j3r0guys every time  I try to install postgres I get perl: warning: Setting locale failed00:12
j3r0and i think I have tried everything on google00:12
j3r0perl: warning: Falling back to the standard locale ("C").00:23
j3r0locale: Cannot set LC_ALL to default locale: No such file or directory00:23
j3r0guys at the moment I don't have a domain , just an IP, can I for example have 213.342.1231./blog ?01:59
tewardj3r0: no02:00
tewardhxxp://  <-- that you can achieve02:00
teward(with your IP)02:00
tewardi misread02:00
j3r0ok thnks02:01
j3r0because atm I have a "django app"(just running django) on my main IP02:01
j3r0and on my main IP I want to have my personal site02:01
bugzcHey. I am trying to figure out what firewall is running on my ubuntu server. it's running on an odroid. its not iptables/ufw. any suggestions? trying to open a port.04:52
bugzcubuntu 14.0404:52
bugzcnevermind. tyl_tcp was binding to localhost. doh05:01
bugzclooks like this image comes with no firewall enabled by default.05:01
lordievaderGood morning.07:53
lordievaderHey RoyK08:54
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udGuys, is it good practice to create symlink under /var/www which points to some directory under my (non root user) home ? I want to avoid use of sudo while working with html files. and I dont have write permissions to /var/www10:03
lordievaderAdd yourself to the www-data group.10:08
udok, but that gives me access to entire /var/www directory.10:09
j3r0guys hey. I have a nginx server, basically an ip adress. What I want to do is 3234.234234.42342/blog13:59
j3r0how I can do this ?13:59
j3r0anyone ?14:05
Slingj3r0: so do you have your nging server running? what happens if you browse to your ip using a webbrowser?14:06
j3r0I see the nginx welcome page14:06
j3r0all good14:06
Slingokay so put your blog directory in your documentroot14:07
j3r0so simple ?14:07
Slingalso make sure the nginx user can read the files and has execute permissions on any subdirectories14:07
Slingapart from that, pretty much yeah14:07
RoyKSling: execute?14:59
RoyKSling: no need for that14:59
RoyKj3r0: just configure nginx to use the right directory - the default is /usr/share/something, which is something you shouldn't use14:59
RoyKj3r0: also - no need for +x on the files15:00
j3r0I am having problem with 403 error15:00
RoyKthen there should be logs15:00
j3r0I have to figure out, because at the /blog I want to symlink a django blog app15:01
j3r0I pay the price for being windows user all this years15:01
SlingRoyK: not in the files no, but on the directories15:16
holmsanyone knows what's going on when upstart just hanging while starting or restarting service?16:51
holmsi've solved this in config file, where sofware just returns to tty.. with respawn16:51
holmsnow this case where it runs as daemon.. so nothing helps16:51
holmswhen command fails to start it usually just fails, but i've got hanging command16:52
lordievaderholms: Does '/var/www/shrinktheapp/bin/celery' deamonize?16:54
lordievaderIs there anything in the upstart log?16:57
holmsyeah ctually there's errors in there16:58
holmsmy just question would be despite of python errors in there, should it be hanging?16:59
holmshmz well 'service flower start', it hangs, nothing in logs16:59
lordievaderholms: Just to make sure the 'sudo service start <service>' hangs?16:59
holmscleared out logs, and just checked it16:59
holmslordievader: yes it does17:00
lordievaderholms: Hmm, no that should not hang.17:00
holmsfound mistake in script regarding variable, but that doesnt fix anything))17:01
lordievaderIn what state does the command hang?17:02
holms 2722 pts/3    S+     0:00 start flower17:03
lordievaderHmm, well at least it ain't D ;) You could hook strace into it to see what it is doing/17:03
holmsnever did strace of running process17:04
holmsone sec17:04
holmsrestart_syscall(<... resuming interrupted call ...>17:05
holmsthat all i got in log17:06
holmsstrace -p 2722 -s 80 -o flower.log17:06
lordievaderHmm, kind of out of my depth here. Haven't written an upstart script in quite some time.17:09
geniiMaybe it would just be more prudent to make it an sysvinit script and use update-rc.d on it instead. Will still get called from upstart same as everything else in /etc/init.d17:10
holmsgot celery working under upstart..17:11
prelude2004chello everyone17:32
prelude2004canyone here familar with webdav & nginx ?17:32
prelude2004ci am having some trouble with rources not available  and TTP/1.1 500 Internal Server Error17:32
prelude2004cfor whatever reason it wont write to file system17:32
prelude2004ci been at this for hours.. i am stumped17:32
holmswooo.. lordievader got interesting twist in here17:33
holmsbefore i execute this line in cli:  . /etc/default/celery , flower command works17:34
holmsafter this line, flower command stucks17:34
holmsah so after passing --app it freezes,, great17:35
lordievaderWhat is in that file?17:36
holmsjust env vars in there, anyway, so when passing arguments to celery-flower it stucks17:36
holmsso it's not upstart problem17:37
maleb0lgeCould anyone help me setup openvpn with two nic's?19:07
maleb0lgeI'm trying to setupt an openvpn server to be used with one nic, and an openvpn client to be used by another nic (connecting to a vpn service provider like PIA, Torguard, etc.)19:09
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maleb0lgeDoes that even sound possible?19:13
tewardmaleb0lge: possible? yes.  sane?  probably not19:14
maleb0lgeteward: it seems that way, but adding a virtual machine might bog down my limited server and impact quality of vpn connection :(19:15
maleb0lge1.5gb ram, 8gb ssd, pentium 4 (hyperthreading!)19:16
tewardsetting up the forwarding would be difficult, but you can have the OpenVPN server bind to one port, and then reach out to the remote port over the other NIC by setting the default route19:16
lordievaderPentium 4? Wow... What are you trying to accomplish?19:16
tewardbut on a pentium 4...19:16
tewardwhat exactly do you want to accomplish here19:16
patdk-lapdidn't think ubuntu even booted on p4's anymore19:18
maleb0lgewell, have my openvpn server so that I can connect to my machine, manage it, remotely, but also use it as a torrent server all in one package19:18
maleb0lgealso to serve media to my home network!19:21
maleb0lgeam I asking too much of it?19:21
tewardmaleb0lge: on a pentium 4 probably19:21
tewardespecially if you're limited to 8GB SSD and 1.5GB RAM19:21
tewardi'd not put a media server, a VPN server, *and* a VPN client on there.19:21
tewardbut you also haven't defined your overall use case19:21
tewardwhy do you need the VPN *client* to exist on there19:21
tewardthe headache of running a VPN server just so it can in turn VPN to elsewhere is... well, headachey.19:22
maleb0lgewell, I only want certain programs to use the openvpn client19:22
lordievadermaleb0lge: For the vpn server part, doesn't ssh suffice?19:22
tewardmaleb0lge: that's not really attainable, you VPN everything, or nothing, you don't really get to pick which programs go over the VPN...19:23
tewardnot in a 'sane and easy to configure' way anyways19:23
maleb0lgelordievader: it might have to, but I thouhgt that, traditionally, in order to securely surf the internet at, say, a coffeeshoppe that you should connect through a vpn19:24
maleb0lgeteward: i think you may be right, and running a vm with openvpn client seems to be a bottleneck19:25
tewardi didn't say you had to use a vm19:25
tewardbut you still can't 'pipe' traffic in that way on the host, VMs can do it, but yes, it'd be a bottleneck.19:25
maleb0lgethat was what I was at first planning to do19:25
maleb0lgeso, I might have to purchase a raspbpi anyway19:26
maleb0lgeif i want to make my life easier19:26
maleb0lgedo you think a raspberry pi A+ (256MB) model would suffice as a dedicated openvpn server?19:29
JanCmaleb0lge: AFAIK its network interface is connected to USB & not 100% reliable, especially when there is a lot of traffic?19:34
maleb0lgeJanC: with all raspbpi's? or just model A+?19:34
lordievadermaleb0lge: All.19:35
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JanCprobably better run OpenVPN on OpenWRT on some dedicated router hardware19:51
maleb0lgeisnt the pi more powerful than say Linksys WRT54G19:55
JanCthat hardware is > 10 years old...19:58
maleb0lgeso, yes?20:04
maleb0lgebut, it might be sufficient for basic stuff: http://www.cse.wustl.edu/~jain/cse567-08/ftp/ovpn/#sec420:06
maleb0lgeand i have two of those ancients laying around somewhere20:18
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