daftykinswhy do you describe it again after i say it was bad00:00
daftykinsValidus: if X is even trying to start up, the log /var/log/Xorg.0.log might shed some light on how far it's getting00:00
daftykinsi'm assuming you've got just the one display connected00:00
ValidusNope two, only one seems to be recognised though.00:00
daftykinsanywho go snatch that log00:01
Validusok will do, thanks for your help.00:01
ValidusRandom question, but do you not get sick of just helping people on here?00:02
daftykinsall the time.00:02
daftykinsi have to have little breaks so as to not kill you all through the internet00:03
Validushahaha, I used to help people out in an Android IRC but just couldn't handle the pain.00:03
mike802being in an office is much different00:04
mike_ippydaftykins: really appreciate the help - but assuming my drive is corrupted and since HDD's are so cheap now anyway I might just go pick a new one up tomorrow00:05
tgm4883daftykins: I've always thought we needed an RFC for Punching over Ethernet00:05
daftykinsmike802: sounds like a plan, can't help but wonder if something else is going on though - ho-hum. maybe if it were the disk, "dmesg | tail" would show up issues00:07
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anthonymhey guys, hoping someone can help me.  I've set my network config to static, and now I can't resolve anything..  I've followed every howto under the sun to try to get it working again.  I added the nameserver manually to /etc/resolv.conf and it worked great, but that file gets overwritten all the time.  How do I fix it? thank you00:18
Bashing-omanthonym: Did you have network-manager installed at a prior time ?00:20
daftykinsanthonym: purge resolvconf, reboot, enter a nameserver into /etc/resolv.conf - be happy and enjoy :)00:21
anthonymthankyou, got it now00:22
clintonHello, I upgraded my ubuntu 14.04 to 14.10 and then finally to 15.04, but I still have linux kernel 3.16.0-45, is there anyway I can upgrade to kernel 3.19?00:22
anthonymthank you so much :)00:22
anthonymjust setup an ltsp server for my works call centre00:22
anthonymworking AWESOMELY so far.00:22
daftykinsclinton: do you have linux-generic installed?00:22
clintonI think so00:22
clintonOk, just checked and it's not installed.00:23
daftykinssee if it pulls in the 3.1900:23
anthonymuntil it gets the pxe image, then the screen goes blank like its going to initialise graphics, and then an error comes up on the client pc: getaddrinfo failed: Name or service not known00:23
daftykinsclinton: you may need to run "sudo apt update && sudo apt dist-upgrade"00:24
clintonok, will do thanks for the help!00:24
phuppis there a way to print a document with cups and ignore a "ink is low" warning?00:25
x__Hello, everyone00:25
x__How do I setup wi-fi using text mode?00:25
daftykinsx__: why would you use wifi headless?00:26
x__daftykins, I need to configure my video card from text mode00:28
Chapsteri seem to be getting lag00:29
daftykinsx__: what makes you think that? is this a laptop?00:29
x__daftykins, yes00:30
x__A netbook, to be more precise00:30
daftykinsoh good lord not another one00:30
daftykinsso... what are you going to do over wifi whilst in text mode? doesn't make much sense to me00:30
Chapsterlook fancy lol00:31
x__daftykins, sigh00:32
x__My graphics card doesn't work without proprietary drivers00:32
x__so I have to boot into text mode00:32
x__I want to run apt-get from console to install the proprietary drivers00:32
tgm4883what netbook00:33
j3r0locale: Cannot set LC_ALL to default locale: No such file or directory00:33
j3r0any help ?00:33
j3r0I have tried all the commands00:34
anthonymthis makes me want to kill someone.00:34
j3r0this occurs every time I try to install postgres00:34
locksmith2good everning gentlemne00:34
j3r0I don't know what to do00:34
daftykinsx__: so why can't you just plug into a router manually for that one package?00:35
daftykinsas in, wired00:35
daftykinsyou're not gonna be able to faff with wireless in textmode without additional packages likely anyway00:35
daftykinsx__: and yes, sigh at you indeed.00:35
x__daftykins, No, dude, I can't!00:36
daftykinswhy not00:37
x__daftykins, Are you going to help me or keep criticizing me?00:37
x__daftykins, I'm not in the mood to deal with trolls00:37
tgm4883what netbook00:37
daftykinsi think you ought to look up the definition of troll00:38
daftykinsanyway, you're making life harder for yourself unnecessarily00:38
x__tgm4883, It's a Phlico 10D netbook00:38
daftykinscable'd be great00:38
x__daftykins, I only have one internet connection cable, and it's being used by this computer00:38
daftykinsso swap it temporarily00:38
x__daftykins, And how am I going to talk to you?00:39
daftykinswhy would you need to do both at once...00:39
Chapsterthis might be such an open answered question but what would cause lag in ubuntu  other then lack of hardware ?00:39
x__daftykins, I don't know, dude. Why do I need computers at all?00:39
x__daftykins, Can't I just go back to the stone age?00:39
daftykinsChapster: 'lag' can be many things and is often a word used incorrectly, so it's hard to know what you mean00:39
daftykinsx__: you're just being silly now.00:40
ValidusJesus x__  just put in the network cable, update and you will most likely install your wifi packages...00:40
Validusyou don't need to talk here while that happens.00:40
x__Validus, Internet connection does not work while I put the cable00:40
Chapsterthe computer seems slow in simple terms haha00:40
Validusit will in your netbook...00:40
daftykinsChapster: version, desktop and hardware spec?00:40
x__Validus, Just tried that. Apt-get does not work00:40
Phrozen_OneWhen installing programs what initial config/settings are used? For example, if I install a sql db how does apt-get know what settings to use?00:41
daftykinsPhrozen_One: the defaults are in the package00:41
Phrozen_Onedaftykins, are there best practices for those settings? Such as servers only listen locally and other "safe" choices? I'm just curious as to what happens if I were to install apache from the repos for instance.00:42
tgm4883x__: what version of ubuntu00:42
daftykinsPhrozen_One: defaults are pretty good.00:42
j3r0guys anyone can help me with the locale problem ?00:42
j3r0what ever I have tried00:43
j3r0I still get locale: Cannot set LC_ALL to default locale: No such file or directory00:43
Phrozen_Onedaftykins, what's the name of the file that records these settings? Can I dump it after the package is installed?00:43
daftykinsPhrozen_One: err well apache would install :D heh, what do you mean what happens?00:43
Validusj3r0: http://askubuntu.com/questions/162391/how-do-i-fix-my-locale-issue00:43
daftykinsPhrozen_One: i don't understand what you're trying to achieve00:43
Phrozen_Onedaftykins, I'm curious as to what the default settings are for server apps such as Apache when installed. Like does it listen on all interfaces, or just locally? I'm also curious as to what the default config of fail2ban is.00:44
x__tgm4883, 12.0400:44
tgm4883Phrozen_One: apache would listen on all interfaces. The defaults are set by the package maintainer00:44
daftykinsPhrozen_One: so browse to the configs and open them with a text editor to see :)00:44
tgm4883Phrozen_One: the easiest way is to install and look00:45
Phrozen_Onedaftykins, oh so just check out the apps *.conf file? I guess I was overthinking.00:45
Validusx__: when you plug the ethernet in you could try sudo service networking restart00:46
x__Validus, I still need to input the network name and key00:47
daftykins_wired_ not wireless.00:47
liosh -c "echo -e 'LANG=en_US.UTF-8\nLC_ALL=en_US.UTF-8' > /etc/default/locale"00:47
WarAndGeesecool distro00:49
Validusright, I'm going to go have a look at my xorg log and try and fix my own machine :)00:50
WarAndGeeseAnyone know why my terminal closes as soon as I switch to another window?00:51
WarAndGeeseThat doesn't seem standard00:52
WarAndGeeselooks like they all just got minimized or something, I guess I'm okay now00:55
WarAndGeesethey weren't in my 'taskbar', nor were they visible when I went to the desktop, but I think I'm okay now00:55
Chapster does anyone low the value from 60 to something else when it comes to swappng ?01:04
Chapsteror is it good as default01:04
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anthonymanyone know off hand what would be stopping me from being able to ping my ubuntu server's name ?01:29
anthonymits called mycompany-server01:29
daftykinshostnames are unreliable, i'll bet IP works.01:30
daftykinsassuming these are two systems on the same network01:30
anthonymIP does work, but I'm trying to get LTSP-server working properly01:30
anthonymwhen the ltsp client boots via pxe, it finds the boot image, starts up, then gives me this error:01:30
anthonymgetaddrinfo failed: name or service not known01:31
Eurynomosanthonym: Could it be the DNS isn't properly setup or pointing to the wrong IP?01:31
anthonymThis is whats happening when its trying to boot: http://i58.tinypic.com/2dqnays.png01:33
Eurynomosanthonym: Weird, does anyone else besides you have root access? Seems like the /boot directory been messed with.01:38
daftykinsanthonym: you're not at a proper shell there ;) you can't run commands01:41
anthonymnah its a fresh install01:48
anthonymIs there an alternate CD for 15?01:52
anthonymI noticed theres one for 12, but none after?01:53
daftykinsno, it got canned01:53
ubottuThe alternate CD has been discontinued for the main Ubuntu distro, please use and report any bugs in the !LiveCD01:53
ubottuThe Minimal CD image is very small in size, and it downloads most packages from the Internet during installation, allowing you to select only those you want.  The installer is text based (rather than graphical as used on the Desktop DVD). See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/MinimalCD01:53
anthonymOh fantastic.01:53
anthonymBecause everyone is pointing me to the alternate CD, change mode to INSTALL LTSP Server01:53
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anthonymScrew it, I'm going to use Edubuntu LTSP01:58
phatlynxeasiest way to remove grub?01:59
phatlynxdaftykins: you know about grub?02:01
daftykinsi don't know why you'd want to remove it02:01
phatlynxbecause i cant boot from usb02:02
phatlynxi did something to it02:02
phatlynxnow it wont work02:02
daftykinswow that doesn't make any sense to me.02:02
daftykinsare you trying to boot an install on HDD, or a flash drive?02:02
phatlynxi tried loopback02:03
phatlynxthat didnt work because the image loads a shell02:03
phatlynxim trying to dual-boot02:03
* daftykins waits02:04
phatlynxit seems like anything i try as far as BIOS settings there is always the grub that prevents the usb from booting02:04
daftykinsthat doesn't make any sense02:05
daftykinsi have to sleep though.02:05
owen1my volumes keys don't work (carbon x1 gen1) so I tried adding this line to.xbindkeysrc.scm but nothing happend: (xbindkey '("XF86AudioRaiseVolume") "amixer set Master 2dB+ unmute")  any ideas?02:07
fenecohow can i change user and host color on ubuntu terminal?02:08
squintyfeneco:  Edit -> preferences02:10
lshareHello!Are there any great music players on ubuntu?02:12
wileee lshare. Handful of choices if not more, probably matters what you think in the end.02:15
lshareI see.02:17
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wileeemusic player in the ubuntu software center gives a nice list02:21
deper29I'm having a strange issue. I tried to install kde-desktop, but there was some error and now apt is busted and I can't install or remove anything02:22
Fudgedeper29:  try sudo dpkg --configure -a02:23
wileeedeper29, What ubuntu release?02:23
deper29wileee: 15.0402:23
deper29Fudge: giving that a shot now02:23
deper29Fudge: it says "errors were encountered while processing kde-telepathy-minimal and kde-telepathy"02:24
Fudgegood luck02:24
wileeedeper29, try that first command given another to finish installs stopped is sudo apt-get -f install02:24
deper29wileee: it actually suggests I use sudo apt-get -f install02:24
deper29but that yields an error02:24
Fudgepaste the error02:26
deper29Fudge: let me type it out in pastebin quickly02:27
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Fudgerun the command again with | pastebin on the end02:27
Fudgeif pastebinit is isntalled that is loL02:27
deper29otherwise I was going to do that :P and I can't install it :(02:28
deper29Fudge: http://pastebin.com/DCSd1Ldq02:28
deper29I actually found the bug here https://bugs.launchpad.net/kubuntu-ppa/+bug/145172802:29
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1451728 in ktp-accounts-kcm (Ubuntu Wily) "kde-config-telepathy-accounts package install error" [Undecided,Confirmed]02:29
Fudgeoh better subscribe to that bug then mate :(02:29
deper29others have resolved using apt-get autoremove02:29
deper29that obviously doesn't work for me though :P02:29
Fudgecan you try to purge or remote the effected packages if you dont use them?02:31
deper29Fudge: purge doesnt' work at all02:31
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Guest63029hello everybody from spain02:33
lshareI try to configure lamp on kubuntu by "sudo apt-get install lamp-server^ ",and I write a php file named "test.php" in "/var/www",but when I visit it on browser ,it shows "404 not found",help!02:40
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theoshi! i am trying to share a folder in virtualbox with winxp as host but i cant see it in winxp. can it be blocked by ubuntu?02:53
theoss/host/guest. ubuntu is host02:54
SepLiteAnyone on?02:56
ytixdecafCould anyone tell me what exactly is ZeroMQ and what can actually be achieved by it in laymans terms?02:56
Bashing-omSepLite: Depends on your issue who turns 'on' .02:56
haysusecan anyone help me with basic file transferring from ubuntu to a windows PC over the workgroup02:57
haysusei tried to transfer an mp4 movie from my ubuntu 14.04 laptop to a windows 7 PC02:57
haysuseand on my end, the file is successfuly on there02:57
haysuseBut on the PC it's just an empty unplayable file02:58
haysuseAnyone that can help with network transfer problems?03:04
wileeehaysuse, Safest way, an opinion is have a shared ntfs.03:04
haysuseThanks for the suggestion; this is sort of a really basic setup I have here03:05
haysuseI have a laptop running 14.04 and a PC running Win 7; with the file manager I can view the files on my Win 7 PC03:05
haysuseI wanted to transfer a file to that PC by just copying it from my local laptop, and pasting it in the Win 7 PC from the file manager03:06
haysuseThe file supposedly went through, and on my end I was able to use it correctly03:06
haysuseBut on the Win 7 PC, the file is just empty (size 0 bytes)03:06
haysuseand it's useless03:06
blibI just inserted a 750Ti in my ubuntu Server LTS box, and it hangs on boot. Any ideas on how to fix this?03:09
haysuseSorry blib03:10
haysuseWhat's the error you're getting?03:10
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haysuseLike it just hangs?03:11
Bashing-omblib: In that case you may want to try nvidia-346 from xorg-edgers ppa. ' sudo add-apt-repository ppa:xorg-edgers/ppa ; sudo apt-get update ; sudo apt-get upgrade ; sudo apt-get install nvidia-346 . As that driver is not available in the 14.04 repository .03:11
haysuseAnyone know anything about file transfer across networks?03:13
plytroblib: you can take the card out03:14
plytrothat will fix it :P03:14
plytrohaysuse: across networks or on the same network?03:14
plytrowas the file usable on ubuntu?03:15
plytrohonestly my windows/linux transfers always get done with winscp on the windows side03:16
haysusesorry plytro03:17
haysuseUh yeah across networks03:17
haysuseUbuntu -> Win 7 over windows "workgroup" file sharing03:17
haysuseThe file was usable on Ubuntu before transfer, and immediately after03:17
haysuseBut upon reconnecting to the PC the file was unusable after03:17
plytroso the windows machine is on another network03:17
plytrodifferent subnets and the like?03:18
blibhow do I find out if ubuntu server vs desktop is installed on my machine?03:18
haysuseSame subnets plytro03:18
haysuseLike I have a router at the house03:18
blibI'm a server installed03:19
haysuseAnd both machines are on that router and network03:19
haysuseLike I can access the Win 7 PC in Nautilis under the "Network" tab03:19
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haysuseI clicked on "Browse Network" -> "WORKGROUP" -> "[PC-NAME]" -> and went to the desired folder from there03:21
haysuseThe file name got messed up too03:22
plytrodid you try deleting and just recopying?03:23
haysuseAnd like the transfer supposedly was succcesful immediately after03:23
haysuseI was able to watch the newly transferred video by clicking it while I was in the Network view, looking at the files on my PC03:24
haysuseBy now I can't even connect to the PC like I was able to before03:24
plytromy solution is to put winscp on the windows machine and use that03:25
haysuseYeah sounds smarter tbh03:25
plytrothe other way has worked for me before03:25
haysuseOther way meaning what I was trying?03:26
blibhas anyone recently installed gnome on 14.04?03:27
blibI just fired the apt-get - its downloading 1GB or so03:27
haysuseYeah I did03:27
haysuseUh that sounds right I think03:27
haysuseI'm totally new to linux so i'm probably not much help03:28
haysuseFor some reason my screen doesn't lock when I close my laptop03:28
haysuseEver since I installed gnome03:28
plytrochekc the powersettings app03:28
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blibif I boot using nomodeset - are my nvidia graphics drivers disabled?03:46
Bashing-omblib: Yes, the parameter ' nomodeset' disables DKMS ( Dynamic Kernel Mode Setting ) .03:48
WarAndGeeseE: Unable to locate package python-pip03:48
lshareI try to configure lamp on kubuntu by "sudo apt-get install lamp-server^ ",and I write a php file named "test.php" in "/var/www",but when I visit it on browser ,it shows "404 not found",help!03:49
lsharewho can tell me how to do ?03:49
Mario9009I am wondering would booting from live usb drive mess up any UEFI settings?03:57
ObrienDavenot if you don't install to your HD03:59
Mario9009I'm on Gateway NE56r41u and windows 10 messed up everyting very badly03:59
Mario9009it wouldn't work at all..03:59
ObrienDaveyea, i'm waiting on doing that04:00
Mario9009I hope i can run ubuntu.. Windows 8.1 right now is getting out of hand its trying to install 10 again.. at least ubuntu gives choice :)04:00
Mario9009obrienDave can you help tell me if i could before i try it though04:02
Mario9009My specs exactly: Intel B960 with intel hd graphics (2nd gen), 500GB HDD, 4GB DDR3 sdRam, RealTek Wireless Lan Driver, Realtek audio04:03
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DigitalIceCreamHowdy yall04:11
mike802go home04:14
ObrienDavenot very friendly, are we?04:23
ObrienDave[22:11:27] <DigitalIceCream> Howdy yall04:27
ObrienDave[22:14:47] <mike802> go home04:27
ObrienDave[22:23:51] <ObrienDave> not very friendly, are we?04:27
ObrienDavejust an observation ;P04:27
cfhowlettObrienDave, I see ...04:27
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ObrienDave*runs and hides*04:28
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cfhowlettlongdong, (I feel dirty just typing that: change your nick to family friendly version and lock it there.)04:30
prelude2004chey guys04:30
prelude2004cgood day04:30
prelude2004cso.. i am using inotifywiat and -e close...04:30
prelude2004cit starts off by grabbing the m3u8 modified file and then the sequenced .ts files04:30
prelude2004cthe issue is... after the first .ts file no other is listed even though it is written04:31
prelude2004cbut the .m3u8 keeps showing up04:31
prelude2004cany idea why that might be ?04:31
ObrienDavei have no clue what package you're talking about04:32
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cfhowlettGuest13690, or whatever your current nick is: constantly changing you nick like that is annoying and disruptive.  choose ONE nick and use it.  until then: /ignore = on04:49
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vezosup ppl04:59
jackhumMy Ubuntu 14.04 heats too much with regular use. I am surfing internet and the CPU temp is going 70C05:08
jackhumHow can I switch off my discrete amd graphics05:09
ObrienDavejackhum, clean your fan and insides05:09
jackhumObrienDave: I don't think this is the problem05:09
jackhumWindows 8.1 works completely fine giving me about 3 hours of battery backup05:10
ObrienDaveok fine, your system05:10
jackhumBut Ubuntu. Gives me only 1.5 hours of backup05:10
* ObrienDave takes aim at Google translate. *** BOOOOOOOOOOM ***05:11
cdbattagsWhich irc channel would be best to ask questions related to dual booting and grub?05:20
cfhowlett!dualboot | cdbattags05:20
ubottucdbattags: Dual boot instructions: x86/AMD64: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DualBoot/Windows - Macs: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MacBookPro https://help.ubuntu.com/community/YabootConfigurationForMacintoshPowerPCsDualBoot05:20
cdbattagsI have a thread open on the forums of my situation: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=228918405:21
TBotNik /msg NickServ identify cexpert1 chatPWDme&U205:21
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cfhowlettcdbattags, for instant answers, consider purchasing a support plan from Canonical.  For assistance from the volunteers here >>> patience.05:24
ObrienDave!patience | cdbattags, better yet :)05:25
ubottucdbattags, better yet :): Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/05:25
cos77i have a problem with the update of ubuntu05:28
cfhowlettcos77, details?05:29
cos77sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade05:29
cos77and then05:29
wileee!pastebin | cos77 lets se the proof05:29
ubottucos77 lets se the proof: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.05:29
cos77W: Imposible obtener http://ppa.launchpad.net/samrog131/ppa/ubuntu/dists/trusty/main/binary-amd64/Packages  404  Not Found05:29
cfhowlettcos77, stop hitting the <enter> key please.05:30
cfhowlett!ppa | cos7705:30
ubottucos77: A Personal Package Archive (PPA) can provide alternate software not normally available in the offical Ubuntu repositories - Looking for a PPA? See https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+ppas - WARNING: PPAs are unsupported third-party packages, and you use them at your own risk. See also !addppa and !ppa-purge05:30
TBotNikAll: Anyone out there have any ideas solving my problem documented at: http://pastebin.com/i5Tjv8cp05:30
wileeecos77, all commands and output05:30
cfhowlettcos77, disable the ppa and you're update should fly.  to update the ppa, contact the package manager.05:30
cfhowlettcos77, edit the sources list.  place ## before the repo you need to disable.  sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade05:33
bujjihow to install whatsapp on ubuntu05:33
cos77and in the top bar there is a triangle red05:33
cfhowlettbujji, no shortage of links:  ubuntu + whatsapp05:34
bujjicfhowlett: ?05:35
cfhowlettbujji, LMFTFY  https://search.yahoo.com/yhs/search;_ylt=A0LEVje8q71V.ycATcAnnIlQ;_ylc=X1MDMTM1MTE5NTY4NwRfcgMyBGZyA3locy1tb3ppbGxhLTAwMQRncHJpZANOaHZWcHEwN1E5aWR5amY5YTdXWV9BBG5fcnNsdAMwBG5fc3VnZwMzBG9yaWdpbgNzZWFyY2gueWFob28uY29tBHBvcwMwBHBxc3RyAwRwcXN0cmwDBHFzdHJsAzE1BHF1ZXJ5A3doYXRzYXBwIHVidW50dQR0X3N0bXADMTQzODQ5MzY0MQ--?p=whatsapp+ubuntu&fr2=sb-top-search&hspart=mozilla&hsimp=yhs-00105:35
bujjicfhowlett: yes ubunu+laptop05:35
bujjicfhowlett: yes, ubunu+whatsapp05:36
chicognui mess up with apt-get now lazarus installs with lots of components missing... i don't know what i do... it is possoble to make apt-get "default" again ?05:39
locksmith2Is making apps in Linux a bad idea when compared to .NET?05:47
locksmith2even though with .NET you have to pay for the software05:47
ObrienDavemaking APPS in Linux is free. you tell us ;P05:47
locksmith2like making enterprise apps05:48
locksmith2yeh but is that what I should use?05:48
locksmith2if I dont want to pay05:48
locksmith2I have a macbook pro so I can get OSX05:48
locksmith2but I wanna make apps05:48
locksmith2video games05:48
ObrienDaveso, do your reasearch and create them05:48
locksmith2unity is not installing05:49
locksmith2I get error05:49
locksmith2Unity 3d05:49
IPhotonHello, I'm stuck in a login loop05:55
IPhotonI don't know what to do05:55
IPhotonI think it happened when I removed pulseaudio05:55
IPhotonWanted to install alsa instead05:55
ObrienDavepulseaudio and alsa are essentially the same. why would you do that?05:56
IPhotonI messed up :/05:58
IPhotonI was trying to play league of legends05:58
IPhotonAnd some guide said some stuff05:58
ObrienDave*face palms*05:59
IPhotonAnyway to get it back to normal?05:59
ObrienDavein terminal: sudo apt-get install --reinstall pulseaudio05:59
cfhowlettIPhoton, boot to the terminal.  reinstall your missing packages.  and be careful when relying on "some" guide to do "some" stuff05:59
ObrienDavei think05:59
IPhotonHow do I know which ones I need?06:00
FatarI found something they basicly said ctrl alt f1 to go to terminal, login then type sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop06:00
ObrienDaveit's a meta package. it will install what's missing06:00
IPhotonI also get the error "unable to connect to x11 display."06:00
cfhowlettIPhoton, you know what did to remove?  reverse it06:01
IPhotonWell I thought I did, but its not working06:02
IPhotonI tried to install both alsa and pulseaudio06:02
IPhotonAnd still did not work06:02
IPhotonI'll reboot now to see if ObrienDave's thing worked06:02
ObrienDavereboot is not needed06:03
IPhotonOh well, still didn't work06:03
ObrienDavethis is NOT windows ROFL06:03
IPhotonWhen the "unable to connect to x11 display. Is $display set?" Is on screen, that means its a video card problem?06:06
cdbattagsHey guys, just thought I'd post this again since I haven't gotten any further: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=228918406:09
BuzzardBuzzhow i got a dual boot to work with win10 is i used mbr06:14
Michael_If i install ubuntu and my system is UEFI bios would it let me use the windows boot manager instead of grub?06:14
Michael_Also would i have to like make a partion of 100GB (Which i would do) and install ubuntu there or would it make its own partition??06:14
BuzzardBuzzfirst i formatted my disk with gparted06:14
BuzzardBuzzusing mbr, then i loaded win 10, then i loaded ubuntu06:15
Michael_Grrr.. Its getting to late to wait.. I'll come back in a few hours when the sun is out here..06:17
=== zz_Thelks is now known as Thelks
alimjQuestion: Using "swapoff -a; swapon -a" (as root) will force all programs in virtual memory to move to RAM?06:29
alimjConsidering you have enough free RAM06:30
bruceleeif i add a ppa to my sources.list so theres a new package of "vim" there, how does apt-get know where to download vim from? what dictates whether "apt-get install vim" downloads from ppa versus the main ubuntu repositories?06:31
wileeebrucelee, ppa's are not supported however the apt looks for the latest package available on a update, in the ppa if the packages are there, grasshopper.06:32
bruceleewileee: what if the "vim" package exists in default ubuntu repos as well as the ppa?06:32
* brucelee bows down to wilee for the wisdom06:33
wileeebrucelee, why would you have the ppa then?06:33
bruceleewileee: like a modified version of vim for instance06:33
bruceleewileee: lets say i fork it, make some changes and created a new package called "vim"06:33
ObrienDavethe PPA is probably newer but official repos strive for stability06:33
bruceleei know ObrienDave but how does apt-get install vim know which one to download it from?06:34
ObrienDavewhich ever is newest06:34
wileeebrucelee, If modified and in a ppa there would be something there a name change probably, I agree newest.06:34
bruceleeObrienDave: how does it tell which is newest? what metadata does it look at?06:34
ObrienDaveversion number, grashopper ;P06:34
ObrienDave*grasshopper ;P06:34
* brucelee bows to all the grand masters06:34
wileeebrucelee, I been waiting for you to come back so I could say that, thanks. ;) I use on occasion as a comic bump.06:35
bruceleeglad im of service06:35
ObrienDavebrucelee, when packages are automatically built, 99.999999999% of the time, version numbers increase06:36
bruceleei see06:37
ObrienDavewhether it be version or build number, it goes higher06:37
bruceleeyeah im not too familiar on how the process is, i didnt realize how the version numbers get applied, like if i made a change to a package, concievably someone could just host it without worrying about the version #06:37
ObrienDavethis is true06:37
bruceleebut yeah if its automatic, i guess it makes sense that version numbers should increment automatically06:38
ObrienDavei have several packages that get built every night. the contents might not change but the build number increases06:39
bruceleeah ok makes sense06:39
ObrienDavehandbrake PPA version comes to mind06:39
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OpenSorceUbuntu 14.04 just got a message to update, ran it and it's hanging on "setting grub2-pc". Known issue?07:01
EriC^^how long has it been like that?07:02
OpenSorce20 minutes07:02
EriC^^ok type ps aux | grep "dpkg\|grub" and paste it07:02
OpenSorceNevermind, it finally finished. Thanks anyway EriC^^07:03
EriC^^great, np07:03
ObrienDaveneeded 22 minutes to finish ;P07:04
OpenSorceOlder single core box that I use for Kodi :-P07:04
OpenSorceA gig of ram and an old NV 9500GT video card in her and she streams in HD like a champ. God bless Linux.07:06
goose1244Is there a reason my 64GB microsd card won't hold a partition table or formats? Every time I reboot the table is gone again and after I partition it and try to format it to a fs, it reverts either to no fs or loses the table altogether...07:25
BuzzardBuzzif it does that with more than one computer, i think your card is frionked07:27
goose1244It does. Damn, brand new card too! Thanks anyways.07:27
irrepI just realized that the internet connection here has no NAT, I am directly in the internet! How can I get a firewall to block everything incoming?07:28
imrehggoose1244 what brand is it?07:28
aeon-ltd!ufw | irrep07:28
ubottuirrep: Ubuntu, like any other Linux distribution, has built-in firewall capabilities. The firewall is managed using the 'ufw' command - see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UFW | GUI frontends such as gufw and ufw-kde also exist. | An alternative to ufw is the 'iptables' command - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IptablesHowTo07:28
aeon-ltdsome reading ^07:28
goose1244imrehg: SAMSUNG EVO SDXC07:29
aeon-ltdirrep: do you have not router or something?07:29
irrepaeon-ltd: I started with that and just did `ufw default reject incoming`. Still my Apache is visible from the IP07:29
BuzzardBuzzirrep: just set your iptables and you will be fine07:29
irrepaeon-ltd: nope, just a modem07:29
irrepBuzzardBuzz: I have never used iptables ... the currently installed tables seem very long. CAn one understand that in half an hour or so?07:30
BuzzardBuzzyou can use a GUI to set it up if you need to07:30
ObrienDavewe know some who spent YEARS and can't understand it ;P07:30
rootwareHow  play GTA 5  on  linux  ?>07:32
ObrienDaveask in #winehq07:33
irrepBuzzardBuzz: I enabled the firewall in gufw and have no more rules in there. The default policy is to block. Still I can access my computer from the web I think07:34
aeon-ltdrootware: with the performance hit you'd have to take to run in linux, you would need a high spec pc. and if you had money for a high spec pc you have money for windows. seriously other than 'cool' factor why?07:34
irrepBuzzardBuzz: nevermind. I think the `lo` interface responds even when I put in the global IP address into the browser07:35
rootwarei play stable on Windows / but  a  love Linux07:35
BuzzardBuzzit is better not to mention the evil windows here, i think07:36
irreprootware: I guess most people here feel similarly. I have a dedicated Windows machine for Gaming. I treat it like a console and not worry about the OS there07:36
irreprootware: I do everything else on LInux. I would not want to have some games on my Linux laptop, so I am rather happy to have a dedicated Windows machine for running all the games07:37
BuzzardBuzzgaming on linux is doable too with some effort07:38
rootwarei have  1  machines ..07:39
irreprootware: What about dual-boot?07:39
irrepBuzzardBuzz: even with DX 12 games and so on?07:39
irrepanonymous: hi there07:40
Cholrabliheya, I'm having problem with the sound on my ubuntu 14. I have a dual boot installed (w8 and ubuntu 14). The sound works perfectly in w8, but in ubuntu there is no sound at all. any idea what the problem could be? I've already reinstalled plusaudio and purged all configs etc... didn't helped :(07:40
Novice201yHello. Is it possible to make additional partition on USB key with Ubuntu LiveCD?07:41
EriC^^Cholrabli: try pavucontrol07:41
ObrienDaveCholrabli, or alsamixer in terminal07:41
EriC^^Novice201y: you mean an additional partition on the live usb?07:41
Novice201yEriC^^: Yes.07:41
EriC^^you can make a persistent live usb too07:42
Novice201yEriC^^: And have this USB still bootable as Ubuntu?07:42
dylan_hey guys im installing ubuntu vivid velvet on mini iso07:43
dylan_and i was wonderign07:43
dylan_how do i get a grapical interface?07:43
Novice201yEriC^^:  Thank You.07:44
EriC^^dylan_: install a desktop package, ubuntu-desktop xubuntu-desktop etc.07:44
dylan_but dont i have to install xorg?07:44
ObrienDavedylan_, mini iso has no GUI. you install one after07:44
EriC^^dylan_: it will pull in all the dependencies07:44
EriC^^Novice201y: no problem07:44
ObrienDavei recommend Xubuntu-desktop. i'm partial to XFCE ;P07:44
dylan_i want somthing like really lightweight07:45
EriC^^dylan_: lubuntu is lightweight07:45
EriC^^xubuntu is still lightweight but has more stuff07:45
ObrienDaveso is xubuntu07:45
dylan_so whats the difference07:45
aeon-ltdthe gui07:45
cofoAnyone is using laptop and lenovo one?07:45
dylan_is gnome lightweight?07:45
EriC^^lubuntu is more for older pc's07:45
ObrienDavejust the DE (desktop environment)07:45
dylan_im using a laptop hp07:45
aeon-ltdxubuntu uses xfce, lubuntu uses openbox and lxpanel07:45
EriC^^dylan_: no, gnome is pretty heavy07:45
dylan_oh ok i thought gnome was lightweight07:46
EriC^^dylan_: what's the cpu/ram?07:46
cofoPlease write my name if yes07:46
dylan_cause i got ubuntu mini with 8gig ram assigned07:46
cofoSo much important07:46
dylan_i mean 8gig hard drive07:46
dylan_and the os is currently installing the packages etc07:46
EriC^^8gb hdd?07:46
aeon-ltdthis a vm?07:46
CholrabliObrienDave: I've already tried alsamixer, but to be honest: I don't have any idea what I should do there07:49
CholrabliEriC^^: thanks, will install it07:49
irrepcofo: I have a ThinkPad X220 here07:49
cofoCan you help me in private?07:49
irrepdylan_: Gnome 3 is super heavy, need 3D. You can use Mate (Gnome 2 form) which is lighter07:49
ObrienDaveCholrabli, make sure the volumes are turned up ;P07:49
ObrienDaveF5 i think07:50
CholrabliObrienDave: LOL, already verified that in the "Sound settings". I've also tried all available output channels, no luck07:51
CholrabliEriC^^: pavucontrol tells "shows" me some sound in the "Built-in Audio Analog Setero" channel, but I still can't hear anything07:51
dylan_cause i just wanted to know what lightweight guis people really like07:52
EriC^^Cholrabli: what's the port below it?07:52
CholrabliEriC^^: can you specify what you mean with "port below it"?07:53
EriC^^Cholrabli: it says port below it here, and next to port it says speakers07:53
=== Chappo is now known as Chapster
EriC^^i can choose headphones too07:53
EriC^^Cholrabli: in the output07:53
ObrienDavetry speakers first07:54
CholrabliEriC^^: on "Built-in audio analog stero" I can choose between "Analog Output" and "Headphones". can see any "port"07:54
dylan_im using 12.04 runs like a charm :D07:54
dylan_with unity 2D:d07:54
EriC^^Cholrabli: what about the configuration tab?07:54
dylan_how come in ubuntu it makes the disks so one is ext4 and one is swap?07:54
takuandoes anybody know why cups is filling my /tmp dir with symbolic links and not remove them?07:54
CholrabliEriC^^: on the HDA NVidia Digital Stereo I see port 3. But I don't want to use the HDMI port, since the sound will go through my monitor (which sounds terrible)07:55
claudio_I do you know the mode to work arduino?07:55
CholrabliEriC^^: configuration tab shows the same setup (no "port" for the built-in-audio but several ports for NDA Nvida)07:55
claudio_Can you read me?07:56
dylan_is gnome 3 heavy on resources?07:56
dylan_like for a gui?07:56
ObrienDaveclaudio_, yes, we read you07:56
EriC^^Cholrabli: try a different profile07:56
claudio_Ok It's the first time that i use Xchat07:56
k1ldylan_: its not lightweight07:56
k1l!lubuntu | dylan_07:56
ubottudylan_: lubuntu is Ubuntu with LXDE instead of !GNOME as desktop environment, which makes it extremely lightweight. See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Lubuntu - /join #lubuntu for lubuntu support.07:56
claudio_' using xubuntu07:56
CholrabliEriC^^: the only available profil I have for "Built-in audio" is "Off" and "analog stereo output" (in the configuration tab)07:57
claudio_I'm using Xubuntu07:57
Novice201yIs it possible to make separate /home partition during standard Lubuntu installation?07:57
EriC^^Novice201y: yeah07:57
EriC^^i think so07:57
EriC^^Cholrabli: is everything turned on and enabled in alsamixer?07:57
EriC^^PCM MASTER etc.07:58
EriC^^is loopback enabled? it's on the far right07:58
CholrabliEriC^^: http://i.imgur.com/eGriWji.png07:59
Cholrablito me, it looks like everything is enabled07:59
EriC^^Cholrabli: do you have anything to the far right?08:00
EriC^^also try cranking the master all the way up08:00
CholrabliEriC^^: to the right far I have LFE, Line, Line Boo, S/PDIF, S/PDIF D, Beep, Auto-Mut, Rear Mic08:02
CholrabliEriC^^: turning up the master all the way up doesn't work :(08:03
CholrabliEriC^^: syslog says "Aug  2 09:33:15 upc kernel: [   14.585956] sound hdaudioC1D0: HDMI: invalid ELD data byte 88"08:04
Cholrablibut googling for that will tell me that the hardware is broken (which is defnitely not the case since its a) a new pc and b) works perfectly in w8)08:04
EriC^^Cholrabli: are you trying to use the laptop's speakers?08:11
CholrabliEriC^^: nope08:11
Cholrabliits a PC08:12
Cholrabliand I have pluged in external speakers08:12
EriC^^do they have any settings on them?08:12
CholrabliEriC^^: I can turn them up and down on the speaker itself, thats it08:12
CholrabliEriC^^: http://www.amazon.de/Logitech-LS11-Stereo-Lautsprechersystem-silber/dp/B00178ZDOC <- pretty basic, nothing fancy08:14
AppAraathi everyone, I've noticed that pulseaudio is not a dependency of skype in the 14.04 repos. Is there anywhere I can report it as a dependency?08:18
ObrienDaveummm, what make you think that it's adependency?08:19
ObrienDave* a dependency08:19
EriC^^Cholrabli: this is a long shot, but does your card have any switch or setting of some sort? googling says it was a setting on a tv that caused an error for someone08:19
CholrabliEriC^^: dont think so. also, that would mean that the sound wouldn't be working on w8. which is not the case08:20
Cholrabliso it looks like some driver / ubuntu related issue to me08:20
EriC^^yeah, i was thinking maybe ubuntu can't handle that setting or something, anyways nevermind08:21
AppAraatObrienDave: well skype requires pulseaudio to function properly (have audio). So when I installed skype on ubuntu minimal I didn't have any sound until I instaled pulseaudio alongside it.08:22
EriC^^Cholrabli: did you update ubuntu? sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade ?08:22
CholrabliEriC^^: I'm using 14.04.02 LTS with the latest updates08:23
CholrabliEriC^^: will dist-upgrade upgrade me to non-lts?08:23
EriC^^no, it will update the kernel and other packages08:23
EriC^^give it a shot08:23
EriC^^you should be doing it anyways unless you have a good reason not to08:24
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asansolawhy isnt a simple update sufficient?08:25
CholrabliEriC^^: getting " apt apt-transport-https apt-utils libapt-inst1.5 libapt-pkg4.12", dont think that these packets are related to audio, is that correct? also: "The following packages have been kept back: libgbm1"08:25
EriC^^apt-get upgrade?08:25
Cholrablisudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade && sudo apt-get autoremove && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade <- thats what I did08:25
=== S|ipKorN- is now known as CripperZ
EriC^^asansola: dist-upgrade updates packages that need other packages to be removed or installed, so if you don't do it you'll have packages that aren't updated08:26
EriC^^Cholrabli: ok, did you reboot?08:26
Ben64autoremove isn't really necessary, and should be last08:26
asansolaEriC^^: how is it different from aptget update08:27
Ben64and upgrade is redundant if you do dist-upgrade08:27
CholrabliEriC^^: sec08:27
CholrabliEriC^^: should I install libgbm1?08:27
EriC^^asansola: update just updates the list of available packages08:27
EriC^^Cholrabli: if you haven't rebooted after dist-upgrade you should reboot to use the new kernel08:27
CholrabliEriC^^: I didn't got a new kernel08:28
EriC^^type uname -r08:28
EriC^^mine's 6108:28
Cholrablicurrently using 3.16.0-45-generic08:28
EriC^^that's old08:28
EriC^^oh, 3.1608:28
CholrabliEriC^^: btw, I've used the same loudspeakers with ubuntu 14 on my previous PC, worked always well08:30
Cholrabliso it must be some driver thingy08:30
soupnanodesukarCholrabli: have you tried setting the preferred audio output in kde systemsettings applet.08:30
soupnanodesukarbecause it looks like it is preferring the hdmi over your mobo audio.08:31
Cholrablisoupnanodesukar: hmmm I guess you mean the "Sound settings"?08:31
EriC^^Cholrabli: yeah08:31
CholrabliEriC^^ / soupnanodesukar: http://i.imgur.com/iF1z9v3.png08:32
CholrabliHDMI / displayport works (but sounds terrible -> monitor loudspeaker)08:32
asansolaCholrabli: if u have encountered this problem after an update, u can manually downgrade the new package08:34
Cholrabliasansola: no upgrade, fresh ubuntu 14 installation on a brand new pc08:35
EriC^^Cholrabli: maybe you can plug the speakers in the monitor?08:35
EriC^^until you get it sorted out08:36
asansolaso ur speakers are not functioning properly?08:36
Cholrabliasansola: at least they did on my previous ubuntu PC and so they do on w8 yes08:36
asansolaCholrabli: no sound or choppy sound08:37
Cholrabliasansola: no sound at all (through the built in sound chip of my ASUS board). but works through display port (Nvidia)08:38
asansoladid u check alsamixer08:40
asansolais it muted there08:40
soupnanodesukarCholrabli: https://askubuntu.com/questions/14077/how-can-i-change-the-default-audio-device-from-command-line08:41
Cholrabliasansola: http://i.imgur.com/eGriWji.png08:41
asansolaCholrabli: output of aplay -l08:42
Cholrablisoupnanodesukar: "pacmd list-sinks" shows me two sinks that are in state "SUSPENDED". any idea what this menas?08:42
Cholrabliasansola: http://pastebin.com/raw.php?i=iYr3dZXL08:43
soupnanodesukarCholrabli: suspended means it's not playing anything08:43
Cholrablisoupnanodesukar: ah right, when  I play sound it says "RUNNING"08:44
Cholrablisoupnanodesukar: can you give me a hint what sink I should set as default?08:45
Cholrablisoupnanodesukar: http://pastebin.com/raw.php?i=mUe7g3G208:45
CholrabliI guess index: 208:45
soupnanodesukarCholrabli: The second one.08:46
Cholrablisoupnanodesukar: thanks, I guess I have to reboot now?08:49
soupnanodesukarCholrabli: yes, see if it persists across reboots.08:49
dylan_hi im trying to figure out for ubuntu vivid velvet08:49
dylan_the mini iso08:49
dylan_what is the minimal install?08:49
dylan_cause im trying to install a mini iso08:50
dylan_cause im not sure if i want minimal or a desktop08:50
soupnanodesukardylan_: minimal is a command line, no desktop08:50
dylan_so for the mini.iso rihgt08:50
dylan_if i chose lets say xubuntu desktop08:50
Cholrablisoupnanodesukar: alright, rebooting08:50
dylan_it would install it?08:50
Ben64it will install whatever you choose08:51
dylan_how do i chose08:51
dylan_i just press enter on what i highlighted08:51
dylan_and i dont know if it did it08:51
ObrienDavedylan_, after finishing install08:51
dylan_well ill tell you what happens when its done08:52
dylan_is xubuntu lightweight?08:52
ObrienDavei use it08:52
Cholrablisoupnanodesukar: no luck, still no sound :(08:53
asansolaCholrabli: as u mentioned you have a dual boot, can you check and ensure that the sound level in ur windows are high enough ? then try to boot into ubuntu08:57
soupnanodesukarCholrabli: have a look at https://askubuntu.com/questions/158908/how-can-i-force-a-preferred-sound-output-device-to-be-used08:57
dylan_i just got a error08:58
Cholrablisoupnanodesukar: hmm isn't that the same what I just did a few mins ago?08:58
lordievaderdylan_: An error?08:59
dylan_sorry the application update-apt-xapian-index has closed unexpectedly08:59
dylan_what does that mean??08:59
dylan_and is that bad?08:59
soupnanodesukarCholrabli: it mentions the pusleaudio configs that get read at reboot09:00
robert_cHi to all. I have Ubuntu 14.04 installed on my Dell Inspiron laptop for a year. These days, I have a problem.09:01
robert_cSometimes (mostly when I try to move my laptop) wireless gets disconnected AND apart from that, my laptop freezes!09:01
robert_cAnd it does not get back to normal unless I restart it.09:01
funkenstrahlenAs there is nobody in #btsync channel: Someone here with knowledge of btsync 2.0? I currently try to setup btsync server and transfer my identity https://forum.bittorrent.com/topic/40012-setup-sync-20-server-identity-automatically/09:01
robert_cDo you know what the problem might be and how to fix it?09:01
dylan_hey should i install grub09:03
dylan_in my mini install09:03
Cholrablisoupnanodesukar: allright, rebooting09:04
soupnanodesukardylan_: yes09:04
soupnanodesukardylan_: grub lets you reboot into your linux system09:04
dylan_ok thank you09:05
Cholrablisoupnanodesukar: no luck :(09:06
dylan_i just finshed the mini iso09:06
dylan_and it didnt get a gui!09:06
dylan_but i highlighted the xubuntu09:06
dylan_and it comes up just with stupid text based09:07
dylan_how can i fix09:07
asansolaHas anyone tried lilo and syslinux instead of grub?09:07
asansolahow was ur experience with it09:07
EriC^^asansola: lilo is pretty old09:07
dylan_can anyone tell me how i get a gui for my mini install09:07
soupnanodesukarCholrabli: tbh at this point I would suggest installing kde and seeing if systemsettings5's multimedia section gives you an idea of whats going on09:07
dylan_i just finshed it and it didnt come up with a gui instead with a09:07
dylan_text base command prompt09:08
EriC^^dylan_: type sudo apt-get install xubuntu-desktop09:08
Cholrablisoupnanodesukar: aw :(09:08
soupnanodesukarCholrabli: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FQM5fU7V-MM09:09
Cholrablisoupnanodesukar: lol, I have no sound here :P09:11
soupnanodesukarCholrabli: http://a.uguu.se/fxcmtl.png09:12
wafflejockCholrabli, not sure what you've tried but have you looked at the alsamixer or aplay?09:18
=== iulian is now known as Guest71401
wafflejockCholrabli, looks like someone mentioned it above but I don't see a response from you on that09:20
wafflejockCholrabli, when I've had audio issues getting that working first seems to be the first step09:20
Cholrabliwafflejock: no idea what I shuld do in alsamixer or aplay09:22
CholrabliI guess simply starting the program will not solve my issue?09:22
ObrienDavealsamixer will allow you to adjust volume levels to eliminate that potential issue09:23
dylan_hi guys09:24
dylan_the gui didnt show up afterall09:24
dylan_had to install startx09:24
dylan_so the minimal install is bad afterall:(09:24
dylan_i wanted to install xubuntu09:24
dylan_i installed using sudo09:24
dylan_reboot and no gui09:24
dylan_what have i done wrong09:24
k1l_dont use startx09:25
shiblydylan_: What commands did you run?09:25
dylan_i ran sudo apt-get xubuntu desktop09:25
wafflejockCholrabli, aplay just plays an audio file but doesn't depend on pulseaudio or any of the stuff above ALSA for doing the playback so good to be sure that's working or nothing else probably will... in the alsamixer you can unmute devices or adjust their levels, sometimes things get muted09:25
dylan_and it done everything i reboot09:25
k1l_dylan_: what did you install? did you install the *dm ? did you install the desktop you want?09:25
k1l_dylan_: xubuntu-desktop ? or without the - ?09:26
dylan_i installed sudo apt-get xubuntu desktop right09:26
dylan_and i reboot09:26
dylan_and no gui09:26
wafflejockCholrabli, they're just things you can run at the terminal, for alsa mixer you'll need to install alsa-utils I believe (sudo apt-get install alsa-utils)09:26
dylan_so i cant figure out why09:26
k1l_dylan_: did you install a lightdm?09:26
dylan_i just told u09:26
dylan_it didint boot into grapical09:27
dylan_it booted into a stupid terminal09:27
k1l_dylan_: listen, the minimal install is a advanced install. so if you dont have a clue use the proper xubuntu iso and make the regular install. that is for beginners09:27
Cholrabliwafflejock: aplay myfile.mp3 = no sound09:27
wafflejockCholrabli, give alsamixer a shot09:27
wafflejockCholrabli, it should show your device outputs that the system sees, maybe that will shed some insight09:27
dylan_ugh i wanted to install xubuntu on mini iso09:27
Cholrabliwafflejock: already did, you can see a screenshot of alsamixer above09:28
wafflejockdidn't sorry can you link me again?09:28
Cholrabli(sorry my history is gone because I rebooted my pc, so I can re-post the link)09:28
wafflejockah k09:28
k1l_dylan_: xubuntu desktop without the - is plain wrong. so there is the issue. and maybe you need to install the lightdm anyway yourself on the minimal install. but as i said, that is a advanced intall. if you want a "one click and all is done" install use the regular xubuntu iso09:28
shiblydylan_: http://askubuntu.com/questions/98561/how-to-install-xubuntu-complete-version-from-the-terminal09:28
MonkeyDustCholrabli  i havent followed ... try this, do you hear anything?   play /usr/share/sounds/alsa/*09:28
naftilos76Is there a way to capture events of buttons being pressed on my bluetooth headset?09:29
CholrabliMonkeyDust: nothing :(09:29
wafflejockCholrabli, okay yeah just read back some of that didn't see the link but basically you don't see much in terms of devices in alsamixer is the gist?09:29
wafflejockCholrabli, you can hit F6 in there to choose a different audio card09:30
wafflejockCholrabli, does it show your audio device in there?09:30
ytixdecafI accidently deleted my seagate file on my external HDD. My Ubuntu isn't opening my external HDD now. Any solutions?09:30
Cholrabliwafflejock: http://i.imgur.com/BBQCs0W.png <- alsamixer screenshot09:31
Cholrabliwafflejock: F6 -> shows me HDA Intel PCH and HDA Nvidia09:31
Cholrablihda nvidia works but thats not what I want (since it sounds terrible to my monitors loudspeakers)09:32
wafflejockCholrabli, are you on 14.04?09:32
EriC^^ytixdecaf: try testdisk09:32
wafflejockCholrabli, er which version09:32
ytixdecafEric^^: testdisk?09:33
EriC^^ytixdecaf: yeah sudo apt-get install testdisk09:33
wafflejockCholrabli, are you dual booting?09:33
Cholrabliwafflejock: yep09:33
wafflejockCholrabli, well I've got just the bug report for you :) https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/135772309:34
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1357723 in linux (Ubuntu) "No sound after rebooting from Windows (ALC1150)" [Medium,Fix committed]09:34
ytixdecafEric^^: I installed it. No what?09:34
Cholrabliwafflejock: hmmm interesting.... but thats from 2014... still no fix?!09:35
EriC^^ytixdecaf: type sudo testdisk09:35
EriC^^then no log09:35
wafflejockCholrabli, it says fix committed I'm not sure how to tell when where it was pushed into a package though09:35
wafflejockCholrabli, also says though it's swapping the ports is that a possibility with your card?09:35
wafflejockCholrabli, just to verify it's the same problem09:36
ytixdecafNo log? New Log?09:36
Cholrabliwafflejock: yep, actually it worked a few days ago when I swapped the ports at the card, which ofc sucks because I have to swap it back on windows. however, since I resitalled pulsaudio & co (and pruged the config), nothing works at all (except the HDMI /nvidia sutff)09:36
Cholrabli"Kernel 3.18 has fixed this bug." <- so I have to wait for that kernel...09:37
wafflejockCholrabli, it looks like it's in vivid09:38
wafflejockCholrabli, I mean 15.04 but that's not LTS unfortunately09:38
Ben64can use the enablement stack09:38
Cholrabliwafflejock: likely stupid question: will kernel 13.18 ever come to 14 LTS?09:39
Ben64it already is09:39
wafflejockyeah listen to Ben64 here I'm not sure but he'll know09:40
CholrabliBen64: hmm do you have specific instructions on how I can get that stuff running here?09:41
Ben64probably install something like linux-generic-lts-vivid09:43
CholrabliBen64: thx, will give it a try09:44
=== ed is now known as Guest5413
=== CripperZ is now known as S|ipKorN
CholrabliBen64: rebooting, brb09:46
CholrabliBen64: running on 3.19.0-25-generic now, still not sound09:49
wafflejockCholrabli, check out aplay again before trying other things09:50
ytixdecafEric^^: Yes, I finished installing it.09:50
[twisti]is the phpmyadmin package for LTS 12.04 broken ? the install fails with "apache2: Syntax error on line 234 of /etc/apache2/apache2.conf: Could not open configuration file /etc/apache2/conf.d/phpmyadmin.conf: No such file or directory" which indeed points to /etc/phpmyadmin/phpmyadmin.conf which doesnt exist09:51
Cholrabliwafflejock: aplay myfile.mp3 -> no sound09:51
wafflejock[twisti], dpkg -L phpmyadmin | grep /etc         will show you anything the package put in /etc it should be fine though09:53
wafflejock[twisti], you can sudo apt-get install phpmyadmin --reinstall, if you think something went awry09:53
robert_c Hi to all. I have Ubuntu 14.04 installed on my Dell Inspiron laptop for a year. These days, I have a problem.09:53
wafflejockCholrabli, sorry not sure what else to tell ya on debugging that09:53
robert_c Sometimes (mostly when I try to move my laptop) wireless gets disconnected AND apart from that, my laptop freezes!09:54
robert_c And it does not get back to normal unless I restart it.09:54
robert_cDo you know what the problem might be and how to fix it?09:54
Cholrabliwafflejock: :( sucks donkey balls09:54
MonkeyDustCholrabli  no such language here09:55
CholrabliMonkeyDust: sorry09:55
=== fakir is now known as an0nmat1r
Cholrabliso frustrating :(09:56
[twisti]wafflejock: same error. the dpkg line shows a bunch of files that do not actually get put in /etc09:56
wafflejock[twisti], not sure what to tell ya http://packages.ubuntu.com/precise/all/phpmyadmin/filelist think it should be pointing at that apache.conf not a phpmyadmin.conf file but you're saying you have no /etc/phpmyadmin after installing?10:01
[twisti]i do, but there is only config-db.php in there10:01
Cholrabliwafflejock: I'l try to get help in the ubuntu, if that doesn't work I'll take into consideration switching to an alternative linux distro. thanks for you help!10:02
[twisti]presumably the other files would have gotten installed after the error happens10:02
wafflejock[twisti], oh strange okay yeah I didn't completely follow that it was during installation you got that error not after installing and trying to run the server10:03
[twisti]and my bad, it does indeed point to apache2.conf10:03
wafflejocktypically you only see those errors from apache when starting up or using apachectl to test the config10:03
[twisti]phpmyadmin.conf -> ../../phpmyadmin/apache.conf10:03
[twisti]yeah, that apparently happens during the installation10:03
codeichello all10:03
wafflejock[twisti], still strange I dunno I have a walkthrough on setting up lamp on YouTube using 12.04 I didn't have a problem at the time... I know some things in apache 2.4 have changed in terms of directory structure but don't think it affected that10:04
dczhello guys, i want to parse hastebin.com and send data to it and save and get the url . how can i do this ?10:04
wafflejock[twisti], here's my walk through it's long but jump points in the description and I cover a lot of other stuff, can maybe compare what's going on but I just did a full lamp install https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zQNbsCTFrAA10:05
[twisti]ill check it out, but presumably there isnt that much that one can do wrong when writing "sudo apt-get install phpmyadmin"10:05
[twisti]my guess is that the package is indeed screwed up and only installs over existing older versions of the package10:06
wafflejock[twisti], yeah at worst though you can grab the package from the downloads/packages site I linked there and just manually install it, if there's a .deb can just dpkg -i thedeb.deb, but might be problematic with regard to getting updates10:06
wafflejock[twisti], basically phpmyadmin is really just a bunch of php files and that config.inc.php file has the settings for connecting to the DB and the .conf file has some apache configuration for the path10:07
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=== Guest24035 is now known as motz
[twisti]i know, the only reason im going through apt is for the automatic updates10:08
[twisti]i used to just dump the folder into my /var/www10:09
wafflejock[twisti], yup makes sense just trying to come up with alternatives to get it up and running10:09
=== ch3f is now known as panosk
wafflejock[twisti], I suppose you could try just putting that one configuration file in place and seeing if it gets past the error10:10
wafflejock[twisti], I'm trying to check out the .deb file to see if it does something silly perhaps10:17
tzzun__any1 der10:17
lotuspsychjetzzun__: 1600 users are10:17
tzzun__i use ubuntu 14.04 LTS10:18
tzzun__is it possible to get unity 810:18
tzzun__for my ubuntu10:18
k1l_tzzun__: unity8 is still in development for the desktop.10:18
tzzun__so wen will it be released10:18
k1l_tzzun__: best is to test the "desktop next" iso10:19
k1l_tzzun__: "when its done" :)10:19
k1l_tzzun__: target was 16.04 iirc, for the desktop10:19
tzzun__so how is "desktop next" related to unity?10:19
k1l_tzzun__: its a seperate .iso with unity8 and MIR running. for developers to have a test and dev system.10:20
tzzun__what is dis MIR?10:20
k1l_tzzun__: so you want unity8 and dont know what MIR is? MIR is a new xserver that will be the base for unity810:20
wafflejock[twisti], yeah this is what's in the postinst http://paste.ubuntu.com/11985491/ that restarts the web server and might show that error if the configuration didn't get put in place, but I have no idea why the package wouldn't have already put the file in place by the time it runs the postinst10:21
tzzun__ok....can u tell me why der is a problem in fily copying in ubuntu.... imean sometimes it shows "0 seconds left" and it goes on for a while10:21
k1l_tzzun__: sometimes its waiting for the hardware to clear the cache10:22
tzzun__ok..... i heard dat debian is more stable dan ubuntu.....is it true?10:22
k1l_tzzun__: no. ubuntu offers LTS which got the focus on stableness, too.10:23
OerHekswhere do you hear that, tzzun__ ? and why do you believe them?10:24
tzzun__k1l... is der a way to recover if ubuntu hangs10:24
k1l_tzzun__: that depends on the exact issue10:24
tzzun__i mean der is nothing like CTRL + ALT+ DELETE wich is der inj windows10:24
tzzun__sometimes wen i watch moviez in ubuntu it hangs10:25
k1l_tzzun__: ubuntu uses sysreq10:25
tzzun__den im forced to restart10:25
[twisti]wafflej0ck: creating empty files with the proper names make the install go through, but the /etc/phpmyadmin directory still doesnt contain the files listed in the package10:25
k1l_tzzun__: so look into the logs what was causing that hang. so you can remove the issue10:25
tzzun__wer can i find the logs?10:25
k1l_ /var/log10:25
tzzun__ok.....r u too using "irssi"10:26
MonkeyDusttzzun__  it's 'are you', not 'r u'10:26
k1l_when its rebooted afterwards you need to look into the .0 or .1 logs since they get cycled every boot10:26
=== moz_ is now known as motz
k1l_tzzun__: i am using several irc clients10:27
tzzun__kl1....wen i copy files to USB drive my ubuntu hangs ....then i am not able to do anything till it gets over...why does it happen?10:28
motzhi, I can't get my usb internet key working. Can anybody help me?10:28
wafflejock[twisti], you can try something like this http://askubuntu.com/questions/30482/is-there-an-apt-command-to-download-a-deb-file-from-the-repositories-to-the-curr or just download the .deb from the packages.ubuntu.com site directly and open it with a zip program (file roller) and open the /etc/ folder in there and check it out, the files are in there from what I've seen not sure why apt-get or dpkg or whatever isn't installing them10:29
wafflejock on your system10:29
k1l_maybe the usb is that slow, that its causeing the system to use all ram.10:29
[twisti]wafflej0ck: its no good, something in that package is fucked up, during install i get "A new version of configuration file /etc/dbconfig-common/phpmyadmin.conf is available, but the version installed currently has been locally modified." even if i manually delete that file before installing, same for the things in /etc/phpmyadmin10:30
tzzun__nope....i have check it in system monitor....it does not show any change in MEMORY usage wen i copy files10:30
[twisti]i think im going to go with the traditional install10:30
* neural_network passes gas10:31
wafflejock[twisti], would try sudo apt-get purge phpmyadmin, then sudo apt-get install phpmyadmin, if it doesn't work out something is screwy10:31
* neural_network sniffs the fumes10:31
OerHeks!ot | neural_network10:32
ubottuneural_network: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!10:32
[twisti]huh, that worked, thanks10:33
wafflejock[twisti], awesome np10:33
[twisti]ill have to remember that one, that seems useful to know10:33
wafflejockyeah purge kills all the configuration files10:33
wafflejockalong with the binaries10:33
BotchlaBI'm on Lubuntu 14.04 LTS. As of late I've been getting "system errors" on startup (no, I don't the exact messages, though I guess they are logged somewhere) I'm guessing due to borked packages/dependencies. How do I clean up packages to get rid of dependency conflicts, broken packages, etc.?10:33
lotuspsychjeBotchlaB: did you add ppa's?10:34
BotchlaBlotuspsychje: Indeed I did, for HexChat for example, and LibreOffice.10:34
BotchlaBWhy, is that not supported?10:34
lotuspsychje!ppapurge | BotchlaB10:35
ubottuBotchlaB: To disable a PPA from your sources and revert your packages back to default Ubuntu packages, install ppa-purge and use the command: « sudo ppa-purge ppa:<repository-name>/<subdirectory> » – For more information, see http://www.webupd8.org/2009/12/remove-ppa-repositories-via-command.html10:35
lotuspsychje!ppa | BotchlaB at your own risk10:35
ubottuBotchlaB at your own risk: A Personal Package Archive (PPA) can provide alternate software not normally available in the offical Ubuntu repositories - Looking for a PPA? See https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+ppas - WARNING: PPAs are unsupported third-party packages, and you use them at your own risk. See also !addppa and !ppa-purge10:35
bigbaaahi all, I'm installing xubuntu alongside win7, do I have to overwrite the "System reserved" partition that boot windows to overwrite that with an efi/bios partition to install grub on or what?10:35
MonkeyDustBotchlaB  sudo -e /etc/default/apport ... set enabled to 010:35
BotchlaBI see, and disabling them is the best way to resolve dependency conflicts/broken packages?10:35
lotuspsychjeBotchlaB: that can help yes10:36
BotchlaBI see, thanks.10:36
lotuspsychje!dualboot | bigbaaa10:36
ubottubigbaaa: Dual boot instructions: x86/AMD64: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DualBoot/Windows - Macs: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MacBookPro https://help.ubuntu.com/community/YabootConfigurationForMacintoshPowerPCsDualBoot10:36
BotchlaBOh, nice, you can also put Linux on Macs?10:37
MonkeyDustBotchlaB  yes, linux is fantastic10:37
lotuspsychjeBotchlaB: on some types yes10:37
bigbaaaI'm on a macbook pro without osx10:37
BotchlaBThat's a good call, they tend to have good hardware, hopefully Linux can take advantage of it. I know with some of those all-in-one things and laptops with Optimus, there's issues with Linux always using it and reducing battery life.10:38
bigbaaaubottu, I was reading the dualboot/windows guide, but it never mentions the "System reserved" partition in the manual partition part10:38
ubottubigbaaa: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)10:38
bigbaaaoh :D10:39
ob1modubottu, ?10:39
lotuspsychje!uefi | bigbaaa maybe here then10:39
ubottubigbaaa maybe here then: UEFI is a specification that defines a software interface between an operating system and platform firmware. It is meant as a replacement for the BIOS. For information on how to set up and install Ubuntu and its derivatives on UEFI machines please read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEFI10:39
ob1mod!boot | ob1mod10:40
ubottuob1mod, please see my private message10:40
BotchlaBlotuspsychje, MonkeyDust, where can I see a list of PPA's I added?10:45
lotuspsychje!sources | BotchlaB10:45
ubottuBotchlaB: The packages in Ubuntu are divided into several sections. More information at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Repositories - See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RecommendedSources for the recommended way to set up your repositories.10:45
OerHeksls /etc/apt/sources.list.d/10:45
BotchlaBlotuspsychje, OerHeks, thanks.10:46
bigbaaatnx guys10:50
LihisHi, can I change cron daemon email sender name somehow? Currently it is "Cron Daemon" but I would line to make it more unique10:50
Forums|13979Hello. My Lenovo Laptop won't charge above 59%, When I had windows I used lenovo energy managment and set the battery to charge up to 60% .Yesterday I switched to Ubuntu and now I have this problem.10:57
OerHeksForums|13979, go back to windows and undo that 'set the battery to charge up to 60%'  ?10:58
Forums|13979hard way. only ubuntu on my pc now :(10:59
OerHeksit sounds not like an ubuntu issue, you gave tha answer yourself10:59
=== Forums|13979 is now known as ashiq_ak
wileeeI would wonder how accurate that % is10:59
ashiq_akwhen i use acpi -i command, it shows, Battery 0: Unknown, 59%11:00
ashiq_akBattery 0: design capacity 176 mAh, last full capacity 168 mAh = 95%11:00
ashiq_akwilee OerHeks11:01
ashiq_akwrong mAh values :/11:01
OerHeksForums|13979, contact lenovo or see the manual? likely you need that tool to undo the charge limit11:03
ashiq_akOerHeks : I know that it can fixed by installing windows again and changing the battery charge to 100%. I am looking for some other way.11:07
ashiq_akits out of warranty11:07
pznhow can I customize the message at console login (previous to login)  "Ubuntu  14.04 hostname tty1" ?11:08
ashiq_akpzn: Login as the root user. Open a file '# vi /etc/issue', Append new text as follows: 'Welcome to nixCraft Labs!( Whatever)11:10
ashiq_akToday is \d \t @ \n' Save and close the file11:10
pznashiq_ak, tks! "issue" was the name I should check... I was searching google for "message of the day", that is currently the message after typing the password.11:11
ashiq_ak:p pzn11:12
pznashiq_ak, also make the same modification for issue.net too ;-)11:13
ashiq_ak(thumbs up) pzn11:13
ashiq_akHello. My Lenovo Laptop won't charge above 59%, When I had windows I used lenovo energy managment and set the battery to charge up to 60% .Yesterday I switched to Ubuntu and now I have this problem.11:14
Mandeep_Singhashiq_ak, AFAIK energy management softwares on windows make changes to bios11:17
MonkeyDustashiq_ak  i guess TLP is what you want11:18
ashiq_akalready tried no use. When i use acpi -i command, it shows Hello. My Lenovo Laptop won't charge above 59%, When I had windows I used lenovo energy managment and set the battery to charge up to 60% .Yesterday I switched to Ubuntu and now I have this problem. MonkeyDust Mandeep_Singh11:19
ashiq_akalready tried no use. When i use acpi -i command, it shows Battery 0: Unknown, 59%11:19
ashiq_akBattery 0: design capacity 176 mAh, last full capacity 168 mAh = 95%11:19
ashiq_akMandeep_Singh MonkeyDust11:20
soupnanodesukarashiq_ak: try reflashing or updating your bios, that might reset it11:21
Mandeep_Singhashiq_ak, there should be some option under BIOS to set the limit11:22
ashiq_akwhen on warranty period, i tried to update bios, which was donloaded from the lenovo site itself, and it didnt power on after that. happened two times from me. they replaced the motherboard :) Now i am out of warranty, i dont its a good idea for me, coz i dont know much about solution if it broke Mandeep_Singh11:23
ashiq_akNo such option in BIOS Mandeep_Singh11:24
ashiq_akAlso tried to reset CMOS by unpluging AC power and removing battery and holding the power button for 40 sec (Only for lenovo's i think), but didnt seem to work11:25
Mandeep_SinghDo you still have windows?11:25
ashiq_akNO. thats the problem here lol11:26
ashiq_aki should installed it along side windows11:26
=== TheBigDeal is now known as green-in-blue
Mandeep_SinghHave a look at: http://askubuntu.com/questions/34452/how-can-i-limit-battery-charging-to-80-capacity11:26
=== green-in-blue is now known as MyLovelyBigDeal
=== MyLovelyBigDeal is now known as TheBigDeal
EriC^^ashiq_ak: what's the problem?11:27
=== TheBigDeal is now known as Newton95
ashiq_akMandeep_Singh Already tried that solution yesterday, when doing the second command it shows, modprobe: ERROR: could not insert 'tp_smapi': No such device11:28
=== Newton95 is now known as Newton_But_He_Kn
ashiq_akEriC^^ ("Hello. My Lenovo Laptop won't charge above 59%, When I had windows I used lenovo energy managment and set the battery to charge up to 60% .Yesterday I switched to Ubuntu and now I have this problem. ")11:29
=== Newton_But_He_Kn is now known as QuantumMechanics
EriC^^59 to 60%?11:30
ashiq_akWhen i use acpi -i command, it shows Battery 0: Unknown, 59%11:30
ashiq_akBattery 0: design capacity 176 mAh, last full capacity 168 mAh = 95%  EriC^^11:30
EriC^^did you make a typo?11:30
=== QuantumMechanics is now known as TheBigDeal
EriC^^what's the difference between 59 and 60?11:30
ashiq_akwhen i was on windows i used lenovo energy management tool, and set battery charge only to 60%, as it healthier while using laptop under ac power for long time. Now when i installed ubuntu its charging only to 59% not to 100% Eric^^11:32
ashiq_akNot typo, the truth:p11:33
ashiq_akDid u saw the result when i use acpi =i command EriC^^11:33
ashiq_akacpi -i*11:33
EriC^^ashiq_ak: you're not being very coherent11:34
EriC^^so it's charging to 95% you want it to charge to %100?11:35
EriC^^it sounded at first like you wanted it not to charge to 59% but 60%, you can understand why that sounded kind of silly11:35
OerHeksEriC^^, he needs that lenovo tool to reset the charging limit.11:36
ashiq_akSorry, I am not that good in English. I respect everyone11:36
ashiq_akyeah i need to charge it to 100%.11:36
OerHeksi answered he needs to go back to windows for that, but he has no windows anymore.11:36
EriC^^why doesn't he have windows anymore?11:37
* OerHeks found no unix tool or howto11:37
EriC^^he uninstalled it?11:37
ashiq_akonly freya now11:37
ashiq_akfresh install11:38
EriC^^ashiq_ak: http://askubuntu.com/questions/34452/how-can-i-limit-battery-charging-to-80-capacity11:38
EriC^^try that11:38
Mandeep_SinghEriC^^, I referred him to the same link :)11:39
ashiq_aktried that one yesterday, when doing the second command it shows, modprobe: ERROR: could not insert 'tp_smapi': No such device11:39
FjorgynnWelcome to Ubuntu11:39
EriC^^ashiq_ak: did you install the package before it?11:39
EriC^^ashiq_ak: type dpkg -L tp-smapi-dkms | nc termbin.com 999911:40
ashiq_aktp-smapi-dkms ==>this package?11:40
ashiq_akthat was successful, the second command after that.11:40
MonkeyDustashiq_ak  the command suggested by EriC^^ returns a url ... paste the url here11:41
ashiq_aklet me see11:42
EriC^^ashiq_ak: do you have an ideapad or thinkpad?11:42
ValidusHey guys I was on here last night, but I'm still having issues logging into my machine. Last night I just installed an update, rebooted and when at the login screen it looked like I could login but then it wouldn't go to the desktop and just put me back at the login.11:42
ashiq_akideapad s30011:42
EriC^^ashiq_ak: oh, it only works for thinkpads11:42
ValidusLooking into it, it seemed to be a graphics issue so I updated to the Nvidia 331 drivers and that has only made things worse as now I can't even get to the GUI login screen and I'm presented with a terminal to login to11:43
ashiq_akhttp://termbin.com/nskf EriC^^ Mandeep_Singh11:43
ValidusReading /var/log/Xorg.0.log tells me that it couldn't open module vesa11:44
Validusmodule does not exist, 011:44
Validusno drivers avaliable.11:44
Validusno screens found11:44
EriC^^ashiq_ak: http://www.thinkwiki.org/wiki/Tpacpi-bat#Ubuntu_.2F_LinuxMint11:45
ValidusI would continue using google as my help, but that has only seemed to make things worse11:45
EriC^^there's a ppa you can use11:45
ValidusHas anyone got any idea what I can do?11:45
Validus(sorry for the essay) :)11:45
EriC^^ashiq_ak: can you access the bios?11:45
ashiq_akokay. is my tp_smapi installation complete11:46
EriC^^ashiq_ak: tp_smapi only works for thinkpads, and not all of them11:46
EriC^^ashiq_ak: there's a ppa on the second link above, which should work, preferably if you can access the bios you can change it there as well11:47
ashiq_akSaw this description on ppa page u gave, PPA description11:47
ashiq_akThinkPad battery charge threshold management scripts for newer models not supported by smapi.11:47
wafflejockValidus, can try sudo apt-get install xserver-xorg-video-vesa11:47
wafflejockValidus, typically vesa is the fallback used if you have nomodeset in your boot params11:47
ValidusI'll try that, just had to get my network working again.11:48
ashiq_akEriC^^ Saw this description on ppa page u gave, PPA description "ThinkPad battery charge threshold management scripts for newer models not supported by smapi.11:49
Validuswafflejock: should I just reboot once installed?11:49
EriC^^ashiq_ak: yes, i think they mean it works for thinkpads/ideapads which don't support smapi11:49
EriC^^newer thinkpads or ideapad etc.11:49
wafflejockValidus, yeah can give it a shot not sure why it would have erased the vesa drivers but sounds like that's what was missing from the error11:49
Validusso I did, sudo service start lightdm11:49
ValidusAnd that has brought em to a login11:50
ashiq_akokay, how is that done PPA? idk how to do it'11:50
Validusbut I must have done something crazy last night as its giving me the debian login, rather than ubuntu, I also noticed my grub had been updated to debian11:50
ValidusI also still get the same login loop issue11:51
wafflejockValidus, you can have a terminal with dmesg running when you try to login11:51
wafflejockCtrl+Alt+F1 to get to a terminal11:52
EriC^^ashiq_ak: you didn't answer about the bios.. are you able to access it?11:52
wafflejockCtrl+Alt+F7 to get back11:52
EriC^^ok, you should be able to reset the power management there11:52
ashiq_akno.  option like that11:53
EriC^^battery saver/optimizer?11:53
EriC^^smart power management for the battery or something..?11:53
ashiq_aknop ):11:53
ashiq_aknop :(11:54
wafflejockValidus, it might give some insight into what's failing I've also heard of people needing to manually delete their ~/.Xauthority file not sure exactly why though11:54
Validusyeah I deleted that last night and it didn't do anything11:54
ValidusPeople also chowned their home directory but that didn't do anything11:54
ashiq_aki even tried resting CMOS yesterday..didnt seems to work11:54
wafflejockValidus, see anything with dmesg? or can tail -f /var/syslog11:54
wafflejocksorry /var/log/syslog11:55
ashiq_aki even tried resting CMOS yesterday..didnt seems to work EriC^^11:55
EriC^^ashiq_ak: ok, type sudo add-apt-repository ppa:morgwai/tpbat11:56
Validussyslog is just saying bumblebeed main process terminated with sytatus 111:56
Validusbumblebeed respawing too fast, stopped11:56
ValidusActaully, reading up it says no integrated video card found, quitting11:56
Validuswhich makes sense I suppose :P11:56
wafflejockValidus, https://github.com/Bumblebee-Project/Bumblebee/issues/232 some bug not sure if it's right or not11:57
ashiq_akOkay. EriC^^11:57
wafflejockValidus, would do some googling based on what you see there11:57
ashiq_akDone!! EriC^^11:57
=== ob1mod_ is now known as ob1mod
ValidusYeah just started, I'll have a look at that conf, cheers :)11:57
wafflejockValidus, try to get the exact version number of everything in there ideally to be sure you're not looking at some other issue11:57
wafflejockValidus, yup gl11:57
EriC^^ashiq_ak: type sudo apt-get update11:57
ashiq_akdone already11:58
ashiq_akEriC^^ Done11:58
ValidusAt this point I'm just considering backing up my home directory and re-installing.11:58
MonkeyDustValidus  backup is always a good idea11:59
EriC^^ashiq_ak: type sudo apt-get install tpacpi-bat11:59
ValidusIts just slightly annoying that a normal update did this and I have only made things worse :)11:59
TandyUKhi, anyone able to help me with iscsi on ubuntu, i have created a lvm volgroup, and a volume, which is exported via iscsi. but i see the process[istd1] taking 100% cpu, and my esxi server can connect ot he servr, but not see any targets, doing a rescan takes about 5 mins. also the server is resistant to rebooting 'sudo shutdown -r now' three times now has failed to reboot the ubuntu server11:59
MonkeyDustValidus  you can also create a separate /home partition, so you can easily reinstall without touching your personal files11:59
ashiq_akDone EriC^^12:00
qdiihey guys. I am creating my first .deb, is there a way to sign it? or how does the OS ensures that the package comes from the right hands?12:00
ValidusI'm not sure if I did that when I installed, I know I spent some time deciding my partitioning scheme as I wasn't sure what flavour of Linux I wanted12:00
ValidusSo it may already be like that :)12:00
Mandeep_SinghEriC^^, will the same work for HP notebook?12:00
EriC^^ashiq_ak: type sudo tpacpi-bat -s SP 1 10012:00
ashiq_akReturns an error! "missing or invalid value for <percent>" EriC^^12:01
EriC^^Mandeep_Singh: i dont think so12:01
MonkeyDustValidus  what's the output of    lsblk | nc termbin.com 999912:01
Validusnc: getaddrinfo: Name or service not known12:02
Validuscan't type :)12:02
EriC^^ashiq_ak: try 99 instead of 10012:03
Validushmm, nope still getting that12:03
MonkeyDustValidus  take off those winter gloves12:03
ashiq_akNow fine. Done that. EriC^^12:03
EriC^^ashiq_ak: ok12:03
Validusgave me the same result MonkeyDust12:04
ashiq_akLOL MonkeyDust and Validus12:04
ashiq_akWhat next? EriC^^12:07
ValidusAh I forgot to reset my eth0 again...12:07
EriC^^ashiq_ak: is it charging more than 95%?12:07
ashiq_akstill at 59% EriC^^ not 95%12:07
EriC^^type upower --dump | nc termbin.com 999912:08
BBLLCCcan I purge pcman?pcman is a file manager, I got rid of it, in the repos it appears as not installed, but there is still an icon on the menu12:08
ashiq_akhttp://termbin.com/uqpz EriC^^12:08
Novice01yHello. I don't have sound on Lubuntu from installation. Is there other way to solve this than installing pulseaudio>12:08
ValidusMonkeyDust: http://termbin.com/c0vo12:09
ValidusThat site is awesome btw.12:10
EriC^^ashiq_ak: try restarting, are you using uefi by the way?12:10
ashiq_akyes EriC^^12:10
EriC^^ok, try to restart12:11
EriC^^i was going to suggest reseting the bios, but it would probably delete the uefi entries too12:11
ashiq_akwhile plugged in or /out?12:11
ashiq_akAC power chord?12:12
EriC^^just restart12:12
wafflejockBBLLCC, try ls /usr/share/applications/pcmanfm.desktop12:13
wafflejockBBLLCC, if there's a file there then it didn't remove it's entry used in the menus otherwise perhaps the menu just hasn't refreshed yet12:13
BBLLCCshould I use pcman instead of thunar?12:13
wafflejockBBLLCC, whatever works for you, I use nemo most of the time personally12:14
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=== adsjkdjka is now known as D-unit
Johnny_Linuxinstall emerald ubuntu 12.0412:15
Johnny_Linux2 many computers running12:15
kondratovgood evening12:17
kondratovanyone tried a linux kernel compile?12:17
ashiq_akStill not charging. stuck at 59%. EriC^^12:17
k1l_kondratov: ubuntu does this service for you :)12:17
wafflejockkondratov, you may want #ubuntu-offtopic or #linux this room is just for support questions really12:17
kondratovthank you, i still finding my way aroung irc12:18
ashiq_akhave u seen that the power values are wrong? "Battery 0: Unknown, 59%12:18
ashiq_akBattery 0: design capacity 176 mAh, last full capacity 168 mAh = 95%12:18
EriC^^ashiq_ak: type tpacpi-bat -g SP 112:18
ashiq_akEriC^^ Done: Returns this: tpacpi-bat -g SP 112:19
wafflejockkondratov, np if it comes down to something you can't figure out in ubuntu itself or problems this is the place just fringe things people typically don't guide on in here just things the distro ought to do out of the box12:19
BBLLCCwafflej0ck, how do I update the main menu? there is no directory for pcman to be uninstalled12:19
BBLLCCyour command did nothing12:19
EriC^^ashiq_ak: try with sudo12:19
wafflejockBBLLCC, is this the package you had installed? http://packages.ubuntu.com/trusty/amd64/pcmanfm/filelist12:19
ashiq_akThis: Bad status returned: Error: AE_NOT_FOUND12:20
ashiq_akASL base not found for this machine12:20
ashiq_ak  {perhaps it does not have the ThinkPad ACPI interface}12:20
ashiq_akASL bases checked:12:20
ashiq_ak  \_SB.PCI0.LPC.EC.HKEY12:20
ashiq_ak  \_SB.PCI0.LPC0.EC0.HKEY12:20
ashiq_ak  \_SB.PCI0.LPCB.EC.HKEY12:20
BBLLCCwafflej0ck, what I found on the repos12:20
wafflejockBBLLCC, typically Alt+F2 then R then enter will restart the interface but I use Gnome12:20
wafflejockBBLLCC, the .desktop files are used regardless of the GUI used for the menu basically but restarting them varies slightly I believe12:20
BBLLCCalt+f2 opens the application finder12:20
wafflejockBBLLCC, okay not that then... what're you running?12:21
ashiq-akEriC^^ what now?12:21
BBLLCCxubuntu 15.04 64 bits12:21
ashiq-aki was blocked lol did not see three copies of the same message12:21
wafflejockBBLLCC, yeah not sure on there but a couple people suggest alacarte I've found that useful as well12:22
pkg_addD-unit: nice gangsta name douchebag12:22
wafflejockBBLLCC, alacarte is just a GUI for managing which entries show up or deleting them12:22
wafflejockBBLLCC, still if there is no .desktop file from the package you installed then you shouldn't see it in the menu as soon as you reboot12:22
BBLLCCthats the name I forgot, I use alacarte, but the pcman icon is not listed there either. Oddly enough, in the main menu the icon DO appears12:23
k1l_ashiq-ak: use a pastbin next time. dont flood the channel12:23
wafflejockBBLLCC, which package did you install for pcman?12:23
pkg_addHe's arab what do you expect?12:23
wafflejockBBLLCC, you should be able to find it here http://packages.ubuntu.com/ and see the files in it12:23
ashiq-akdid mean to12:23
BBLLCCwafflej0ck, is "from the repo" an answer to your question?12:23
k1l_!paste | ashiq-ak12:23
ubottuashiq-ak: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.12:23
OerHeks!language > pkg_add12:23
ubottupkg_add, please see my private message12:23
pkg_addSharia and car bombings12:23
ashiq-akdidnt mean to12:23
wafflejockBBLLCC, well which specific things cause there's a few responses when I search pcman12:24
wafflejockBBLLCC, http://packages.ubuntu.com/search?keywords=pcman&searchon=names&suite=vivid&section=all12:24
ashiq-akEriC^^ U there?12:24
EriC^^ashiq-ak: yes, 1 sec12:24
ashiq-akI am not arab by the way. pkg_add12:24
k1l_he is gone. dont mind the trolls12:24
ashiq-akdid u see the message?12:25
ashiq-akk1l_ Please . I am trying to do something :p12:26
BBLLCCwafflej0ck, the first one12:26
wafflejockBBLLCC, okay search for .desktop here http://packages.ubuntu.com/vivid/amd64/pcmanfm/filelist12:26
wafflejockBBLLCC, you should see the files it puts in place12:26
wafflejockBBLLCC, those point to an icon and an executable file to run (usually in /usr/bin)12:26
wafflejockthen all the other menu stuff uses that to know what to show12:27
wafflejockif your menu is still showing some old stuff and the .desktop file isn't there you just need to restart the menu app itself somehow, with Gnome it's just Alt+f2 then R in the box and enter, but not sure on XFCE12:27
EriC^^ashiq-ak: try sudo tpacpi-bat -g SP 012:27
EriC^^ashiq-ak: do you have a live usb by any chance?12:28
ashiq-akYes. I have the live usb. And that cmd returned this : Cannot specify 'either/both' for reading SP12:28
EriC^^ashiq-ak: please use paste.ubuntu.com to paste12:28
ashiq-akOkay.! EriC^^12:29
MonkeyDustValidus  i was away, so you do have a separate /home partition, ok12:29
wafflejockBBLLCC, you can also just try browsing around in /usr/share/applications since they're all somewhere in there but based on the file listing it's usually easier to find things12:30
wafflejockBBLLCC, or know something is already deleted that was in the package12:30
ValidusMonkeyDust: I might just re-install, I'm having no luck with my original issue and I think I had made things worse with this debian grub and login screen :S12:31
wafflejockValidus, yeah would typically recommend just using the additional drivers dialog for installing drivers12:32
ashiq-akEriC^^:  http://paste.ubuntu.com/11986100/12:32
ValidusInstalling drivers didn't cause the issue originally, I just did a standard update and couldn't login.12:32
wafflejockValidus, in some cases you have to go with the proprietary from nvidia but people tend to run into problems with that more often than not and then have no way to upgrade or easily remove it seems12:32
Validusyeah, I'm trying to remove the damn thing now and its not the easiest12:33
Validusapt-get doesn't even think there is an nvidia driver installed.12:33
EriC^^ashiq-ak: ok, do you have a live usb?12:33
ashiq-akNo. can make one if we need one EriC^^12:34
EriC^^ashiq-ak: ok, how did you install ubuntu, just as usual, nothing more?12:35
ashiq-akjust 10 min of time needed. EriC^^12:35
ValidusInteresting, I seem to have gotten rid of the nvidia drivers12:35
ashiq-akusual EriC^^12:35
Validusnow I'm just back to a login loop12:35
Validusanyone got any ideas for my original issue? Haha12:35
EriC^^ashiq-ak: ok, make a live usb, see if it works12:36
ashiq-akBy deleting the windows partition and using the entire disk EriC^^12:36
ashiq-akOkay. Will be back! EriC^^12:37
EriC^^ashiq-ak: ok, so you did not use any special efi or git drivers etc. to make it boot?12:37
ashiq-akno. Just using F12 key EriC^^12:37
ashiq-ak10 min i will be back EriC^^12:38
ashiq-akthank you so much for helping me EriC^^12:39
ValidusAlso does anyone have any idea how to fix this debian grub and login screen :\12:39
wafflejockValidus, not sure what you mean by that what makes you think it's debian?12:39
lshknHi, i have a acer laptop and i want to update bios. But, bios load only availibe for Windows, I mean *.exe. Is there any variants for bios update without Windows?12:39
Validusits got a debian logo on it :P12:39
Validusprobably just a theme or something, no idea how I got it12:39
MonkeyDustValidus  how did it get there in the first place12:39
Validusdunno, I did so much last night to try and get my system working again, it could be anything12:40
ValidusI've run a lot of apt-get upgrades and stuff, not sure if that would pull something like that down?12:41
brainwashValidus: did you install the package "desktop-base"?12:41
wafflejocklshkn, this page may be helpful https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BIOSUpdate12:41
Validusdpkg says its installed12:42
ValidusI assume I must had done12:42
brainwashI guess so12:42
Validuscan I just do a sudo apt-get remove on that?12:42
lshknwafflejock, thanks!12:42
brainwashValidus: try it and see if it wants to remove additional packages12:43
ValidusJust ran it, seems to have fixed me grub but can't get to the login screen now. This is probably the reason I installed it.12:44
MonkeyDustValidus  is this useful   sudo update-alternatives --config default.plymouth12:44
ValidusMonkeyDust: its come up with a 2 choices12:45
Validusauto mode and manual mode, I assume I want auto12:46
MonkeyDustValidus  proceed12:46
Validusok, I'll give it a reboot12:46
Validushmm so I still have the debian style login screen but grub is fixed12:47
cylonmathGuys I have Ubuntu14.04LTs, GT640M + Intel GPU card laptop. I wanted to install cuda and NVIDIA drivers (331binary). I guess I succesfully did, since I can run CUDa samples and device query returns my gpu. Also lsmod shows nvidia module. However I can't start lightdm anymore, it says "job failed", I can't boot GUI, is there any easy fix for this?12:47
Validuscylonmath: welcome to the club of failing Nvidia drivers.12:47
MonkeyDustValidus  try this   sudo dpkg-reconfigure lightdm12:48
ValidusMonkeyDust: didn't do anything after restarting lightdm12:48
Validusit has seemed to remove the background wallpaper though :s12:48
Validuscylonmath: do you have to have the Nvidia drivers rather than the default?12:50
=== Senj__ is now known as Senji
rorycylonmath: There are some log files in /var/log/lightdm I believe, that might give you a more descriptive message12:51
wafflejockValidus, for the CUDA support you need the proprietary version12:51
BotchlaBValidus, I can't speak for Ubuntu, but on Debian I found it necessary -- the noveau drivers made the GPU idle at 92C. The proprietary drivers fixed that. Could be a similar issue here.12:51
BotchlaBWait, actually, on Lubuntu the same happened.12:52
BotchlaBSo, yeah.12:52
Validusfair enough, installing them here has caused a world of trouble.12:52
BotchlaBYour mileage varies, I guess.12:52
Gl33Dhey can anyone here give me some help?12:52
Validusyeah standard nix12:52
MonkeyDustGl33D  star with a question12:52
Gl33Dim running ubuntu and have installed the windows version of steam via play on linux and pointed steam to my steam library on my external hard drive but whenever i start any game it comes up with "unknown error"12:53
ValidusGl33D: probably best to never play a game from an external hard drive anyway, the data rate over USB isn't quick enough.12:54
BotchlaBValidus, not even USB 3?12:54
Gl33Dthe only game that gets passed that is MW2 but that just gives me a video card error12:54
plytrothe windows version of steam, not the linux version of steam?12:54
Gl33Dit works fine in windows12:54
wafflejockGl33D, my guess would be playonlinux doesn't have all the windows dependencies needed to run the games12:54
Gl33Dyeah there is no linux version of the games i want to play12:55
roryUSB3 is plenty fast for things like that; I run entire virtual machines off a USB3 drive.12:55
plytrohave you tried wine?12:55
wafflejockGl33D, typically I believe Wine is the answer if there is oen12:55
Gl33Dwine is play on linux12:55
wafflejockwell I think the other way around maybe12:55
roryplayonlinux is wine with some OOTB configs for each game12:55
plytroPlayOnLinux is a graphical front-end for the Wine software compatibility layer which allows Linux users to install Windows-based video games12:55
OerHeksi think your issue is the partition on your extended hdd, NTFS?12:55
plytroThe More You Know! RAINBOW12:55
roryjust installing Steam through it doesn't guarentee that every individual game in your Steam library will play12:55
rorySome games have no compatibility at all12:56
Gl33Doh the only games i really want working is ARMA 3 GTA v and Call of DUty Advanced Warfare12:56
wafflejockGl33D, good to search here https://appdb.winehq.org/12:56
roryyou might be out of luck with how recent they are12:56
plytrotoo slow12:56
Gl33Ddammit so should i just install windows on another drive in my pc>12:56
roryGl33D: I found this that might be useful https://gist.github.com/BeauBouchard/c496fcd231c3d06fced512:57
BotchlaBGl33D: I'd run a VM before doing that, imho12:57
roryGl33D: The only way to get 100% compatibility with Windows programs is to use Windows12:57
wafflejockGl33D, I have my desktop dual boot still so I can play some games on Win without hassle, some things have been coming over to linux I like too though like KSP and borderlands12:57
BotchlaBjfg, successful.12:57
ValidusYeah I just dual boot for games12:57
Gl33Dcan a VM run games i know thats a thing on mac (i think)12:57
plytroit can12:58
plytrobut probably not well12:58
BotchlaBGl33D: I don't see why not; just make sure it picks up the necessary hardware (GPU, enough memory assigned, cores, etc.)12:58
wafflejockdon't think you get graphics card passthrough at least not with VBox12:58
BotchlaBwafflejock: Oh?12:58
ValidusThe virtual graphics drivers might not be good enough12:58
wafflejockyou get a virtual driver12:58
plytroeven with xen?12:58
wafflejockI think maybe VMWare or some other ones might do it12:58
wafflejocknot sure12:58
Gl33Di know people used to use vm's on mac to get windows games working? i know my friend used to12:59
plytromint but the same12:59
plytroGl33D: it all depends on the game12:59
wafflejockI know the guys on the jupiter broadcasting show were complaining about it for video editing12:59
plytroand the hardware resources it needs12:59
Gl33Disnt mint based on ubuntu? so surely it sould work12:59
plytrodon't assume that12:59
Gl33Dhow come?13:00
MonkeyDustGl33D  mint is too different from ubuntu13:00
plytroubuntu is based on debian and the guides don't always match one for one13:00
plytroits worth a shot13:00
plytroxen is probably you best virtual machine env to try it in13:00
vervoidHi nixers! I'm moving to a bigger HDD and I need some help. I want to multi-boot different OSs. I want to clean install Win7, somehow migrate my current Ubuntu setup, and install Arch. What do?13:00
Gl33Dyeah ill try now13:00
MonkeyDust!clone | vervoid for ubuntu13:01
ubottuvervoid for ubuntu: To replicate your packages selection on another machine (or restore it if re-installing), you can use the !software package "apt-clone" - See also !automate13:01
plytrovervoid: have you looked at docker for arch/ubuntu at the same time?13:01
plytroremove one dualboot?13:01
plytroI don't know what you're trying to do with arch so it may not be good for you13:01
wafflejockplytro, if you do that are they sharing a kernel?13:02
wafflejockplytro, if so is that a problem?13:02
plytronot really13:02
plytroyes they share a kernel13:02
plytroI run nearly everything in docker instances on my home server now13:02
vervoidThanks everyone! Should I install windows first?13:02
ubottuTo replicate your packages selection on another machine (or restore it if re-installing), you can use the !software package "apt-clone" - See also !automate13:02
wafflejockplytro,  but ubuntu will be fine with a newer kernel if arch is the base or vice versa?13:03
plytrothe host holds the kernel version13:03
wafflejockright so I'm saying though does it matter which one is host?13:03
plytroI am running ubuntu 15.04 docker instances on a 14.04 host without problem13:03
wafflejockI've only run ubuntu with docker instance of ubuntu too13:03
plytroand a debian jessie instance with a 14.04 host13:03
TandyUKdoes iscsi target work in ubuntu 15.04?13:04
MonkeyDustvervoid  yes, 'first win, then lin' ... windows would ruin the grub menu13:04
vervoidAnd grub2 is okay for arch+windows+ubuntu?13:05
plytrojessie runs 3.18, 14.04 runs 3.13, unsure what 15.04 runs out of the box13:05
Gl33Dbollacks my intel CPU dosent support VT-D wich is required for direct I/O virtualisation (assentially getting my graphics card running fully in a VM) so im screwed i will have to install windows on a seperate drive13:05
TandyUKit 'works' on my 14.04 box until something connects to it, then my entire system semi-hangs until i hard reset it, by semi-hangs i mean guis etc is responsive, but no external connections are possible, and from an ssh/console session "shutdown -h now" fails to shut the system down13:05
plytroGl33D: what cpu do you have?13:06
TandyUKwith windows / debian / centos o nthe same hardware, i dont have the same problem13:06
Gl33DIntel Core i3-415013:06
MonkeyDustGl33D  drop the profanities, it's not the first time you're using them13:06
Gl33DThats just what it says on the box xD13:06
Gl33Di read that wrong13:07
vervoidAnd with "apt-clone" do I need to use a same sized partition?13:07
TandyUKGl33D: cat /proc/cpuinfo13:07
Gl33Di never said any "profranities"13:07
Gl33Dharry@GuessWho:~$ cat /proc/cpuinfo13:08
Gl33Dprocessor: 013:08
Gl33Dvendor_id: GenuineIntel13:08
Gl33Dcpu family: 613:08
Gl33Dmodel: 6013:08
Gl33Dmodel name: Intel(R) Core(TM) i3-4150 CPU @ 3.50GHz13:08
wafflejockuse paste.ubuntu.com for multiline13:08
MonkeyDustGl33D  use a !pastebin for multiple lines13:08
plytroyou have vmx13:09
Gl33Dand that is?13:09
TechMongeri am randomly getting slow internet on my ubuntu box. anyone know a good way to boil down why this is happening?13:10
TechMongerwhen i boot into a windows drive i dont get any of the same issues13:10
TechMongeron the same device13:11
plytroTechMonger: you could run iptraf-ng13:11
plytroand watch your traffic13:11
plytroit gets boring though13:11
plytrolet ping run continuously to a know lan IP and see if you get any long response times13:11
vervoidtechmonger What internet card do you have?13:11
plytroalso run one against your isps dns server13:11
TechMongerits internal13:11
TechMongeron a dell13:11
plytroand one against
TechMongerwhere do i find information about my net card?13:12
asdDoes anybody run 3 monitors at once on ubuntu here??/13:12
vervoidCould it be a intel wifi link 5100 agn?13:12
vervoidBecause I had similar problems with that13:12
TechMongerping seems to work fine13:12
vervoidAre you running windows right now?13:13
TechMongeri just had to restart tho13:13
TechMongerbc every thing got slow then froze13:13
wafflejockGl33D, the processor will be able to be used directly but that doesn't include the gpu there's some discussion about it here http://askubuntu.com/questions/202926/how-to-use-nvidia-geforce-m310-on-ubuntu-12-10-running-as-guest-in-virtualbox13:13
=== elysium is now known as elysium^away
TechMongerit happens randomly... at least to me. thats why i would like to find the trigger... if there is one13:14
vervoiduse this: lspci | grep -i net13:14
vervoidin terminal13:14
plytroTechMonger: you need a ping to run all the time13:14
plytrowhen things get slow see if ping is ok13:14
plytrowe have a problem at work13:14
plytrorandom slowness13:14
Gl33Dim using an r9 270x i think the r9 2xx series is just a rebranded 7xxx series (from memory of when i tried to hackintosh this machine)13:15
plytroit occurs for about 10 minutes once or twice a day13:15
TechMongerok... ill try all of this13:15
plytroI have a terminal open continously pinging the dns server in the office13:15
plytrowhen things get slow my response times go up to 5000ms+13:15
plytrothen 10 minutes later ping looks fine again13:15
plytrothis is windows and linux both though13:15
wafflejockGl33D, yeah the passthrough is described here but requires some particular hardware apparently http://www.virtualbox.org/manual/ch09.html#pcipassthrough13:16
plytrothey're trying to troubleshoot at the AP level13:16
wafflejockoh sorry13:16
TechMonger02:00.0 Ethernet controller: Broadcom Corporation NetLink BCM57788 Gigabit Ethernet PCIe (rev 01)13:16
TechMonger03:06.0 Network controller: Broadcom Corporation BCM4318 [AirForce One 54g] 802.11g Wireless LAN Controller (rev 02)13:16
wafflejockthat's just a fancy name for the VT-d13:16
wafflejockor vmx you verified is available13:16
vervoidl found these13:17
Gl33Dmy card is compatible with pci pasthrough (i think) because the 7870 is compatible and the r9  270x is a rebranded 787013:18
ashiq-akOMG how unfortunate i am. My Desktop just broke while copying to my usb :( strange. Is there anything that i can download to make live usb (small size) EriC^^13:18
TechMonger<opens browser after restart> <all previous tabs come flying back>13:18
MonkeyDustashiq-ak  puppy is small13:18
EriC^^ashiq-ak: what do you mean by broke?13:19
wafflejockGl33D, yeah I take back what I said there, apparently from this documentation you just need the VT-d support and a new enough kernel with the right flags set, the kernel should be new enough just not sure if the flags are set for ubuntu's build if so looks like you can just use that VBoxManage command to attach a device13:19
ashiq-akEriC^^ its not turning on!13:19
EriC^^ashiq-ak: try to remove the line to the power supply and turn the power supply's button on off13:20
Gl33Dmy cpu dosent have VT-d support but does support VMX13:20
Gl33Dbrb guys13:20
TechMongeri have no idea what this iptraf-ng is doing13:21
fwaokdaanyone know what I could try to troubleshoot why my bridged network connection drops out after ~5-60 seconds? It works when I first establish the connection but then stops.  Also it Ubuntu as a guest os in VMWare Workstation 11.  I can still access my host computer, but not the internet after the initial connection drops out13:21
ashiq-akwill fix that later. thanks for the advice though :) EriC^^13:21
ashiq-akLet me make a live usb first! EriC^^13:21
EriC^^ok, there are iso's at releases.ubuntu.com13:22
cylonmath rory validus: yes... I gotta use them for my research. And I tried dpkg-reconfigure, didnt help. lightdm.log says "lightdm process 2084 exited with return value 127" and then display server stoped.13:22
cylonmathrory validus, not proud to be part of nvidia failers club :}13:22
wafflejockcylonmath, yeah I got the OpenCL stuff working to run Agisoft but it took a few trial runs and failures so can't really clearly guide ya13:23
Gl33Dso is it possible to get my Graphics card working in a VM?13:24
Gl33Deven if my cpu dosent support vt-d13:24
wafflejockit would appear to be no13:25
Gl33Dso is a windows partition my only hope13:26
wafflejockhttp://www.virtualbox.org/manual/ch09.html#pcipassthrough <-- this has VT-d as a requirement so if we're missing that piece it probably isn't going to work, so if you can't find the games in WineHQ and get their dependencies running then for running games compiled for Windows that's going to be the best option probably13:27
Gl33Dah ok :( looks like its off to install windows for me thanks for the help guys!13:28
MonkeyDustGl33D  drop the d***13:28
MonkeyDustGl33D  this :  Gl33D> dammit13:29
Gl33Dsorry i didnt reallise13:29
plytrothat is profane?13:30
plytroshit man I hear that in normal meetings at work all the time13:30
jbvHeya I have serious problems trying to install linux on my computer. anyone can help?13:31
Gl33Dwhats the problems13:31
Gl33Dwhy the hell dont i have gparted installed?13:32
jbvUbuntu cant detect any existing operating system. Ive tried to use fixparts but I cant get a grip on how it works and how I should fix it. I have windows 7 already installed.13:32
Gl33Dis it on the same drive?13:32
daharonHey guys, I'm trying to get the list of security updates for a specific package.  The following page errors out when searching (for instance linux-image): http://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-security/cve/13:32
Gl33Dare there any other hard drives plugged in13:33
daharonAnyone have an idea on how to get a list of the security updates for a package?13:33
Gl33Dhmm? what is it detecting when it asks you where to install ubuntu13:33
jbv"This computer currently has no detected operating systems. What would you like?" --erase disk and install ubuntu. Doesnt detect anything13:33
ashiq-akCheck ur Private message. EriC^^13:33
Gl33Dhmm thats weird is the windows install a standerd install? or has it been modified in any way13:34
jbvstandard install normally13:34
Gl33Dweird im stumped tbh maybe someone else here can help you13:34
jbvHmm alright thanks anyways13:35
plytrodaharon: apt-cache policy ?13:39
daharonplytro: I'm already upgrading packages with security updates automatically.  I'm just trying to find the USN/CVE that explains the security vulnerabilities that were known in all the kernels versions I am currently running.  So I have a list of package-version, and I want to correlate it with vulnerabilities.13:41
ValidusRight I suppose I'm going to try and get myself out of this login loop13:44
DelicatesIn a single-socket, hex-core, hyper-threaded system, should NUMA support be disabled in kernel?13:46
cfhowlett!cn | TestIrchatNICK13:47
ubottuTestIrchatNICK: 如欲獲得中文的協助,請輸入 /join #ubuntu-cn 或 /join #ubuntu-tw13:47
bazhang!info libnuma1 | Delicates13:47
ubottuDelicates: libnuma1 (source: numactl): Libraries for controlling NUMA policy. In component main, is standard. Version 2.0.10-1ubuntu2.1 (vivid), package size 21 kB, installed size 95 kB13:47
bazhangits standard Delicates13:47
Delicatesbazhang: I'm talking about kernel configuration13:49
ValidusAs an aside TV packages are such a rip off13:51
k_szeifconfig -a shows I have a eth1, but it's not configured, what do I do? Right now I can't just go `ifup eth1`13:52
bazhangplease take that discussion to the offtopic channel Validus13:52
Validuslol sorry13:52
fwaokdaare there any helpful monitoring tools to see why my connection is dropping? The actual connection is still connected but i lose internet connection shortly after initially establishing it (like within a minute)13:54
Validushas anyone got any suggestions as to why I'm not able to get past my login screen? It looks like it goes to login but then takes me back to the login screen13:55
ValidusI've checked .Xauthority is owned by me, reinstalled lightdm and checked /tmp is rwx for everyone13:56
Validusthese seem to be the standard issues13:56
jzp113hi guy14:02
roryjbv: I had this before. In Windows 7, do a boot-time chkdsk on all your volumes, and then once that completes, reboot once again14:05
roryjbv: you have to reboot again into Windows, before you can do the Ubuntu install. At least that's what I found.14:05
AnthaasHi guys, I want to ssh into my computer remotely, and run a script which takes a long time to complete14:06
roryjbv: There was a sensible reason why this works, but I can't remember what it was; it was a while ago.14:06
AnthaasI want this script to run, and persist, beyond the length of the ssh connection14:06
AnthaasIs this possible?14:06
roryAnthaas: Look into "screen" or "tmux"14:06
EriC^^Anthaas: yes, use screen14:06
roryAnthaas: They are terminal multiplexers14:06
roryAnthaas: run "screen", then run your script14:06
AnthaasAhhh thanks14:06
roryAnthaas: Then next time you connect you can do "screen -dr" and it will reconnect you to the screen session14:06
AnthaasIs it possible to allow the SSH connection to use all the resources available to the machine?14:07
plytroI recommend tmux14:07
plytrothe config file is more sane14:07
roryAnthaas: What do you mean?14:07
Anthaasi.e. is there some limit as to the resources available through an SSH connection?14:07
AnthaasAhhh good :D14:07
AnthaasIll look into screen and tmux now14:07
plytroI converted from screen to tmux about 2 years ago14:07
jzp113hi someone know how to set Shadowsocks?14:07
roryI converted from screen to tmux as well14:07
EriC^^side note can you lock in tmux?14:07
rorybut screen comes with most distros. tmux doesn't14:08
plytrotmux has been in debian based distros for at least 5 years14:08
jzp113when I  run the SS ,it's show me that socket.error: [Errno 99] Cannot assign requested address14:08
plytroEriC^^: lock how?14:09
rorylike Ctrl-A x on screen14:09
AnthaasSo, just to confirm, I install screen on my local machine, connect to my remote machine, run my script, and I can shut my local machine down, and the task continues to complete on the remote machine?14:10
EriC^^Anthaas: screen has to be installed on the remote machine14:10
EriC^^after you start screen, run the command, then press ctrl+a then press d to detach14:10
roryAnthaas: screen and ssh are separate beasts here14:10
EriC^^screen -ls lists the sessions, screen -r to resume14:11
Validusearlier someone told me to remove ubuntu-desktop, what's the reason for that?14:11
roryValidus: What was the context, why did you need to remove that?14:11
roryValidus: ubuntu-desktop is a metapackage, that is, it contains no binaries of its own, but it depends on a number of other packages (in this case, all the packages that come installed)14:12
roryValidus: removing it won't remove those dependencies though14:12
AnthaasIs there any performance overhead on the script with using screen?14:12
ValidusSo I have two issues, one is my login screen looks like a debian login, and two I am in a login loop I.E i'm loging in and just getting put back at the login screen14:12
roryAnthaas: No14:12
AnthaasIt is performance sensitive14:12
AnthaasAhhh thanks14:12
ValidusI think they were trying to fix the first issue14:12
Validuswhich they go rid of the debian grub theme14:12
rorythey might have got you to RE install it14:13
roryIMO you should install it again14:13
Validusso is it strange for apt-get update to be going to debian servers?14:14
bazhangValidus, do you have debian repos on that14:14
plytroAnthaas: http://www.pixelbeat.org/lkdb/screen.html14:14
ValidusI may have added them in my battle last night, but before then I would have just had the default.14:15
bazhangValidus, never do that14:15
plytroEriC^^: tmux does have locking in its man page http://www.openbsd.org/cgi-bin/man.cgi/OpenBSD-current/man1/tmux.1?query=tmux&sec=114:15
ValidusI'm just wondering if that is the reason for my login screen looking like debian as a apt-get upgrade may install them.14:15
cfhowlettValidus, let's see: more /etc/apt/sources.list | pastebinit14:15
AnthaasRight, thats my script running - thanks guys14:15
Validushow do I see if my repo list is different?14:15
AnthaasNeeded to run my benchmark on a remote machine, but am at a conference currently.14:15
AnthaasLife savers!14:16
bazhangcat /etc/apt/sources.list and see Validus14:16
ValidusThat would do it I suppose14:16
Validusshould I just make that empty?14:16
plytroValidus: I run etckeeper to be able to find out if things change14:17
bazhangValidus, why would you ever add debian repos14:17
OerHekstime for reinstall :-)14:17
Validustbh, I was trying to fix this last night after a few beers so probably just a noob move14:17
Validusso should that sources.list be completely empty?14:18
cfhowlettValidus, you might consider rebuilding/replacing your sources.list          http://repogen.simplylinux.ch/index.php14:19
Validusthanks cfhowlett14:19
quazimod1are there any userland programs for modifying the behaviour of my trackpad?14:19
quazimod1eg defining 'zones' that one can disable during/just after typing, etc?14:19
bazhang!info synaptics14:20
ubottuPackage synaptics does not exist in vivid14:20
quazimod1i don't think synaptics will do that will it?14:20
bazhang!info gsynaptics14:20
ubottugsynaptics (source: gpointing-device-settings): configuration tool for pointing devices (transitional package). In component universe, is optional. Version 1.5.1-6ubuntu2 (vivid), package size 1 kB, installed size 28 kB14:20
=== newbie is now known as Guest37967
PanVAny good antivirus for Ubuntu?14:28
AlexPortableHow can I get my built in subwoofer (laptop) to work?14:28
cfhowlett!anitvirus | PanV14:28
PanV!antivirus | PanV14:28
ubottuPanV, please see my private message14:28
k1l_PanV: no. ubuntu doesnt work with that sort of "simulated security"14:28
PanVDo I need an antivirus?14:28
ashiq-akLive USB created. EriC^^14:28
k1l_PanV: no14:29
EriC^^ashiq-ak: ok, make sure try ubuntu works, then go to the bios and press reset bios to defaults, then save and exit14:29
k1l_PanV: dont install stuff you dont know its safe and run the updates from ubuntu regulary14:29
EriC^^ashiq-ak: it might not boot ubuntu anymore so use the live usb to get back here14:29
PanVThank you for your advice. But I need the antivirus for one thing.14:30
cfhowlettPanV, stay off the dark net, avoid sketchy sites, enable firewall, keep security and browsers updated and you should be find for the most part14:30
PanVMy Windows got screwed up recently14:30
cfhowlettPanV, what's that to do with ubuntu?14:30
PanVIts the other partition14:30
ashiq-akalready done some hours before when i was trying fix myself :p . need to do it again? EriC^^14:30
PanVand I am kinda worrying14:30
PanV2 reasons: GRUB broke my windows OR Trojans14:30
PanVSo I dont know..14:31
k1l_PanV: then use clamav to scan the windows partition. but you will need to reinstall windows then anyway14:31
cfhowlettpanv so far as we know, virii don't jump from partition to partition.  they're not fleas.14:31
tomhankhello all14:31
PanVcfhowlett, ok then14:31
tomhankI have a quick question if someone can assist14:31
EriC^^ashiq-ak: ok, give it a shot, make sure the bios is fully reset and if there are any power settings14:31
PanVkll_ I want to back up all my files from the other partition, but I dont know if it is safe. (C:/Users)14:31
Validushow do I put something onto my clipboard in the terminal?14:32
ashiq-akits puppy linux slacho 5.7 live usb . its enough right?14:32
PanVThats why I really need to sort this14:32
cfhowlettPanV, ask ##windows about backing up windows stuff14:32
AlexPortableHow can I get my built in subwoofer (laptop) to work?14:32
cfhowlettashiq-ak, not supported here.  sorry.14:32
PanVcfhowlett, thank you14:32
PanVIf they tell me to go back to #ubuntu, should I come back?14:32
tos-1Validus: xsel, xclip.14:33
ashiq-akwhat? cfholett14:33
ashiq-akwhat? cfhowlett14:33
tomhankim trying to remove a file from the desktop of umbuntu im in the terminal now would the command be 'rm Desktop/Liv.109.rar' ???? thats the file name sorry for being specific just woundering if this is the correct command14:33
cfhowlettPanV, for help backing up windows?  errrr, no.14:33
k1l_<PanV> 2 reasons: GRUB broke my windows OR Trojans   << why should grub brake it?14:33
PanVkIl_ since this happened around the time I installed Ubuntu14:33
k1l_PanV: grub doesnt change windows. (or is it a wubi install?)14:34
PanV(Not a Wubi Install, I was aware of the problems)14:34
PanVThe bootloader?14:34
Validustos-1: cheers however I don't have either of them install14:34
Validusand I can't do an apt-get as I'm trying to sort my sources list :P14:35
k1l_so there is nothing that grub brakes on the windows side. only thing is you need to make sure grub points to the right windows partition to boot14:35
Validuschickeen and egg problem here14:35
tomhankor can i rm -f Liv.09.rar?????14:35
ricardit is possible that the CPU has been damaged by accident as dirty finger thermal grease stain the inside is an Intel g345014:36
bazhang##hardware ricard14:36
ikoniaricard: try ##hardware channel14:36
tomhankhey can someone help me with this terminal command??14:37
AlexPortableI enabled load-module module-combine channels=6 channel_map=front-left,front-right,rear-left,rear-right,front-center,lfe14:38
easyOnMejust want ask is it possible to run Skype on Ubuntu14:38
AlexPortableand enable-lfe-remixing: yes14:38
EriC^^ashleyis: i dont know if that would work or not14:38
AlexPortablehow can i get the sound over my subwoofer now?14:38
k1l_tomhank: does the command not work?14:38
cfhowlett!skype | easyOnMe, yes.14:38
ubottueasyOnMe, yes.: To install Skype on Ubuntu, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Skype - To record on Skype, check: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SkypeRecordingHowto - Please use open protocols instead if you can, see !Ekiga14:38
k1l_tomhank: using rm to remove is not that diffucult14:38
EriC^^ashleyis: i suppose so, i've never tried myself14:38
easyOnMecfhowlett: how are you man14:38
bazhangenable partner repo install from there easyOnMe14:38
cfhowletteasyOnMe, I'm just another mouse lookin' for who took my cheese.14:39
bazhang!partner | easyOnMe14:39
ubottueasyOnMe: Canonical's partner repositories provide a location for software vendors to publish applications. The repo itself can be added by running this in a !terminal: « sudo add-apt-repository "deb http://archive.canonical.com/ $(lsb_release -sc) partner" »14:39
EriC^^sorry ashleyis , meant for ashiq-ak14:39
bazhang!info skype partner | easyOnMe14:39
ubottueasyOnMe: skype (source: skype): client for Skype VOIP and instant messaging service. In component main, is extra. Version (partner), package size 15 kB, installed size 61 kB (Only available for i386; amd64)14:39
tomhankk1l_ would i type rm desktop/Liv.09.rar or use rm -f Liv.09.rar?14:39
EriC^^ashiq-ak: i dont know if that would work or not, i suppose so i've never tried it though14:39
ashiq-akEriC^^ In my BIOS Product name and Lenovo SN is shown INVALID, just now noticed.14:40
k1l_rm /path/to/file.foo14:40
EriC^^ashiq-ak: oh, i dont think that matters though14:40
EriC^^ashiq-ak: did you reset the bios?14:40
k1l_tomhank: for the command you showed you need to join that folder first.14:40
easyOnMebazhang: thanks so much for the info14:40
ashiq-akyes EriC^^14:40
easyOnMecfhowlett: thanks so much for the info14:40
fwankiesomething seems broken on 15.04 with my system76 + GTX 750 since I switched to a 4k monitor: I can't Ctrl+Alt+F1 to get a CLI - monitor goes black...14:41
cfhowletteasyOnMe, happy2help!14:41
EriC^^ashiq-ak: type sudo parted -l | nc termbin.com 999914:41
ashiq-akin live mode? EriC^^14:41
tomhankmy computer name is 'l' do i need it in path 'rm l/Desktop/Liv.09.rar'14:41
EriC^^ashiq-ak: doesn't matter, are you in ubuntu or the live usb?14:42
ashiq-aklogging back in14:42
AlexPortableHow can I prevent fn keys from being sticky?14:42
AlexPortableI press a button once, and it keeps pressing / holding it14:42
plytrosounds like you have too much goo under your keys14:43
cfhowlettAlexPortable, clean the keyboard14:43
AlexPortableit's not the keyboard14:43
AlexPortableon windows it doesn't happens14:43
ashiq-akActually its Elementary OS Freya, some members in #elementary made me to talf here in #ubuntu EriC^^14:43
ashiq-aktalk* EriC^^14:43
AlexPortablealso fn+f11 is hotkey for sound up, f11 itself is fine14:43
cfhowlettashiq-ak, also not supported here.  sorry.14:43
EriC^^ashiq-ak: ok14:43
AlexPortablewhen i pressed a button once, it's like someone is holding it14:43
AlexPortablecfhowlett: ^14:43
cfhowlettAlexPortable, thinking ...14:44
AayushAny recommended free Control panel for ubuntu 14.04 LTS?14:44
AlexPortablefn+f7 (monitor off/ backlight off) works fine14:44
AlexPortableit's only for volume keys14:44
Validushow do I fixing the "Unable to correct problems, you have held broken packages" from apt-get14:44
AlexPortablebrightness is fine too14:44
Validusis that for me plytro14:45
tomhankno such file directory14:45
no-name_people i have a plan..lets make Ubuntu Artificial Intelengence14:45
k1l_tomhank: no14:46
tomhankwhen trying to delete from desktop using 'rm /l/Desktop/Liv.109.rar'14:46
EriC^^ashiq-ak: type sudo parted -l | nc termbin.com 999914:46
tos-1tomhank: Stop using rm until you know what paths are and how to use a shell.14:46
cfhowlettno-name_, continue this discussion in #ubuntu-offtopic please, not in this support channel.14:46
AlexPortabletomhank: what is /l/Desktop ?14:46
tomhankL is the computer name do i not need that in path?14:46
AlexPortableis it on your computer itself?14:46
AayushAny control panel which has apache2 as it's web server?14:46
tomhankrm /Desktop/Liv.109.rar then14:46
k1l_tomhank: it works if you start from the folder you are in. so /Desktop/file.foo    use the "tab" key to use autocomplete. think of case sensitive names14:47
AlexPortabletomhank: either ~/Desktop, or /home/username/Desktop14:47
AlexPortablecfhowlett: it only happens when I press one of the volume buttons14:47
cfhowlettAlexPortable, never heard of this error NOT being solved by a thorough keyboard cleaning.  no idea what's happening behind the scenes. sorry.14:48
fwankieleox5+gtx750+vivid+k4 monitor == :-( ?14:49
plytrotomhank: rm ~/Desktop/.....14:49
plytroyou / a the beginning means start at the root of the disk14:50
plytrothe ~ means start at your home dir root14:50
ashiq-akEriC^^ Sorry for the delay14:50
tomhankvery nice trying to delete now i keep getting no such directory should i use sudo?14:50
AlexPortablecfhowlett: http://askubuntu.com/questions/412621/function-volume-keys-get-stuck-volume-raises-to-max-min-rapidly14:50
Validusrory: you know you said to install ubuntu-desktop? My login screen no longer comes up and I can't seem to get to a terminal14:50
k1l_tomhank: no14:50
MonkeyDustAlexPortable  vacuum cleaner is unrivalled when it comes to keyboard cleaning14:50
AlexPortablecfhowlett: I just found this. seems to be this issue i think14:50
k1l_tomhank: dont just use sudo just because you dont know what the issue is. that is going to make more trouble14:51
AlexPortableMonkeyDust: not when the hardware is just unboxed14:51
EriC^^ashiq-ak: oh ok, you're using legacy not uefi14:51
cfhowlettAlexPortable, try the fix and report back.  I'm curious.14:51
tomhanknice i got it to delelete thanks guys14:51
AlexPortableMonkeyDust: and the keyboard gets dirty after booting to ubuntu, and then a reboot to windows and then it's fine14:51
k1l_tomhank: do you use tab-completion?14:51
tomhankhow about for a mp3 file that uses spaces fill the spaces with _?14:51
ashiq-akOh I see EriC^^14:51
plytrouse tab14:51
OerHeksValidus, rary asked you if you installed desktop-core, and with the 1st part of removal you could see what it deletes also .. that is the point where you didn't answer14:51
ashiq-akSome people are saying I am not supported here ? EriC^^14:52
AlexPortablecfhowlett: only thing i wonder is where is the file sudo nano 85-keyboard-configuration.rules14:52
plytrootherwise it is rm artist\ name\ -\ song\ name\ is\ really\ long.mp314:52
cfhowlettAlexPortable, should be in your /home I would think14:52
plytroashiq-ak: the people here only support vanilla ubuntu14:52
AlexPortableits not14:52
plytroxubuntu and other flavors aren't supported14:53
ValidusOerHeks: Nah he just told me to re-install it as I had removed it14:53
ashiq-akme too supports vanilla ubuntu ;)14:53
cfhowlett!flavors | ashiq-ak, if your're using one of these, you're supported.  if not, sorry.14:53
ubottuashiq-ak, if your're using one of these, you're supported.  if not, sorry.: !Ubuntu-GNOME, !Kubuntu, !Xubuntu and !Lubuntu are simply flavors of Ubuntu that come with GNOME, KDE, Xfce, and LXDE (respectively) installed as default, instead of Unity. Other specialized flavors of Ubuntu include !Edubuntu, Ubuntu !Studio, and !Mythbuntu.14:53
k1l_plytro: that is false. flavors are supported in here14:53
plytroit makes the support matrix too big14:53
plytrosome people are cool and try to help14:53
plytroothers just say "sorry not supported here"14:53
Validusmy search of the chat only seems to show you mentioning desktop-core14:53
tomhankwell it has spaces how do i put a space in terminal when deleting a file14:53
EriC^^ashiq-ak: which ideapad do you have?14:53
EriC^^maybe you can hard reset it somehow14:54
ashiq-akLOL plytro14:54
cfhowletttomaw, sudo rm 'this file name with spaces.mp3'     note the use of ' '14:54
ashiq-aks300 EriC^^14:54
plytrotomhank: I told you14:54
ValidusOerHeks: I don't have desktop-core installed btw14:54
plytrofoo\ bar14:54
AlexPortablecfhowlett: somehow it seems to freeze keyboard input all together when I press the fn keys14:55
plytroescape with \14:55
tomhanki see so every space \ thank you14:55
cfhowlettplytro, non-official ubuntu flavors are not supported here.  if YOU choose to provide support anyway, please do so in a /msg box outside of main channel.  thank you.14:55
Validusshould I install desktop-core?14:55
plytrotomhank: tab completion to see how things works on the cli is helpful14:56
cfhowlettAlexPortable, might be reported in your logs somewhere.  try running dmesg and read the output14:56
plytroyou can see what the shell does14:56
AlexPortablecfhowlett: i have to reboot every time14:56
AlexPortabledont the logs get wiped then?14:56
AlexPortableevery time i fn+volumekey, i cant open menus or type anything14:56
EriC^^ashiq-ak: you already tried to remove the battery and hold the power button for 10 secs right?14:56
tomhankthanks everyone got my computer to finally boot up the data was too full to boot as always thanks everyone14:56
cfhowlettAlexPortable, on liveboot?  yes.  on normal install?  nope14:56
AlexPortablenormla install14:56
OerHeksValidus, good luck with that, you messed up your system, added debian stuff, i suggest do a fresh install, as any step can give you issues now14:56
Gl33Dahh! ive installed windows 10 on a second drive and now i cant boot into linux! what do i do!14:57
cfhowlettValidus, clean install +114:57
plytroGl33D: boot from a live image and reinstall grub14:57
ValidusAlright, probably easier in the long run anyway14:57
ashiq-aki did like remove battery, unplugged power chord, and holding power button for 40 sec. for all lenovo's to reset CMOS this is the way "says some site EriC^^"14:58
Validusshould I stick with 14.04 or go to 15?14:58
AlexPortablecfhowlett: can't find aynthing in dmesg about it, because its flooded with other stuff14:58
Gl33D14.04 works better with graphics drivers14:59
EriC^^ashiq-ak: try to remove the power plug and type upower --dump | nc termbin.com 999914:59
EriC^^ill brb 1 sec14:59
AayushValidus: With 14.0414:59
Validusok thanks14:59
Gl33Dwell whenever i installed them on 15.04 mt install crashed but didnt on 14.04 LTS14:59
cfhowlettAlexPortable, should be one of the more recent entries14:59
ashiq-akbrb 1 sec means? is that meant for me? EriC^^15:00
AlexPortablecfhowlett: wlan links becomes ready15:00
EriC^^yes im back :D15:00
EriC^^ashiq-ak: usually how long does the battery last?15:00
AlexPortablecfhowlett: modifier keys keep working, but the rest of the keyboard doesn't15:01
AlexPortableso I need to get this to work and my subwoofer15:01
cfhowlettAlexPortable, this is as laptop/desktop?15:01
EriC^^it could be that the battery is used to charging til 59% and its showing that as maximum cause it says 3hours til discharge15:01
ashiq-akshow 59% percent and time remaining as 1.45 and all of a sudden like after 10 -15 mins to 6 %. EriC^^15:01
AlexPortablegot the touchpad to work though15:01
EriC^^ashiq-ak: i read on a site that that happens, and leaving the battery fully drain or something helps15:01
EriC^^ashiq-ak: hmm, type upower --dump | nc termbin.com 9999 again15:02
ashiq-aksaw something similar EriC^^15:02
ashiq-akwithout plugging power source? EriC^^15:02
AlexPortablecfhowlett: laptop15:02
EriC^^yes ashiq-ak15:02
EriC^^keep it unplugged for a bit15:02
cfhowlettAlexPortable, just a thought: try an external keyboard15:03
artoisthat's a pretty cute pastebin site—is netcat standard on Ubuntu?15:03
EriC^^then type upower15:03
AlexPortablecfhowlett: and see if it works there15:03
EriC^^artois: yeah15:03
artoisand wget, right? But not curl?15:03
EriC^^both wget and curl15:03
AlexPortablecfhowlett: works fine there15:04
artoisoh really, real nice15:04
EriC^^i think debian doesn't have curl by default15:04
cfhowlettAlexPortable, "there" = external keyboard?15:04
AlexPortablecfhowlett: yes15:04
artoisa fair amount don't, even though it's wonderfulness15:04
no-name_Lets make Ubuntu AI15:04
EriC^^arch has curl by default but no wget15:04
artoisit'd be nice if we could get all distros to have a preinstalled 'pastebin' wrapper with certain standardized behavior, regardless of backend15:04
cfhowlettAlexPortable, well, that suggest your keyboard isn't quite configured properly.15:04
AlexPortablecfhowlett: how can i fix it?15:04
MonkeyDustdebian also doenst have sudo by default15:04
cfhowlett!keyboard | AlexPortable15:04
ubottuAlexPortable: To switch your keyboard layout on GNOME: System -> Preferences -> Keyboard | KDE: System Settings -> Regional & Language -> Keyboard Layout | XFCE: Settings -> Settings Manager -> Keyboard, Layout15:04
cfhowlettAlexPortable, err, no15:05
artoisMonkeyDust: not really sure anyone _should_ have sudo by default, but yeah, darned discrepancies15:05
AlexPortableit says something about repeat keys cn28h15:05
AlexPortablecfhowlett: *15:05
cfhowlettAlexPortable, do a search for ubuntu + multimedia + function keys15:05
ashiq-akHope this helpshttp://paste.ubuntu.com/11986973/15:05
EriC^^ashiq-ak: ok, i guess the 59% is correct, it's supposed to last for like 3 hours or so right?15:05
ashiq-akHope this helpshttp://paste.ubuntu.com/11986973/  EriC^^15:05
cfhowlettAlexPortable, I've no idea about that error15:05
AlexPortablecfhowlett: its not an error thats what comes up15:05
MonkeyDustAlexPortable  is this useful    sudo dpkg-reconfigure keyboard-configuration15:06
ashiq-akyeah. manufactures say it lasts for more than 4 hours. EriC^^15:06
AlexPortableMonkeyDust: what should i set it to? its not on 105-keys (international) PC15:07
ashiq-akSorry that link was wrong http://paste.ubuntu.com/11986973/ EriC^^ Please take a look at the mAh values.15:07
MonkeyDustAlexPortable  to whatever suits your keyboard15:08
AlexPortableMonkeyDust: how can i find out whatever suits my keyboard?15:08
AlexPortableMonkeyDust: cfhowlett reconfigured the keyboard, keys still dont work properly15:10
AlexPortableshould i reboot for the changes to apply?15:10
cfhowlettAlexPortable, http://askubuntu.com/questions/159857/function-key-on-my-acer-laptop-is-always-pressed15:11
AlexPortablecfhowlett: thats not the issue15:11
AlexPortablecfhowlett: that's when you press f11 and it does volume down15:11
AlexPortableinstead of fn+f11 for volume down15:11
AlexPortablethis is I press fn+f11 (volume down) once, and it keeps holding it15:12
=== Rudench is now known as Shnaw
cfhowlettAlexPortable, sorry.  officially over my head then.15:12
AlexPortableanyone else?15:12
EriC^^ashiq-ak: ok, i'm checking if you can do it manually or something15:12
AlexPortableFunction volume keys get stuck; volume raises to max/min rapidly15:12
MonkeyDustAlexPortable  try this    sudo cat /etc/default/keyboard15:13
ashiq-akU there? EriC^^15:14
ashiq-aku saw that link? EriC^^15:14
AlexPortableMonkeyDust: model="armada"15:15
ashiq-aksaw the mAh values there? strange right? EriC^^15:15
AlexPortableMonkeyDust: shoulkd i reboot after sudo dpkg-reconfigure keyboard-configuration ?15:17
EriC^^ashiq-ak: yeah15:17
MonkeyDustAlexPortable  find "armada" in the list, it's there    "(e.g. armada)"15:17
AlexPortableits not15:18
MonkeyDustAlexPortable  no, i use it all the time, no reboot required15:18
artoisarmada? What's that15:18
* cfhowlett wonders why my 30 key laptop is configure as PC 105 /15:18
MonkeyDustAlexPortable  scroll down to "laptop/notebook Compaq"15:18
AlexPortablekeyboard layout, english (us) or english (us) with dead keys via altgr?15:19
AlexPortablewhat are dead keys?15:19
ashiq-akIs this because of that wrong data? EriC^^15:19
artoisAlexPortable: when you tap a modifier and then another key to get a different char than the default15:20
artoisAlexPortable: used more often outside of the anglosphere15:20
AlexPortableso i should select dead keys?15:20
AlexPortablelike alt gr + 5 = €15:20
artoisAlexPortable: for what, us int?15:20
AlexPortablei can select us int or us int with dead keys via altgr15:20
artoisif there's no option that just says 'us international', that might be it, yeah15:20
artoisah, um15:21
ashiq-akEriC^^ : What this says??  http://askubuntu.com/questions/139202/how-can-i-reset-the-battery-statistics-for-the-powermanager15:21
artoistry one, then try the other =)15:21
artoisif you already know you want to use alt gr, then that's probably the one you want15:21
AlexPortablewell thats how it always is15:21
AlexPortablealt gr is for ³¤€¼½¾‘’¥×15:21
AlexPortablealtgr+1 to = gives that15:21
AlexPortabledidnt work15:22
AlexPortablewhen i press ' it immediatly apepars15:22
EriC^^ashiq-ak: i'm checking my battery15:23
artoisAlexPortable: are you trying to do something you've done before, or something new to you?15:23
AlexPortableartois: new15:24
AlexPortableim trying to fix volume keys stuck when i press them once15:24
artoisAlexPortable: what're you typing into?15:24
AlexPortablewhat do you mean?15:24
artoisI don't see what volume keys have to do with altgr...15:24
artoisyou typing into a terminal?15:25
AlexPortableMonkeyDust suggested changing the keyboard layout to fix the fn keys15:25
deborahAnyone know how to get dvd's to play?15:25
cfhowlett!DVD | deborah15:25
ubottudeborah: Ubuntu's default installation and repositories do not include packages needed to play commercial DVDs for legal reasons. For information on adding them, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/PlayingDVDs | For information on the legalities involved, see the "DVD" section of https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats15:25
deborahok thanks15:26
MonkeyDustdeborah  try xine15:26
AlexPortableMonkeyDust: any clue?15:26
MonkeyDustAlexPortable  i'm out of ideas, try some layouts15:27
AlexPortableMonkeyDust: layouts have the same issue15:27
AlexPortableplus that i can't type è anymore15:27
AlexPortableit just puts down `e15:27
MonkeyDustAlexPortable  i'm sure someone else can come up with solething more useful15:27
AlexPortablewell how do i revert back?15:28
AlexPortableto original configuration?15:28
AlexPortablei cant type any special characters now15:28
ashiq-akWhat u said after u said u r checking ur battery's info? EriC^^15:28
EriC^^nevermind, it was a dead end15:29
EriC^^ashiq-ak: i can't find much about reseting the battery without that lenovo tool15:29
EriC^^i was wondering how easy it would be for you to install windows to use it or something15:29
mircx1i need please a help15:30
mircx1i try install this from ubuntu1415:30
compdocwith what15:30
ashiq-akIt was kept uplugged. and came to 6% just 5 min s before and it got off by itslef. EriC^^15:30
mircx1and this not a work15:30
mircx1apt-get install libre2-dev15:30
mircx1apt-get install libre2-1-dbg15:30
mircx1what commands for this to ubuntu14?15:30
ashiq-akYeah, I was thinking about the same LOL.15:31
ashiq-akEriC^^ http://askubuntu.com/questions/139202/how-can-i-reset-the-battery-statistics-for-the-powermanager Have you checked this one?15:31
EriC^^yeah i think that's just for the meter15:31
EriC^^just the gauge15:31
k1l_mircx1: what do you want to install?15:31
ashiq-akoh. EriC^^15:31
genii!info libre2-1 trusty15:32
ubottuPackage libre2-1 does not exist in trusty15:32
mircx1but i try install it and is no run15:32
k1l_!info inspircd trusty | mircx115:32
ubottumircx1: inspircd (source: inspircd): Modular IRCd written in C++. In component universe, is optional. Version 2.0.5-1 (trusty), package size 2153 kB, installed size 6755 kB15:32
EriC^^ashiq-ak: it won't hurt to try though15:32
mircx1this no what i need is old version15:32
AlexPortablehow can i get my touchpad to work?15:32
ashiq-akwhat battery calibration/re-calibration does? EriC^^15:32
AlexPortableerm i mean my subwoofer lol15:33
k1l_mircx1: then look if a PPA suits better: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+ppas?name_filter=inspircd15:33
EriC^^ashiq-ak: i think it's to tell how much is left in the battery15:33
mircx1k1l_ this a error i get http://pastie.org/1032577115:33
k1l_libre2-dev is in the repos since 14.10.15:34
ashiq-akhmm.. i think draining the battery completely will help? i think it reset battery? EriC^^15:35
mircx1then how i fix it?15:36
k1l_mircx1: they have a irc channel on another network. ask them what their software needs to be compiled15:36
mcgiwerhello. I think I had discovered a potential bug in dconf-editor15:37
cfhowlett!bug | mcgiwer15:37
ubottumcgiwer: If you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its derivatives, please file a bug using the command « ubuntu-bug <package> » - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ReportingBugs for other ways to report bugs.15:37
ashiq-akEriC^^ hmm.. i think draining the battery completely will help? i think it reset battery?15:37
mircx1ok this no much help to me anyway thanks k1l_15:37
k1l_mircx1: i dont know about every program for linux. so best is to ask the specialists. there is a version in the repos already and there are newer version in the PPAs.15:39
mcgiwer@ubottu: I tryed to, but the "report bug" has opened only the instruction page15:39
EriC^^ashiq-ak: ok15:39
EriC^^do you have a windows cd?15:39
mircx1this a module when we load it but i see problem and what i know the two commands what i send now is good from ubuntu 10 but 14 i dont know what i need to do15:40
ashiq-akno. file was there in my desktop (RIP) need to make one :|15:40
=== regedit_ is now known as regedit
ashiq-akEriC^^ ?? I think now i am running completely on ac. every thing is zero. battery not cahrging at zero15:42
ashiq-akgot reset when it drained completely? EriC^^15:43
ashiq-akEriC^^ U there??15:48
ashiq-akI think now i am running completely on ac. every thing is zero. battery not cahrging at zero15:49
ashiq-akgot reset when it drained completely?15:49
mcgiwerhello? any help?15:50
EriC^^maybe it needs some time?15:50
EriC^^ashiq-ak: type upower --dump | nc termbin.com 999915:50
bazhangmcgiwer, file a bug against the dconf package15:50
bazhang!bug | mcgiwer15:52
ubottumcgiwer: If you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its derivatives, please file a bug using the command « ubuntu-bug <package> » - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ReportingBugs for other ways to report bugs.15:52
mcgiwer@ubottu: I write again: I tryed it and I got only a page with instruction and link to create a new account, even if I was already logged in15:53
reellcan you tell me how to flip/rotate screen 180° in ubuntu pls .?15:53
artoisreell: xrandr would be one way15:54
mcgiwerwhen I used `apport-bug` command, I got following error when I tryed to send it: "sudo: xdg-open: command not found15:54
reell can you tell me how to flip/rotate screen 180° in ubuntu pls .?15:55
Matt_tenihello guys. im thinking of making GUI application for imagemagick. is it beter to make gui in QT or GTK?15:55
ubuntun00bany1 der??15:55
cfhowlettubuntun00b, ask your ubuntu questions15:55
ubuntun00bi formatted a drive in windows to NTFS and its original mount point i ubuntu was /dos15:56
ashiq-aku saw it ? EriC^^15:56
reell  can you tell me how to flip/rotate screen 180° in ubuntu pls .?15:56
cfhowlettubuntun00b, what version of ubuntu?15:56
zykotick9reell: arandr has a gui.  or "xrandr ... --rotate inverted"15:57
ubuntun00b14.04 LTS15:57
cfhowlettubuntun00b, and your trying to mount ... windows?15:57
ubuntun00bnope.....while booting i can skip the check by pressing S15:57
ubuntun00bthen it booots15:58
cfhowlettubuntun00b, so ... no problem then.15:58
ubuntun00bbut i hav to do it everytime............plz tell me how to fix it so that i dont need to SKIP everytime15:58
ubuntun00bi am able to access alll drives....:D15:58
ashiq-akmake an executable file for it. and add it to startup :p reell zykotick916:00
jost__I'm using `diff` to compare two directories recursively, but I'd like to exclude some directories and files. I've tried to do it like this: `diff --recursive --brief --exclude='var/cache' / /mnt/backup-of-server`. However, diff seems to kind of ignore my exclude-statements, and still compares the contents of some of the directories (but it seems not all of them). What is happening here?16:03
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brainwashMatt_teni: Qt16:03
ashiq-akEriC^^ U there?16:03
jost__(if someone can tell me a more appropriate channel for the question, please tell me)16:04
EriC^^ashiq-ak: yeah16:06
ashiq-aksaw that? everythig zero? EriC^^16:06
EriC^^ashiq-ak: yeah, type upower --dump | nc termbin.com 999916:07
ashiq-ak EriC^^16:07
EriC^^ashiq-ak: maybe you need to let it charge fully first *shrug*16:08
EriC^^see if that fixes it, if not try to remove it and press the power button16:09
ashiq-akits not charging. still zero? EriC^^16:10
EriC^^ashiq-ak: you could try following that guide that mentions /var/lib/upower16:10
EriC^^ashiq-ak: maybe it needs to charge fully so it gets calibrated or something16:10
ashiq-ak/var/lib/upower ? where? how?16:11
EriC^^move all the files there somewhere else, but wait til it charges fully first16:11
ashiq-aknot charging EriC^^16:12
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ashiq-akon battery: no EriC^^16:12
EriC^^ashiq-ak: wait for 30mins or so, how long does it take to fully charge usually?16:12
jjasmineHello - Has anyones installed Oracle 12c successfully?16:12
ashiq-ak1 hour EriC^^16:12
EriC^^ok, wait for an hour16:13
ashiq-akhttp://termbin.com/qwek EriC^^ it says its not on battery now16:13
ashiq-akfifth line from bottom EriC^^16:13
EriC^^ashiq-ak: it says its charging though16:14
marcos_can help me?16:14
ashiq-akyeah. but its been like 20 min. still at zero EriC^^16:14
jjasminemarcos_ what is ur issue?16:15
ashiq-aki think i have to remove battery and put it back in then turn on again? EriC^^16:15
EriC^^ashiq-ak: yeah, wait til it charges completely, does it have an indicator for when its fully charged?16:15
EriC^^ashiq-ak: nah wait16:15
marcos_I wan't to know if it's secure16:15
marcos_Acces to the Deepweb16:15
marcos_in Ubuntu MATE16:15
ashiq-akOkay. But its not charging :( EriC^^16:16
EriC^^ashiq-ak: you could try to unplug it for a second, i'm pretty sure it won't turn of16:16
ashiq-akits running on pure ac now i think EriC^^16:16
EriC^^ashiq-ak: i dont think so16:16
ashiq-aki am sure that it will turn off :) EriC^^16:16
EriC^^ashiq-ak: $40 says it won't16:17
EriC^^go for it :P16:17
ashiq-akhad this similar thing when using windows? :p16:17
jjasminemarcos_ no it is not16:17
EriC^^im j/k, seriously though try to unplug it if you want16:17
_diego_I keep getting "unclear FIFO underrun on pipe A" in dmesg, everything works fine16:19
_diego_but I dont know what it is16:19
_diego_any help ?16:20
SJrAre the example lines for sources.list valid? https://cran.r-project.org/bin/linux/ubuntu/README.html16:21
_diego_kuerv0: just change the name in /boot/grub/grub.cfg, wouldnt tht work ?16:21
SJrIt seems like when I put that in my /etc/apt/sources.list file apt complains that it is malformed.16:21
EriC^^ashiq-ak_: it turned off?16:21
ashiq-ak_EriC^^ It got off. Now its charging I guess.16:21
ashiq-ak_time to charge shown is 0.02 (wrong) EriC^^16:22
SJrE: Malformed line 56 in source list /etc/apt/sources.list (dist parse) \n E: The list of sources could not be read.16:22
_diego_any help, I get "unclear FIFO underrun on pipe A" in dmesg ...  nothing fails but it kind of bugs me16:22
_diego_so, my laptop broke and I had to run linux on a complete different laptop through a USB case, it took me a while to fix all the hardware issues that created and now I get that error there which I cant find how to solve , anyone knows what is it about ?16:23
genii_diego_: If you put dmesg into a pastebin someone might get around to looking at it16:25
ashiq-ak_still showing wrong mAh values. charging will get stuck at 59% (not sure), but will drain quickly due to the wrong mAh values (sure :p). EriC^^ Do u any way to change those values?16:25
ashiq-ak_Do u know any way to change those values? EriC^^16:26
ashiq-ak_:( EriC^^16:29
_diego_genii: pastebin.com/ZjeQuHe216:30
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ashiq-ak_Can u take a look at these and say what it is saying? https://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=502511 and https://bugzilla.kernel.org/show_bug.cgi?id=41062 EriC^^16:31
ubottuDebian bug 502511 in acpi "acpi reports (incorrect) mAh-values instead of mWh" [Minor,Fixed]16:31
ubottubugzilla.kernel.org bug 41062 in Power-Battery "[PATCH]Incorrect battery capacity after power up/reboot on recent Thinkpads" [Normal,Closed: code_fix]16:31
ManthorianHiya guys anybody know about ubuntu touch or relevant channel?16:32
bazhang!touch | Manthorian16:33
ubottuManthorian: Information about the Ubuntu Touch platform for Phone and Tablet is available here https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch . Support and discussion in #ubuntu-touch16:33
genii_diego_: Something to do with the intel i915 video driver, apparently16:33
_diego_genii: how did you tell is the video driver ?16:33
_diego_i915 seems to be an audio thing16:34
genii_diego_: Line 813:   [drm:intel_set_cpu_fifo_underrun_reporting [i915]] *ERROR* uncleared fifo underrun on pipe A      ...on far left drm:intel_set_cpu  stuff and in the middle i91516:35
_diego_genii: sorry, you are right, i915 is video ... but16:35
_diego_genii: my video works fine (display)16:36
EriC^^ashiq-ak_: looks like a bug in acpi or so16:36
CompuChipHi, I installed GRUB for my Win8/Ubuntu dual boot system to the MBR, but now Windows cannot do an upgrade that is needed before it offers Windows 10. Can I move GRUB to the Linux partition, use the Windows bootloader to select an OS, and can I then upgrade Windows while keeping my Ubuntu system working? Any positive experiences? :)16:37
EriC^^ashiq-ak_: try powertop16:37
ashiq-ak_powertop ? whats that? EriC^^16:38
EriC^^ashiq-ak_: a program16:38
EriC^^CompuChip: that's pretty odd16:38
CompuChipEriC^^: Which part of it? :)16:39
EriC^^CompuChip: you can't move grub to the linux partition, it's in the mbr16:39
EriC^^the part where windows refuses to upgrade cause grub is in the mbr16:39
EriC^^CompuChip: what did windows complain about exactly?16:39
CompuChipEriC^^: It is an EFI partition, so I guess Windows does not like that it doesn't own the MBR anymore or something. It keeps rolling back one of the upgrades.16:39
EriC^^if it's an efi partition then the mbr is pretty irrelevant16:40
EriC^^you should just have an ubuntu dir inside the efi partition, and your bios is set to boot ubuntu's efi file16:40
genii_diego_: I might try adding the xorg-edgers PPA and updating the video drivers to what they have available16:41
CompuChipEriC^^: Sorry before I got this laptop I had never heard of EFI before. I just installed GRUB to /dev/sda as that seemed to make sense. I don't really understand EFI tbh. But I read that using the windows bootloader to select an OS gives Windows less issues.16:41
EriC^^CompuChip: i think it's pretty much the same thing, you chainload the windows .efi file from grub16:42
brainwashgenii: you would need to update the kernel and see if the drm error still occurs16:42
ashiq-ak_EriC^^, How to install and use it? Also now take look at these. http://termbin.com/juxp  -time to full? why so? its just 26% now. also when i convert Wh rating to mAh, it shows same output as acpi.16:42
CompuChipEriC^^: I was thinking of just grub-install-ing to /dev/sdaX and then using Windows Restore or something to restore the Windows bootloader.16:43
geniibrainwash: Just reading https://bugs.freedesktop.org/show_bug.cgi?id=74102 which seems relevent16:43
=== sireebob is now known as christmascookiei
ubottuFreedesktop bug 74102 in DRM/Intel "[ILK/SNB/IVB/HSW/BDW]igt/testdisplay causes *ERROR* Pipe A FIFO underrun" [Minor,New]16:43
brainwashgenii: indeed16:43
EriC^^CompuChip: well, you can't install to /dev/sdaX, grub isn't in the mbr it's in the efi partition in an ubuntu dir16:43
EriC^^CompuChip: if you want, you can set windows efi file to boot first in your uefi menu and move ubuntu's dir out of the efi partition if you want16:44
EriC^^you dont need a windows cd, but you'll need a live usb to get ubuntu back16:44
EriC^^CompuChip: are you in ubuntu right now?16:45
CompuChipEriC^^: And then if I upgrade Windows 8 to 10 I will need the live ubuntu again, right?16:45
CompuChipEriC^^: Yes16:45
EriC^^yeah you'll need the live ubuntu, to chroot and grub-install / update-grub16:45
ashiq-ak_saw my message? EriC^^16:46
EriC^^you want to do it now?16:46
EriC^^ashiq-ak_: sudo apt-get install powertop16:46
CompuChipEriC^^: And then I grub-install it back to /dev/sda right? Where it is now.16:46
ashiq-ak_saw my stats now? EriC^^16:46
CompuChipEriC^^: I have to step out for a bit, so not right now :) Think I need to understad the whole EFI thing a bit more first :)16:46
ashiq-ak_https://forums.lenovo.com/t5/Lenovo-U-and-S-Series-Notebooks/U410-Wrong-battery-capacity-Wh-shown/ta-p/1220927 EriC^^  I am referring these coz i wont understand these much16:47
EriC^^CompuChip: yeah, just running grub-install alone will install it to /dev/sda1 or whatever your efi partition is, in /boot/efi/EFI/ubuntu/16:47
blackmatrixNYHi, Is Ubuntu runnable on Mac ?16:48
EriC^^!mac | blackmatrixNY16:48
ubottublackmatrixNY: For help on installing and using Ubuntu on a Mac, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MactelSupportTeam/CommunityHelpPages16:48
blackmatrixNYThanks...will check it out16:48
toterHi everybody... Instead of running 'make menuconfig' and manually importing a .config file to compile the kernel, is there a way to automate this process using a script?16:49
toterLike... import the .config file and run 'make -j3 deb-pkg'...16:50
ashiq-ak_okay. how to use powertop now? EriC^^16:51
EriC^^sudo powertop16:51
ashiq-ak_EriC^^, I got it now. bios is providing the wrong values. need to update bios. but how i don't know.16:52
EriC^^ashiq-ak_: that link says they fixed it in a bios upgrade, but you need win7 or maybe win8 or so to install it16:52
=== christmascookiei is now known as sireebob
ashiq-ak_hmm EriC^^16:53
ashiq-ak_Thanks for ur valuable time. EriC^^16:53
ashiq-ak_powertop just shows some stats.. thats it? EriC^^16:54
EriC^^no problem16:54
lordievaderashiq-ak_: Valuable stats. And it can configure some power options.16:55
ashiq-ak_now 46% hope it won't get stuck agin at 59% and don't drain battery fast :( EriC^^16:55
lordievaderThe most valuable statistic is how much power your system is drawing when on battery.16:56
ashiq-ak_how to configure? lordievader16:56
lordievaderHow to configure what?16:57
ashiq-ak_powertop ?16:57
=== Kaltiz- is now known as Kaltiz
lordievaderConfigure powertop? Powertop is a top like utility not much to be configured.16:58
AppAraatguys, Ubuntu minimal installation has loaded the USB stick where I'm installing the system from as /dev/sda and now wants to install GRUB on it -_-16:58
=== yuriks is now known as randomrstarst
AppAraatcan I just hop into one of those TTYs and then do grub-install --force /dev/sdb ?16:58
=== randomrstarst is now known as yuriks
lordievaderAppAraat: Yes. (Why the --force though?)16:59
AppAraatlordievader: no clue, that's what it does by default when doing the install from that ncurses interface (I hopped to TTY4 and saw the log)16:59
lordievaderAppAraat: IIRC you get a question where to install grub.17:00
AppAraatit asks whether I want to install it to the MBR, so I say yes. But since the USB stick is loaded as /dev/sda it thinks that it has MBR.17:02
AppAraatthe disk I'm installing to is /dev/sdb17:03
AppAraatgrub-install: not found17:03
AppAraatis this thing for real?17:04
lordievaderAppAraat: Chroot into your install.17:04
lordievaderIt is likely there then.17:04
plytroAppAraat: I find the gui installer to be quite lacking17:05
plytrobut there is no real good alternative for the desktop packages17:05
plytroto automatically come in17:05
=== dearn_ is now known as dearn
nikithahi, firefox in ubuntu crashing very often ...17:06
AppAraatlordievader: where do I find my install though?17:06
plytroquite lacking is too strong17:06
plytroI find it lacking17:06
AppAraatplytro: it does what it does for me (mostly). I also don't really configure all that much in terms of paritioning.17:06
lordievaderAppAraat: Look through mount? Or mount it yourself.17:07
AppAraatlordievader: I don't have a lot of experience in this. Do you mean mount /dev/sdb in my case and chroot in there?17:07
lordievaderAppAraat: Have you looked through mount?17:08
AppAraatit says /dev/sdb1 on /target17:09
AppAraatbut also17:09
lordievaderAppAraat: There you go ;)17:09
AppAraatit says /dev/sdb1 on /dev/.static/dev17:09
AppAraatalso devtmpfs on /target/dev17:10
ashiq-akEriC^^, Browsing through some forum I saw many batteries seem to have a lock feature that the Lenovo power management handles. its the issue. need to install windows back and lenovo energy management back to fix it. no other way. :(17:11
lordievaderAppAraat: Chroot into /target and see if grub-install is available there. Else install it to the live-cd.17:12
plytroAppAraat: I run a local approx repo and the gui won't let you select it that I can find17:12
ashiq-akand i should reset gauge EriC^^ Thanks for ur suggestions though17:12
plytroso my installs on 5 laptops took 5x as long because each needed to pull to the local network17:12
EriC^^ashiq-ak: i see17:13
ashiq-akJust letting u know EriC^^17:14
EriC^^ashiq-ak: got to do what you got to do i guess17:14
ashiq-akyeah EriC^^17:14
AppAraatlordievader: isn't livecd read only though?17:14
ashiq-akBrowsing through the forum I saw many batteries seem to have a lock feature that the Lenovo power management handles. :p EriC^^17:14
lordievaderAppAraat: Yes. But it is mounted to ram.17:14
ashiq-aksorry wrong thing copied EriC^^17:15
anilhello can anyone tell me how to install adobe flash player17:26
plytro!flash | anil17:27
ubottuanil: To install Flash see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/Flash - See also  !Restricted and !Gnash17:27
OerHeks!info adobe-flashplugin17:27
ubottuPackage adobe-flashplugin does not exist in vivid17:27
daftykinsanil: basically game over for firefox, your best bet to continue to use flash is to install chrome/chromium with pepperflash.17:27
Gl33Dhey i just finished installing windows 10 and setting steam up and everything i rebooted into ubuntu and now i cant mount my 1tb storage drive (used to store my projects steam games and other essential data)17:27
prelude2004chey guys17:27
prelude2004cquestion.. i am getting some errors in webdav ( nginx ) .. with Resource temporarily unavailable17:28
prelude2004cwhat should i look at ? i been looking at this for hours and think it's starting to be an OS issue17:28
daftykinsGl33D: from clicking on it in nautilus?17:28
vedardGl33D what is your error when you try to mount it ?17:28
ubottuPlease elaborate; your question or issue may not seem clear or detailed enough for people to help you. Please give more detailed information, errors, steps, and possibly configuration files (use the !pastebin to avoid flooding the channel)17:28
OerHeks"As of 2015-05, the old "pepperflashplugin-nonfree" is deprecated " , use flashplugin-installer17:29
Gl33Dill put the error in a pastebin17:29
Gl33D1 sec17:29
=== Kaltiz is now known as Aaron-F
vedardwhen i installed windows, it was needed to reconfigure the grub. Windows 10 seem to create an other partition and it can messe up17:30
OerHeksugh steam under wine, with games on ntfs which is not POSIX17:30
plytroanil: http://www.linuxtechi.com/install-adobe-flash-player-on-ubuntu-15-04/17:30
plytrofirst hit on google17:30
OerHeksanil, flashplugin-installer is part of restricted-extras17:30
daftykinsGl33D: boot Windows and chkdsk it, then shutdown from windows by running "shutdown -s -t 1"17:31
Gl33Dwindows 10 isnt on the same drive on a different partition its on a complete different drive and i need to select it in my BIOS's boot menu to boot into it17:31
OerHeks= codecs, plugins, fonts and more17:31
vedardok you can mount with read only option (ro) but if you want to mount it with read/write you need to do a complete shutdonw in windows 1017:31
Gl33Dill be back after o have done all that17:31
prelude2004chey.. someone familiar with nginx and webdav running on ubuntu ?  i am getting a resource not available and TTP/1.1 500 Internal Server Error :(17:31
prelude2004ccadaver connects fine17:31
prelude2004cbut when i try to put any file it doesn't like it17:31
OerHeksprelude2004c, try #ubuntu-server17:31
prelude2004cthank you17:32
ubuntu_userhi, haven't heard a response in #eclipse for 20 minutes... I have installed subversive, SVNKit connector and mylyn.  I add a known-to-be-working repo and try to import it to a project.  I am constantly asked to hit ok to a little window that says 'provide authentification information'.  If I hit cancel it won't obtain the repo data.  I've looked at a few suggestions in google to no avail.  any suggestions?17:33
ubuntu_usercan anyone here help?17:33
=== S|ipKorN is now known as S|ipKorN-
bekksubuntu_user: Enter the credentials to access the repo.17:34
ubuntu_userbekks, the credentials i enter are correct17:35
bekksubuntu_user: You said you hit cancel?17:35
ubuntu_userbekks, eventually i need to hit cancel to exit... it seems like it will loop endlessly17:35
AppAraatlordievader: so I went into /target and did chroot . bash, but when I tried doing fdisk -l it said: cannot open /proc/partitions17:36
lordievaderThen proc ain't mounted, but more importantly is 'grub-install' available?17:36
AppAraatyep, grub install is there17:37
AppAraatshould I simply do grub-install /dev/sdb from there?17:37
AppAraat(or is that a bad idea)17:37
EriC^^AppAraat: did you mount bind /proc /dev and /sys ?17:39
lordievader^ that and make sure that /boot is mounted too if that is a separate partition.17:39
AppAraatnope, it's pretty much my 2nd or 3rd time doing chroot.17:39
EriC^^k exit the chroot17:39
UNIm95Hi. I have small problem with  shutdown.17:40
EriC^^type for i in /dev /dev/pts /proc /sys /run; do sudo mount -B $i /target$i; done17:40
prelude2004cnobody at the server side of things :(17:40
=== alexander is now known as Guest24998
daftykinsprelude2004c: patience.17:40
Gl33Dheres what chkdsk returned http://pastebin.com/84WstkqU17:40
anilhi can anyone tell how to install adobe and utorrent17:41
UNIm95Button in right corner performs log out and not Shutdown17:41
daftykinsanil: define 'adobe'17:41
aniladobe flash player17:41
cowbaconanil: use qbittorrent instead of utorrent, its a utorrent clone without ads, adaware etc17:42
daftykinsanil: right so you're ignoring every single reply you've already had?17:42
anilcowbacon : thanks17:42
AppAraatEriC^^: I think it is a busybox mount, it didn't find -B apparently. Also sudo is not there.17:42
anildafty:  no i haven't bro17:43
daftykinsanil: yes, yes you have.17:43
daftykinsanil: scroll up :)17:44
EriC^^AppAraat: why are you trying to grub-install from a busybox mount?17:44
anildafty: can you tell me how to install adobe flash player again please ???17:44
daftykinsanil: no, you can scroll up and look at the 5 replies you got.17:44
anilshould we use terminal??17:44
EriC^^AppAraat: can you summarize your problem again real quick?17:44
plytroEriC^^: you missed it all, the gui wants to install to dev/sda which is mounted as the usb drive17:44
plytrohe needs to install to dev/sdb17:44
plytrohe can't choose sdb in the gui17:44
anildafty: haha wait so17:44
AppAraatEriC^^: it is an ubuntu minimal install. But it thinks that the USB stick it is installing from, is /dev/sda and as such is trying to install grub there. I just want to install grub on /dev/sdb.17:45
EriC^^he can select the bootloader location in the installer at the bottom17:45
plytrosorry I missed the grub part17:46
plytrothat was important17:46
EriC^^AppAraat: so what happens if you don't choose to install grub in the installer17:46
EriC^^will you get a root shell after the install?17:46
EriC^^( or does it just reboot )17:46
AppAraatI'm not even sure if it will boot, but I'll try and see.17:46
plytroyou could boot from the live usb stick17:47
Jamie_1daftykins: ping17:47
plytroand run grub install from that to put grub on sdb I bet....17:47
EriC^^AppAraat: no, i mean once the install is done does it give a root shell or does it reboot, somebody who's used the mini installer might know maybe17:47
daftykinsJamie_1: lo17:47
EriC^^yeah if you have a live usb then you're good17:47
Jamie_1daftykins: i think i know what the problem with the install... just not sure how to fix it17:47
daftykinsJamie_1: oh the gnome3 thing again, yeah just use the other damn kernel it worked with :P17:48
AppAraatEriC^^: ah, by default, when installation finishes and grub was installed in the correct place, it reboots and boots into the grub menu. I've also installed the Lubuntu minimal desktop so as such it will go into that DE.17:48
EriC^^oh ok17:48
EriC^^do you have a live usb?17:48
AppAraatEriC^^: I think so yes.17:48
Jamie_1daftykins: just changed back and still having it... but i think its a problem with the xserver17:49
EriC^^AppAraat: ok, you can chroot from there and install grub17:49
johnsonanyone there?17:50
Validusif i have this system, i need to re-install ubuntu on /dev/sda5 right?17:50
AppAraatah I see. Also when I choose not to install the grub boot loader, it says that I will need to boot manually with the /vmlinuz kernel on partition /dev/sdb1 and root=/dev/sdb1 passed as a kernel argument.17:50
Jamie_1daftykins: i have gotten the same error report pop up multiple times of the xserver crashing... which would explain quite a few of these problems17:51
EriC^^AppAraat: np17:51
johnsonwondering how safe browsing sites that might have malicious (adware - virus - etc) programs it is in linux17:51
AppAraatjohnson: what?17:51
plytroits never safe no matter the OS17:51
daftykinsJamie_1: yeah but when one happens it keeps prompting about it because it sits in the same folder17:51
plytroif you are concerned, use a clean vm that gets reset each time you start it up17:52
Jamie_1daftykins: i cleared the ext folder that had the report in it and still gotten and error report17:52
Validusjohnson: in reality probably safer than Windows, just because most viruses will be built for Windows. However that doesn't mean Linux is safer just that virus makers are usually aiming to get the biggest number of attacks17:52
johnsonI see17:52
daftykinsJamie_1: dunno, but it's been like a week now and you've not really done much - so as fun as this is...17:52
=== Tsunami1 is now known as Guest79158
plytroValidus: but viruses aren't really the problem anymore17:53
plytroand you can install clamav17:53
johnsonsomehow my windows machine still triggers a lot of malware even after checking for them using adware cleaners17:53
plytromaliscious j/s code executing in your browser is still bad17:53
Validuswell yeah, but you would hope they are less likely to escape the sandbox.17:54
Jamie_1daftykins: i know sorry for pretty much playing tag... i found when it started... when i crashed my whole computer playing a game right after swapping the kernal so i could play it... but i will just swap the kernal again and then probably try to reset or install a more reccent xserver... whatever makes it work17:54
johnsonnone of the adblockers I have installed in my windows machine detect the malware that's been plaguing it17:54
daftykinsgames =|17:55
daftykinson a work supplied machine :P17:55
Validusjohnson: what are you browsing to?17:55
xanguado they detect adds¿17:55
Jamie_1daftykins: hey im aloud to have some fun from time to time :P17:55
Validusas plytro said, Javascript is the worst offender when browsing, so you could install noscript17:56
daftykinsnot on my watch17:56
Validusthat will stop all scripts running on your page. Install adblock plus to stop malicious adverts.17:56
Validusand that should cut it down a lot. Noscript is quite a pain to get used to though as pretty much every web page will be running scripts17:57
Validusno antivirus or cleaner or whatever will really protect your now days, as that means the infection is already in and will usually find a place to hide17:57
UNIm95Hi. I need some help here: http://askubuntu.com/questions/638904/shutting-down-after-xbmc-deinstallation17:59
sachombeHi, can you please suggest software to play DVDs?17:59
sachombeI am a new ubuntu user17:59
lshknsachombe, do you try vlc ?17:59
sachombeOk, I will do it now. thanks18:00
UNIm95sachombe: try smplayer18:01
plytrojohnson: best bet18:01
dpnuxHi, is umask set still persist after reboot?18:01
plytrothen do your torrenting in a VM18:01
johnsonI think I'll stick to linux18:01
SilentCowHi there. I'm new to IRC. This is interesting.18:02
SilentCowIs anyone else here?18:02
johnsonwhat are you guys running as far as x11 window managers goes?18:02
johnsonHi SilentCow, I'm in the same boat as you.18:03
SilentCowyeah i just saw a post about this over at /r/linuxmasterrace and figured I should finally get around to checking out IRC18:03
BotchlaBSilentCow \o18:03
=== S|ipKorN- is now known as CripperZ
SilentCowdoes Kiwi IRC have a desktop client by chance?18:04
rainbowwarriorhello , Can someone please recommend a program that can fix corrupt mts files in ubuntu 14.04 lts please ?18:04
BotchlaBNo, it's a webclient exclusively, SilentCow.18:04
SilentCowoh cool18:04
daftykinsSilentCow - johnson - this is an ubuntu support channel, only support queries are tolerated. you can go chat in #ubuntu-offtopic by typing (in most clients) "/join #ubuntu-offtopic"18:04
SilentCowok sorry abou thtat!18:05
SilentCowim outta here18:05
lexflexgood day18:06
lexflexi'm trying to get my xbox360 controller to work using xboxdrv. half the games work, the other half doesn't. what could i try?18:07
johnsonDaftykins, I was just greeting the new user. That was all. Wasn't trying to chat nor be rude. =)18:07
daftykinsjohnson: now you know the rules, follow them - that's all. no need for drama18:07
=== samurai is now known as quellochevuoi
ValidusI'm trying to backup my home parititon before I re-install ubuntu however when I go to /media/ubuntu/######/home there is nothing there18:08
ValidusAny ideas why?18:08
=== quellochevuoi is now known as Guest62682
daftykinsValidus: your /home must be on another partition :)18:09
Validusyeah it is18:09
daftykinssudo parted -l | pastebinit18:09
daftykinsso you've mounted the / but not the /home to the /18:09
Validusdaftykins: http://termbin.com/48u118:10
daftykinswell now, there's a stack of disks18:11
Validuswhen I was booted I had this: http://termbin.com/c0vo18:11
daftykinsi'm guessing sda5 for / and possibly sdd3 or sdd5 as /home18:11
daftykinsyeah sdd5 then ;)18:12
daftykinsyour sdd3 seems to do nothing on that install18:12
ValidusI think it might be a media partition18:14
daftykinseasy way to find out, mount it18:15
Validusah its my AOSP partition18:17
Validusso in my home directory is a .ecryptfs I assume this means my home directory is encrypted?18:18
ValidusI can't cd into it at all18:19
Validusshould I chown it?18:19
daftykinsif you're in a live session and can't get in it, sounds right18:19
daftykinsnope i would not mess with it18:19
Validusso how could I back it up?18:19
daftykinsswitch to root with 'sudo -i' then try ls18:19
daftykinsi don't know, i don't run encryption :)18:19
Validusinteresting, so as root when I go in there there is a file called Access-Your-Private-Data.desktop18:20
Validusand a readme saying run encryptfs-mount-private18:21
=== Shrooms` is now known as Shrooms
red__what  do we do now18:24
rainbowwarriorhello , Can someone please recommend a program that can fix corrupt mts files in ubuntu 14.04 lts please ?18:24
daftykinswhat are 'mts' files?18:25
Shroomsred__, ?18:25
rainbowwarriordaftykins its a format hd camcorders use like sony18:25
red__corrupt how...?18:25
daftykinsah so like media transport, hmm18:26
daftykinsno idea :)18:26
daftykinswhat has your research uncovered?18:26
Validuslooks like I need to be the user who created the /home partition to decrypt it... Looks like I'm booting back into my old install18:26
ValidusGlad I checked this before re-installing18:26
rainbowwarriorred__, something happened to my sd card and it corrupted to of my mts (video files) and i can't play them until i fix them, and daftykins only thing i found was software for windows and nothing for linux yet18:27
ioriaValidus have you seen this ? : https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Partitioning/Home/Moving      it's about encryption too18:27
rainbowwarriortwo* not to18:27
Validusthanks ioria looks like this might help18:29
ioriaValidus good luck18:29
rainbowwarriordaftykins, not sure if converting the files would help either, and i do not want to pay $39 for software just for 2 mts files and that is if the software even works18:30
red__can you read the data18:30
=== rob is now known as Guest92790
red__is the diskmounting18:30
daftykinsrainbowwarrior:  don't know.18:30
Validusthanks ioria :)18:31
red__try pluging  it in18:31
ioriaValidus np18:31
rainbowwarriorred__,  i copied it off my sd card and it won't play and before that while trying to play of the sd card it came up with an error about them being corrupted, so want to try recover them18:31
rainbowwarriorand i no longer have them on my sd card as i had to format the sd card to get it working again18:31
AppAraatEriC^^: oh hey it booted into this grub minimal shell. Can I do anything useful here like installing grub to the MBR?18:32
AppAraatoh :(18:32
red__did you try fixing it with vlc18:32
rainbowwarriorred__, i never though about that , will have to google to see how to do it18:33
red__or try converting it18:33
rainbowwarriorred__, i tried converting it with winff but it came up with an error18:33
red__ok try it out18:34
red__it probably wont work18:34
rainbowwarriorred__, ok thank you , will let you know how it goes18:34
red__but good uck18:34
rainbowwarriorred__, thank you , well vlc opened it without problem but does not play, so lets hope vlc can fix it :)18:35
=== def_jam is now known as eb0t
=== akira is now known as Guest21025
rainbowwarriorRed_M, if your same person if not sorry, vlc can not convert them :(18:43
ioria!info ffmpeg18:45
ubottuffmpeg (source: ffmpeg): Tools for transcoding, streaming and playing of multimedia files. In component universe, is optional. Version 7:2.5.7-0ubuntu0.15.04.1 (vivid), package size 1144 kB, installed size 1751 kB18:45
datahoodhello people..can someone please assist me in a serious problem with cd/dvd drive not showing up on or offline?18:45
rainbowwarrior!package ffmpeg18:47
rwmI was wondering how i can login with my registered user name on IRC18:47
samuraiI selected a wallpaper for my desktop and i lose the path i dont see previos wallpaper wher is the path?18:47
Fuchsrwm: http://freenode.net/sasl/18:48
Fuchsrwm: that would be the recommended way. For just once:  /msg nickserv help identify18:48
samuraii used xubuntu kde -desktop thank18:48
datahoodWhat is the topic in here?18:50
samuraiclassic walpaper kde blue thank you18:50
samuraiwhit the mouse18:50
macropheliacHi. I was wondering if anyone could help me figure out how to mount a hibernated Windows partition. When I try to mount and remove the hyberfile it tells me "The disk contains an unclean file system (0, 0).Metadata kept in Windows cache, refused to mount."18:51
AppAraatis it possible for me to install grub using that grub> shell at boot?18:51
tgm4883AppAraat: doesn't that indicate that grub is already installed?18:54
AppAraattgm4883: not sure, I am used to the grub menu where I can choose the right kernel. Is it something I can set up using this grub shell?18:54
=== rory is now known as rory-
=== rory- is now known as rory
Fuchsyes, hi19:02
datahoodare there any techs here?19:02
Validusguys just ask your questions and then people can let you know if they can help you19:03
MonkeyDustdatahood  type /topic to know the topic19:03
ioriadatahood, did you install this ? ubuntu-restricted-extras19:03
datahoodnot that I know of19:03
maleb0lgeCould anyone help me setup openvpn with two nic's?19:04
ioriadatahood, i think dvd needs it19:04
datahoodwell it was all working but stop19:04
ioriadatahood, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/PlayingDVDs19:04
datahoodwell everything just stop working and now I do not see my disc drive....when I restart my pc I can not reinstall any software from my disc drive19:06
ioriadatahood, ?19:06
ioriadatahood, sudo apt-get install ... ? no ?19:07
datahoodinstall what?...or do I just type sudo apt-get install in the terminal?19:07
ioriadatahood, sudo apt-get install ubuntu-restricted-extras19:08
ioriadatahood, how do you usually install software ?19:08
maleb0lgeI'm trying to setupt an openvpn server to be used with one nic, and an openvpn client to be used by another nic (connecting to a vpn service provider like PIA, Torguard, etc.)19:08
maleb0lgeIs this the right place to ask this question?19:09
MonkeyDustmaleb0lge  is that a server? if yes, there's also #ubuntu-server19:09
maleb0lgeOkay, MonkeyDust19:09
datahoodioria<i usually type sudo apt-get updates && sudo apt-get upgrade19:10
ioriadatahood, that's for upgrade the system ... but if you need a program ?19:10
ioriadatahood, that's for upgrade the system ... but if you need a program ?19:10
foobar121hi everyone. is there a way to tell from within a program if it's being run by an upstart job?19:11
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=== med_ is now known as Guest5314
datahoodseem like when i tried to update the firefox and chrome clamtk said firefox had a virus19:11
datahoodthe link was a virus19:11
MonkeyDusta virus? in linux? how exciting!19:12
=== IdleOne is now known as Guest54024
datahoodioria<can you please check this past bin link out and tell me why this is showing after the sudo apt get-install ubuntu-restricted you told me to do?19:16
ioriadatahood, this is the output of  sudo apt-get install ?19:18
=== Yukkii is now known as Dhs92
ioriadatahood, are you sure ?19:19
Voyagehow to open .zipx in ubuntu. It opens in ark but I cannot extract any file19:21
ioriaVoyage, you zipped in windows ?19:22
Voyageioria,  yes19:23
ioriaVoyage, for now... bad news  ... http://askubuntu.com/questions/335207/extract-zipx-format-in-ubuntu19:23
datahoodioria< sure about what?19:24
user1254Voyage: you can use linux 7z from v 9.18 i believe which supports zipx extraction19:24
=== xubuntu is now known as Guest92419
ioriadatahood, that is the result of the command19:25
datahood<ioria so just close it out?19:25
Voyageuser1254,  what program should I install for 7z?19:25
OerHeks!info p7zip19:26
ubottup7zip (source: p7zip): 7z file archiver with high compression ratio. In component universe, is optional. Version 9.20.1~dfsg.1-4.1+deb8u1build0.15.04.1 (vivid), package size 314 kB, installed size 991 kB19:26
OerHeksi find no .zipx in the description, maybe it can19:26
user1254sudo apt-get install p7zip-full19:27
=== cartucho is now known as Guest74913
datahood<ioria so do i need to restart pc?19:28
ioriadatahood, for what ?19:28
Bashing-omdatahood: Did you choose to accept that agreement ? You must as advised in order to use MicroSoft's product .19:28
datahoodioria< it would not let me click ok at all19:29
ioriadatahood, press return19:29
OerHeksdatahood, use TAB and space to confirm19:29
datahoodioria< thanks19:30
ioriadatahood, ok19:30
ioriaVoyage, how it's going with 7zip ? it works19:31
mariano_join #ffado19:32
Voyageioria,  OerHeks19:32
Voyage/usr/bin/p7zip: /home/user1/Downloads/t/sokopay_home_v5.zipx: unknown suffix -- ignored19:32
OerHeksioria, peazip ( from sourgeforce) can do it, it says in the .rar description http://www.peazip.org/peazip-linux.html19:32
ioriaOerHeks, ok19:33
OerHeksBut this MS format can change easily :-D19:33
ioriaVoyage, what do you say ?19:33
user1254Voyage:  what cmd did you use?19:34
ioriaVoyage, i didn't see that19:34
Voyage$ p7zip -d /home/user1/Downloads/t/sokopay_home_v5.zipx19:35
Voyage/usr/bin/p7zip: /home/user1/Downloads/t/sokopay_home_v5.zipx: unknown suffix -- ignored19:35
Validusso before I go reinstall ubuntu, if I have backed up /home there should be nothing else I need to backup?19:36
ioriaVoyage, the OerHeks link ?19:36
ioriaVoyage, i got no such files, so i cannot test it19:36
Voyageioria,  what?19:36
ioriaVoyage, http://www.peazip.org/peazip-linux.html19:36
=== mick is now known as Guest73093
Validusshould I backup /etc/apt as well as home?19:44
ioriaValidus, never done... maybe not wise ... idk19:45
Validusso just backup /home?19:45
ioriaValidus, /home are just personal setting and data ....19:46
=== zz_denbeiren is now known as denbeiren
Validusyeah just wondering if there is anywhere else I need backup19:47
ioriaValidus, i wouldn't back up a system folder ... do some google .. :þ19:48
MonkeyDustValidus  this may be useful   http://stackoverflow.com/questions/187629/how-do-i-preserve-installed-applications-when-migrating-ubuntu-to-another-platfo19:48
=== corey84__ is now known as Corey84
Validuscheers MonkeyDust, might not backup my package selection though as I think I messed up my current install with some debian packages xD19:49
mariano_how can I see if ubuntu sees my firewire devices?19:49
SchrodingersScatyes, please don't do that19:49
Validusah well I might just reinstall and see how it goes19:50
clynamenhello. I want to add the latest boost libraries to a launchpad ppa. I am reading the guide at packaging.ubuntu.com and it seems that I have to create an entire repo with all the (copied) source code in order upload a package19:51
SchrodingersScat!debian | Validus or at least the repos19:51
ubottuValidus or at least the repos: Ubuntu and Debian are closely related. Ubuntu builds on the foundations of Debian architecture and infrastructure, with a different community and release process. See https://help.ubuntu.com/12.04/installation-guide/i386/what-is-debian.html - Remember, !repositories meant for Debian should NOT be used on Ubuntu!19:51
clynamenI am supposed to copy the entire source? Can't I just build the package, sign it, and upload it?19:52
ValidusYeah I know I'm not supposed to install debian packages19:52
ValidusI accidently added a debian source to my source list and things went a little mental.19:52
ioriaValidus, ^_^19:52
ValidusThats what you get for trying to fix your machine with a few too many beers :P19:53
ioriaValidus, right !19:53
ValidusIt would be quite cool if there was a way to make snapshots like it if was a VM19:54
EriC^^lvm can do that19:55
MonkeyDustValidus  it's possible with btrfs19:55
EriC^^Validus: why are you reinstalling ubuntu?19:55
ValidusMonkeyDust: I'll look into it19:55
ValidusEriC^^: Because its probably the easiest way to get my system working again :)19:56
EriC^^what's wrong with it?19:56
datahoodironia< still same problem..can not find cd/dvd on or offline....and mainly it want let me use the disc drive to reinstall offline...19:56
ValidusSo yesterday my machine updated, so I rebooted and get a login loop, when trying to fix it I install nvidia drivers which made things worse I also for some reason decided to add a debian source to my source list which downloaded loads of dodgy packages. I was able to get rid of the nvidia driver but I couldn't fix the rest of the mess.19:57
Validusso I've backed up my /home partition and I'm just going to re-install19:57
EriC^^oh, ok19:58
Validushaha, if you were like "just run this" I would have been amazed :P19:58
Validusbut yeah, not really sure why I got a login loop19:58
EriC^^my guess would be a graphics driver issue19:59
Validusyeah thats why I installed the new drivers, but they made things worse. Couldn't even get to the login screen19:59
Tex_Nicksudo apt-get install this ... sudo apt-get install this :(((20:00
EriC^^did you try nomodeset?20:00
EriC^^give it a shot if you get a login loop again20:01
ubottuA common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter20:01
Validushow do I run it, just when I get to my terminal?20:01
datahoodwhat happen to ioria?20:01
EriC^^Validus: oh nevermind20:02
EriC^^datahood: he quit20:02
EriC^^Validus: nomodeset is only before X is loaded, apparently20:03
datahood< ok...so do I pass on my questions to you?20:03
ValidusEriC^^: Yeah looks like I need to edit it in grub.20:03
datahoodERIC < ok...so do I pass on my questions to you?20:04
EriC^^Validus: maybe a different graphics driver will work20:04
EriC^^datahood: sure20:04
GeoHi, I just moved an existing Ubuntu HD to a new machine, everything more or less came up fine, but it seems that Ubuntu can't detect the Ethernet card on this machine (or atleast, ifconfig eth0 up returns 'no such device') . lspci shows the Gig Ethernet card being loaded.20:04
ValidusYep hopefully so :)20:04
datahoodERIC< when I restart my pc I get GRUB screen...it want let me do a fresh install...the screen just blinks a few time and theen goes straight to GRUB20:06
=== mnepton is now known as mneptok
EriC^^datahood: you mean you get a grub> ?20:07
EriC^^you boot and it goes straight to grub> ?20:07
datahoodERIC< yess20:07
EriC^^did anything happen prior to this?20:07
=== Blaster is now known as Guest36403
datahoodERIC< yes when I tried to update firefox it corrupted something...according to clamtk20:08
UNIm95datahood: https://www.linux.com/learn/tutorials/776643-how-to-rescue-a-non-booting-grub-2-on-linux/20:09
clynamenok, I got that launchpad won't help in my case. does anyone know a service that allows to host deb packages?20:09
UNIm95datahood: you need to boot in system and make update-grub20:10
Tex_Nickclamtk ... Clam Antivirus on Linux Systems20:10
UNIm95datahood:  It is described in link that i thend to you20:11
EriC^^doesn't that only scan windows .exe files?20:11
EriC^^datahood: how did you update firefox?20:11
datahoodUNIm95< can you resend link?20:12
UNIm95datahood:  https://www.linux.com/learn/tutorials/776643-how-to-rescue-a-non-booting-grub-2-on-linux/20:12
datahoodUNIm95< what caused this to happen?20:13
UNIm95datahood: you rebooted while installing updates. with updates came kernel update20:13
EriC^^that wouldn't break grub20:14
=== Guest96767 is now known as Hobbyboy
UNIm95datahood: end you rebooted while update-grub created his new config20:14
=== Shnaw is now known as Shnawly
EriC^^i think that's as plausible as getting hit by lightning20:15
datahoodUNIm95< stil not understanding what you typed....are you saying that I ended rebooted while updating?20:16
=== Hobbyboy is now known as Guest5020
UNIm95datahood: yes20:16
UNIm95datahood: English is not my native language.20:16
datahoodUNIm95< ok I see a lot of things on this link page you sent me, but I still do not know whih command to use20:17
UNIm95datahood: first in make list like this: grub> ls20:18
UNIm95datahood: this will show you what partitions you have.20:18
Voyageuser1254, iooner  tried windows winrar too. It says achive corrupt. What application does actually makes .zipX files?20:18
datahoodUNIm95< you mean "sudo grub>Is ?20:18
UNIm95datahood: no20:19
=== cili is now known as Guest81086
=== Hobbyboy|BNC is now known as Hobbyboy
UNIm95datahood: you are booted and see on monitor grub>20:19
user1254Voyage: Winzip creates zipx , but you have to set it in the winzip options20:19
Voyagecan winrar open this?20:20
datahoodUNIm95<  so just type that in my TERMINAL ?20:20
user1254Voyage: seems 7z 15.05 (version numb scheme changed) can extract these but no ubuntu pkg avail yet20:20
UNIm95datahood:  yes. you need to type ls20:20
Voyageuser1254,   p7zip?20:21
OerHeksVoyage, peazip ( from sourgeforce) can do it, it says in the .rar description http://www.peazip.org/peazip-linux.html but CORRUPT archives no app can open20:21
UNIm95datahood: now tell me what terminal gave back.20:21
UNIm95datahood:  something like (hd0) (hd0,msdos2) (hd0,msdos1) ?20:22
datahoodUNIm95<  ok...do you want me to pastebin it or show on screen?20:22
VoyageOerHeks,  thanks20:22
datahooddatahood@datahood-Satellite-C55-B:~$ ls20:22
datahoodcomodo commands.odt  Documents  examples.desktop  net 1.odt  Public     Videos20:22
datahoodDesktop              Downloads  Music             Pictures   Templates20:22
UNIm95datahood: stop.20:23
UNIm95datahood: you booted in linux or in grub?20:23
user1254Voyage: winrar cant handle zipx i think. prob best option is to try OerHeks suggestion PeaZip20:23
OerHeksWhen that zipx is password protected, we cannot help you either20:24
datahoodUNIm95<  Im confused on what you mean by booting in grub or linux20:24
UNIm95datahood: you said to EriC^^ that you get grub> But you show me that you booted in linux with datahood@datahood-Satellite-C55-B:20:26
UNIm95datahood: but you don't have Graphical User Interface?20:26
datahoodUNIm95<  ok how do I reset back to where I can use f-12 to install from disc or external drive?20:27
datahoodUNIm95<ok...how do I get GUI back?20:28
derekforrealwassup my partay people?!20:31
UNIm95datahood:  dpkg -l |grep ubuntu-desktop20:31
derekforrealhow is there 1700+ people here, but no one's talkin20:31
derekforrealthat's sad20:31
k1l_!ot | derekforreal20:32
ubottuderekforreal: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!20:32
datahoodi think sudo apt-get install grub is installing now20:32
derekforrealoh okay my bad20:32
UNIm95datahood: it will show you that you have ubuntu-desktop installed20:32
UNIm95datahood: it should give you something like this: ii  ubuntu-desktop                                        1.325                                               i386         The Ubuntu desktop system20:33
datahoodUNIm95< past bin= The program 'grub' is currently not installed. You can install it by typing:20:34
datahoodsudo apt-get install grub20:34
datahooddatahood@datahood-Satellite-C55-B:~$ sudo apt-get install grub20:34
datahood[sudo] password for datahood:20:34
datahoodReading package lists... Done20:34
datahoodBuilding dependency tree20:34
SatelliteWho keeps pinging me :/20:34
datahoodthat was suppose to be a paste bin link20:35
wafflejockdatahood, use pastebin for long posts20:35
tonyyarussoSatellite: Nobody - your nick is a word.20:35
UNIm95Satellite: sorry. Here some one has Satellite laptop20:35
datahoodi thought i was doing that im so sorry people20:36
UNIm95datahood: 2 lines are ok here. but not more!20:36
datahoodthere we go20:36
Satellitetonyyarusso: I was joking20:36
wafflejockdatahood, looks good Ctrl+Alt+F7 will get you back to the GUI display if you switched to a terminal with Ctrl+alt+F1 or something else20:37
pantato_anyone here get arista transcoder working?20:38
UNIm95datahood: you does it wrong! you installed legacy grub.  You had usual grub2 installed20:38
datahoodok will restart pc now to see if its working properly20:38
pantato_http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1396512 <--- the source here given is a 40420:38
pantato_http://askubuntu.com/questions/452282/arista-transcoder-not-working <--- also this repo given here doesn't work20:39
pantato_it 404s as well20:39
datahoodUNIm95< what was wrong?20:39
wafflejockdatahood, ah didn't even know legacy grub was still an option,like UNIm95 said you'd want grub220:39
datahoodso whats the sudo command for grub 2...nevermind20:40
OerHekspantato_, do you really want such ancient software? http://transcoder.org/downloads/20:40
datahoodthe real problem is that I installed a 32 bit instead of 64...20:41
UNIm95datahood: than you need reinstall you system with liveCD|USB20:42
pantato_OerHeks: I tried that. Those links are all 404s as well.20:43
datahoodi can not reinstall..thats why Im in here trying to get help20:44
pantato_Guess I'll try the git.20:44
datahoodpaste bin= http://pastebin.com/Q8SUXtn620:44
OerHeksI don't need more than handbrake, avidemux or vlc to transcode.20:45
pantato_can i use vlc to hard code subs onto video???20:45
datahoodwhere it says devices in the file system, my cd/dvd drive want show and I can not reinstall any software from f-12 boot menu20:46
OerHekspantato_, i think not.20:46
datahoodUNIm95<< did you check out pastbin link?20:46
MonkeyDust_pantato_  want to create subtitles? i guess you need to make a srt file20:46
OerHeksdepends on the format really, maybe the guys in #ubuntu-studio can tell you more20:47
pantato_MonkeyDust_: no.20:47
UNIm95datahood: Yes. I saw that you installed wrog grub. But is you what to use 64-bit system you need to reinstall system20:47
pantato_I want to hard code an srt file on to an avi file20:47
pantato_i'm not creating the subs20:48
pantato_i have an avi file and an srt file20:48
marvinousHow can I watch rtmp streams in Ubuntu, properly?20:48
wafflejockUNIm95, they reinstalled grub2 in the second pastebin20:48
datahoodUNIm95< it want let me reinstall anything is what I been trying to tell you all...I reinstall grub2 like you asked, now Im about to go and reboot to see if I can reinstall 6420:49
wafflejockdatahood, there shouldn't be a reason you can't re-install though the OS isn't going to stop the BIOS from letting you choose a boot device20:49
datahoodfor some strange reason I can not reinstall anything...20:50
wafflejockdatahood, if it doesn't go to your bootable device or show it in the boot menu try going into the BIOS setup and change the boot order there20:50
UNIm95datahood: to select boot device on toshiba laptop you need to go to bios/uefi end disable fast(quick?) boot20:51
datahoodUNIm95<< I did change boot order still nothing..can I download a new 64 ubuntu bversion while here online or do I need to burn a copy?20:51
wafflejockdatahood, it's much easier to install from a media than try to get it to install from an existing system especially when you're trying to replace that system20:52
pantato_I give up. I'll just use windows20:52
UNIm95datahood: you need to download 64-bit install image, write it to usb stick or CD or DVD and make usual ubuntu installation.20:53
datahoodok.so I need to download 64 bit version and reinstall from that?20:53
datahoodI tried that all day yesterday and it would not burn copy of download nor add to usb stick20:54
Tex_Nickpantato_: have you looked into HandBrake ? It would transcode your AVI file & include the SRT file, however the output file would be MP4 (M4V) or MKV ... not sure if you want AVI output20:54
datahoodon my bios I do not have fast(quick) just uefi and csm20:54
nicomachusis there a good place to get some help with a custom gtk theme?20:55
datahoodrebooting now brb20:57
jeffrey_fDoes anyone know of a fully configured PXE server VirtualBox ??21:00
jeffrey_fOr a script to create one from a freshly installed Ubuntu Server?21:01
OerHeksjeffrey_f, there is a askubuntu answer http://askubuntu.com/questions/412574/pxe-boot-server-installation-steps-in-ubuntu-server-vm not really one script, but enough info to get it done21:03
VoyageOerHeks,  user1254  iooner  issue solved with winzip21:06
tytanDo I need to activate TRIM support in Ubuntu 14.04 manually?21:07
ubottuMany Solid State Drives support TRIM, which allows the drive to do garbage collection and improves performance. Ubuntu 14.04 activates it by default. For older versions, see http://askubuntu.com/a/19480 for information on activating it.21:07
k1l_tytan: no. it should add a batched discard21:07
tytanThank you ^_^21:08
jeffrey_fOerHeks: Thanks.  I have a couple.  Just having trouble with limited resources on my laptop.  Installing the VM and software takes too long.  Gonna give it another try though.  Thinking the distro can be just the server version, no gui21:08
tytanWhat's the best way of installing VirtualBox 5 in Ubuntu 14.04?21:09
Ben64find a ppa21:10
tytanBen64: I need to trust the source21:10
cylonmathdoes anyone is able to boot lightdm with Nvidia driver ??21:10
Ben64tytan: then do it yourself21:10
k1l_cylonmath: some video card and driver combitnations need the nomodeset kernel parameter21:11
k1l_!nomodeset | cylonmath21:11
ubottucylonmath: A common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter21:11
OerHekstytan, so why do you ask for the best way, if you don't trust a source besides https://www.virtualbox.org/wiki/Linux_Downloads21:13
ValidusI'm trying to select my current home partition when installing ubuntu but it seems the only way I can select it is to - the partition and re-create it which obviously I don't want to do. Anyone done this before?21:13
OerHeksor maybe you don't trust them either ?21:13
Validusoh no wait, I just choose "change" and select it as a ext4 then say it should be /home21:14
MonkeyDust_Validus  i di it all the time, you have to create a / partition and format it ... bind the appropriate /dev/sdX to /home and DON'T format it21:15
OerHeksValidus, do you want to keep settings and cruft from your previous install ? select the manual mode, and un-tick 'format'your home partition in that menu21:15
tytanOerHeks: If oracle itself provides a PPA it's trustworthy21:16
ValidusYeha just worked it out, thanks MonkeyDust_  and OerHeks  :)21:16
MonkeyDust_Validus  in time, this becomes a routine21:16
Validusyeah, even with a backup its still a little daunting.21:16
ValidusI wonder if it will just **work** with my encrypted home directory :P21:17
cylonmathk1l the strante thing is driver works! I can run CUDA samples. Lspci and lsmod shows card and driver being used. Hwever, lightdm is not happy21:17
ValidusMonkeyDust_: is it pretty normal to have to re-install Ubuntu then? Or is that just because you like to try different distro's?21:18
Validuscylonmath: still fighting with Nvidia drivers?21:18
arun__Anyone expert in creating managed wifi hotspot ?21:18
cylonmathValidus Yes, the fight is going on :)21:18
Validusbest of luck haha21:18
wafflejockcylonmath, you get anything from dmesg? I did get the OpenCL version of the drivers working not sure if it's the same as the CUDA ones actually but it did take me a full reinstall before I got it right21:21
datahoodok same problem after reboot21:21
datahoodUNIm95<   Are you still here?21:22
cylonmathwafflej0ck : I traced var/log/lightdm/x-0.log : It says "symbol lookup error ..... libglx.so: undefined symbol: Load Extension.". After runnin command there is no extra entry into Dmesg (it cant succesfuly start X i guess)21:23
ValidusStill getting this login loop!21:25
datahoodis ERIC or UNIm95 still here?21:25
Validushmm I can get into the guest session so maybe it just can't access /home :)21:26
datahoodwhat about wafflejock?21:26
wafflejockdatahood, yeah still around21:26
wafflejockdatahood, you couldn't get it to boot from the device?21:27
MonkeyDust_Validus  i do it after i ruined my installation, due to some nholy21:27
MonkeyDust_Validus  i do it after i ruined my installation, due to some unholy experiment21:27
wafflejockdatahood, you try md5 checksumming the downloaded file and the install media21:27
datahoodok I still can not boot from startup or restart...21:27
datahoodnot familliar with checksumming proess21:27
onemansubmarinehi I have a question concerning how to add a script to PATH21:28
wafflejock!md5sum | datahood21:28
ubottudatahood: To verify your Ubuntu ISO image (or other files for which an MD5 checksum is provided), see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowToMD5SUM or http://www.linuxquestions.org/linux/answers/LQ_ISO/Checking_the_md5sum_in_Windows21:28
onemansubmarineI already added the relevant codes to .baschrc but it is still not working21:28
wafflejockdatahood, it doesn't happen often but sometimes things can get corrupted in the download or transfer process21:28
wafflejockdatahood, do you see the boot media you're trying to boot from in the boot device order in your BIOS?21:28
datahoodwafflejock<  do I type in the terminal !md5sum?21:29
wafflejockdatahood, no see the links there21:29
wafflejockthe !thinghere is a command to ubottu to spit back some links and info21:29
wafflejockdatahood, should just be md5sum somefile.iso21:30
wafflejockdatahood, on the place you downloaded the iso it should also have the md5sum listed21:30
wafflejockdatahood, if they seem to match then they match and it's the same data21:30
wafflejockotherwise they'll be very different21:30
datahoodok...I only download from ubuntu.com21:30
wafflejockdatahood, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuHashes21:31
datahoodbefore I installed the software I checked to see if it said copy is ok with no errors21:32
wafflejockdatahood, lots of places will list the md5sum with the download looks like ubuntu.com actually hides it for the sake of design I imagine but just match the iso you have with the hash there in the list that should be the output of md5sum21:32
ValidusRight anyone got any idea how to restore an encrypted home directory?21:32
wafflejockdatahood, that's exactly what this does just verifies the data is the same21:32
Comstocknot tested, found it on google lol21:33
Validuslol all of these things I did not do :P21:33
datahoodstill trying to figure out how to use md5 checksum21:33
Comstockmd5checksum filename21:34
Comstockmatch it against the checksum listed on the official documentation21:34
wafflejockmd5sum I believe21:34
Comstockoh yeah21:34
Comstockfingers moving faster than my brain lol21:34
wafflejockhah yeah it happens lots of random program names to recall21:35
Comstockdatahood https://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowToMD5SUM21:35
wafflejockdatahood, just paste your md5sum output from your ISO here21:35
=== Lihis is now known as Guest77224
wafflejockdatahood, were you able to find and disable quick boot or fast boot in your BIOS? also do you see the boot media you're trying to start in the boot order menu in the bios?21:36
OneM_IndustriesHey, how would I be able to see how many different partitions are on a HDD, and access their contents?21:37
OneM_IndustriesThank you!21:37
datahoodwafflejock<< no I was not able to find quick and fast...my bios screen do not have that option21:37
wafflejockdatahood, okay what about the boot order options?21:38
wafflejockdatahood, does it show your CD drive or a USB option in there?21:38
wafflejockdatahood, if so can you just bump that to the top of the list21:38
wafflejockdatahood, in my BIOS I can move them up or down or just select one to temporarily use as the first thing to boot from21:39
datahoodboot order options would not load in the order I chose21:39
wafflejockdatahood, you sure you saved the BIOS when exiting?21:39
jeffrey_fOerHeks: http://josephtingiris.blogspot.com/2012/11/centos-63-anaconda-kickstart-pxe-boot.html  May be a better one.  I was hoping to find a dvd iso or premade VBox image.  Plugging along.21:39
OneM_IndustriesDafk. Why is there a ntfs partition with 1k of storage in this thing?21:41
datahoodwhen I try and typ md5 checksum commands it want deliver21:41
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datahoodwafflejock< yes21:44
eipi-1_I just installed xubuntu and iin the menu, I find no where to see my current kernel, cpu clock, etc...21:44
eipi-1_does it exist?21:44
datahoodwafflejock< something is way out of wack with my bios....it would not let me boot from any disc21:45
Comstockeipi-1_,  sudo apt-get install sysinfo21:46
Comstockshould be what you are looking for21:46
krizoekis there a ubuntu repo for apache mod_h2 ?21:46
datahoodComstock< are taking over for wafflejock?21:48
Comstockwhat do you mean?21:48
datahoodinfo wise21:48
Comstockoh, everyone here helps when they can21:49
wafflejockdatahood, I've definitely had times when USB or DVDs won't boot for me but not sure where else to point ya at this point, md5sum filename.iso in the folder where you have downloaded the ubuntu iso21:49
Comstockmy knowledge is limited at best21:49
wafflejockbut aside from checking that everything downloaded correctly and just opening up the install media after transferring the iso to it to see that it has the files and maybe checking that it's marked bootable are about all I can think of21:49
eipi-1_wow thanks Comstock, that was exactly what I was looking for.21:50
eipi-1_is there something similar to a synaptic package manager with xubuntu?21:51
Comstockubuntu software center21:52
eipi-1_yeah, but like mint has the center and the package manager21:52
k1leipi-1_: synptic should be in the repos still. but its not standard anymore.21:53
astrylehey guys! I just wanted to say that after this windows 10 scandal with the keyloggers and constant feedback stuff , i'm going to convert myself to linux. And im really amused how many people are on the chatroom right now :P21:53
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Comstocki havent paid much attention to anything windows 10 related21:54
wafflejockastryle, welcome, make sure you keep your chat in here to support questions/idea/answers if you just want to chat linux/ubuntu can join #ubuntu-offtopic21:54
Comstockbut more and more people are joining lately21:54
MonkeyDust_astryle  a little encouragemnt ... http://malaysiandigest.com/technology/482848-linux-is-everywhere-we-show-you-exactly-where.html21:54
astrylethanks MonkeyDust21:56
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LoebI'm getting "SRST failed" during boot, something to do with my bad hard drive. How do I re attempt the initialisation process after ubuntu has booted?21:57
compdocLoeb, boot ubuntu live, check the smart info, and recover your data21:59
Loebcompdoc, I'm on live, the smart data is bad, and I'm attempting to recover the data21:59
LoebI can't do it when the system thinks there isn't a drive21:59
compdocif disk util or gparted cant see the drive, you might be too late22:00
eipi-1_Comstock, could you or anyone else point me to a place that has installs like that sysinfo you showed me?  I don't see where to check repositories and I just wanna "beef up" this install a little.  I am lower than a noobie, so sorry.22:00
Loebcompdoc, the disk sometimes gets stuck in a TLEResque error during boot, when it does the drive won't detect22:01
Loebit likes to boot cold better, and it will still spit out the partition name22:01
LoebWhat I'm asking is how to reinitialise the drive, not general info on bad hard drives22:01
noisypopIs the tellinger Ubuntu?22:05
OerHekswhat is 'the tellinger' ?22:06
datahoodComstock<<<Im having bios issues..I can not install from cd nor usb22:07
synthorhi. I'm trying to enlarge my crypted harddrive. everythings okay until now. pvdisplay shows me 27893 free extends (109.1GB) but a lvresize or lvextend on my root volume always ends up with "xxx extends needed, 0 avaible". any hint what i missed or doing wrong?22:08
datahoodboot order options would not load in the order I chose22:08
synthori bought a new bigger ssd and dd'ed it to the new one. know want to resize the dm-crypt22:09
Validusglad I made that unencrypted backup, having a real tough time restoring the encrypted home directory22:09
synthorcrypt isn't really a problem lol22:10
MonkeyDustValidus  sounds like you're really having fun22:11
synthori see free extends, but lvresize denies with no free extends, that's the problem :P22:11
carlos__usa BuDuScRiPt [ http://digilander.libero.it/udasoft/Software/Linux/buduscript ]22:11
carlos__Version 3.7.8622:11
carlos__By  U D A ' S o f t w a r e22:11
synthorpvresize worked, pvdisplay shows the correct new size22:11
Validusyeah, for some reason even though I have the passphrase it just doesn't want to work.22:12
ValidusSomeone online was having the same issues and they made a new user directory and somehow got it working from there, but if I'm doing that I might as well just copy over the backup and rip out the encryption rubbish.22:12
synthorif you don't know what you're doing, better keep the hands away from the keyboard :D22:13
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synthormaybe i'll get a hint in #archlinux :D22:30
cylonmathguys i fixed it Validus22:33
Validuswhat did you end up doing?22:33
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ValidusI've finally got acess to my machine again too :)22:34
cylonmathI tried instaling: sudo apt-get install nvidia-cuda-toolkit     and everything went so fine. Isntead of downloading binary driver doing lots of manual steps... this works like a charm!22:34
ValidusJust gotta download bloody everything again22:34
ValidusAh haha, yeah when I downloaded the binary someone on here said that was the worst choice I could have made22:34
synthorgot it....forgot to unlock the physical volume before resizing the logical volume ^^22:34
Validuslooks like everyone is solving everything right now!22:35
cylonmathvalidated that its the worst choice.22:35
ValidusGlad it's sorted though :)22:35
cylonmathyeah nvidia setting shows that i am running the driver22:36
cylonmathI think I can handle the rest more or less22:36
Validuslooks like only one of my monitors is working right now so I will probably be fighting with graphics drivers again anyway22:38
pr0zac45I'm having an issue installing Ubuntu - once the install is complete, it won't let me boot without the flash drive plugged in.22:39
Validuslol looks like he didn't mind that much :S22:42
* synthor watches family guy now22:45
Validusright, I'm off, might be back tomorrow. Thanks for the help guys.22:52
oli_hey guys23:02
oli_do you also have problems with the newest fglrx drivers?23:02
oli_do you also have problems with the newest fglrx drivers?23:04
k1loli_: what ubuntu exactly? what driver? what card?23:06
k1lwhat problems?23:06
oli_do you also have problems with the newest fglrx drivers?23:12
oli_after updating i restarted my pc23:12
oli_then the scrren goes off and on all the time23:13
huighello, i have a pen drive which is supposed to have 8GB. way before i did some things to use it as a live cd for ubuntu and now it is as if it only has 3GB..any help?23:13
Ben64oli_: ask an actual question, as much detail all on one line23:13
oli_Ben64, i updated it then my scrren goes on and off.23:13
oli_I had to manually reinstall the open source drivers.23:14
Lunarioi am trying to restore a disk image of my hdd (entire sda system) from a ubuntu live system. however i cannot unmount the current sda and thus not restore the image. what can i do to unmount it?23:15
LunarioI already tried umount /dev/sda but it says "not mounted"23:15
aprendizMay I install dual boot two linux distros? How?23:16
Lunarioi also cannot format it (Device or Resource busy)23:16
Ben64Lunario: where is the image23:17
Lunarioon an external hdd23:17
Lunarioah nvm, fixed it.23:18
LunarioIt was due to the old swap partition on sda. i initially couldnt delete it with disk utility... but then I could delete it with gparted, return to disk utility and am now restoring the image :)23:19
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BotchlaBOn Lubuntu 14.04 LTS. I think I accidentally deleted my Ethernet connection from "Edit connections" when I was trying to change its name. There's a "Wired connection 1" option, however, it gives "(32) Connection could not be found" error message. How do I make it automatically reconfigure the Ethernet connection?23:26
BotchlaBOh, that's it?23:28
nicomachusshould do it.23:28
BotchlaBOK, cheers. BRB then.23:28
BotchlaBAlright, that did it.23:32
pr0zac45Anyone alive?23:33
pr0zac45Word. Got an installation question23:33
k1lpr0zac45: yes. but if you leave before the users can help, well, they cant help you :)23:33
in8e8dwhat's up?23:33
pr0zac45That one wasn't on me - I had to relocate haha23:34
k1l!boot-repair | pr0zac45 for your  question regarding grub23:34
k1l!bootrepair | pr0zac45 for your  question regarding grub23:35
ubottupr0zac45 for your  question regarding grub: Boot-Repair is a simple tool to repair frequent boot issues you may encounter in Ubuntu. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Boot-Repair for more info.23:35
huighello, i have a pen drive which is supposed to have 8GB. way before i did some things to use it as a live cd for ubuntu and now it is as if it only has 3GB..any help?23:35
wafflejockhuig, can check it out in gparted or use, sudo fdisk -l, in the terminal23:37
pr0zac45Alrighty, I'm gonna try that in....NOW!23:37
huigwafflejock, Disco /dev/sdb1: 3138 MB, 3138682880 bytes23:39
huig188 cabezas, 32 sectores/pista, 1018 cilindros, 6130240 sectores en total23:39
huigUnidades = sectores de 1 * 512 = 512 bytes23:39
huigTamaño de sector (lógico / físico): 512 bytes / 512 bytes23:39
huigTamaño E/S (mínimo/óptimo): 512 bytes / 512 bytes23:39
huigIdentificador del disco: 0x0000000023:39
wafflejockhuig, be sure to use pastebin23:39
wafflejockhuig, you can talk again once the Drone removes quiet should be a miute23:40
wafflejock!es | huig might be helpful too23:41
ubottuhuig might be helpful too: En la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba " /join #ubuntu-es " (sin comillas) y presione intro.23:41
k1lwell it made a partition on that drive with 3GB. so just format that drive totally (erases all data) and make a new partitiontable.23:41
huigwafflejock, sorry for that. i have ubuntu in spanish..i can translate the info if u want. http://pastebin.com/ZTXZfLwe23:41
wafflejockhuig, no problem like k1l said if you just want to reclaim the whole disk can just format it23:42
huigk1l, wafflejock: should i use sudo mkfs.vfat -F 32 -n Windows /dev/sdb1?23:42
wafflejockhuig, can check lsblk to be sure that device name is right23:43
huigwafflejock, actually using that i get the usb is /dev/sdb and /dev/sdb1 is the partition of 3GB23:44
huigwafflejock, so the command before but with /dev/sdb right_23:44
wafflejockhuig, no one sec, need to actually setup the partitions first then reformat since the current partition is only 3GB23:45
wesleii love alahu akbar23:46
huigwafflejock, i just used fdisk /dev/sdb, then 'd', then 'w'. and removed the partition23:46
wafflejockhuig, so either need to use fdisk to partition some instructions here http://askubuntu.com/questions/223598/how-to-format-a-usb-stick or use gparted (personally mostly have used gparted for this)23:46
wafflejockah okay23:46
ArmadillosDoes anyone know of a good way to set up a Windows VM in Ubuntu that will allow me to use a second video card directly?23:47
doctorlyI have a weird requirement, I need to install grub2 on an SD card and then pass my root to SSD23:47
doctorlyI only really have a live usb to accomplish this, any help would be awesome23:47
wafflejockArmadillos, https://www.virtualbox.org/manual/ch09.html#pcipassthrough depends on hardware etc.23:48
huigwafflejock, thanks!i got it!23:49
wafflejockhuig, awesome :)23:49
crypticgatorHi, how do I access a file from my Windows 8 machine on the network?23:54
crypticgatorwith read write access23:54
wesleiwith tuto of the google23:56
k1lcrypticgator: make the windows share it over the network. then you can browse the shares on the ubuntu side23:56
k1lcrypticgator: its called "samba" share23:57
wesleiw7 >> all23:57
BotchlaBWithout hacking .Xdefaults.XTerm, is there a way to copy content into the primary clipboard buffer from XTerm?23:57

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