Loganare we still not uploading stuff because of GCC 5?02:05
Loganjk, I see the followup email05:01
xnoxpublisher is so slow.13:12
xnoxi'm so used to per-build publisher we are running in koji.13:13
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slangasekwell, it took a bit for ben to finish running, but there are transition trackers up now for each of the gcc5-induced package name changes that seb128 prepped last week. http://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-archive/transitions/19:34
dokoslangasek, icu is missing19:36
slangasekhmm checking19:36
slangasekdoko: icu had no package name change in landing-03919:37
dokolibicu52 -> libicu5519:37
dokoalready had that in landing-01919:37
slangasekso I haven't tried to capture those yet19:37
dokoor 1619:37
dokoicu: libicu52 -> libicu55. Only partial rebuilds for now19:38
dokoboost1.58: 1.55 -> 1.58, only partial rebuilds for now19:38
dokoapt: libapt-pkg4.12 -> libapt-pkg4.16. only partial rebuilds for now19:38
dokoprocess-cpp: libprocess-cpp2 -> libprocess-cpp319:38
dokonet-cpp: libnet-cpp1 -> libnet-cpp219:38
dokodbus-cpp: libdbus-cpp4 -> libdbus-cpp519:38
dokolibphonenumber: libphonenumber6 -> libphonenumber719:38
dokotrust-store: libtrust-store1 -> libtrust-store219:38
dokounity-scopes-api: libunity-scopes3 -> libunity-scopes1.019:38
dokothese were the ones already done in 1619:38
slangasekyes.  there are a lot more library transitions that still need to be tracked besides the v5 ones19:39
slangasekI'm saying that the v5 ones have transition trackers up - so people can start claiming those and working through them19:39
slangasekI'm also working through what's wrong with qtdeclarative5-ubuntu-ui-extras0.2 still, so we can get test images build against -proposed for touch19:42
slangasek(needs to be done today, to let the testing happen on schedule)19:43
dokowhat do you see?19:44
slangasekright now I just get a build failure from apt saying ' ubuntu-touch : Depends: qtdeclarative5-ubuntu-ui-extras0.2 but it is not going'19:45
slangasek'to be installed'19:45
dokoahh, libexiv2-13v5,19:45
slangasekI already did that once19:45
slangasekdoko: I can investigate this one, I was meaning to let people know I was doing so19:46
dokoslangasek, it's hard-coded dependency :-/19:47
slangasekyes, I started to suspect this19:47
slangasekI already fixed one of those last night19:47
dokowhy don't they use shlibs:Depends?19:49
dokoanyway, I'm fixing it, and filing a bug report19:50
slangasekthey do use shlibs:Depends; I'm just about to dput19:50
slangasekyou can go work on another corner ;)19:50
dokook, fine =)19:51
slangasekI see that some of the libraries with v5 name changes already have complete transitions, they're "only" blocked by gcc-5 now, which is pretty nice19:51
slangasekwhat are the prerequisites for dropping the blocker bug for gcc-5?19:52
slangasek1) positive results from phone testing19:52
slangasek2) batch uploads of the remaining library package name changes?19:52
dokonot sure about 2. at some point, we probably don't care anymore about the renaming?19:53
slangasekdoko: I'm intending to batch upload the remaining libraries this week20:01
slangasekI don't know if seb128 has any scripts that I should leverage, but if not I'll script something up.  should only take a couple of hours for the scripting and a couple of days for the uploads ;)20:02
dokoslangasek, can you avoid to rename those where debian decided not to rename? or else we'll carry a delta forever20:02
dokoI don't think he finished the script20:03
slangasekdoko: well, I think I pointed out that the rename can be reverted and the delta can be dropped immediately after the wily release20:03
slangasekdoko: if you have a list of source packages that I should blacklist because we know Debian won't change the name, that would certainly simplify20:04
slangasekbut I expect this to be a small minority of packages20:04
slangasekubunt-ui-extras published, reattempting test image20:05
slangasekthere's still an x86-specific issue regarding qtmir-android et al if anyone wanted to look at that; otherwise I'll look later20:06
dokowould need looking at the closed issues20:06
slangasekdoko: if you can give me a list of source packages to blacklist, I'll take it.  But I'm not going to sift through the closed bugs right now to figure out which ones were closed without name change20:07
dokook, I'll do that tomorrow20:07
xnoxslangasek: i'm not sure if i did cgal mygui & console-bridge21:16
xnoxi rebuild them v5-less at first, then with proper v5 in place, but it might be too early one.21:17
xnoxsee last commits on transition tracker and/or new queue21:17
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