tintedwindowshey "wafflejock" "phunyguy" it's rustic_plague01:48
tintedwindowswhat up01:50
wafflejocktintedwindows, not much working on brushing up a proposal using xmind for making some images/graphs, how ya doin?01:56
phunyguyI don't know who that was :(02:42
lordievaderGood morning.07:54
daftykinsgood afternoon all o/14:16
OerHekshi daftykins14:17
EriC^^afternono daftykins14:17
daftykinsah a fine sunny-after-rain day, the cat has just walked right past her water bowl and out the flap... in order to lick rain water from objects outside14:17
EriC^^there's a nice cat who gave birth recently, her kid was climbing up my tire i guess and popping out under the fenders14:19
EriC^^looked so funny14:19
daftykinsthat'd be a good snap14:20
daftykinsanother day, another shake of the head15:42
EriC^^this guy is writing a thesis about wiping a hdd15:43
daftykinsi'm gonna hurt onla in a bit if we keep hearing everything16:23
daftykinslooks like they're revolting against me :)20:30
TJ-Why are support engineers so obtuse sometimes!?21:22
daftykinsuh oh, the ones about the mPCIE boot again?21:24
OerHekshey guys21:29
OerHekswindows boot problem solver ?? http://itsfoss.com/no-grub-windows-linux/21:29
OerHeksan i think this is handy too http://itsfoss.com/access-uefi-settings-windows-10/21:30
TJ-No, they've got the message :)21:42
TJ-I've had a tower network switchable CDU that controls power to one of the data cabinets fail over the weekend, which controls 32 outlets, so I'm scrambling to get it fixed/replaced. I've done some detailed analysis of the faulty Power Control PCB using a logic analyser and reported the results to the manufacturer's support engineer... who then suggests I buy a replacement network interface/management engine PCB ... which works fine! I sent an acerbic reply21:45
TJ- asking what good replacing the working PCB would do21:45
TJ-Grrrr, beaten by OerHeks !21:58
OerHeksminions ... they are comming! http://www.ign.com/articles/2015/08/03/giant-inflatable-minion-gets-loose-causes-traffic-jam-in-ireland22:12

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