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popeywhere is everyone?08:39
ogra_popey, sil is sick, jibel is on vacation and davmor2 probably drowns in mgmt work :)08:46
seb128popey, you don't like quiet monday mornings?!08:47
* ogra_ guesses he doesnt liek to get up for non-cancelled meetings08:47
davmor2ogra_: not yet and I have a plan, I have a ps3 gun and I'm not affraid to use it ;)08:48
* ogra_ puts up the laser shield around the house08:48
davmor2ogra_: I was at the meeting08:48
davmor2ogra_: timo was too and was the only one there who knew sil was sick :(08:49
ogra_i did too :)08:49
ogra_(because they didnt kick me out of the foundations ML )08:50
davmor2ogra_: shhhh or they might08:50
popeyseb128: Good point!08:56
LaneyTo: foundations Subject: ogra_ - why does he have that underscore? ARGH!09:02
ogra_Laney, thats my ponytail !09:02
* Laney snip snip09:12
morphisMirv: can you do me a favor and upload a package to a silo?09:48
davmor2Laney: don't snip his ponytail that's his external memory storage, you cut that off and forget most of the stuff that makes landing happen then you have to do it by hand09:51
Laneydavmor2: maybe you could sell the hairs on the black market for a very good price09:52
Laneythen we could do some cloning ...09:52
Mirvmorphis: certainly, give me the url as usual10:05
* Mirv notices he gets 45Mbps 4G upload speed at his lunch place - perfect for uploading 300MB android sources :)10:33
Mirvalso, a reason to not migrate to Bq since I do need that 4G at times like this10:33
Mirvso I need to get a Meizu at some point and leave Bq to be more a toy device10:34
Mirvalthough, I've fallen in love with dual SIM of Bq...10:34
Mirvmorphis: that was quick to fail to build, complaining about depmod command not found10:38
morphisMirv: it's still running, don't it? https://ci-train.ubuntu.com/job/ubuntu-landing-032-1-build/11/console10:39
Mirvmorphis: not according to https://launchpad.net/~ci-train-ppa-service/+archive/ubuntu/landing-032/+packages10:42
Mirvthe build job got updated too now10:43
morphishm, that is interesting10:43
morphisMirv: we can't just sync that package from wily, right?10:45
Mirvmorphis: I don't think there's a problem with recompiling the wily version - if you mean that it'd be a problem because it's a manual upload source. that said, I haven't tried the new requests page yet for syncs but happy to try :910:50
morphisthat would make things a bit easier10:51
morphisMirv: are the gates for wily opened again?10:51
Mirvmorphis: I'd be cautious to say they are since the GCC5 transition to release pocket is still not complete, but sil2100's last landing e-mail actually says they are open :) but he's now online too.10:52
morphisah ok10:53
Mirvmorphis: certainly silos can be built etc, we might need to do some double checking before publishing10:53
morphisso maybe better go this way which would leave the package setup cleaner than maintaining two variants for each release10:53
Mirvmorphis: certainly whenever it's feasible to build from the same sources for both releases, it's better not to maintain two variants10:54
Mirvfeasible as in "ready to ship in the next OTA"10:54
sil2100Yes, landings are open as gcc-5 is in -proposed and we build agianst proposed10:57
sil2100We just need to make sure that every possibly-affected wily silo is rebuilt after the release on Friday10:57
morphissil2100: ok, then let me abandon my vivid silo and request a wily one10:59
sil2100Abandon vivid?10:59
morphissil2100: yeah did a first attempt which was meant to be an update of the vivid package for android which is already out-of-sync with the wily one11:01
morphisbut the better way should be to just sync the up-to-date wily on back to vivid11:02
sil2100Indeed, could make sense11:02
marcustomlinsontrainguards: could I please have permissions for operating the CI Train11:16
Mirvmarcustomlinson: you should already have according to https://launchpad.net/~ci-train-users/+members/11:18
marcustomlinsonMirv: ah strange, was getting an error page before, seems to be working now11:19
Mirvmarcustomlinson: great!11:19
popeyMirv: saw this and thought of you http://imgur.com/gallery/xmdYnGo11:29
Mirvpopey: nice! the first part never happens to my cats though, second part at times yes.11:37
cjwatsonpopey: one of ours used to set ambushes for the others11:44
morphissil2100, Mirv: could this also be an opportunity for a dual landing?11:47
sil2100morphis: for the android package?11:47
sil2100morphis: not sure if that can dual land, since we only support that for CI Train versioned packages11:48
popeycjwatson: yeah, ours do that. Wish I could get it on film sometimes.11:58
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Mirvmorphis: right so two silos are then needed, even if practically same source12:10
morphisMirv: first silo with manual upload and second silo a sync silo?12:17
Mirvmorphis: that should work AFAIK, although then if it doesn't we'll handle it manually.12:18
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pstolowskirobru, ping12:31
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kgunntrainguards ok, so https://requests.ci-train.ubuntu.com/static/dashboard.html#?q=ubuntu%2Flanding-03512:56
kgunnwhat would be your suggestion, the packages got copied to vivid+o12:56
kgunnit was a dual landing12:56
kgunnbut caught in transition12:57
kgunnof gcc512:57
kgunnso we need to rebuild unity8/unity-api against wily, to release into wily12:57
kgunnhow should we handle ?12:57
pstolowskikgunn, this silo broke builds of unity8 in vivid12:57
kgunne.g. do you guys do a manual silo? do i need to set up a seperate silo ?12:57
kgunnpstolowski: so did it get reverted ?12:58
pstolowskikgunn, i don't think anything got reverted; changes from this silo (at least for unity-api) were landed manually and are not reflected in trunk; it's not possible to built unity8 trunk against unity-api that's currently in vivid overlay13:01
kgunnpstolowski: ok, i see... trainguards ^ shouldn't those branches have been merged back if we landed them into vivid+o ?13:03
kgunnand then we can do a no commit rebuild into wily ?13:03
kgunnpstolowski: and yeah...that all appear to be approved but not merged branches13:04
Mirvkgunn: seems correct, they are in vivid overlay. I can try to manually run the clean job to merge those, after which yes you could do a no commit rebuild to wily.13:06
pstolowskikgunn, also, i'd like to understand why it was pushed manually... looks like asking for trouble (which it caused btw)13:06
Mirvright, the publish job was never run13:06
kgunnpstolowski: b/c we went through all the QA testing and it was approved and i _thot_ they would be merged13:08
Mirvkgunn: ok, that worked, so the trunks are now up-to-date althought missing the GCC5 rebuild changelog entries13:08
kgunnat which point it would have only been borked for wily13:08
kgunnMirv: ok, will pull, do chlog statement of no change, rebuild for gcc513:09
kgunnone moment13:09
Mirvkgunn: right13:09
pstolowskikgunn, okay13:14
kgunnpstolowski: tsdgeos if one of you would...just approve13:26
rvrboiko: Approving silo 4013:26
tsdgeoskgunn: done13:26
boikorvr: nice! I will just have to rebuild it for the gcc5 transition :/13:26
boikorvr: but no code changes13:26
kgunntrainguards is dashboard having an issue ? i see "empty silos"13:55
kenvandinecihelp: is anyone looking into the boottest failures that's holding up package migration?14:05
kenvandinelooks like it fails to provision the device14:05
fgintherkenvandine, yes. Found a confused device and have taken it offline. Reruns have started.14:06
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kenvandinefginther, thx14:14
bzoltan_cihelp: How can I turn the silo ready for QA?14:17
bzoltan_other than save it as "ready for QA" ? :)14:18
josephttrainguards: can you help bzoltan_ please? ^14:18
Mirvkgunn_: seems normal to me. if there's a long id and no description, then that's a leftover from the spreadsheet and should be migrated by the lander14:19
Mirvjosepht: I think bzoltan_ did the right thing14:19
kgunn_Mirv: weird....it seems fine to me now14:20
Mirvkgunn_: the client side javascript pulls all the data so any network problem could cause it14:22
Mirvbut ok, good14:22
dbarth_o/ trainguards, can i get help to clean silo 031? and I need a new silo for OA, but I didn't find the interface in the new web interface14:36
dbarth_Mirv maybe ? ^^14:45
popeyballoons: is there something wrong with jenkins you know of? https://code.launchpad.net/~nik90/ubuntu-clock-app/fix-qtcreator-builability/+merge/266647 & https://code.launchpad.net/~nik90/ubuntu-clock-app/merge-changelog/+merge/26664514:50
popeyneither of those have been picked up14:50
rvrboiko: Approving silo 1514:51
balloonspopey, nothing appears broken at first glance, but the last runs were 2 days ago. Trying to build something now manually doesn't trigger a new run either14:56
balloonswe need cihelp to have a look at core apps jenkins and figure it out14:56
popeyyeah, nik90 said it was broken all weekend14:56
popeythese are minor merges, but they should have been picked up14:56
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balloonsit may have ran out of space14:59
balloonsohh look, it indeed it did14:59
balloonsvar/lib/jenkins/ is full15:01
boikorvr: great! thanks15:06
balloonsso, I guess cihelp, can you look into fixing core apps jenkins? It seems the disk is full15:07
psivaaballoons: let me take a look15:08
rvrrobru: Hey, one question. I have some silos that contain code for gcc 5, do we have to wait until a "gcc 5" is available, or can they be tested with the current devel image?15:11
pete-woodstrainguards: hi guys, I think I need my silo #49 clearing. I stopped depending on a branch that bumped the package version to 0.5.2, but the silo is still producing builds with that version..15:29
pete-woodsI would expect version 0.5.115:29
pete-woods(see https://launchpad.net/~ci-train-ppa-service/+archive/ubuntu/landing-049/+packages)15:29
popeypsivaa: thanks15:30
Mirvdbarth__: hey, sil is a bit sick today so there's a small gap in trainguarding, robert should be here soon. you didn't specify if you want to force clean 031 or merge it. for new silo, make sure you've the team memberships checked when you log in via SSO, then at the top should be all the fields.15:56
Mirvpete-woods: hmm, interesting, I deleted the packages now, wait 15 min and try rebuilding15:57
psivaaballoons: I'm curious why you'd say that the disc is full in core-apps jenkins15:58
balloonspsivaa, looking at master:
pete-woodsMirv: oh, ah I already tried to abandon the silo (and requested another one)15:59
pete-woodsbut it looks like the abandon button doesn't work15:59
pete-woodsperhaps due to it being originally from the spreadsheet15:59
Mirvpete-woods: right, there's no that silo in the requests https://requests.ci-train.ubuntu.com/15:59
psivaaballoons: ahhh, i have been looking at http://core-apps-jenkins.staging.ubuntu.com:8080/15:59
balloonspsivaa, ohh, sorry15:59
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psivaaballoons: np, just a sec15:59
Mirvpete-woods: can you request a new line with the MP:s?15:59
pete-woodsMirv: I already have done, and it's request 87, silo 5316:00
pete-woodsand building now16:00
pete-woodsthe old one is marked as abaondoned16:00
pete-woodsbut still showing in the dashboard16:00
Mirvpete-woods: ok :) then I'll just free up the silo and find later on if that should have happened automatically...16:00
kgunn_trainguards hey, so on the new bileto, how do i say i tested something on wily and it's good to go ?16:01
Mirvpete-woods: I'm just back so not exactly super familiar with the new system, but cleaning the silo manually this time16:01
pete-woodsMirv: okay, cool. whatever the reason I'm sure it can be figured out :)16:01
Mirvkgunn_: you edit it and put the status to "Publish without QA"16:01
kgunn_easy peasy16:02
robrupete-woods: what happens when you click abandon? It's supposed to just hide the request, it's not supposed to free the silo.16:14
pete-woodsrobru: that's pretty much what it did16:14
pete-woodsalthough it's not hidden16:14
pete-woodsit's hidden in the dash view (as expected)16:15
robrupete-woods: dash view?16:15
pete-woodsthat page16:15
cwaynedavmor2: yo16:15
pete-woodsbut not hidden on the requests view16:15
robrupete-woods: "abandon" button should have no impact on the dashboard at all16:15
davmor2cwayne: whats up16:16
pete-woodsyeah, I guess it's hidden there because Mirv cleaned it16:16
pete-woodsthe idea is then that abaondoned landings get manually inspected by you guys then?16:16
cwaynedavmor2: got a instagram click update ready to go to the store, it just fixes not being able to add an instagram account16:16
cwaynedavmor2: got a sec to test so i can push to the store?16:16
davmor2cwayne: nope16:17
pete-woodsanyway, this doesn't really matter right now, as I have the effect I wanted, which is my old silo removed :)16:17
davmor2rvr, alesage: ^ can you help cwayne with this please?16:17
robrupete-woods: the idea is that the abandon button marks a request as abandoned, which is the closest we get to deleting it. It doesn't impact the silo, which you should free separately16:17
robrupete-woods: what request id is it?16:18
pete-woodsrobru: 5916:18
rvrcwayne: Sure16:18
cwaynervr: should be suuper quick to test, its a one-line change in the provider file :)16:19
cwayneill email it over16:19
rvrcwayne: Ack16:19
alesagervr thanks16:19
robrupete-woods: Hmmmmmmm, 56 marked landed, should not be displayed on front page, agree you saying it's visible?16:21
pete-woodsrobru: okay, so it seems abandoned / landed only appear when you search16:22
pete-woodsI have a search for pete-woods in the box16:22
pete-woodswhich I use as my "normal view" of it16:22
rvrcwayne: Received16:22
robrupete-woods: oh, yeah.16:22
pete-woodsrobru: I guess my list of stuff will keep on growing as I land more16:22
pete-woodsit might be useful to have a "my requests" tab16:23
pete-woodsor change the search behaviour to only search current requests16:23
pete-woodssomething like that, anyway16:23
robrupete-woods: yep. I'll implement pagination soon so the list doesn't just grow to infinity. In staging I've discovered the page gets really sluggish above 100 or so requests per page.16:23
pete-woodsrobru: I guess I'm saying I don't really want to see them at all16:23
pete-woodsthe same way that LP hides MRs with merged status by default16:24
pete-woodsI guess this isn't super important, though..16:24
robrupete-woods: not sure how to handle that, since the search is specifically for finding landings that have been hidden from the front page16:24
pete-woodsrobru: well that's why my first suggestion was a new page for "my landings"16:24
pete-woodsjust showing requests for the current user16:25
robrupete-woods: OK can you for a bug against lp:bileto? Sounds like a good idea16:25
pete-woodsrobru: will do :)16:25
robrupete-woods: thanks16:25
pete-woodsrobru: https://bugs.launchpad.net/bileto/+bug/1481001 FYI16:28
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1481001 in Bileto "Add a "my requests" page, showing my active landing requests" [Undecided,New]16:28
davmor2rvr: thanks dude16:38
rvrcwayne: I logged into Instagram16:48
psivaaballoons: jenkins has been cleared, is running16:48
rvrcwayne: In the Photos scope, Instagram is not shown. But in its own scope, photos appear correctly.16:48
fgintherkenvandine, ubuntu-system-settings is hitting a error I've not seen before. I'm running a test locally to see if it's actually failing the reboot16:49
rvrcwayne: I only see My photos, Facebook (request to log in) and Flickr explore.16:49
kenvandinefginther, thx...16:49
balloonspsivaa, thank you16:50
balloonspopey, mp's should be flowing16:50
cwaynervr, hmm, let me check with kyle, photos scope may have changed16:50
cwaynebut that means what was changed in instagram fixed its login issue at least16:50
kenvandinefginther, the error i saw this morning look the same as what i saw in another one of the packages that failed too16:51
kenvandinemaybe udm16:51
kenvandinei don't recall16:51
fgintherkenvandine, I'll check that as well16:52
kenvandinefginther, oh... maybe it had been failing earlier before16:52
fgintherkenvandine, ugh, I just realized that a bunch of packages are getting removed during the test...16:54
fgintherkenvandine, including unity816:54
kenvandinethat would do it :)16:54
kenvandinesomething in -proposed probably needs a rebuild ?16:55
kenvandinei noticed mir is in there16:55
kenvandinefginther, maybe trust-store is the culprit?16:56
fgintherkenvandine, this is probably related to the gcc update that was started friday.16:57
kenvandinefginther, there's a transition from libtrust-store1 to libtrust-store216:58
kenvandinelibubuntu-location-service2 has a depends on libtrust-store116:59
kenvandineand unity-plugin-scopes depends on that16:59
fgintherkenvandine, so that means we need a new trust-store with updated depends?17:00
kenvandinei suspect just location service needs a rebuild17:00
kenvandinei don't have wily-proposed handy to verify those rdepends though17:01
kenvandinefginther, but based on what's being removed, that's what i suspect17:02
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fgintherkenvandine, ack17:02
kenvandineso maybe location-service was built before trust-store17:02
popeythanks balloons psivaa17:12
kenvandinefginther, indeed the location-service package was published over an hour before trust-store17:12
kenvandineso it built against the old trust-store17:13
kenvandinefginther, i can do a no change rebuild upload to wily-proposed17:13
kenvandineor i guess that one is better as part of a silo17:13
kenvandinegrr... the latest location-service hasn't been merged back to trunk yet17:17
kenvandinethat'll make a silo harder17:17
dobeytrainguards: are landings to wily blocked on packages from the gcc5 "silo" being migrated through to release first?17:22
charlestrainguards, is there another manual step for landing after testing a silo and marking (in this case, silo 8) "publish without qa"?17:23
charlesah dobey beat me to the question :)17:23
robrudobey: it seems so, yeah17:23
dobeyok :-/17:23
dobeymeh, so wily landings are busted until all these dependency issues in the migration get fixed :-/17:26
cwaynervr, ok so, there's a bug in the photos agg with regards to instagram17:34
robrudobey: check with doko, I don't know much about this transition unfortunately17:34
cwaynervr, so it's not related to this fix.  kyle is aware of it and working on fixing it, so i'd say in the meantime, i'd like to push the instagram fix as it as least fixes the child scope17:34
kenvandinefginther, i'll uploaded another no change rebuild for location-service to wily-proposed17:36
kenvandinehopefully that'll unclog the pipes :)17:36
dobeyrobru: i've been checking the excuses page every now and then. seems some more dependency issues are cropping up in autopkgtests, which weren't exposed via the PPA builds (which don't run the dep-8 tests)17:36
kenvandinedobey, hopefully my upload of location-service might fix some of them17:37
dobeykenvandine: it seems there's also some issues with the boottest hardware provisioning? i don't think more uploads will fix that :-/17:40
kenvandinedobey, that's the problem17:40
kenvandineit's removing unity8 :)17:40
kenvandinei think the location-service rebuild will fix that17:41
dobeyubuntu-touch-meta has broken -dev dependencies still too though17:42
kenvandinewhat a mess17:42
kenvandinei think this will fix the boottest though17:43
dobeythere are plenty of other issues on top of that though17:47
dobeyhttp://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-archive/proposed-migration/update_excuses.html#gcc-5 <- the great wall of gcc5 test failures17:49
jhodapprobru, hey, is there a way we can re-target silo 38 to land in vivid+overlay instead of wily? It was a silo originally created from the spreadsheet17:54
robrujhodapp: depends17:55
robrujhodapp: you can't just reassign a wily silo to vivid if that project has released to wily in the past17:56
robrujhodapp: you need to branch for vivid in that case17:56
robrujhodapp: generally I would recommend the dual silo but I guess gcc5 threw a wrench in those gears17:56
jhodapprobru, ok, yeah that's why it's not clear to me17:56
jhodappand that's also why I'm retargetting now17:57
cwaynervr, hm, i seem to have lost my irc connection, is it okay for me to push instagram to the store, given that the issue is with the photos agg itself17:57
jhodapprobru, alright, I'll just request a new silo then17:57
robrujhodapp: it's not about getting a new silo, you need to branch your trunk for vivid17:57
robrujhodapp: if you get new branches it's trivial to reconfigure the silo17:57
jhodapprobru, right, I'm also doing that17:57
jhodapprobru, oh I guess we could take that route yeah17:58
jhodapprobru, how about for source package uploads?17:58
robrujhodapp: what about them? they're handled manually so as long as you prepare the sources by hand then you can do whatever you want17:59
jhodapprobru, makes sense18:00
rvrcwayne: I'm ok too18:03
boikorobru: quick question: I have two silos marked as QA granted, do I need to do anything else in the requests page, or should I just wait?18:10
robruboiko: which ones?18:10
boikorobru: 15 and 4018:11
robruboiko: are any of these C++?18:11
boikorobru: 40 is for sure, tone-generator, I don't know, but both of them have been rebuilt after the gcc5 landing18:12
robruboiko: ok thing is gcc5 is really just in proposed, it didn't really "land" yet. It's not really clear to me what the implications are.18:13
boikorobru: ah ok, in that case, I can wait, and rebuild once gcc5 is in the final destination18:13
robruboiko: tone-generator seems to just be C, so I'll publish that one at least18:13
boikorobru: nice! thanks!18:14
robruboiko: for the other one, I don't really know what's going on, you should check with doko to figure out how to manage the gcc5 transition18:14
boikorobru: ok18:15
robruboiko: although generally speaking this is a bug in the dashboard, it doesn't highlight silos ready to publish like it used to, I'll work on that today.18:16
boikorobru: no worries, I was just wondering if missed something18:16
robruboiko: nope, looks like everything's correct18:17
dobeykenvandine: any luck?18:53
jhodapprobru, so I have 4 new MRs that all target vivid...so now I can simply reconfigure silo 38 with these new MRs and change it to dual or vivid+overlay?18:56
robrujhodapp: what did you do to make them "target vivid"? if they target vivid then dual isn't an option.18:56
kenvandinedobey, not sure yet, waiting for a boottest to run that pulls in the rebuild of location-service18:57
jhodapprobru, well they are set to merge in the stable branch of each project...I guess I don't understand how a dual landing works at all18:57
robrujhodapp: a dual landing is a wily landing that just happens to duplicate the silo contents, s/15.10/15.04/ in the version number and then upload that to vivid in the same PPA.18:59
jhodapprobru, ah right, so I don't care about wily anymore so I do in fact just want a straight vivid+overlay landing19:00
robrujhodapp: to "target vivid" you need to make sure that your most recent changelog entry doesn't have a wily version number otherwise the train will explode, having a new changelog version that's lesser than a previous changelog version is illegal.19:00
jhodapprobru, so a wily version number is what exactly?19:01
robrujhodapp: it's one that contains "15.10.YYYYMMDD"19:01
jhodapprobru, so what if it's already been released with a 15.10.* version number?19:02
jhodapprobru, I'm trying to sync trunk to vivid19:02
robrujhodapp: yes, you need to change the changelog to have a vivid version number, because making a 15.04 release after a 15.10 release is illegal.19:03
jhodapprobru, change all of the previous ones that were for wily you mean?19:03
robrujhodapp: I think it works if you just change the most recent one.19:05
jhodapprobru, ok great19:06
jhodapprobru, so is it legal to just change 15.10 to 15.04, and wily to vivid, and leave the rest the same?19:07
robrujhodapp: well, it'll fool the train into working. Having changelog entries that don't correspond to actual releases is probably frowned upon19:09
jhodapprobru, sure, but what else would it be? this is a sync...19:10
robrujhodapp: yeah it's fine19:10
jhodappok :)19:10
jhodapprobru, just trying to learn in general, I'm not a core-dev so this is all new to me19:11
robrujhodapp: yeah don't let the train rot your brain too much19:13
jhodapprobru, how do you reconfigure after editing in the new silo request tool? Does it automatically do that after pressing save?19:36
robrujhodapp: no you need to click 'Assign', it reconfigures if it's already assigned.19:37
jhodapprobru, ok that was my guess but wasn't sure19:38
pmcgowanrobru, how long are we blocked with the gcc5 stuff any idea?19:38
jhodapprobru, can that button change with context, assign if new, reconfigure if editing?19:38
robrujhodapp: the silos are managed by jenkins, if you didn't run a jenkins job then nothing happened in the silo.19:38
robrujhodapp: I'd rather not have buttons that change names despite doing the same thing. If you can think of one word that encapsulates 'Assign' and 'Reconfigure' I'm open to it though... maybe 'Inject' or something.19:39
robrupmcgowan: I'm not really up on it. apparently kenvandine had some fixes19:39
jhodapprobru, "Make it so #1"? :)19:39
robrujhodapp: lol, yeah19:39
kenvandineat least location-service needed a rebuild in wily-proposed19:39
kenvandinei did a quick upload to handle that, and i think it fixed it19:40
kenvandinepmcgowan, dobey said there's also some problems with some -dev packages, but i don't know much about that issue19:40
jhodapprobru, how about "Commit change"19:40
jhodapprobru, or just "Commit"19:40
robrujhodapp: but it's not doing a bzr commit ;-)19:40
jhodappsilly english19:40
jhodapptoo much overloading19:41
robrujhodapp: we have a lot of overloaded terms between the train and debian jargon19:41
robrujhodapp: even jenkins is bad, having to click 'Build' on a job that doesn't build packages.19:41
pmcgowanrobru, kenvandine I guess my real question is how long do we allow ourselves to be blocked with dual landings rather than continuing with vivid only19:41
jhodapppmcgowan, exactly why I'm just doing a vivid-only landing for background playlist stuff19:42
robrupmcgowan: well my understanding is that people need to branch for vivid anyway19:42
kenvandinepmcgowan, it's rather frustrating... not sure what the threshold should be19:42
kenvandinerobru, i haven't heard that19:43
robrukenvandine: I heard from dobey that if you use C++, it's not possible to package something that works with both gc4.9 and gcc5 so you need to branch19:44
pmcgowanrobru, I am told only for libraries19:44
pmcgowansome projects should work19:44
dobeywell, i guess dual landings will be ok, since they are cheating19:45
robrupmcgowan: hm. well I know very little about C++ unfortunately19:45
dobeybut things will certainly get nasty because of binary incompat issues between things on gcc5 and gcc 4.919:45
robrujhodapp: that's what I was talking about with the train not letting you downgrade the version number ^20:01
jhodapprobru, right, I have some other issues that are my fault...just about got it figured out20:02
jhodapprobru, ok I got the version stuff figured out, it's building now20:05
kgunn_trainguards just checkin on the migration of the unity8/unity-api rebuild for gcc5....seems stuck on22:02
kgunn_autopkgtest for qtcreator-plugin-ubuntu 3.1.1+15.10.20150720-0ubuntu122:02
kgunn_seems...lots of stuff stuck on that?22:02
kgunn_is this known or ?22:02
robrukgunn_: gcc is known to be stuck22:02
kgunn_robru: so just bury head for a little bit more time ?22:03
robrukgunn_: I don't know about qtcreator though. you should probably reach out to people who know things22:03
kgunn_that's a Mirv thing afaik ^22:03
robrukgunn_: I thought bzoltan_?22:03
kgunn_or him as well...true22:03
kgunn_or instead22:04

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