bujjiHappy Friendship Day all05:24
knightwisemorning everyone06:49
brobostigonmorning boys and girls.09:02
NokajiMorning brobostigon09:31
NokajiFriends, Romans, Countrymen, lend me your ears - Within Terminal is a useful function to scroll through previous code via the <UP> button. After a while though, seldom used code gets lost in the quagmire. Is there a better method of organising/storing previously used code snippets?09:33
NokajiIf I knew where terminal kept its log of previously used commands, maybe i could do a simple word-search in gedit, if there is no better method09:35
brobostigonmorning Nokaji09:40
brobostigonuse your up and down arrows on your keyboard to find previously used commands.09:40
NokajiI do that however some code is endlessly repeated. My preference would be for a single example to minimise searching, maybe filed alphabetically but that is of limited use unlessI can recall how a thing starts. guess i'll track down a text file it stores it in09:42
Nokajimaybe someone has produced a reference work or even an app09:44
shaunoyou might want to play with the ctrl-R stuff that lets you search your history.  'history' alone will print out a record of that's in there too09:59
shaunothe contents usually live in ~/.bash_history but I think you'll find more benefit from learning how better to use it in-place (rather than just up/down)10:01
NokajiThanks shauno, I just discovered this as well - http://fosswire.com/post/2008/04/ubuntu-cheat-sheet/10:02
NokajiThat Control R stuff is perfect, thanks again - problem solved10:05
ali1234why are there two different versions of /usr/include/linux/i2c-dev.h - one of which doesn't work and is the version installed by default, the other of which does work and gets installed if you install libi2c-dev?11:44
popeydirecthex: ikonia http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b063yqpy may be of interest to you chaps.11:49
popeydirecthex: ikonia lots of discussion of colas, sodas and new drinks.11:49
popeymore tomorrow too11:49
penguin42ali1234: Which package does the broken one come from?11:53
ali1234penguin42: linux-libc-dev:amd6411:54
penguin42ali1234: I suspect that comes from the kernel and is the kernels definition of it's interface from include/uapi/linux/i2c-dev.h in the kernel tree   - it seems wrong that there are two in the same location though11:56
ali1234example code: http://paste.ubuntu.com/11985923/11:56
ali1234this compiles iff you have libi2c-dev installed11:56
ali1234if you don't you get error: ‘i2c_smbus_access’ undeclared11:56
ali1234this is really stupid11:57
penguin42ali1234: IMHO that's a bug in libi2c-dev for putting it's header files there11:58
ali1234i suspect it's been this way for like 10 years12:01
ali1234and now cannot be fixed12:01
knightwiseok :) spent an interesting morning reading about social engineering15:15
knightwisenever read an infobrochure of the FBI before15:16
* penguin42 tries just to watch a Demand5 program and is failing miserably; won't work on flash on a web browser, the app has stopped working on my Android phone15:18
penguin42and the kodi/xbmc plugin wont work on the current kodi15:18
knightwiseany of you ever caught the show 'the real husttle" ?15:19
bigcalmGood morning peeps :)15:19
knightwisehey big15:19
bigcalmLovely afternoon on the M6. Sandbatch services keeping me awake15:19
penguin42bigcalm: erm lovely15:21
bigcalmUsing service station WiFi reminds me that I should have set up open VPN on my phone. Ho hum15:21
zmoylan-piusing public wifi is like sharing floppies in 90s :-)15:22
penguin42doesn't sound safe15:22
zmoylan-pithe trick was to see how many virii you could get on one floppy... :-)15:23
bigcalmThink I'll have a nap in the car15:25
penguin42bigcalm: Why are you stuck in Sandbach services?15:25
orothusukandbach services15:26
MartijnVdSzmoylan-pi: not a lot, if they all wanted their piece of the boot sector :P16:19
zmoylan-piyou threw on infected com files and exes which some muggins was sure to run16:25
=== pi____ is now known as Hanra
HanraQuick note to Daftykins : I got my BIOS password reset. All I needed was to get a thin plectrum in town to help me separate the last bit16:37
daftykinsHanra: huzzah \o/17:07
daftykinsHanra: do much more than remove the battery for a minute or so?17:07
zmoylan-pi1) remove battery 2) count to 60 hippopotami 3) reinsert battery :-)17:08
mapppshi all17:08
mapppscant wait to get  fan17:09
mapppss stud hot just sitting down watchinv tv eps is unfun:)17:09
daftykinss stud hot?17:10
mapppsso stupid hot17:10
mapppssee making me type bad17:10
daftykinstook a video of Condor Liberation pulling into harbour, on a little cycle along the seafront17:12
daftykinsthat was a bit more stable, this one was freehand17:13
HanraOk, I have a new and exciting problem for you Daftykins : "USB HDD: Generic Flash Disk has been blocked by the current security policy" <- That's my live CD booty thing on a stick17:15
mapppsthis aartment i looked at is so nice17:15
mapppsBUT £1200..ac ..and no oven..and tiny s its a studio17:15
daftykinsHanra: well did you enter the BIOS and have a nose around first?17:16
mapppsbuilt as a hotel oiginall which explains why no oven17:16
daftykinsmappps: heh that's the kinda place ideal for those spending their income straight on restaurants17:16
HanraDaftykins: Bit of a nose around, got the boot order behaving.17:17
HanraDaftykins: going to have another nose around, didn't expect this latest issue17:17
daftykinsHanra: is it down from 111 now? :P17:17
daftykinsyeah look around the security area17:17
mapppsi figure could get a steamer and use that17:20
daftykinshardly ideal :S17:20
HanraDaftykins : I only have to active options in security, and they're both to set passwords17:20
daftykinsso still knackered eh17:21
HanraOn the plus side, only 4 options now :)17:23
daftykinsso no luck with DVD or flash drive again huh?17:23
HanraFlash drive is "blocked by the current security policy"17:23
HanraI managed to use an old live CD by changing from UEFI to legacy bios17:24
Hanrabut when I ran boot repair I got an error complaining I wasn't un UEFI mode17:24
daftykinsoh yeah you don't want to run out of date tools on an EFI system, ouch17:24
Hanra 12.04 beta217:24
daftykinsso you just need an up to date DVD burnt by your housemate perhaps :P or by yourself from Windows!17:25
daftykinsyou might even be able to use PLOP to chainload a flash drive17:25
Hanrawhy can't I change the security policy on my own darn machine?17:25
daftykinsbecause it sounds like the battery removal only reset the user password, not the supervisor password17:26
daftykinsthere's probably a hard disk password too17:26
HanraI can set the supervisor password17:26
Hanrait's "clear"17:26
daftykinsuseless without having them all removed17:27
HanraIf I set a supervisor password now, would that give me access to everything else?17:27
daftykinsdoubt it17:28
zmoylan-pii think it does on some wacky asus models? let me check to see if i can find the mention i saw17:28
daftykinswell considering we're talking about hitting a few keys to enter a password to try, it certainly won't hurt17:29
Hanraok, unlocked17:29
Hanrahow do I allow the flash drive?17:30
HanraOptions are :17:30
HanraErase All secure boot setting [Enter]17:30
HanraSelect an UEFI file as trusted for executing [Enter]17:31
HanraRestore Secure Boot to Factory Default [Enter]17:31
daftykinswell obviously none of those are relevant whatsoever17:31
zmoylan-piacer, not asus... http://itsfoss.com/disable-secure-boot-in-acer/ ran into it when disabling secure boot a few weeks back17:32
daftykinshmm novel17:34
daftykinsi've never needed that approach taken to enter BIOS via Windows GUI, though it's written about so much17:34
HanraAnd another reason I hate windows and wish the guy who sold me this laptop chose to just give me a linux laptop (as I requested) rather than a dual booting one17:35
penguin42yeh the hiding it until setting a supervisor password is fun17:35
Hanrathanks zmoylan-pi17:35
mapppsSunday 19:0017:36
mapppsPartly Cloudy17:36
mapppsPartly Cloudy17:36
mappps25°C | °F17:36
daftykinsi don't think Windows is to blame for the poor state of your laptop17:36
mapppsPrecipitation: 0%17:36
mapppsHumidity: 83%17:36
daftykinsit's the guy you got it from :P17:36
mapppsWind: 10 mph17:36
mapppsno wonder i feel so hot and stick17:36
mappps73% humidity17:36
zmoylan-pii always blame windows... :-p17:36
HanraOh good, now windows thinks my PC needs fixing....17:36
daftykins25 heh, it was 22 here today17:36
mapppsbut the humidity daftykins ;p17:37
Hanraand I really think I can blame windows :)17:37
daftykinsyeah it's usually pretty high here too17:37
daftykinsusually up to 90%17:38
mapppsits horrd17:38
mapppsyou got ac?17:38
mapppswe get lik no breeze hear17:39
mapppsso even with indows open its horrible17:39
daftykinsgranite house though, it's cool down here in the lowest floor17:39
daftykinsah tonnes of wind at times17:40
zmoylan-pieat lots of beans... provide your own ac... :-)17:42
HanraThat... wouldn't work zmolyan. Not sure the thermodynamics of that solution have been fully studied but still... no17:44
zmoylan-pino no, you do that for a month, then stop, then you'll never complain about the heat again :-)17:44
daftykinsmappps: stock up on ice creams17:46
zmoylan-piin a freezer, warming up his apartment...17:47
HanraI'm in...17:48
Hanrafsck this is a lot of effort17:48
daftykinsyeah don't buy from a psycho next time17:48
daftykinsselling machines with BIOS passwords, honestly17:49
zmoylan-pithere are computers supplied by companies who aren't run by psychos?17:49
Hanrathey swear they didn't17:49
Hanrawho knows, I may have set it in a fit of confusion the last time a windows update broke grub :p17:50
Hanraas I have just had to do because Acer likes to not allow you to change things *unless* you have that password set17:50
Hanrathis time I've chosen one I'll remember... and I'm still going to clear it the second I finish fixing grub17:51
zmoylan-piit's the i know what i'm doing... cuts branch you're sitting on...17:51
Hanra"It's OK, I'll remember the password"17:52
zmoylan-pifamous last words... :-)17:52
* Hanra makes a mental note to set all his passwords to "I'll remember the password"17:52
daftykinsand write them down, storing the paper in a 'safe place'17:53
* zmoylan-pi remembers the customer who used the make of their monitor as a password and couldn't log in when it was replaced...17:53
* Hanra lol's hard17:53
* zmoylan-pi spent 15 minutes ringing our delivery guy to read out the brands of monitors he'd retrieved when he installed the new ones...17:54
HanraOh wow. Just... wow17:54
zmoylan-pithe password was of course sony17:55
HanraThat was it?17:55
Hanrajust "sony"?17:55
daftykinsidiots =|17:55
zmoylan-pithe one brand we didn't sell so i was trying about 20 other makes...17:55
daftykinsi'm amazed any password policy was met by that one ;)17:55
* zmoylan-pi looks shifty when a security company we worked for used 1 letter passwords for some accounts17:56
penguin42daftykins: So there is a good reason to sell machines with bios paswords set if you're shipping them - as long as you tell the buyer; it helps to stop basic in-transit attacks17:57
zmoylan-piit was pre internet so it was more to prevent people 'accidently' logging into other peoples computers to see their data than protection against evil hackers17:57
* Hanra looks shifty when the company he used to work for mapped all special characters to underscores in their password system17:57
* Hanra looks even more shifty as passwords were being passed around on the backend systems virtually unencrypted17:57
daftykinspenguin42: this sounded more a personal transaction than a company, so i'm not thinking so grandiose17:57
* Hanra also seems to recall passwords were stored using reversible algorithms17:58
* penguin42 would be surprised if they used any algorithm at all - probably better these days17:58
zmoylan-pirot 13 ftw \o/17:58
HanraOh how I have missed the Ubuntu startup screen18:00
Hanraand, for that matter, the grub GUI18:00
daftykinsbooting your flash drive now is it?18:00
HanraNope, did that. Boot repaired18:01
Hanradone. Fixed. Trauma over18:01
HanraI learnt something this weekend.18:01
HanraSupervisor password reset.18:02
HanraMuch better18:02
HanraFeels good18:02
HanraThanks for holding my hand through that guys, much appreciated18:03
Hanraespecially you daftykins for being so helpful18:03
Hanrabut also I'd like to thank zmoylan-pi18:03
daftykinsnow, i have to admit to not believing a Windows Update caused this, so if you'd be so good as to go update Windows and see if it hoses it again ;)18:03
* Hanra gets oscar for noobish noob18:03
zmoylan-piremember the fun days we had to fix our computers offline as it was our only computer :-)18:03
daftykinseh all i did was point you to eric then say take the tinopener to it :P18:04
HanraEh, still I ended up actually taking a tin opener to it18:04
zmoylan-piand not the hammer... i see where you went wrong... :-)18:04
Hanrawell, not a tin opener18:04
Hanraa plectrum18:04
Hanrabut same principle18:04
Hanraand yeah, so glad I have a billion backup PCs18:05
Hanraservers, pi's etc.18:05
* Hanra hugs his little raspberry-pi18:05
* Hanra hugs his old tower that now sort of serves stuff when it's not making weird noises18:05
* zmoylan-pi hails the rasp pi...18:06
* Hanra hugs his ps3. Just because18:06
* Hanra plays "Still alive"18:07
daftykinshello sir, what's new?19:21
diddledannothing much new19:21
diddledansaw my niece n nephew today \o/19:21
diddledanmy niece can talk now!?!19:21
daftykinsneat :)19:21
daftykinsthat's scary!19:21
diddledanmy nephew starts bigboys school in septober19:22
diddledanit's going too fast19:22
daftykinsmmhmm, keep seeing a friends baby grow scarily quick19:22
zmoylan-piit's when i found my 18 month old nephew had managed to insert a tape in my zx spectrum +2 :'-)19:28
daftykinsor you mean, a matching one? :)19:29
zmoylan-pihe managed to get a tape from case on shelf, open tape deck and insert it correctly when i wasn't there19:29
diddledanok. I've managed to create a folder in windows that is impossible to delete19:30
zmoylan-piif i had of known he was so trainable i could have left him with a stack of blanks and my sisters tape to tape deck :-)19:30
diddledanI am not the "owner" but I can't claim ownership even in an elevated command prompt19:31
diddledan> takeown /f wireframe19:32
diddledanERROR: Access is denied.19:32
diddledanI have no clue19:32
diddledanwith loonicks at least root can do everything (unless you have evil things in your kernel like NSALinux.. I mean SELinux)19:33
zmoylan-pilinux gives you enough freedom to delete the os from under yourself and still keep going... :-)19:34
diddledanwindows seems .. administrator really isn't19:34
daftykinscan't say i've seen that one19:34
diddledanit's the result of a failed `git submodule add` command19:35
zleapi think the idea is that windows isn't set up so that you can do things easily incase someone does that by accident, may MS don't think users are capabkle of being careful when typing19:35
zleapnpt sure how deltree -r *.* would work in windows as adminstrator19:36
zleapfrom say the c: prompt19:36
zmoylan-piwhat was the command in dos/windows... recover? that 'saved' files that were lost clusters19:37
zmoylan-pibut renamed all existing files at same time for fun and games19:37
zleapin linux there is a suite called testdisk19:37
zleapwhich if you have somewhere to copy to, (say a blank hdd) is very good at recovering data and lost partitions19:38
daftykinsi don't think deltree has been around for a while19:38
diddledanto remove a tree from a command prompt these days you use `rmdir /s /q \path\to\folder`19:39
diddledanrd is also suitable in the same case19:39
diddledanrmdir and rd are aliases19:39
diddledanthose switches: /s = subdirs too, /q = shut up and just do it!19:40
diddledan"press any key to continue" .. "are you sure?" .. "proceed with X?"19:41
diddledandon't you love the idea that people need handholding through everything?19:42
diddledanthose three questions should all be asked sequentially before starting a single task19:42
diddledanpreferably with the last one asked in-between any subsequent subtasks19:43
* zmoylan-pi remembers when people used to delete c:\windows and c:\dos before that to free space on their systems...19:43
diddledanzmoylan-pi: \o/19:43
diddledanwith dos theoretically you could run without the userland and just have the command.com file19:44
diddledanI forget what the other important system file was called19:44
diddledansomething .sys19:44
zmoylan-piright up till they tried to format a floppy, xcopy or backup restore data..., and then location of himem.sys country.sys files19:44
diddledanheh, my dos days were prior to himem.sys existing19:45
daftykinshimem ? :>19:45
zmoylan-piextended memory, then emm386.sys or .exe in later versions19:45
diddledan640KB really was enough for me19:45
diddledanI jumped straight from an 8086 AMSTRAD PC1512 (the 512 there indicating the amount of RAMs in KB that it shipped with - we upgraded to 640) up to a Pentium P133 with Windows9519:47
diddledancompletely missed the old himem.sys days with win319:47
* zmoylan-pi was loaned out to other companies to push their systems to maximum ram as i had a knack of ordering things to get maximum bytes of conventional memory19:47
diddledanyeah the config.sys configuration file writing was a black art19:48
diddledanload the cdrom before or after the mouse?19:49
diddledanit made a difference!19:49
daftykinsi had to do all that for a PIII Dell laptop i had19:49
daftykinsget smartdrv working so Windows would install faster ;)19:49
diddledanI remember a friend had an old PC with a pre-IDE cdrom drive that he tried endlessly to get going19:50
zmoylan-pii could spend hours trying to get share, ipx, netx, keyboard and country driver loaded AND still load accounts software in conventional memory19:50
* penguin42 actually got paid for one summer holiday to do CD-ROM XA stuff on PCs on DOS, and getting 4 apparently identical machines to load the CDROM drivers and stuff and actually let you at the RAM was pretty hard19:50
zmoylan-piafter i installed win95 from floppies twice i learned to make cd drives work *everywhere* :-)19:50
diddledanyeah win95 floopy was evil19:51
Nokaji42/44 discs iirc19:51
zmoylan-piyou can't make a parallel cd drive work in dos to install windows... /15 minutes later/ how??...19:51
zmoylan-pi*anything* to not install again from floppies19:52
zmoylan-piwhoops, the parallel cd drive was connected to a different computer and shared over peer to peer network19:53
diddledanI recall with win95 and 98 that if ever you made a hardware change (e.g. plugging a random USB device) it would ask you for the original windows disks/disc to get files off of - luckily our PC (branded by TINY) came with a folder called c:\w95flat which had a copy of the cdrom for such instances19:53
zmoylan-pii copied cd to c:\restore iirc19:54
diddledanyeah - the trick was to boot off a floopy and format the hdd, copy the cd to a folder and run setup.exe from there rather than directly off the cd - that way it recognised the folder as the canonical source rather than constantly prompting you for the cdrom19:55
diddledanthen of course there was getting audio working on early suse19:56
diddledan"recompile the kernel" they said.. "what's a kernel?" I thought and blindly tried doing it19:57
diddledanI think the reason it never worked, or even never crashed entirely, was because I don't believe looking back that I ever told the boot loader to load whatever random concoction I managed to cobble with the instructions19:59
zmoylan-pii once had a 486 with sound, network and scanner plus extra parallel and serial ports plus second video card all /working/.  my boss wanted to borrow a card and opened screw at back and the lid popped off and fell onto the floor by the pressure of the cables connecting everything.  he took one look and said 'i'll wait for moulan to get back from lunch'19:59
diddledansurprise, surprise: cilla black died :-(20:01
zmoylan-pithat news is so 130020:02
diddledanin that case then, I can probably post http://i.imgur.com/vnMMaCe.jpg without it being too soon?20:02
foobarryis there an app that..20:04
foobarryyou tell it what tv programmes you like, and it tells you what you might like from this weeks upcoming freeview tv progrs?20:04
zmoylan-pithere's probably an app to tell you the app that does that is20:04
diddledanok that folder has magically fixed itself20:06
diddledani.e. it's gone20:06
zmoylan-pi/or/ it's copied itself back to where it started...20:06
=== carlos is now known as Guest65706
diddledanpopey: don't ever change the podcast music! :-p23:10
diddledanlove the inclusion at the end of the podcast of "..and stop recording" :-p23:43
diddledanor variations23:43

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