cjwatsonmapreri: I've added quote marks to clarify; the <code /> markup evidently isn't enough07:22
maprericjwatson: better, yes. thanks!08:08
Laneycan someone remind me how to get to the BPPH index for a package or what the URL pattern is please?09:55
wgrantLaney: Can you explain exactly what you're trying to do?09:55
wgrantBPPHs don't themselves have web pages.09:56
LaneyI want to check on a promotion09:56
wgrantPerhaps the simplest URL of a non-root object in the entire application.09:56
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marcoceppiCan't push to the parent branch? http://paste.ubuntu.com/11993950/16:01
cjwatsonmarcoceppi: You aren't a member of ~juju-deployers, which owns that branch ...16:02
cjwatsonSo that seems correct.16:03
marcoceppicjwatson: oh, lame16:03
Ben_1is there a way to download the source of mysql from launchpad without using bazaar?16:39
dobeyapt-get source mysql ?16:42
Ben_1mysql 5.1.73 on fedora16:43
dobeywhat are you trying to get exactly? launchpad.net is not the upstream hosting site for mysql. if you want the latest trunk of mysql, you should probably pull it from the upstream location.16:45
Ben_1i want the source code of mysql 5.1.73 to build it on fedora16:46
dobeythen go download it from mysql.com16:46
dobeylaunchpad.net is not the upstream hosting site for mysql16:47
Ben_1on mysql.com there is no 5.1.73 source or I can't find it. RPM packages are not available for fedora on mysql.com16:49
dobeywell it's a very old version, you're probably going to have to dig deeper to find it16:50
dobeythere is nothing we can do about that here though. you should contact the mysql developers about where to get a specific veresion of their project.16:50
dobeymaybe try #mysql16:50
Ben_1there is the branch and I just want to download the source16:51
dobeylaunchpad.net is just a hosting site. and may have some mirrors of things16:51
dobeywe do not control whether upstream developers upload tarballs of specific versions to launchpad or not though16:52
Ben_1that's not what I thought16:52
Ben_1but other hosting pages have functions to zip the source of a specific revision16:52
Ben_1I tried to download it with bazaar but just have the invisible .bzr dir not the sourcecode16:53
dobeyyou can download a tarball of a revision from launchpad as well16:53
Ben_1that was my question :P16:53
Ben_1how? I can't find this function16:53
dobeygo to the revision and there is a very obvious "download tarball" link16:54
Ben_1ok I will try thanks :)16:55
mark06cjwatson: http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~renatosilva/pidgin++/trunk/revision/36220:41
dobeyno context?20:45
mark06just feedback/thanks about the mentioned bug, any idea when it can be released?20:49

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