claydohWow, I applied to the ubuntu -us-georgia loco, way back in 2011 or early 2012, and just now was approved for membership.01:16
claydohI'd forgotten I had even attempted to join01:17
claydohare locos still a thing? I tried getting one going in Maine, but time and distance  made it hard01:18
* claydoh would really rather have a kubuntu or kde local group01:19
lordievaderGood morning.07:52
soeeit is so much easier to transfer files to Android devices using KDE Connect than using Ubuntu Phone as seen here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AU5KMyJrWxU08:09
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dokoRiddell, santa_:  how's the kde stack with GCC 5?09:14
viphi ho09:17
soeehiho sick_rimmit09:19
soeehiho vip09:19
sick_rimmitsoee: Hello my friend :-)09:19
vipsoee: any news about fresh debs for vivid with kde?09:20
soeevip: well did you tested 5.3.2 ? :)09:20
lordievaderHey vip, sick_rimmit, soee, Riddell. How are all of you doing?09:20
soeelordievader: doing good :)09:21
sick_rimmitlordievader: Yeah, really good thanks, you ?09:21
lordievaderDoing pretty good myself, got ipv6 forwarding to work :D09:21
vipsoee: i don't know, those new versioning system completely messes me up09:22
vipsoee: but I didn't download those month old debs for sure09:22
lordievadervip: What version of plasma are you running?09:23
soeebut i think they are the one to test09:24
viplordievader: who knows... is there any kde --versions command?09:24
lordievadervip: Open ksysinfocenter.09:24
vip(for all these versions of kde)09:24
viplordievader: kinfocenter?09:25
lordievaderErr, yes. That one ;)09:25
vipkde plama ver 5.3.109:26
lordievaderRight, so backports ;) 5.3.2 is still in testing.09:28
viplordievader: 4:5.3.2-0ubuntu1~ubuntu15.04~ppa1Scarlett Clark (2015-07-06)09:32
vippackages month old09:32
vipand still testing?09:33
vipoh i see, plasma (whatever it is) 5.3.2, kde frameworks (whatever it is) 5.12.0 (wow, such number), and kde applications 15.0809:34
santa_hi doko, I will me moving today from one house to another. tomorrow and next days I will try to finish the patchset for kde apps as soon as possible09:38
santa_and ... I have reasons to think we won't have grave runtime problems during the transition09:38
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viplordievader: works10:39
lordievadervip: Sorry, what does?10:40
vipPlasma  5.3.2, from staging repo10:41
vipoh, it does not.. plasmashell PID: 2932SygnaƂ: Segmentation fault (11) 10:42
soeeafter reboot  >10:42
vipbut i've got problems with plasmashell 5.3.1 too10:42
lordievadervip: Vivid or Wily?10:42
lordievaderHmm, works fine here.10:47
vipi'll add dbg packages, maybe10:52
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ahoneybunI seem to get a plasma crash when I try to reboot/shutdown11:46
yofelgood to know I'm not the only one11:46
ahoneybunthough I'm on wily11:47
ahoneybunsoooo slooow11:47
ahoneybunwhen typing11:47
ahoneybunand things :(11:47
ahoneybunwas working fine at akademy11:47
yofelwily too, on vivid I'm still on 5.3.111:48
yofelI don't think it happens there11:48
ahoneybunI'm beginning to think it has to do with chromium11:50
yofelI do use chrome, so I'll try to check that in the evening11:55
Riddelldoko: I guess I'll try and upload kde frameworks 5.12 today to wily12:04
dokoRiddell, please no big batch uploads12:07
sitterframeworks only comes like that12:09
Riddelldoko: how would you like it done?12:09
Riddelldoko: it's these packages http://qa.kubuntu.co.uk/ppa-status/frameworks/build_status_5.12.0_wily.html12:10
Riddellwhich are built against gcc 5 so we can be pretty confident they all work12:10
dokoRiddell, are there any libs which shold go first=12:11
Riddelldoko: frameworks has a list of tier1 that have no internal dependencies only qt12:11
dokowell, then upload those, buildds are not that busy atm12:11
Riddellsitter: I'm going to pause KCI for that12:14
BluesKajHey folks12:39
Tonio_hi there15:43
ahoneybunhello Tonio_15:44
Tonio_got a little question....15:44
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Tonio_I haven't been there for a long time, but as an ex core-dev I used to have a @ubuntu.com email address which seems to have been removed from launchpad backoffice15:45
Tonio_it doesn't work anymore.... problem is I still use it ;)15:45
Tonio_who may I ask about that ?15:45
Tonio_Riddell, you there maybe ?15:45
Tonio_hi ahoneybun ;)15:46
ahoneybunmaybe #ubuntu-rmb15:47
Tonio_I don't about that channel... what does it stand for ?15:47
davmor2Tonio_: did you renew your ubuntu membership?15:47
Tonio_I think so ;)15:48
Tonio_that's weird15:48
Tonio_I'm still a member of motu but not ubuntu15:48
Tonio_shouldn't be possible theorically15:48
ahoneybunrmb is the membership board15:48
davmor2Tonio_: that's the reason why then15:48
Tonio_I used to renew all my memberships for a long time but I started to be "honnest" recently, and let it go ;)15:50
Tonio_beeing noticed as a core-dev without uploading a package for like 4 years was a bit lying ;)15:50
Tonio_indeed I forgot about the standard ubuntu membership...15:51
Tonio_I'm gona ask there15:51
Tonio_thanks davmor2 I'm asking.... we'll see !:15:53
Tonio_feel strange and lovelly to type in here again ;)15:54
shadeslayerTonio_: *hugs*15:57
Tonio_hey ;)15:59
Tonio_how are you doing shadeslayer ?16:01
shadeslayerhad a crazy weekend16:02
Tonio_I guess I could say it's the same for me16:04
Tonio_even though from now on it's not IT stuff ;)16:04
shadeslayerTonio_: it wasn't IT stuff for me too ;)16:20
dokoRiddell, ScottK: could you have a look at http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=791253 and eventually merge that ?16:22
ubottuDebian bug 791253 in src:qca2 "qca2: library transition is needed when GCC 5 is the default" [Important,Open]16:22
Riddelldoko: tier 1 frameworks uploading now16:27
Riddell22 of them16:27
dokocan you look at qca2?16:28
lisandrodoko: we have been just looking at it on debian, it is *probably* not needed on ubuntu, definitely not in debian16:31
lisandrothe difference being that qca2 in ubuntu is not hiding symbols16:31
dokoright, I was asking Riddell to look at merging the packaging changes16:32
lisandroUbuntu package doesn't pass -fvisibility=hidden -fvisibility-inlines-hidden16:32
dokoand I changed it, because I saw ftbfs16:32
lisandrocool :)16:32
lisandroby the way, you should really consider passing those flags to most of (if not all of) your libraries16:33
lisandroyou will get missing symbols in the first run, but those are 99.9% private ones16:34
dokoRiddell, ^^^16:35
Riddelldoko: sorry I just moved country and am mostly busy unpacking today, back to normalish tomorrow16:49
dokoRiddell, just make a note please16:50
ahoneybunRiddell: we did not do a group hug16:53
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dokoNoskcaj, qqwing accepted in -proposed17:45
clivejoRiddell: where have you moved to?17:49
ovidiu-florinsgclark: are you around?19:27
ovidiu-florinahoneybun: ping19:30
ahoneybunovidiu-florin: pong19:31
ovidiu-florinyou're into packaging19:31
ovidiu-florinperhaps you can help me19:31
ovidiu-florinI see the most recent digikam release is 4.12, a week ago, previously 4.11, 4.10 up to 2 months ago19:32
ovidiu-florinyet in kubuntu packages I find the latest to be 4.919:32
ahoneybunI'm a yellow belt lol19:33
ovidiu-florincan you confirm that no one has packaged a newer version?19:33
ahoneybunI've seen someone trying19:33
ovidiu-florinhttps://launchpad.net/~kubuntu-ppa/+archive/ubuntu/backports/+packages?field.name_filter=digikam&field.status_filter=published&field.series_filter= shows not19:33
ahoneybunwether it is on LP is a different story19:33
ovidiu-florinsorry, this link: https://launchpad.net/~kubuntu-ppa/+archive/ubuntu/backports/+builds?build_text=digikam&build_state=all19:33
ahoneybunmight be on someone's own ppa19:34
ovidiu-florinplease make me understand19:34
ahoneybunI think Riddell and clivejo were working on it19:34
clivejoahoneybun ovidiu-florin: for wily19:34
ovidiu-florinfor vivid19:34
ovidiu-florinbut also wily19:34
ahoneybunyea plus it is a BIG package19:34
clivejoIve only been working on wily19:35
soeeovidiu-florin: Scarlett is traveling home :) see last comment here https://plus.google.com/+DanasAnis/posts/MWwtzSF4r9h19:36
clivejolast digikam I did was 4.1119:37
clivejoI might try 4.1219:37
ahoneybunovidiu-florin: ATM clivejo has more packaging knowledge then me tbh19:38
clivejoI dont have a clue19:38
clivejoI still trying to figure out how to add a dependancy to the muon updater19:39
ahoneybunI just know a bit of fixing some errors19:39
clivejoI know I have to edit the control file, but do I edit it in the package rep or the main archive (how do I add to the main archive)19:40
clivejoso many questions!19:40
ahoneybunaccess to the main archive is pretty high19:41
ahoneybunclivejo: do you have your work in a ppa?19:42
clivejoI been deleting it as I been running out of room19:42
clivejocalligra and digikam are monsters19:43
ahoneybunRiddell: hopefully will be back in full swing tomoorrow19:44
clivejowhere is he moving?19:44
ahoneybunno clue I thought he meant coming back from akademy19:45
ahoneybunso digikam is on kde4 still...19:46
clivejohe said earier hes moving country?19:46
soeei think hes moved from Spain to Scotland19:48
soeeso unpacking stuff now etc.19:48
clivejoI kinda got that impression too19:48
clivejoman hes gonna be in foul mood19:49
ovidiu-florindigikam 5 is in beta 119:49
clivejothe weather here is mental19:49
lordievaderclivejo: In Scotland?19:50
lordievaderI guess he is used to Scotland's weather ;)19:50
clivejowe have gale force winds and rain19:50
lordievaderA tad (or more than a tad) worse than Dutch weather, right?19:51
clivejoI have never experienced Dutch weather19:51
lordievaderclivejo: Lots of rain, and then some more. You haven't missed anything ;)19:52
soeesystemd 224 in updates, we just had 223 so version jumping quick19:53
yofellatest digikam I see is 4.10 in wily19:54
yofelclivejo: where is that 4.11 you're talking about?19:54
ovidiu-florinit's already outdated19:54
ovidiu-florin4.12 is the latest. but that's a week ago19:55
ovidiu-florinyofel: missed you at akademy20:02
yofelmissed you guys too, at least looked at some of the pictures ^^20:02
clivejoahoneybun ovidiu-florin yofel soee: can any of you help me with this - https://launchpadlibrarian.net/213500634/buildlog_ubuntu-wily-amd64.digikam_4%3A4.12.0-0ubuntu1~ubuntu15.10~ppa1_BUILDING.txt.gz21:18
yofelthat doesn't tell much except that there's a dependency problem21:20
yofelI would try that in pbuilder to get the aptitude output21:20
clivejoit is building on my own machine21:21
clivejoand cant figure out why it wont build on LP21:21
yofelyou have wily-proposed enabled on your machine?21:21
clivejodont think so21:21
yofelwell, the PPA has it21:21
yofelprobably some fallout from the current gcc5 mess21:22
clivejocan I disable it?21:22
yofelyes, if you go to "edit dependencies" on your ppa page21:23
yofeldon't forget to enable it again later though if you want your PPA to match the archive builders21:23
clivejowhere did my 386 build go?21:27
clivejoah found it21:28
clivejolooks like it starting to build21:29
clivejofingers crossed21:29
clivejoahoneybun: would you test digikam 4.12 in my PPA?22:14

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