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dholbachgood morning07:04
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Mirvpopey: I can be referred to if someone follows stgraber's blog posts and wants to compare configuration files like default.conf (http://paste.ubuntu.com/11991731/). I still have it a bit hackish though, I don't remember how to set up X access control so I temporarly do xhost + when I run wily apps..08:45
didrockskalikiana: hey! I'm unsure you saw my 2 questions I had on Friday morning (I asked them here)12:03
didrocksthey were about sorting, filtering and so on12:03
didrockshttp://irclogs.ubuntu.com/2015/07/31/%23ubuntu-app-devel.html#t08:48 + 09:47 and so on12:04
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kalikianadidrocks: it's essentially a binding to QSortFilterModel which only supports a single property - unless you sublcass in C++ and override the lessThan() method, which is pretty straightforward, just annoying if you didn't otherwise need C++15:05
didrockskalikiana: yeah, so I guess this might worth a bug report for people who wants to use a pure QML/javascript solution, wdyt?15:06
didrocks(in a performant way, without reimplementing this filtering in javascript as I did here)15:06
didrockskalikiana: also, look at http://irclogs.ubuntu.com/2015/07/31/%23ubuntu-app-devel.html#t09:4715:07
didrocks(which is annoying when are you based on u1db results)15:07
kalikianadidrocks: yeah, I think it is. at the time the binding was done we did discuss things like custom javascript filter functions but decided against it due to performance concerns - but something like a list of accepted properties would still be quite fast as long as it's implemented in C++15:09
didrockskalikiana: agreed, I'm happy to open a bug and tag it (I have my slow workaround for now, but better to improve the dev experience I guess)15:10
kalikianadidrocks: if writingboilerplate for a tiny subclass is an option for the moment, here's an example of how it's done http://stackoverflow.com/questions/10893843/qsortfilterproxymodel-sort-multiple-columns15:11
kalikianadidrocks: wrt the other issue, what you call sub properties are members of variants and unfortunately totally don't work here - so yeah, as you suspected, basically u1db needs to be fixed to expose individual properties15:13
kalikianaI guess I really need to make some u1db time and find a reviewer, then I'll be able to get that code in15:14
didrockskalikiana: thanks for the example, I will give it a look15:15
didrockskalikiana: yeah, I guess if you can get some u1db time, that would be awesome as I guess it's what we want to promote to store/retrieve data and expose in list15:15
kalikianaindeed it is15:21
kalikianadidrocks: did you ever try out the branch? https://code.launchpad.net/~kalikiana/u1db-qt/indexRoles/+merge/21177115:21
kalikianadespite what I seem to have typed in the description, it does have uni tests as well15:22
kalikianaI wonder if it's actually more ready than it looks15:22
didrockskalikiana: I can give it a look tomorrow if you want15:28
kalikianadidrocks: that'd rock (no pun on your name intended ;-))15:31
didrocksheh :p15:33
didrocksok, will keep you posted!15:33
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nemohm. who here was helping me w/ the Hedgewars cross-compile16:17
* nemo forgets16:17
ogra_nemo, eiher popey or kenvandine iirc16:34
ogra_oh, and mcphail16:35
nemomcphail. that was the one16:42
nemojust wanted to remind them I was still alive and hadn't forgotten16:42
popeynemo: I think he was away on holiday for a bit.16:46
nemopopey: yeah. he mentioned a couple of weeks hiatus, a couple of weeks ago :)16:48
mcphailHi nemo - haven't forgotten about HW :) . Might get a chance to look at it tomorrow night, work permitting18:17
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