gnome (Vivid)" [Medium,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/140620012:06
darkxstoctoquad, yes it will have to go into wily first12:06
darkxsthavent checked if it could be SRU'ed to vivid12:06
octoquadok so creating debdiff for vivid is useless then?12:07
darkxstoctoquad, create for wily, and get that sponsored first12:07
darkxst(I can't upload it)12:07
octoquadoh ok, how does one check if a package can be SRU'ed for an active release?12:07
darkxstbug fixes are ok for SRU12:07
octoquadI see, package splits are not then. Noted.12:08
darkxstoctoquad, looking, I'd say its unlikely to be valid for vivid SRU12:10
octoquadbtw, what is the time by you now?12:10
octoquadOk, I just wanted to add your timezone to clocks quickly. I hardly get a chance to ask you things during the week because of work.12:11
darkxstoctoquad, ok I'm +10 for winter12:12
octoquadta. Before you go, could you way in on this: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-gnome/+bug/89987812:12
ubot5Ubuntu bug 899878 in Ubuntu GNOME "Software center have hardcoded colors and shows white font on white bg" [High,In progress]12:12
octoquadI've created a CSS file for Ubuntu Gnome, it's nearly done, but it doesn't really fix the problem for other themes. Should I even pursue this further?12:13
darkxstoctoquad, they would probably take a fix for adwaita, since its our default theme, zero chance they would take fixes for other unsupported themes though12:18
octoquadOk, i'll finish the GOA support and then finish that up. If you need a hand with anything, please shout. I have some time available for the next couple of weeks.12:19
octoquadI've been testing Wiley on and off in between everything else.12:20
darkxst3.16 is falling into line pretty well, few bits of core are still blocked though12:23
darkxstand would be nice to get some sort of DEP-11 support for gnome-software running this cycle12:24
darkxstdebian have been working on the latter, and I believe its live in tanglu12:24
darkxstI'll try and chat with ximion about it in the next week12:25
octoquadyes it's very smooth, I actually want to redo my desktop setup using Wiley Alpha 2, unfortunately staging breaks for me in vivid12:26
darkxstwhat breaks? not heard any reports of vivid staging being broken12:27
darkxstI don't have any vivid boxes left however, apart from test VM's12:28
octoquadmaybe it's just my setup, it's been upgraded from 14.04 all the way through to  15.04. I can't recall, but the desktop doesn't work with a new profile or an existing one.12:28
octoquadI'll try now, maybe it was a temporary problem when I tried.12:28
octoquad~2 months ago12:28
darkxstmost of the core stuff is backported from wily, so should be pretty stable12:30
octoquadbusy upgrading to staging now, I'll let you know how it goes.12:31
darkxstapps are potentially a little out out date12:31
octoquadI really like what the did to the overall look of GNOME and the notifications is a such a useful change.12:32
octoquadoh, one the wiley side of life, I had these two problems: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/glib2.0/+bug/147998612:40
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1479986 in glib2.0 (Ubuntu) "No such key 'external-editor' in schema 'org.gnome.eog.ui'" [Undecided,New]12:40
octoquadand https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/grub2-signed/+bug/147998012:40
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1479980 in grub2-signed (Ubuntu) "package grub-efi-amd64-signed 1.53+2.02~beta2-26ubuntu5 failed to install/upgrade: subprocess installed post-installation script returned error exit status 1" [Undecided,New]12:40
darkxstfirst would be an obsolete key in ubuntu-gnome-default-settings overrides, feel free to submit a patch for that ;)12:41
darkxstno idea about the latter, and I need to sleep so not even going to look !12:42
octoquadhaha, all good12:42
darkxstbut we don't touch any of the grub stuff, so would be an all of ubuntu and flavours problem12:43
octoquadshould I mark Ubuntu Gnome as affected for the grub problem so reports can see it?12:44
octoquadsorry ...reporters can see it?12:44
darkxstassign it a w milestone, you have access to that no?12:45
octoquadyes and done12:45
octoquadok, staging is installed. Let's see how that goes. brb12:46
lindoldarkxst, Thank you for your advise :) Yes, I am finding note application,13:11
lindolThank you very much :)13:11
SonikkuAmericadarkxst: Hey ol' pal, how's the distro going?13:17
darkxstSonikkuAmerica, still tracking along, though Ive been flat out bust with real life, have others doing most of the work, I just doing the harder stuff that no one else can13:25
darkxstwhen I can slot an hour or 2 in13:25
darkxstand dealing with idiots on the mailing lists13:30
darkxstthere has a been a couple of very verbose, troll types with a false sense of entitlement towards the project13:50
darkxstmaybe they meant well, but came across bad, and one likes to write 2000 word essays13:51
* darkxst goes bed, night13:52

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