ahoneybunpleia2: america!00:22
* PaulW2U counts summaries - just two to do10:06
pleia2ahoneybun: erp?16:33
pleia2ahoneybun: oh, home? :)16:35
ahoneybunyep I've been home since yesterday pleia217:27
pleia2ahoneybun: did you take many pictures during your stay?17:31
ahoneybunyea I have a few lol17:31
ahoneybunmore then are in the blog posts I think17:32
ahoneybunpleia2: http://usefoss.com/index.php/2015/07/31/its-the-final-countdown/17:44
pleia2fun :)17:46
ahoneybunI'm really tempted to get a .me url17:48
pleia2I have pleia2.me17:50
ahoneybunI'm thinking of grabbing mine17:51
ahoneybunahoneybun.me is available17:51

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