blrwgrant: so it looks like $LANG is unset in a hook execution context01:40
blrwhich can lead to utf-8 weirdness in some libraries (envdir uses codecs.open, rather than open for some reason)01:42
blras a workaround I'm forcing en_US.UTF-801:42
wgrantblr: What does it break?01:52
blrwgrant: codecs.open drops back to ASCII, even in 3.4 weirdly01:55
wgrantAs it should.01:55
wgrantBut does that break anything?01:55
blrwgrant: it breaks envdir01:55
blrsetting LANG in the charm works, it just seems like an odd thing to have to do01:56
blrwgrant: is it reasonable to expect LANG in the juju context?02:01
wgrantblr: https://github.com/juju/juju/issues/13302:03
wgrantblr: But why does envdir care? Is it writing out non-ASCII?02:03
blrwgrant: it builds it's setuptools description from a few different files, presumably one of them contains non ascii characters02:06
blrnot sure why he's used codecs.open there02:07
mwhudsontoday's lesson: cross compiling go from pcc64le to amd64 doesn't work03:57
cjwatsonblr: C.UTF-8 is a better choice; unlike en_US.UTF-8, it's available on all Ubuntu systems, even the most minimal ones, without needing to install anything extra07:21
blrcjwatson: excellent, thanks I'll use that.08:01
cjwatsonwgrant,blr: I'm rather blocked on reviews, if either of you get some time.  I'm going to sidestep that today by having a go at some more of the BaseMailer stuff.09:13
wgrantcjwatson: I have snapbuild-basic-model pretty much done, just wanted to give it a few hours to percolate before I actually hit the r=me. Will look over again now.09:39
wgrantMeant to do it earlier but rabbitmq ate me.09:39
wgrantThe whole privacy thing worries me.09:44
wgrantBut it is little more intractable than eg. recipes.09:44
cjwatsonHopefully a good bit better since it doesn't involve descending into Soyuz.09:45
cjwatsonConverting team notifications to BaseMailer looks pretty tractable and likely to be an improvement in terms of consistency/filterability, but is involving a lot of very careful thinking!10:49
cjwatson(Not least because each notification has potentially multiple teams involved, so I'm having to think carefully about which one gets the @ notation in X-Launchpad-Message-Rationale.)10:49
wgrantI don't actually recall if we send two if you're on both ends.10:57
wgrantI'd think not, but I don't know.10:57
cjwatson        # The member's email address may be in admin_addrs too; let's remove11:00
cjwatson        # it so the member don't get two notifications.11:00
cjwatsonWhich is just as well as otherwise it's a pain to BaseMailerify.11:00
cjwatsonThough, hmm, I wonder how to handle the multiple templates.11:00
wgrantIt'll have to be two separate mailer invocations, I suspect.11:02
cjwatsonYeah, I don't think I can convert notify_team_join into a single mailer instance.11:03

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