octoquadmorning all06:45
Kiloshi octoquad wb08:00
Kilosmorning everyone08:00
octoquadhowdy Kilos08:24
CryterionMorning everyone08:27
Kiloshi Cryterion 08:28
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grembleGood afternoon11:39
gremblehey mazal 12:06
inetprogood evening 13:03
inetproKilos: R750 for a universal car charger kit at incredible corruption 13:03
inetprowith all kinds of bits and pieces 13:04
Kiloshi inetpro 13:27
Kiloswhat is that universal car charger kit consist off13:28
Kiloswhat you wanna charge13:29
inetproKilos: no worries, I'm not buying it 13:36
inetprodoesn't have everything I want anyway 13:36
Kiloswhat all do you want'13:36
Kiloswhere are you starting13:36
inetprobattery clamps 13:36
Kilosthey come with jumper cables13:37
inetproWas just saying for interest sake 13:37
Kilosor you get then at any battery shop13:37
inetpro750 is madness 13:37
Kilosarent there any on that charger13:38
Kilosyes of course13:38
inetproI'll make my own gadget 13:38
Kilosdid you look at that charger13:38
Kilosthe one for incubator13:38
inetpronot yet 13:38
Kiloslook man13:39
Kilosthere might be clamps on it13:39
Kilosor on the incubator13:39
Kilosai! ek sukkel13:39
* inetpro not at home 13:39
Kilosoh ok13:39
squish102so far win 10 hasn't broken anything.. wow13:59
inetprosquish102: hmm, you got lost in the wrong channel? 14:15
inetprothis one is called Ubuntu ZA 14:16
inetpro:-$ 14:16
inetproactually more like >:)16:05
inetproor :-J16:06
Cryterioninetpro, saw a cheap universal car charger kit at a market for R150 today, didn't get it, but looked into the idea of making a variable one, 3-24VDC16:06
inetpro3-24VDC ?16:06
* inetpro will try to go to Communica during the week16:07
Cryterionthat's the range16:07
inetpronot even sure where they are these days16:07
Cryterionsquish102 are you around still?16:08
Cryterioninetpro: last time I dealt with them PTA and CPT16:08
inetproit's about time I do some home made thingy for a change16:08
Cryterionthen get a soldering iron and some solder :)16:09
* inetpro likes their website16:09
inetproI have a soldering iron hidden away somewhere in the house16:09
CryterionI get most my stuff from mantech, specialised connectors from communica16:09
Cryterionmake yourself a wooden workbench for electronics in your garage, make sure you have a pc at it, lots can be done there16:10
inetprothink I need the MP137S connector for the router http://www.communica.co.za/Catalog/Details/P003150976616:11
Cryterionlooks right to me16:11
inetprojust R5.2416:11
Cryterionstd for 12dvc, most normal people only use the smaller ones for lower voltage16:12
Cryterionhttp://www.rt.com/usa/311383-windows-opt-out-privacy/ for those interested in reading16:13
inetprobtw, I checked the polarity and the middle is +, as expected 16:13
Cryterionwin10 in all out invasive on privs by default, even by clause in there eul16:13
Cryterionkwl, that's normal16:14
inetproyikes! 16:16
* inetpro takes note to stay far away from win1016:16
mazalCryterion, huh ?16:19
mazalElaborate please16:20
mazalinvasive in what ways16:20
Cryterionlink up there ^^^^, I'll look for the other one I've seen16:21
Cryterionmazal: http://www.rt.com/usa/311304-new-windows-privacy-issues/16:22
Cryterion“We will access, disclose and preserve personal data, including your content (such as the content of your emails, other private communications or files in private folders), when we have a good faith belief that doing so is necessary to.”16:23
Cryterionthere's the clause16:23
mazalReading it now thanx16:23
mazalAnd that is only what is known. I still say there is a huge hidden agenda with that OS. Something under the hood that nobody knows about16:28
mazalM$ has never and never will give anybody anything fro "free". There is big reasons why they are so desperate to get that junk on as many pc's as fast as possible.16:29
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CryterionThe OS has become a Trojan being itself16:47
Cryterionor Virus if you prefer16:48
CryterionMaybe it's own upgrade is/probably auto install without options! that theoretically makes it a virus16:51
Kilosfreezing here17:05
* Kilos thinks it is hot water bottle time17:05
* Cryterion has the dog keeping his feet warm, so he's all good17:15
CryterionHe walked too much today, so he's passed out there too, doesn't even quim about my feet moving :)17:23
Kilosone good thing about win10 is it will push more peeps to linux17:24
Cryterionyep, once they've read the eula properly17:26
Kilosmazal  here something to strengthen you argument to get them to leave win17:27
inetproKilos: your incubator charger give 14.78V17:27
Kilosthere you go then inetpro 17:27
inetprobut how do I prevent over charging?17:27
Kilosi must have put a cap in there across the output17:27
Kiloswhat do you want?17:28
inetprojust thinking ahead17:28
Kilosvoltage thingie17:28
inetproif I use it for charging the battery17:28
inetproafter load shedding17:28
Kilosfor a bettery its fine17:28
Cryterioninetpro, if the charger only gives out 14.78V you can only charge the battery to 14.78V17:28
inetproso ot won't damage the battery if it stays connected?17:29
Kilosthat box charged many batteries then got promoted to incubator duty17:29
Kilosdid i fir gauges on it?17:30
CryterionIf you using a 12V sealed lead-acid battery, which should be charged to 13.8V, but I believe and with the new car batteries out (Deep Cycle ones) Audi is charging them 15V17:30
Kilosthen you can watch as it charges, as the battery gets fuller amps will drop17:30
inetproa gauge for A and one for V17:31
Kilosso if your battery is at 10v say17:32
Cryterioninetpro, you can check via voltage as well, easier than amps (Volt measurement is parallel - Amps in Series)17:32
Kilosamps might go to 5 or so but volts will show where battery is17:32
Kilosthen as voltage rises amps will drop17:32
inetprohmm... 17:33
inetproand if I forget it connected when leaving the house?17:33
Kiloswe spoke about a voltage regulator last night i think17:33
Kilosthen you connect when you get home17:34
CryterionLike I said last night inetpro, as an example, measure your battery (+-10V as flat) measure your source charger (14.78V), then connect the 217:34
Kilosbut that regulator thing17:34
Cryterionmeasure again and you17:34
Kiloswill be for the router only17:34
Cryterionyou'll prob get about 11volts17:34
Kilosthe charger can go straight on battery17:34
inetproCryterion: I totally get that... just trying to understand how it works if you keep a home made charger like this connected to the battery and leaving it on charge (eg: even foregetting about it) for a lenghty period17:36
Kilosim sure it will be ok17:37
Cryterionif it is regulated to a certain voltage, it cannot go above that voltage17:37
CryterionI.E. if you're connecting the 14.78V charger to a battery, it'll keep charging the battery until the battery has 14.78V17:38
Cryterionhence, charge controller and regulator are essentially the same thing in that situation17:39
Kilosand inetpro it is yours17:40
Kiloswhen eskom becomes reliable again hatch eggs with it17:41
inetprohaha... real hens are a much better at that game than any manmade gadget17:43
Kilosbut if you are still worried you can fir a charge controller in between it and the battery17:43
Kilosi agree17:43
Cryterionkeep it going rather, next 5 years at least17:43
Kilosbut i was breeding eggs fom broiler stock hens and roosters17:44
Kilosthey dont go broody17:44
Kiloshence the bantams moved in as well17:44
Kilosbut i was selling around 20 chickens of 3kg about every week so needing the extra incubator  that could run off 12v17:46
Cryterionheating is difficult at 12V, I'd rather go 220AC there17:47
Kilosi was on a farm with no power17:47
Kilosand the incubator is a 12v one17:47
Kilosmade for chicks especially17:47
Kilosall made of polustyrene foam i think its called17:48
Kilosbut as with all incubators anything over a 50% hatch rate is acceptable17:49
Kilosthe whole box is polustyrene for heat loss purposes i suppose17:50
Cryterionyep, polystyrene is an insulator17:50
Kilosi got same results as from the 220 wooden one i used when i had power17:50
Cryterionwood is as well17:50
inetproKilos: so what is the official name for flex cable?17:53
Kilostwin flex17:53
* inetpro trying to find it at www.communica.co.za17:54
Kilosdo you have a bedside lamp17:54
Kilosim sure even checkers has it17:54
* inetpro needs to make a list of all required items17:54
Kilosand all hardware shops17:54
inetprowhy not get everything at communica if I'm gonna go there anyway?17:55
Kilosyou can17:56
Kilos8i still wish Guest20640 would go lurk elsewhere17:58
inetprotell me, for interest sake, do you loose 12V DC power over distance of say 100m?17:58
Kilosno spies needed here17:58
Kilosnot really17:58
Kilosbut why 100 metre17:59
inetprono just wondering17:59
Kilosif you short the 2 at the end of the 100m it will still melt the flex18:00
Kilosthere should be some loss but not enough to stop a router working18:00
Cryterioninetpro: you lose over cable resistance, 100m is minimal18:02
Kilosi dont understand all that18:02
Kilosi dont think you will get volt drop but the further you go the less current you will be able to draw18:04
Kilosi think18:04
inetproyep, looks like it 18:04
Cryterioncable resistance comes more into count for low (very low) signals. A 0.5mm2 cable carrying 12VDC power over 100m would prob drop to about 11.9V18:05
Cryterionat most18:05
Kilosok ty18:05
inetproAWG = American Wire Gauge 18:05
Cryterion0.5mm2 cable can handle as a rule of thumb 5A18:05
Cryterion1mm2 10A, 2.5mm2 25A18:06
inetproKilos: cable size is specified in AWG which stands for "American Wire Gauge"18:06
Cryterioninetpro: yes on the awg18:06
Cryterionrather work in mm2 for power18:06
Kilosi have always just done things not worried about  the specs18:07
Cryterionespecially distance, this is SA, not US18:07
Kilosthat was for geeks18:07
Kilosi, only hu,am18:08
Kiloseven getting bad at that18:08
Kilosone good thing from all this18:09
Kilosno loadshedding prob for our chair18:09
* Kilos smiles18:10
inetproWire Resistance and Voltage Drop Calculator: http://www.bulkwire.com/wireresistance.asp18:10
inetprovery interesting18:11
CryterionV=IR 18:11
Kilosmaybe next ill start a #ubuntu-world channel18:11
Cryterionnope V=IR18:12
Kilosoh my18:12
CryterionI = V/R18:12
CryterionR = V/I18:12
CryterionW = VI18:12
Kilosi even forget what i is for18:12
Kilosvolts amps resistance18:13
CryterionI is current Amps18:13
CryterionW should be P = watts18:13
Kilosvolts x amps is watts18:13
Cryterionyep, same as the VA spec18:14
CryterionkVA = kW18:14
Kilosno place to remember more stuff18:15
Kilosno place even for vim or python18:15
Cryterionstd memory recalls for me now 18:15
Cryterionwas surprised this morning, my highest failed sshd login attempts from any ip address was 1318:16
Kilosill just stay as a greeter bot , much easier18:16
inetproso the lower the AWG = the thicker the wire?18:16
Cryterionno, thinner I think18:17
Kilosthe thicker the wire the less loss there is18:17
Kilosand more current carrying capability18:17
Kilosthats why cable from battery to starter is so thick18:18
Cryterioncause starter can draw 50A18:18
inetproThe number associated with AWG indicates the "thickness" of cable used.  As the number is reduced, cable thickness increases.18:19
Kilosstarter motor chews power18:19
Cryterion50x12 = 600Watts18:19
Cryterion600watts x 1 hr = 36kwh power if you want to compare the energy usage to your electricity bill18:20
Cryterionthink I got it wrong 3.6kwh18:21
Kiloswow only us 3 here tonight18:21
* inetpro trying to understand why a thinner cable is recommended with a shorter distance18:22
Kiloshi superfly 18:22
Kilosto save costs18:22
Kilosand easier to work with18:22
CryterionI think the 50 is wrong, starter draws a sh*t load more as it can flatten an 80AH in 10mins18:22
Kilosstarters draw over 50 amp18:23
Cryterionmore like 500A18:23
Kilosup to 100 or more with large engines18:23
Cryterion80AH battery can supply 80A for 1 hours18:23
Kilosthe prob being it s for a second or so18:23
Cryterion500A draw will flatten a fully charged battery after 10mins18:24
Kilosand most likely bend some plates18:24
Cryterionso my 36kwh turns to 360kwh18:25
kulelu88Does anybody know how to install node.js via the PPA on ubuntu?18:25
inetprokulelu88: what PPA?18:26
kulelu88I'm wondering if there are any dependencies18:26
Cryteriontry there!18:26
Cryterionlooks like it needs python18:27
Kilosoh there was a command for that18:27
Kilosapy-depends i think18:27
inetprooriginal PPA is now deprecated and you should have already migrated to the new repository for Ubuntu18:28
kulelu88yeah, nodesource is the new PPA. chris lea is deprecated18:30
superflykulelu88: I haven't needed to install NodeJS from a PPA. which version of Ubuntu are you using?18:31
Cryterioninetpro and Kilos sending you an xls file I made, will help you guys with the offgrid thing18:32
squish102Cryterion: yip i'm around18:32
kulelu88superfly: 14.04. Ubuntus version is 0.10 and the latest stable is 0.1218:33
CryterionYou want it as well?18:33
Cryterionoops wrong convo18:33
Kilosi missed the accept thing18:33
Cryterionsquish102, can you get to links above, about windows 1018:34
inetproCryterion: email?18:34
Kiloswhere is the accept thing18:34
Cryterioncan send via it18:34
superflykulelu88: ah. I guess then the question is, "do you really need 0.12?"18:34
squish102Cryterion: I don't see links18:35
Kiloswhy dcc not working18:35
KilosCryterion  try again i found it18:36
kulelu88superfly: I'm not sure. I just need a JS interpreter to run these 2 CLI JS files (I am working on another coding piece that is similar to the Python 1 you helped me with a while ago)18:39
squish102ahh thanks, will check it out18:39
kulelu88plus, I use docker as my venv, so it gets complicated to install shit 18:39
Cryterionah you got them18:40
superflykulelu88: we're using Docker at work, and NodeJS, on 14.04, without problems. Just make sure you install the "nodejs-legacy" package too18:40
squish102google knows SOOOOOOO much about me, i probably don't mind sharing with microsoft18:40
Kilosfeed the snake till its big enough to swallow you18:42
kulelu88superfly: do you use nginx/apache as a containerized webserver also? I was trying to assist some guy yday who wanted to create a micro-service setup and reverse-proxy nginx, but the tuts he found didn't have nginx as a container18:42
* Cryterion refuses to use google18:42
kulelu88if you guys know of a secure email provider, I'd like to migrate away from gmail. 18:42
superflykulelu88: I rolled my own on Linode in the UK.18:42
Cryterionbuild you own, not secure if not18:43
superflykulelu88: no, our nginx actually lives on the physical box, due to how we use our containers18:43
kulelu88superfly: can I piggyback on your server? UK is not secure though . switzerland maybe, not UK18:43
* Cryterion is still waiting for telkom to pull there fingers out18:44
Cryterionsuperfly, yes email, not secure unless you control the entire server, IE your own hardware18:45
squish102i use so many google services, i don't know what i would do without it18:45
squish102just got notification in google now, that my package arrived at my front door18:45
kulelu88squish102: do you believe in "cloud" ?18:46
CryterionI was always reluctant to sign up to them, and still manage without it18:46
squish102i'm more of the opinion, ifit adds value tome, track me all you want18:46
CryterionI believe it's there, don't want it though18:46
kulelu88privacy debates never end well on IRC18:47
squish102same way as making notes/lists and then tell me when i go close to the shop18:47
kulelu88a regtige naai was arguing with me on the node channel about privacy issues18:47
Cryterionyeah well, I prefer my privacy, can only offer help to those that want out18:48
Kilosmy goed is mu goed18:48
Kilosmy 18:48
* Cryterion agrees18:48
kulelu88alright, so node 0.10 it is18:49
kulelu88superfly: do you have a dockerfile for node.js I can borrow?18:50
superflykulelu88: actually, I was using a docker image which is based on Ubuntu18:53
superflyhave you checked dockerhub?18:53
superflyand I wasn't using nodejs for my app, just for my build tools18:53
kulelu88yeah, I'm guessing the install is greatly simplified with the ubuntu version. Here is my current dockerfile:18:53
superflykulelu88: use phusion/baseimage -- it's built off ubuntu 14.04, but "done correctly"19:00
superflykulelu88: also, you might want to see if there's already a dockerimage with NodeJS at registry.hub.docker.com19:00
kulelu88superfly: I prefer rolling my own, as I use an ubuntu base and split all my envs into distinct environments (currently I have quite a few python ones)19:01
kulelu88wow, I never knew about it. I will swap ubuntu out with it when I have time to do so19:04
superflyI only found out about it because one of the pre-built docker files I use uses it.19:05
kulelu88how do you call to it? FROM baseimage? 19:06
superflyFROM phusion/baseimage19:07
kulelu88wow,  I just learnt something important about my docker usage. ftw!! thank superfly 19:09
superflyYou're welcome19:09
superflykulelu88: at work we've moved from VMs to Docker containers19:12
superflywe also moved from Jenkins to Go-CD19:12
kulelu88jenkins is the automated build tool right??19:12
squish102superfly: what kind of VM's?19:12
superflysquish102: Initially VirtualBox, but also KVM19:13
superflykulelu88: er, continuous integration19:13
superflykulelu88: not quite the same, but yes, it can also do automated builds19:13
squish102guess i need to go figure out docker stuff now :(19:13
kulelu88superfly: can you explain what is the purpose of using virtualization if say, I am already just using a VPS?19:13
mazalNight everyone , sleep well19:14
superflykulelu88: a VPS is already virtualised19:14
superflyyou don't want to use kvm or xen in a VPS19:14
kulelu88so virtualization only makes sense when you are running your own actual hardware? 19:14
superflythen you definitely want to use Docker instead19:14
superflyand even then, maybe not19:14
kulelu88I guess I've never had the opportunity to see server-scaling and a proper use-case for docker in production19:15
Kilosnight all. sleep tight19:15
Kilossee you tomorrow19:16
squish102hmm, so what type of workload runs in docker?19:16
kulelu88squish102: it is a lightweight version of running something like KVM19:17
squish102actually maybe a different question for all the smart people here.19:17
superflyI'll answer all y'all now, just gotta take care of a wriggling baby right now19:18
squish102ihave old thin terminals with IE 6 and old RDP client that need to connect to newer web sites. Anyone know what I can do to proxy the traffic somehow?19:18
superflysquish102: you do realise you're on a Linux channel, right?19:19
squish102today I run them through a microsoft terminal server farm that autoscales up to about27 honking big servers19:19
squish102superfly: hoping linux had an answer19:19
superflysquish102: linux IS the answer :-P19:20
superflysquish102: when you say, "proxy", what do you mean?19:20
kulelu88I saw "IE6" and my brain shut off19:21
squish102so today, then se the old RDP client to connect to theterminal server and19:21
superflykulelu88, squish102: you'd use virtualisation when you have multiple different operating systems, and you don't need an entire OS-in-a-box. For most of what I'm doing, VMs are not really necessary19:21
squish102then log into AD, which opens an IE 11 browser that then connects to the sites19:22
superflykulelu88, squish102: You'd use docker for when you have specific requirements to run a particular app on the same OS as your host.19:22
squish102i think irun about 50 terminal sessions per machine19:22
kulelu88squish102: are you a windows sysadmin?19:23
squish102more of a solution architect19:23
superflykulelu88, squish102: With docker, you can create one image, and then spin up multiple containers using that single image. With VMs, depending on the tech, you need to create a new VM for every instance you want running19:24
kulelu88squish102: is your company non-IT and in another market?19:24
squish102so if all I needed was abrowser in an image, would docker work?19:25
squish102retail company, with old thin clients that boot XP19:25
superflysquish102: possibly. Not sure how it work work with Windows, I only have Linux experience.19:25
kulelu88squish102: its somewhat difficult to put GUI apps into containers (images are static, containers are what are used)19:25
superflyLast time I used Windows was over 10 years ago.19:25
squish102and it would cost too much to replace thin clients in the stores19:25
kulelu88docker doesn't work natively on windows. it is, afterall, based on a kernel tool 19:26
superflykulelu88: I think there's a version that will run on Windows, but yeah, not sure how it works.19:26
kulelu88squish102: you can pay superfly and I and we will swap out your windows XP with linux thin clients19:26
kulelu88superfly: you need to use virtualbox and RancherOS (AFAIK)19:27
squish102i would need about 13000 of them :P19:27
kulelu88squish102: are all 13000 thin clients connected to a network?19:27
superflyRancherOS? Never heard of it.19:27
squish102they not all connected all the time... but lots of them19:28
kulelu88superfly: it is similar to phusion in that it is built for docker, but it is stripped down to about 20MB to act as the "host" OS that you install docker on top of19:28
squish102they connect to amazon aws19:28
kulelu88squish102: do these 13000 terminals just need a browser to work? You don't need docker for them. you just need a network management tool and you can keep them updated through a main server19:29
squish102they so limited, I cannot update them... therefor the need to have them "proxy" through the MS terminal server farm19:30
kulelu88squish102: with a central server, updates are sent from the server to the clients. 19:30
kulelu88XP is not even supported anymore D:19:31
squish102there is no space on the thin clients for any updates19:31
squish102yes, but to replace them would cost a whole lot of money19:31
kulelu88squish102: you'll first have to wipe them of XP and then install your open source OS19:31
kulelu88I think FNB run exclusively on ubuntu now19:32
squish102yip, if icould only figureout how todothat remotely19:33
squish102and this surface tablet keyboard sucks19:34
kulelu88squish102: that is what I am telling you :P you can do it remotely19:34
squish102i guess it all depends on the management software. don't even know the chips in them19:35
kulelu88let me show you what you can use19:35
squish102based on the fact that they have no space to install anything on19:36
kulelu88you'll at least need to investigate what hardware is on them19:36
squish102I cannot get an agent running on them to even monitor them19:36
kulelu88if they can hold XP on them, they can hold most ubuntu installs19:36
squish102they run XP embedded, afaik19:37
squish102ok will check it out thanks19:37
kulelu88they are thin clients, meaning they are using somewhat slow processors/motherboards to run windows XP that uses only 1 browser window (and can't do anything else) ?19:38
squish102wyse terminals bought about 12 years ago19:38
squish102maybe 15 years ago19:38
kulelu88does your company want to upgrade them or is it just something you thought about?19:39
squish102they want asolution to running 25-35 servers in amazon, only to do this19:39
squish102i told them replace thehardware with ipads19:40
kulelu88what is happening in amazon? are you rendering something via a webpage to the clients via amazon?19:40
squish102no, irun MS terminal servers19:41
squish102on each one, that handles about 50 RDP sessions from the thin clients19:41
kulelu88it sounds like someone sold your company 1 weird systems solution19:41
kulelu88aah now I get it19:42
squish102well it worked just great until the websites started blocking ie 619:42
kulelu88what exactly do these thin terminals do? remote desktop sessions consume a lot of ram afaik19:43
squish102if i could somehow proxy IE6/old rdp client, through something other than MS terminal servers, they would behappy19:43
squish102they boot up thin client, it opens RDP session with amazon aws, they log in, it starts IE 11 browser and points towebsite19:44
kulelu88you won't find luck with windows doing that. maybe try MS server 2003 19:44
squish102i don't think rdp client uses that much19:45
kulelu88squish102: that sounds like an awful way to do something much simpler like using SSH instead19:45
superflyheh. so docker on windows just uses a very lightweight Linux VM, and you can only create and run Linux-based images19:45
squish102kulelu88: not sure how ssh helps me19:46
kulelu88squish102: SSH is equivalent to RDP in that you can login to the network using it19:47
kulelu88it is a completely different architecture, albeit cheaper than replacing all systems with ipads19:47
squish102in the store they need to use a website that only accepts IE 11. The only tools they have is an IE 6 and rdp client19:48
kulelu88there's your first problem. a website that only supports IE1119:49
squish102or should isay, doesn't accept IE 619:49
kulelu88second issue is outdated terminals that cannot be updated centrally and use IE6, which is a dangerous browser (many security holes)19:49
squish102yes, so now we don't have asecurity problem, because it uses rdp19:50
kulelu88squish102: it is a problem19:51
kulelu88Even if you use RDP to access the network, IE6 is a vulnerability19:51
squish102i was maybe thinking of using rdp to linux and have firefox or chrome sessions foreach store19:51
kulelu88it's like saying your house is built of thick concrete but your fence is using thin barbwire19:51
squish102ithink those thin terminals areon a secure private vlan to amazon and go over aprivate mpls network19:53
squish102but you right19:53
superflysquish102: so, I'm confused... this website, it's outside of your control?19:53
squish102if someone got onto the thin terminals, they could get some store sales numbers etc19:54
squish102itisfor hiring new people19:54
kulelu88squish102: with the SSH architecture, you just need a lightweight linux with an updated browser. the thin clients then SSH into the network and they then use the browser via a proxy plugin to access the private website19:54
squish102this keyboard is so screwed up19:54
kulelu88superfly: I also don't quite understand how their architecture works19:55
superflyyeah, it seems overly convoluted.19:55
superflysquish102: you don't work for Ackermans, do you?19:55
* superfly worked there many years ago, and wouldn't put it past them to do something like this19:56
squish102it is person in store, stilling infront of a 15 year old thin terminal, with keyboard and monitor. Switch it on, it boots up, rdp client starts automatically and connects to amazon aws MS terminal server "farm", logs in and goes straight to a web browser (new one) that points toawebsite outsideof my control19:56
kulelu88I think I know what type of company sold them this solution19:56
kulelu88there are multiple points of failure I see there19:57
squish102does that help?19:57
kulelu88squish102: yeah it does19:58
squish102best solution is figureout ifI can change the OS on the thin terminals19:58
squish102or replace all of them19:58
kulelu88squish102: a new solution can be done, but the first important point is the end result... why does the website only work on ie11 in 2015?19:59
squish102sorry, not IE 11 but anything newer than ie 619:59
squish102something to do with TTL orsomething19:59
squish102cannot remember20:00
kulelu88squish102: why do you need RDP? is the website resource-hungry that a thin client couldn't process it? 20:00
superflykulelu88: he needs RDP because the site doesn't work on IE620:00
* kulelu88 scratches head20:01
squish102i've been doing that for years20:01
kulelu88if you have a decent budget, you can update all the software to use open source at a fraction of replacing hardware20:01
squish102well only 6 minutes left on my battery20:01
kulelu88I kind of feel bad for you for being in charge of that clusterfuck squish102 20:02
squish102yes, they keep wanting me to drop the amazon aws price which runs aabout R10 mil ayear20:03
kulelu88wat the actual fuck ...20:03
kulelu8810 million :/20:03
superflyIt's all those Windows servers20:04
kulelu88I think I just peed myself and shat myself and died inside 20:04
kulelu88squish102: step number 1, get the CTO fired20:04
squish102that is what the solution costs..but it will cost approx R100 mil to replace terminals20:04
kulelu88hows that AWS budget superfly :D :D :D :"""""""D20:04
superflykulelu88: I know, right?!20:05
superflywow, I could do so much for R10mil a year20:05
squish102our sharepoint AWS environment isanother R10 mil btw20:05
kulelu88squish102: your AWS budget can be reduced to about R2-4 million a year20:05
superflysquish102: dude, I have no words...20:06
kulelu88wait this holy second20:06
squish102and we have not"embraced" the cloud yet, but aremoving there :P20:06
kulelu88you guys spend 20 million rand on AWS>??????????????????????20:06
squish102run a couple hundred servers in amazon aws, 24x7 and see what it costs :P20:07
kulelu88wow, I could literally save you guys 6 million a year 20:07
kulelu88or at the very least, help you migrate away from MS servers, which cost how much? R100 grand a year?20:08
superflysquish102: what are they using sharepoint for?20:08
kulelu88superfly: time to quit our jobs and become devops consultants. this is daylight robbery for these poor customers20:09
superflykulelu88: no thanks, I don't want to quite NN, I don't have to deal with IT managers20:09
superflywho all think that Microsoft is the bee's knees20:10
kulelu88imagine you tell the CTO, "Okay so I am going to eliminate the need for RDP, which should halve your aws usage, because you won't need to run remote desktops on the cloud" . and then he says "uhmm, what is SSH?"20:10
kulelu88RDP on the cloud is like paying a 24x7 rental for running a PC, and they still have the cost of running an actual PC to access the virtual PC20:11
superflysquish102: where do the terminal servers live? also AWS?20:11
superfly(where do the thin clients boot from?)20:12
kulelu88he's probably dc by now superfly 20:12
kulelu886% battery20:13
kulelu88superfly: is this why SA is strong on C# and the MS stack ? because IT managers don't know better?20:13
superflykulelu88: yes20:13
superflybecause "open source is free, and you get what you pay for"20:14
kulelu88wow man, I never knew how inefficient the IT ecosystem is in SA20:15
superflyit's not just RSA, it's worldwide20:18
superflyless so these days, especially with the cloud20:19
superflybut still oh-so-strong20:19
squish102sorry, tablet died. now trying from phone20:21
squish102but cant read screen well20:21
superflysquish102: I was just wondering what you use sharepoint for?20:24
superflysquish102:  I've seen people use Drupal for the same sort of thing (in fact, I know some places threw sharepoint out in favour of Drupal)20:24
squish102ssh client on phone to weechat session no good20:24
kulelu88squish102: your company desperately needs to embrace open source20:55
superflyor at least sane IT management20:56
kulelu88well I'm just going to put it out there. I am available for devops consulting through contracting @ squish102 :D20:57
kulelu88superfly: do you watch tv/series?21:00
superflykulelu88: negative21:02
kulelu88was going to ask you about Mr Robot21:03
squish102kulelu88: yes, they do. most we do is run a copy jboss21:32
squish102although, do you call running oracle linux open source?21:32
superflyI wouldn't21:33
squish102it is free21:37
squish102and the source is open ;/21:38
squish102superfly: i dunno, content management, apps mostly on sharepoint21:39
squish102every department has a site, and they put their files there.. also apps written that tie into databases21:40
squish102not very close to what it is as i try not use it. also it is the company portal21:40
kulelu88something tells me this is a listed company squish102 22:03
squish102kulelu88: yes, and as you can probably see, a big company 22:49
squish102with big problems22:50
kulelu88that would explain the R20M hosting budget. They must be making billions in revenue with shoddy IT systems22:51
kulelu88if this were America, some security-researcher would hack you guys to prove it :D22:51
squish102yes, hope to hit R220B in revenue and pretty sure the chinese are already in our network23:07
kulelu88see my message squish102 23:13

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