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__martin__tester of wily.. after latest upgrades (using proposed repo as well); libmirclient conflicts with unity package // what alternative desktop session do you recommend? sth minimalistic12:34
__martin__[compiz hurdle..]12:35
BluesKajHey folks12:39
__martin__mkay, for the meantime am on gnome-session-flashback with metacity instead of unity/compiz combo12:43
bittin-ttp://a.uguu.se/tovvej_2015-08-03-182539_1366x768_scrot.png :)16:27
lordievaderbittin-: I3?17:24
bittin-lordievader: awesome17:24
lordievaderMeh, close enough ;)17:25
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bittinlordievader: yeah17:31
bittinhttp://a.uguu.se/rzdrhe.png cool found an ssh client for firefox :)19:56

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