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bazhang<PanV> 2 reasons: GRUB broke my windows OR Trojans14:31
bazhangtwo false make a right!14:31
bazhangI bet this is a warty install14:32
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bazhang<marcos_> Acces to the Deepweb16:16
geniiProbably not, but what is?16:16
bazhangreminds me of the movie 'marathon man'16:17
geniiHeh, yes16:17
genii< makes drill sounds > ... Is it safe?16:17
bazhangYES!!!1 very safe!16:18
geniiHoffman was brilliant in that16:20
bazhangsir laurence wasnt too shabby either16:20
bazhangthats the same author as that of princess bride16:21
* genii sips and ponders16:21
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