ahoneybunmariogrip: http://plasma-phone.org/oneplus-one/00:50
mariogripahoneybun: humm, unity looks a alot better00:53
mariogripbut still cool i guess, no credit to the ubuntu deveopers (or me for that matter (for the port)) but meh... if it had been the other way around (that the ubuntu developer did the same as the kde developers do), there had been a big discussion around that....00:56
mariogripahoneybun: what do you think?00:59
ahoneybunmariogrip: they gave enough credits plus kinda the point of open source00:59
ahoneybunthough you have done a lot of work so your name should be there on that page01:00
ahoneybunmariogrip: plus the design is still in the air01:01
mariogripahoneybun: Well, i dunno. I just read some stuff about it, but really i'm glad to see kde on the phone.01:02
ahoneybunI'll talk in #plasma about it01:03
ahoneybunyou should get credit somewhere01:03
mariogripahoneybun: and also to the nexus 5 developer Tasssadar01:04
ahoneybunok I'll see01:07
mariogripahoneybun: Thanks!01:08
DonkeyHoteiwell, Tassadar only runs the image server. the n5 port was by rsalveti01:09
ahoneybuneither way credit should be placed01:12
mariogripDonkeyHotei: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1uUHF463g4f4L5ljWZf0l7b4VAevM-twHag4ZoEd_TNc/edit?usp=sharing01:12
mariogripit says Tasssadar did it, but I might be wrong01:12
mariogripahoneybun: Yeah01:14
* ahoneybun goes to watch youtube in bed...01:14
DonkeyHoteimariogrip: it says he's the "contact" not that he did it01:20
mariogripAh, okey. My bad01:21
DonkeyHoteiit puzzles me that plasma would pick the n5 as the reference device when the UT port to it is basically unmaintained01:22
robin-heroHi all! We found a really annoying bug with Ubuntu Touch: https://bugs.launchpad.net/canonical-devices-system-image/+bug/147934306:54
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1479343 in Canonical System Image "In some cases the call slider is unavailable BQ(r24)" [Undecided,New]06:54
robin-heroCould somebody take a look at it?06:54
_4M8B_Hi I'm new to this channel... I've bought a meizu ubuntu touch awhile ago and have a question... why does the unity update app not list all updates available which when I remount the system partition and do a apt-get upgrade are indeed available??10:48
_4M8B_Things won't break? maybe stupid but want to be sure10:50
gerasneed help11:01
gerasnexux 7 installer Downloaded images failed checksum validation11:02
gerasanny one11:02
k1l_that means the download got corrupted. just reload it11:03
gerastry to delete folder from download nexus 7 and start program agian 2 download same stuff result same get same erorr11:05
gerascan i give u acces to my pc just do fix this stuff for me pls11:11
gerasbecose i try all stuff and not 1 work't for me11:11
gerasi not realy good with ubuntu linux11:11
k1l_sorry, i am not too familiar with that stuff. but checksum validation failed means that the download didnt work properly11:12
gerasjust reading formus11:12
Paddy_NIStill waiting for my mate to get back to me regarding this passcode... Absolutely and positively  itching to dig in to this Ubuntu Phone!11:23
Paddy_NIActually... Is it possible to just boot to fastboot mode and flash a new image negating the need for the passcode?11:25
Paddy_NIHow stable is the development channel for the BQ Aquaris E4.5?11:28
DanChapmanPaddy_NI: stable, rc and rc-proposed channels are all pretty stable. Obviously rc-proposed has had less testing but is more bleeding-edge11:35
ogra_devel-proposed is completely broken, use rc or rc-proposed only, not devel or devel-proposed11:38
Paddy_NIAh I see, thanks ogra_ DanChapman11:49
Paddy_NIHow accurate is this post and is it necessary http://askubuntu.com/questions/602035/how-do-i-use-ubuntu-device-flash-with-the-bq-aquaris-e4-5-and-aquaris-e511:50
Paddy_NIAs I do not possess the "passcode" I am unsure whether or not I need to enable USB debugging or "developer mode" on this Ubuntu Phone (BQ Aquaris E4.5)11:51
Paddy_NICan anyone help steer me in the right direction regarding this passcode nuisance?11:56
Paddy_NISpecifically can I just flash the phone using a new image thereby negating the need for a passcode completely?11:57
ogra_yes, you need to put the phone into bootloader/fastboot mode, then you can flash with the --bootstrap flasg to ubuntu-device-flash12:00
ogra_that will completely wipe the device12:01
Paddy_NIogra_, So "ubuntu-device-flash touch --channel=ubuntu-touch/devel/bq-aquaris.en --bootstrap flasg"12:03
Paddy_NIogra_, And am I using the correct channel?12:03
ogra_just use the command from the post ...12:03
ogra_(you need to download the recovery.img first indeed)12:04
Paddy_NII am a little confused here12:04
ogra_the one mentioned in the post12:04
ogra_(see the second answer, just foollow it step by step)12:05
Paddy_NIOkay is that the most recent image of is that just the current stable?12:05
Paddy_NI*or rather12:05
Paddy_NISorry if I'm being a little pedantic12:05
ogra_thats the latest stable image12:05
ogra_if you want daily images you can use --channel ubuntu-touch/rc-proposed/bq-aquaris.en12:06
Paddy_NI"--flasg" is not mentioned in the post12:06
Paddy_NIubuntu-device-flash touch --channel ubuntu-touch/stable/bq-aquaris.en --bootstrap --recovery-image path/to/downloaded/recovery.img12:06
ogra_tzhat was a typo12:06
Paddy_NIah sorry12:06
ogra_i meant the you shoud use the --bootstrap flag12:07
ogra_or --bootstrap option, if you want to call it like that :)12:07
Paddy_NIubuntu-device-flash touch --channel ubuntu-touch/rc-proposed/bq-aquaris.en --bootstrap --recovery-image recovery-krillin.img12:08
Paddy_NIlovely :-)12:08
Paddy_NIAh ha we have activity12:09
Paddy_NIThe guy who gave me the phone is called Seamus12:10
Paddy_NIlol Paddy met Seamus in a pub12:10
Paddy_NIGot a free Ubuntu phone as his employer uses a windows stack12:11
cylonmathGuys I have Ubuntu14.04LTs, GT640M + Intel GPU card laptop. I wanted to install cuda and NVIDIA drivers. I guess I succesfully did, since I can run CUDa samples and device query returns my gpu. Also lsmod shows nvidia module. However I can't start lightdm anymore, it says "job failed", I can't boot GUI, is there any easy fix for this? I used Nvidia331 driver.12:43
cylonmathooops wrong channel12:47
PanVHello! I would like to ask some questions about ubuntu touch since it attracted me so much.14:26
PanV1. In a 2013 Lenovo IdeaTab Tablet (Dunno the model) can you install Ubuntu Touch? 2. Does the device need rooting?14:27
XoXoXhanelhy, not image UBUNTU TOUCHE for Nvidia Shield 'tablette' pls ?14:57
andyvkHello! Is there the possibility to install ubuntu touch for x86/x64 arch? I have a samsung slate 7 xe700T and I need a linux os with full touch capability and design. Can somebody help me?14:57
XoXoXhanelIm Have this error : Device ShieldTablet not found on server https://system-image.ubuntu.com channel ubuntu-touch/stable/ubuntu14:58
k1l_XoXoXhanel: seems like there is no official port yet. so you need to do the porting.15:01
k1l_Porting (advanced) https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/Porting15:01
XoXoXhanelgood, i will go to see that thx15:05
XoXoXhanelTassader youfrom CZ republik?15:21
Paddy_NII am really enjoying Ubuntu Touch15:33
Paddy_NIIt's pretty damn cool15:33
workhi,  i was wondering if it is possible to pause and resume phablet-dev-bootstrap phablet16:28
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Manthorianhiya guys16:34
ManthorianIm looking forward to install ubuntu touch on my tablet16:34
Manthorianand its nvidia shield16:35
Manthorianis there anyone tried yet with this or is there a caution shalll I take?16:35
Manthorianguys? anyone online?16:39
Manthorianhiya guys16:51
Manthorian<Manthorian> Im looking forward to install ubuntu touch on my tablet16:51
Manthorian<Manthorian> and its nvidia shield16:51
Manthorian<Manthorian> is there anyone tried yet with this or is there a caution shalll I take?16:51
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NananassAnyone has sound problems with his/her ubuntu phone?20:10
NananassI got a bq e5, and today, the sound of my speakers just suddenly stopped working20:11
Nananassheadphones and small speakers do still work tho...20:11
Paddy_NIBit of a daft question but, does the Circle in the middle of the "lock screen" actually do anything - as in it it interactive?22:37
Paddy_NIIt makes little sense to me at present22:37
Paddy_NIis it interactive rather?22:38
Paddy_NII mean the first dot in from the top left always has a little droplet shaped image on it and it is itself encircled by varying shades of a colour depending on which statistic is being displayed22:40
Paddy_NII have noticed a double tap cycles through the stats22:40
ahoneybundouble taps goes though stats yes22:45
ahoneybunand the dots around it show the date number22:45
Paddy_NII don't see any date22:45
ahoneybunit shows based on how many22:46
ahoneybun2 white shows it is the 2nd of the month22:46
Paddy_NICool I see now22:47
Paddy_NIAnd the colour circle highlight circles each day?22:47
ahoneybunyep :)22:47
ahoneybunnot sure about the colors22:48
Paddy_NII like it now22:48
ahoneybunmaybe just to look cool22:48
Paddy_NIThanks I was feeling a little silly there22:48
Paddy_NIIs it possible to browse the Ubuntu Touch app store via a website?22:50
Paddy_NIJust for faster browsing22:51
ElleoPaddy_NI: https://uappexplorer.com/22:51
Paddy_NIIs that 3rd party?22:52
Elleoit uses the store APIs though, so you see all the same info you'd see in the app scope22:52
Paddy_NIThanks Elleo22:52
Elleono problem22:53
Paddy_NII'm only getting to grips with it at present, so far I think it's pretty awesome22:54
Paddy_NIA friend gave me this new bq Aquaris E4.5 for free and my Xperia Z2 is sitting feeling rather lonely at the moment22:55
Paddy_NII have in the past contemplated putting Ubuntu Touch on the Z2 but have not got around to it22:56
Paddy_NIHas the friends "app/scope" been discontinued?22:58
Paddy_NII had always liked the look of that22:58
Paddy_NITrying to perform "phablet-config writable-image" spits out a bunch of errors23:00
Paddy_NISeems to be a bug23:00
Paddy_NIFor anyone interested http://paste.ubuntu.com/11989681/23:01
Paddy_NIBursting to start using apt-get23:01
Paddy_NIOr apt rather23:01
Paddy_NII wonder if it has anything to do with me having a passcode set?23:04
Paddy_NIYes I am a little stupid, the phone needs to be unlocked23:10
Paddy_NIA peerflix or torrent-stream scope with dlna functionality would be amazing23:11
nhainesPaddy_NI: setting your phone writeable and using apt/apt-get will make your phone unable to receive system updates, and apt/apt-get upgrade will quickly break your phone.23:41
nhaines(A reflash fixes both of those things.)23:41
Paddy_NInhaines, Thanks for the heads up23:53
Paddy_NIpython-pip3 does not seem to be available23:53
Paddy_NInhaines, Once I make it writeable (which I have) would I be able to receive system updates again upon disabling the writeable setting?23:57

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