rick_h_hello native tz00:42
cmaloneyrick_h_: WElcome back to EDT04:27
cmaloneyNot sure how I feel about holding packages back for some "pro" version13:07
brouschWe had breakfast with K Lars Lohn. Be jealous13:45
rick_h_cmaloney: heh, time to manage a PPA and steal from the pro package14:56
cmaloneywoo woo16:52
cmaloneybrousch: I am jealous16:52
gamerchick02woo woo?17:27
cmaloneyJust a random woo woo17:33
cmaloneyfor rick_h_'s suggestion17:33
cmaloneyBTW: I might be late for the meeting this evening17:34
cmaloneyso if I'm not in here by 9:15pm assume I'm running late. :)17:34
gamerchick02i should be on17:43
cmaloneywe're driving back from Ohio and there might be storms17:53
cmaloneywhich is typical17:53
gamerchick02oh yeah18:33
gamerchick02good luck with the drive18:33
gamerchick02:) shouldn't be too bad. you're going against traffic (north instead of south) so there shouldn't be a ton of delays19:26
jrwrencmaloney: i'm catching up on your ZX series. Really fun stuff. Nice short posts.23:07

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