dibdibHello. I have a question about ardour that I tried asking of the Ardour IRC, but I got no reply. I was wondering if it was alright if I asked it here?04:08
ObrienDaveyou can only ask04:09
dibdibWell, I was wondering if Ardour had internal controllers and controller mapping similar to the peak controller and forumula controller that can be found in FL Studio.04:10
ObrienDavei have no clue. someone here can probably tell you04:11
dibdibAh, ok. Thank you for your efforts, regardless.04:11
dibdibI'll just ask their IRC during more active hours tomorrow, or ask in their forums, then. Thank you folks for making Ubuntu Studio a thing, and being around for support.04:24
studio-user459how easy is updating 14.04 version to 15.04?12:23

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