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pittiGood morning04:26
didrocksgood morning06:10
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seb128good morning desktopers07:17
didrocksre seb12807:17
seb128re didrocks07:18
darkxsthey seb128 didrocks07:21
seb128hey darkxst07:21
darkxstanything happening with the bluez5 transition this cycle?07:21
didrocksgood evening darkxst07:23
didrocksit was mentioned in the last meeting and looking for volounteers (it seems we won't block on touch and just do it)07:23
didrocksppa needs to be refreshed and restested I guess07:23
darkxstdidrocks, theres not even much in that ppa, surely there are loads more rdeps07:25
darkxstbut I or Noskcaj should be able to take care of the GNOME-ish bits07:27
NoskcajI can get help with whatever, finishing that transition finally would be great to clean up some packages07:28
didrocksthat would be nice, I guess we can use a common ppa, prepare everything and land this07:29
didrocksor we can sponsor the GNOME side in that ppa if you have things ready, and just do a package copy (once we are sure the gcc5 transition is fully done)07:30
seb128darkxst, why do you think that bluez has a lot more rdepends?07:32
didrocksIIRC, we listed all direct rdepends when we built the first list07:33
darkxstdidrocks, gnome-control-center update is blocked on g-o-a needing webkit2gtk source in main bug 1466290, anychance you could take a look at that?07:35
ubot5bug 1466290 in gnome-online-accounts (Ubuntu) "Update to 3.16" [Medium,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/146629007:35
darkxstseb128, tbh I haven't looked at it since last cycle, so things may have changed, I just though it was a larger transition that what is in the ppa07:37
seb128it could be07:37
seb128didrocks, ^ do you remember the details?07:38
seb128oh, you already replied to that ;-)07:38
didrocksseb128: yeah, so I'm sure I checked the list deeply07:38
didrocksand we also had an UOS on it and nobody had anything to say on the list of rdepends (but maybe they didn't check :p)07:39
seb128yeah, let's assume that the ppa list is what we need07:39
didrockslet me check the blueprint07:39
didrockssome items were still TODO, but they are small (apart from the indicator)07:40
didrocksand u-c-c was done by larsu IIRC07:40
didrockshe just didn't change the status I guess07:40
seb128hey willcooke08:01
Laneyyo yo!08:03
seb128hey Laney08:05
seb128Laney, willcooke, how is u.k today? how was your w.e?08:05
didrocksgood morning willcooke, Laney!08:07
Laneyquite fine!08:08
Laneyhad friends over to fight the zombie invasion08:08
Laneyoh and climbing on friday with free pizza :P08:11
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Laneywhat about you?08:11
seb128w.e was great, summer weather08:13
seb128so some biking, walking around and went to the beach yesterday ;-)08:13
seb128no free pizza though08:13
seb128and now back to work, eying to that gcc transition, I've a feeling it's going to be a long one08:13
Laneyoh I want to go to the beach08:16
didrocksLaney: played zombicide?08:16
Laneydidrocks: https://boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/150376/dead-winter-crossroads-game08:16
didrocksok, I don't know that one ;)08:17
Laneyit's fun08:18
willcookeoh yeah....08:18
Laneythere is a team objective and each person has their own one08:18
willcookeGood morning hikiko-lpt :)08:18
Laneyyou have to solve both to win08:18
didrockssounds nice, zombicide is more a group one08:19
Laneywhich is funny if the group needs to collect the same thing that you do08:19
didrockshehe, I guess :)08:19
Laney"noooooooooooo I don't have any food ¬_¬"08:19
Laney(hand full of tasty food)08:19
didrocksheh, I like asymetric game as well, when you have "traitors" :p08:20
didrocksdidn't play that this week-end though08:20
Laneyyeah some of the personal cards are like that too08:20
Laneycalled "betrayal"08:20
didrocksheh ;)08:21
didrockswe played cash'n'guns this week-end, the 2014 edition (new rules, way more fun): https://boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/155362/cah-n-guns-second-edition08:21
didrocksthen, 7 wonders https://boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/68448/7-wonders (classical :p)08:22
didrocksand 2 more card games, one with betrayal and a classic bet one08:22
Laneydid you go to that game place?08:22
didrocksyep :)08:23
didrockshorrible website, but great place!08:23
didrocks(and still 1800 games ;))08:23
Laneywe're getting one of those08:25
Laneythere was a kickstarter that got funded08:25
didrocksoh, they kickstarted this kind of place? Nice!08:26
didrocksI guess next year, we'll as well pay at the second one08:26
didrocksit has different hours of opening08:26
LaneyI've been observing the location but there's no sign of activity yet :(08:27
didrocksdid you back it?08:28
didrockssupposed to open in september, nice!08:29
didrocksah, it's not like a NGO, you don't get a membership08:30
didrockson the 2 of them in Lyon, one is 6€ a year, the other 9€08:31
Laneyit sounds like you can buy membership to get cheaper entry08:31
Laneybut don't have to08:31
didrocksthe entry is free then08:32
didrocksfor us08:32
didrockswell, you generally buy a drink, but that's it08:32
darkxstseb128, did you get a chance to look at the compiz keybindings thing? from my quick look it seems like can just switch the build-dep to u-c-c-dev08:37
seb128darkxst, no, got busy looking/helping with gcc508:37
seb128it's still on my list08:37
seb128if you want to have a look please do08:37
Laneythis is weird08:38
Laneymaybe a component mismatch?08:39
Laneylaney@snakefruit:~$ /srv/ubuntu-archive/bin/chdist apt-get wily-amd64 --dry-run install gnome-contacts | grep universe08:39
seb128libchamplain is a new build-depends and in universe08:40
didrocksyeah, libchamplain itself :)08:40
seb128bah, of course it was silo built08:40
seb128and that doesn't respect components08:40
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1463659 in libchamplain (Ubuntu) "[MIR] libchamplain" [Medium,Fix committed]08:41
seb128let me promote it08:41
didrocksI really wonder why the check I put in place for this (component mismatch) blocking publication has been nuked08:42
Laneyfile a cu2d bug? :)08:42
didrocksif anyone is interested into this, sure :p08:42
LaneyI see what you did there08:43
Laneycan you remember what the reason is that the ppas don't have the respect compoments option on?08:44
darkxstLaney, you can force ppa08:45
darkxstto build against main only in the dependencies page08:45
LaneyI know08:45
LaneyI'm asking why the "silo" PPAs don't use that08:45
seb128likely because some of the silos are used for testing things that are not ready for the archive yet08:46
LaneyI can think of one reason - that it's weird to have to promote things in the archive to make builds in a PPA work08:46
seb128and you don't want the archive constrains for experimental testing08:46
Laneyso have an option at assignment time that flips the switch08:47
didrocksLaney: my first idea was to do that automatically08:47
Laneybut doesn't let you publish then08:47
didrocksbut this wasn't in the API08:47
didrockslet me check08:47
ochosihey folks08:47
Laneymaybe nnot08:47
seb128hey ochosi, how are you?08:47
ochosinot sure any of you are interested in this and i know larsu is still not around, but i found some nice theming benefits you might be interested in08:47
ochosiseb128: good good, thanks :)08:47
seb128ochosi, yeah, we are likely interested, feel free to mp change and ping us about them ;-)08:48
seb128or just point us to the changes08:48
seb128it's more likely that we review/land things in mps though08:48
ochosiok, i'll just quickly outline what it's about before putting together a MP, it'll be a bit of work...08:48
ochosithing is, currently CSD pick up icons from the icon theme08:49
didrocksLaney: yeah, it seems that strict_component is only available as a GET method08:49
ochosiso if you dont use ubuntu's default icon theme, the window close, max and min buttons in CSD will differ from everything drawn by compiz08:49
ochosibut you can directly load assets (using the same icons as in compiz's decorator), so the gtk theme will always look the same, no matter what icon theme is in use08:50
ochosiso consistency++08:50
hikiko-lpthello willcooke :)08:51
ochosiexample: this is with elementary-xfce (xubuntu icon theme) http://i.imgur.com/MTAHm6g.png08:51
hikiko-lptand everyone :)08:51
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ochosiand this is with ubuntu-mono: http://i.imgur.com/MIcSLoy.png08:52
ochosi(only focus on the CSD window control icons)08:52
Laneydidrocks: "checkUpload08:52
LaneyWrapper around checkUpload for the web service API. "08:52
Laneygreat documentation! :)08:53
Laneyhey hikiko!08:53
didrockshey hikiko! welcome! ;)08:53
seb128hey hikiko, welcome on board ;-)08:53
ochosiand this is pretty much what's needed: https://github.com/shimmerproject/Greybird/commit/37e5c05da36368ceaf77d6a5f92c254431d47f3c08:53
hikikohello Laney didrocks seb128 :)08:53
didrocksLaney: ahah, I'm used to launchpad doc after having used it so much, that even didn't jump in my eyes anymore ;)08:53
seb128ochosi, yeah, not depending on the icon theme seems like it would be better indeed08:54
ochosiseb128: could also report it as a bug as a first step if you wanna discuss it internally before deciding and all08:54
seb128ochosi, I don't think there is anything to discuss "internally" here, consensus on this channel is what we need08:56
ochosithen just lemme know ;)08:56
seb128so atm changing your icon theme without changing the gtk theme might lead to weird looking decorations, right?08:56
seb128and the change would ensure the decoration are always the same08:56
ochosijust try it, change it to gnome/adwaita08:56
ochosiand you'll see that CSD buttons don't look integrated anymore08:56
seb128well, not only the decorations it seems08:57
seb128the title is white and not vertically centered anymore08:57
ochosireally? only by changing the icon theme?08:58
seb128oh, no, I changed the theme in appearance ;-)08:58
ochosiah, haha, well that changes both iirc08:58
seb128yeah, right08:58
seb128so yeah, +1 from me08:58
ochosii guess in unity it's not such a big issue because you have "theme packages"08:58
seb128didrocks, Laney, do you have an opinion on the topic?08:58
ochosibut theoretically you can bundle gnome icons with Ambiance08:58
ochosi(or even very practically)08:58
Laneyseems sensible to treat those as part of the gtk theme08:59
didrockslet me backlog a little bit09:01
ochosi(btw, i don't mind waiting for larsu to return if you prefer that. don't wanna mess with his toys in his absence ;))09:03
didrocksyeah, agreed as well, sounds like they are mostly part of the gtk theme itself in practice09:03
seb128I don't think larsu feels attached to the themes09:03
seb128he's maintaining those because somebody needs to do it and nobody else was09:04
ochosioh ok09:04
Laneyyou haven't seen his tattoo of his favourite rules from the ubuntu themes09:04
Laneyhe loves it09:04
ochosik, i'll try to prep something for you to test then...09:07
Laneythanks ochosi!09:07
Laneyare you coming to debconf btw? ;)09:07
ochosiLaney: would love to, but i'm starting a new job in september (and before that i'm gonna be a dad), so... ;)09:09
Laneydoublecongrats then09:10
seb128ogra_, congrats!09:11
ochosithanks :)09:12
ogra_seb128, thanks a lot ... but for what ? :)09:12
seb128ochosi, just curious, where/on what are going to work?09:12
seb128ochosi, congrats!09:12
seb128ogra_, for being awake on a monday morning? ;-)09:12
seb128not like me apparently :p09:13
ogra_lol, k, that counts ...09:13
ochosiseb128: well i don't have the typical education for a technical job (phd in philosophy, my contract as a university teacher just ended), but i'm going to be software configuration manager at an austrian embedded company09:13
ochosiwould've preferred a job in FOSS, but .at seems to really suck in that respect09:13
Laneysome companies allow home working :)09:14
darkxstseb128, compiz fails to build, gcc5 fallout?09:14
darkxst41: error: logical not is only applied to the left hand side of comparison [-Werror=logical-not-parentheses]09:14
darkxst      if (!screen->outputDevs ().size () > 1)09:14
ochosiLaney: yeah, i wouldn't mind that. still, without the education it's not that easy to find something09:15
ochosiand i looked, the canonical jobs didn't seem to fit (everything design-related was UK/office based, everything technical required too much coding experience, and i'm only half a coder)09:15
darkxstI suppose that should be  if (screen->outputDevs ().size () <= 1) in a gcc5 world09:19
Laneydarkxst: I know andyrock was saying he had fixed stuff with gcc509:19
Laneymaybe it didn't get uploaded?09:19
darkxstLaney, is there a branch somewhere?09:19
Laneyprobably :)09:20
Laneysorry, not very helpful09:20
darkxstLaney, nm found the MP09:21
Laneydarkxst: https://launchpad.net/~ci-train-ppa-service/+archive/ubuntu/landing-04309:22
LaneyI found that from https://requests.ci-train.ubuntu.com/static/dashboard.html#?q=compiz09:22
Laneydashboard is a useful link to know09:22
darkxstnot seen that before09:23
Laneyso try compiz from that PPA and base any changes on that I'd say09:24
Laneyiirc the CI stuff makes a branch for staged uploads like that...?09:25
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seb128ochosi, k, I hope you enjoy the job still ;-)09:34
seb128darkxst, no idea, what Laney said I guess09:34
ochosiseb128: thanks, hope so too :) i guess i'll keep my eyes and ears open for FOSS related jobs. if you hear anything you think could be a fit always feel free to ping me or fwd!09:35
seb128sure, if I see anything which I think could be a fit for you I'm going to ping you09:36
* darkxst is also on the lookout for work!09:56
darkxstLaney, if there were actually jobs available, maybe ?!10:06
xnoxochosi: darkxst: you can subscribe to e.g. canonical job postings rss feeds10:12
* xnox ponders how many openings there are in the foundations team still after so many people moved about10:13
xnox(if you are into that sort of stuff ofcourse...)10:13
darkxstxnox, I actually applied for the foundations opening10:13
xnoxdarkxst: how many years back, i did just that and managed to get in. took a long time however.10:14
darkxstxnox, just recently, steve was saying interviews would be soon-ish, but I see your point10:15
darkxstLaney, seb128 pitti can I get your endorsements for ubuntu-desktop packageset application? https://wiki.ubuntu.com/TimLunn/DesktopApplication10:23
Laneydarkxst: yep from me10:36
Laneydarkxst: done10:44
Laneynote that for desktop you just mail our list and don't go via the DMB10:44
Laneyneed 3 endorsements10:44
darkxstoh ok, thanks Laney10:48
ochosixnox: what foundation?11:05
ochosiand thanks for the hint, will subscribe11:06
Laneytjaalton: do you know any reason not to sync/merge xxv-qxl?11:27
seb128darkxst, k, I need to think a bit over it, you don't really state on that page what you want to use the rights for?11:46
seb128like is there so particular components you want to focus on?11:48
seb128for things like gtk we should still have team discussions before going ahead with changes11:48
seb128same when adding new depends or updating versions of component that impact Ubuntu Unity as well11:49
seb128if we are on agreement on that I think it's a +1 from me11:49
darkxstseb128, it would mainly be the overlapping components, and I certainly wouldn't upload anything major/breaking api without discussions first11:49
seb128k, I was just check11:50
seb128so yeah, +1 from me11:50
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* Laney wonders when $DELL_ENGINEER is going to come12:10
* Laney backs up home directory ...12:10
seb128Laney, what are they supposed to fix/change for you?12:16
LaneyI get two spaces instead of one all the time12:17
* Laney gpg --encrypt laney.tar.xz12:17
ochosiLaney: oh wow, that sounds annoying. i presume you've somehow fixed the broken palm detection on the touchpad?12:23
LaneyI just break my wrists to type12:23
Laneywant to try -libinput and/or the chrome driver12:24
Laneytbh I haven't looked at that problem very much12:24
ochosiyeah, same here12:24
ochosii put an xorg.conf file in /etc, that helped a bit12:25
Laneylaney@nightingale> synclient -l | grep Palm                                                                                                                                                          ~ PalmDetect              = 012:25
Laneythat probably doesn't help12:25
ochosiat least with the general touchpad thingy12:25
ochosibut yeah, the palm detection doesn't really work12:25
ochosican paste that one if you wanna try (unless you're generally happy with scrolling, tapping etc)12:25
Laneyare you on wily/latest bios?12:26
Laneyseems there's two modes the touchpad can be in and palm detect doesn't work with the better one (i2c)?12:27
ochosii'm on vivid with bios a04, i think latest is a05, but that one fixes nothing touchpad related12:28
ochosiyeah, supposedly palm detection works better in ps2 than in i2c mode12:28
Laneyseems to be a driver thing12:28
Laneyso I'll try the other one but if that doesn't work then I have to wait12:28
Laneyone -> drivers12:29
ochosilemme know if you ever get it fixed ;)12:29
ochosibbl, hf! (and good luck with that dell engineer)12:29
Laneythat TapAndDragGesture thing is annoying12:29
ochosii switched it off, still not really working for me12:30
ochosiespecially with CSD and gtk3 it's terrible12:31
Laneydon't know why though12:31
Laneywho has the bug?12:31
ochosiand i don't even know *which* gesture that is that i should avoid12:31
LaneyI usually do select stuff like that12:31
Laneyis it driver or gtk?12:32
ochosinot sure12:32
ochosilikely the driver12:32
ochosisometimes it works ok12:32
ochosisometimes it's totally borked12:32
ochosiseems a bit random to me12:32
ochosiso probably not gtk12:32
Laneybut I don't see it in other things12:32
Laneyjust gtk3 apps12:33
Laneymakes me suspicious12:33
ochosiagain, if you find a fix... ;)12:34
LaneyIf you need working palm detection, you can use xf86-input-libinput. The libinput driver supports nearly all button layouts out of the box with few additional settings.12:34
Laneythat's the driver I was talking about12:34
Laneywe just got that in wily thanks to tjaalton12:34
Laneymight try it later today12:36
bschaeferhello, i was looking at testing a silo with unity7 on it, but there seems to be an issue with gtk bits not rebuilt with gcc5? (or unity7 depends are out of sync with gtk stuff)16:38
seb128bschaefer, hey, can you give details on the error?16:48
bschaeferseb128, not much besides if i install unity it un installs gnome-monitor16:48
bschaeferwhich is needed by ubuntu-desktop16:48
seb128what happen if you try to install both?16:49
bschaefersoo its flipping back and forth, if i want gnome-monitor it uninstalls unity16:49
bschaeferseb128, it says umm16:49
* bschaefer gets error for you16:49
bschaeferseb128, this is with unity intsalled: http://paste.ubuntu.com/11994245/16:49
seb128is that with wily-proposed enabled?16:50
bschaeferseb128, im also on, silo28 (which ever one had the new unity changes gcc5) and im on proposed16:50
seb128there are probably unmigrated things in there still16:50
seb128don't worry too much about it16:50
bschaeferi figured it would resolve it self in a couple days16:50
bschaeferjust wondering if a silo was around with that :)16:50
* bschaefer didnt see one16:50
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Laneybschaefer: usually you can apt-get install <package to upgrade> <package it wants to remove and shouldn't> <more packages to not remove>17:05
Laneydo that repeatedly and it'll eventually tell you what the real problem is17:05
bschaeferLaney, o cool, yeah i think bregma told me to do that... ill see if i can find the package that is the main issue17:06
Laneyprobably is some missing rebuild for gcc517:06
Laneyright I'm off to climb some fake rocks17:06
bschaeferyeah  libsigc++-2.0-0v5 : Conflicts: libsigc++-2.0-0c2a but 2.4.1-1 is to be installed17:07
* bschaefer just waits for the dust to settle17:08
bschaeferLaney, thanks! And enjoy!17:08
mterrydarkxst, heyo!  I'm looking at bug 1466290.  Jamie said you were working on something to avoid g-c-c depending on webkit?18:57
ubot5bug 1466290 in gnome-online-accounts (Ubuntu) "Update to 3.16" [Medium,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/146629018:57
mterry(in comment 8)18:57
willcookerobert_ancell, back!20:18
willcookerobert_ancell, looks like that over heating issue is the cause, and has fried my Pi20:18
jcastro export BYOBU_CHARMAP=UTF-8 ; . ~/.bashrc20:45
jcastrowhoops, sorry guys20:45

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