phillwflexiondotorg: are you over seeing lubuntu 14.04.3 whilst Walter is on holiday?21:23
flexiondotorgphillw, Nope. I'm on Jury Service :-(21:23
phillwhmm, this could be 'interesting'.21:24
flexiondotorgSo the QA tracker can still be completed.21:24
phillwahh, well, I'll get testing... as to who marks things ready for release is a bridge to be crossed on Thursday.21:24
flexiondotorgBut infinity will need to be informed for any ISO rebuilds or when the images are "ready".21:24
flexiondotorginfinity in #ubuntu-release is who you need. That is Adam conrad who is doing the release engineering.21:25
phillwnot sure if me and infinity are on speaking terms.... I'll try and find a go between21:27
phillwianorlyn: ping21:29
phillwhe he.... trusty-alternate 64bit  has changed a lot.. only 7.8% is still applicable for 14.04.3 !!21:30
flexiondotorgphillw, Perhaps Laney?21:41
phillwI'll rope in rafael if needed, he is lubuntu TL for art / icons etc. and is a ubuntu member.21:42
phillwmean while, I'll get to testing!21:42
ianorlynyeah although I think I may have deja-vu with a touchpad issue like I had in 14.04.221:47
phillwianorlyn: is there a bug number for that?21:50
phillwI'm just kicking off the 1st alternate 64 bit test21:51
ianorlynbug 148110422:47
ubot93bug 1481104 in xserver-xorg-input-synaptics-lts-vivid (Ubuntu) "synaptics does not load in live session for my laptop " [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/148110422:47

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