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dholbachgood morning07:04
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fgimenezgood morning07:15
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JamesTaitGood morning all; happy Monday and happy Watermelon Day! 😃09:25
ogra_yummy !09:26
ogra_matches the weather :)09:26
ogra_ppisati, is https://github.com/piso77/ubuntu-embedded/tree/master/boards/raspy2/bootloaders just a cloned snapshot of https://github.com/raspberrypi/firmware.git ? or did you compile anything in that dir ?10:26
* ogra_ would like to use upstream for the oem snap, but if that needs modification i'll fall back to yours)10:27
ppisatiogra_: no compilation10:27
ppisatiogra_: it's a copy of the binary stuff that was shipped with the original raspi2 img long ago10:27
ppisatiogra_: let me check one thing10:28
ogra_k, thx ... they seem to set a kernel version inside their dtb's there10:28
ogra_(which points to 4.0.9)10:28
ppisatiogra_: i didn't update mine10:28
ppisatiogra_: so they probably update it10:29
ogra_yes, they do10:29
ogra_since we need to use their dtb's for the initialization i wonder if that could cause issues10:29
loolrsalveti: I guess we might want to escalate https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/1470727 to Critical as it prevents creating images of rolling? or is there another way to get to latest rolling edge?10:30
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1470727 in Snappy "ubuntu-device-flash touch fails with: failed to find user uid/gid" [Undecided,Confirmed]10:30
ogra_lool, that should be fixed in the proposed PPA asince a while10:31
lool(I tried updating form oldest working image but that got me into a broken state -- empty GRUB menu)10:31
loologra_: which one is that?10:31
loolI have the snappy-dev tools PPA only10:31
loologra_: and that's pending promotion with next image promotion?10:32
ogra_hmm, and even that is behind, i thinnk there is a 0.28 in wily already10:32
* ogra_ checks -changes10:32
ogra_ah, no10:32
ppisatiogra_: right, cause we use that dtb now10:33
ogra_lool, i'm not exactly sure how the promotion of udf works10:33
ogra_i knwo it forst goes into that PPA before being released though10:33
loologra_: I have a side question for you: how would you find livefs builds older than a week? the launchpad /+livefs page only lists less than ten or so10:33
ogra_lool, there is an LP REST api for that (but i'm not sure it goes back further) and cjwatson could probably point you to an easy way to get more listed on the LP page10:34
ogra_(read: i dont actually know)10:35
loologra_: hmm I guess there might be links in the cdimage logs triggering the lp builds10:35
ogra_there are, definitely10:35
ogra_i would hope theer is an easier way though10:36
loolit's likely LP API exposes it, I'm just lazy10:39
lool(besides, I dont need it anymore if it's fixed in latest tools, it was just in case I'd have to dive into the issue  :-)10:40
loolrsalveti: confirmed fixed with tools-proposed, nevermind; marking fix-committed10:40
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loolhmm I have to reboot to get network up10:56
looldue to interface renaming it seems10:56
ogra_hmm, i thought Chipaca had fixed that10:57
ogra_(well, at least i know he was working on it )10:57
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loolhmm I'm trying to enable SSH after booting an image without it; I see it's ssh_enabled: true in some yaml file, but can't figure out which10:59
loolah cloud-init userdata10:59
loolok, answer: sudo rm /etc/ssh/sshd_not_to_be_run and reboot (note for self)11:04
ogra_MMC:   bcm2835_sdhci: 011:07
ogra_reading uboot.env11:07
ogra_*** Warning - bad CRC, using default environment11:07
ogra_WHEE !11:10
ogra_MMC:   bcm2835_sdhci: 011:10
ogra_reading uboot.env11:10
ogra_In:    serial11:10
ogra_that looks so much better :))11:10
ogra_grmbl ...11:13
ogra_so switching to uboot.env on the rpi actually wipes the env of the preloader ... crap11:16
ogra_EEEK !11:21
ogra_probably because nothing in the oem snap lands where it should11:21
ogra_sergiusens, hulp !11:23
ogra_sergiusens, is there a way for me to have a whole subdir copied into the snap 1:111:23
ogra_http://paste.ubuntu.com/11992407/ ... everything with "overlay" in the name should be in an overlay/ subdir11:24
ogra_bah ... and it puts the totaly wrong snappy-system.txt in place, thats really bad11:25
sergiusensogra_: hmm, there was no dir copy support, just files11:26
sergiusenswe can add it, but it's not there11:27
ogra_well, the preloader has that subdir hardcoded, so if we ant to be able to use overlay dtb's it needs to exist11:28
ogra_wasnt there a hack via the device tarball ?11:28
sergiusensogra_: so all those files will be copied to the base, if you want a target, give it a target11:28
* ogra_ thinks he remembers something like that +11:28
ogra_in the -path: line ?11:28
* ogra_ tries11:28
sergiusensogra_: http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~phablet-team/goget-ubuntu-touch/trunk/view/head:/diskimage/common.go#L9011:31
ogra_Installing pi2_0.15_all.snap11:31
ogra_stat /tmp/oem231909283/oem/pi2/0.15/boot-assets/overlays/ads7846-overlay.dtb overlays: no such file or directory11:31
sergiusensit should work, but 'should' is a strong word11:31
sergiusensogra_: hmm, I can fix that11:31
ogra_well, can i fix it from the snap side ?11:32
sergiusensogra_: I can't think of anything11:32
ogra_i kind of dont want to modify the stable released image :)11:32
sergiusensogra_: oh, it's just one bug fix to u-d-f11:32
sergiusensnot the actual image11:33
ogra_cool, yeah that will work11:33
sergiusensogra_: to be able to deploy directories11:33
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rsalvetilool: both tools and tools-proposed are currently in sync12:22
rsalvetiI sync the ppas when doing the stable release12:24
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* ogra_ sighs ...12:27
ogra_i'll try with the old rpi preloader after lunch ... thats depressing :/12:27
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loolrsalveti: hmm I tried this like Friday with I believe up-to-date tools but perhaps I hadn't apt-get updated hmm13:12
loolrsalveti: anyway, I've marked this fix committed13:12
loolyou can mark fix released if it's in wily too13:12
lool(not sure what rule we follow there)13:12
* ogra_ wonders why lool's uboot.env works but not mine ... life is so mean :P13:15
loologra_: might be the time at which it's loaded?13:22
loologra_: also, are you sure yours is loaded?13:23
ogra_lool, yes, my prob is that i can get certain vars only from the preloader ... it hands them to u-boot once it loads it ... loading my env file wipes these vars, loadin yours keeps them13:24
ogra_(well, loading yours using your uboot binary ... and loading mine using my uboot binary)13:24
ogra_http://paste.ubuntu.com/11993082/ specifically "args" and "usbethaddr" are the ones i need13:25
ogra_the only difference is that i bumped the uboot-env size to the same 128k that we use on the BB13:25
ogra_lool, did you patch anything or did you just build using the defconfig  ?13:26
loologra_: just defconfig and the patch to allow raw initrd13:27
ogra_oh, i forgot that one !13:28
loolbut it's not needed in recent upstream versions13:28
ogra_though i doubt that would unset atags or dtb values (or however the pre-loader hands them to uboot)13:28
* ogra_ starts over and tries a completely unpatched build 13:29
elopiosergiusens: do you see any problem with backporting the gocheck update? https://code.launchpad.net/~elopio/snappy/backport-gocheck/+merge/26666313:33
ogra_U-Boot> printenv13:34
ogra_still no args13:34
mterryjdstrand, what is the "mac-based isolation" security provided by snappy?13:36
sergiusenselopio: added to my todo13:36
loologra_: it's odd that you're not getting more in your environment13:41
loologra_: it looks like you're not even getting the default environment13:41
ogra_lool, i load an empty uboot.env13:41
ogra_thats on purpose13:41
loologra_: maybe the u-boot logic behaves differently in this case though in that you're not getting the default env like bootcmd etc.13:41
ogra_(i first need to make sure the values from the preloader actually end up in my env)13:41
loologra_: so perhaps you need to do a dump of the default environment and copy that in your env file13:41
ogra_lool, yes thats what i'll do in the end13:42
ogra_and thats how we worked on the BBB13:42
ogra_but i need the intersection between the default env and the atags the rom hands ove13:42
ogra_for the BBB i just loaded the emopty env file and got all the ROM values set13:43
ogra_so i knew what to leave out of my env file (to have it "saveenv'ed" on first boot, since they are HW specific (MAC, seial etc)13:43
ogra_i wanted to do the same on the rpi ... but seemingly these values are comletely gone now13:44
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elopiofgimenez: lets skip today.14:39
fgimenezelopio: ok np14:47
elopiorsalveti: I can land things in the 15.04 branch, right?15:33
rsalvetielopio: yes15:33
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jcastroany options as to mounting an NFS share on a snappy machine?16:10
mterrysarnold, jdstrand: what is the "mac-based isolation" security provided by snappy?16:12
ogra_it puts all the ipads and iphones in a corner and tells them to be ashamed ?16:13
sarnoldmterry: I assume this use of "mac" means mandatory access control16:35
mterrysarnold, not sure -- it's a phrase from https://developer.ubuntu.com/en/snappy/17:11
mterrysarnold, I'm guessing so though17:11
sarnoldmterry: I guess the authors figured "mandatory access control" right next to "human friendly" didn't make sense. :)17:12
mterrysarnold, so it's basically apparmor looks like from a quick search?17:13
sarnoldmterry: sorry, I don't understa17:14
mterrysarnold, I'm not familiar with "mandatory access control" either -- searching online for that phrase makes it sound like what apparmor does17:14
sarnoldmterry: ah! yes, apparmor is one implementation of a mandatory access control system, yes17:15
jjohansenyes, its a variant of mac17:15
mterrysarnold, jjohansen: cool, thanks!17:15
jjohansenspecifically its a variant of dte instead of just te17:15
sarnolda discretionary access control system allows data owners to set policies -- e.g., the unix permissions bits, acls, etc; mandatory access controls have a system adminstrator or security officer set permissions17:15
* ogra_ definitely liked the naughty step explanation above more 17:19
loolmterry: it's true that tomcat wont start out of the box with example snap, but the mvn plugin itself works and I'd like to keep demoing it; would you mind merging the branch?19:04
loolmterry: or I can remove the sample snap if that's comfort19:04
lool(from the branch)19:04
mterrylool, OK, let me look again19:05
loolmterry: the other way to fix it would be to launch tomcat ourselves (or fork catalina.sh) but I wanted to avoid this hardcoding and didn't have time to research why systemd wouldn't launch tomcat in the default script, sorry19:10
loolmterry: I'm about to close laptop and leave for travel, worst case I'll demo from the branch and we can land it later19:10
mterrylool, I'm finding a few nits, yeah.  Will comment.  But if time is pressing, demo from the branch is fine19:11
loolmterry: yeah, I have a fallback dont worry19:11
mterrylool, sorry didn't know this was a time-sensitive branch for ya19:11
mterryOr didn't realize when it would be at least19:11
loolmterry: yeah, it's ok, I can do it from branch19:13
loolmterry: reason I wnted to land it soon is because we're releasing a video to demo snapcraft with maven plugin, so would be nice if it was in tip19:14
mterrylool, commented19:14
loolmterry: thanks19:17
utlemmingrsalveti: is there a pythononic way to know if you're on snappy?20:56
utlemmingrsalveti: python -c 'import platform; print(platform.dist())' doesn't distinguish between regular Ubuntu and Snappy Ubuntu20:57

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