dholbachgood morning07:04
nhainesdholbach: good morning!07:17
dholbachhey nhaines07:17
nhainesHow are you today?  :)07:18
dholbachgood good - how about yourself?07:19
nhainesNot bad.  Working on the last chapter of this Ubuntu book I'm writing.  Which is apt because the deadline is later today.  ;)07:20
svijmorning dholbach and nhaines 07:22
svijUbuntu Book? Sounds interesting ;)07:22
dholbachhey svij07:22
dholbachnhaines, very nice!07:22
dholbachgood luck with the book!07:22
nhainessvij: indeed!  http://amzn.to/1MpbL9V07:22
nhainesdholbach: thank you.  :)07:22
nhainesI'm happy because I got them to drop the word "Linux" from the title, although that'll be updated over the next few weeks.07:23
svijnhaines: nice!07:23
nhainesIt turns out writing a book is hard.  I've written about 68,000 words and I still have a couple thousand more to go.  But the end's in sight.  :)07:24
svijI'm going to write a book soon too07:25
qwebirc60750anyone here07:25
qwebirc60750I need help07:25
svijqwebirc60750: yes?07:25
qwebirc60750How can I install Secure CRT on Ubuntu 14.1 LTS07:26
nhainessvij: congratulations.  :)  After this one's finished I'm going to do some editing and then write fiction.07:26
ubot5The official ubuntu support channel is #ubuntu. Also see http://ubuntu.com/support and http://ubuntuforums.org and http://askubuntu.com07:26
svijnhaines: hah, cool.07:26
nhainesThere is no Ubuntu 14.1.  There is 14.04.2 LTS and Ubuntu 14.10.07:26
qwebirc60750sorry 07:26
qwebirc60750my mistake07:26
svijnhaines: I had an oppurtunity to write an ubuntu book, but I declined… they wanted like ~500 pages and I wasn't that much interested…07:27
svij(in german obviously)07:27
qwebirc60750how can I install07:27
nhainesI don't use SecureCRT but it doesn't appear to be in the Ubuntu 14.04 LTS software archive, so you'll need to contact the vendor for support.  Or try a technical support channel.  This isn't one.07:27
nhainesTry searching on AskUbuntu.com or try in #ubuntu.07:28
nhainessvij: yeah, this one is going to be around 225 pages, I think.  Of course, German's easier to write 500 pages.07:28
nhaines"Die Ubuntu Bedienungssystem" is a little nicer than "Ubuntu system" for word count.  ;)07:29
svijits "Das Ubuntu Betriebssystem" ;)07:29
nhainesWait, where did I get bedienung?  I know that....07:29
nhainesI thought it was "die System".07:30
nhainesBedienung is "service" or else I'm really off.  :P07:30
svijit's "das System" ;)07:30
svijsee, you'll get slightly a few more words in german, but "der/die/das" is annoying compared to just "the" ;)07:31
nhainesWell, I'll have to learn that or I'll hear about it the next time I talk to my friend's 8yo and make him read the first four pages of "Standard Betribssystem Unix" which is a brilliant guide to input/output computer devices.  :)07:31
svijhi Kilos 07:32
nhainesHe always corrects me when I make a mistake and then looks at me like I should've known better in the first place.  I always say "Look, German is my third language and I didn't learn it from birth like you, you little cheater."07:32
nhainesKilos: welcome!  :)07:32
Kilosmorning svij nhaines dholbach and others07:32
svijnhaines: haha07:33
nhainesI still did teach him how to read in German, so there's that.  And I can read *barely* fast enough to still do all the voices when I read to him.  ;)07:33
svijwhen and where did you learn german?07:34
svij(and why ;) )07:35
nhainessvij: I learned German in college now many years ago (15! :-o ) and it was because I wanted to learn Old English but my college didn't teach that, and you can't go to San Diego and order a pizza in Old English anyway.  :)07:36
svijnhaines: I'll give you roughly ~13 months to improve your english… than you can come to ubucon.eu and give a talk in english. :P07:37
svijin german*07:37
nhainesWell, I can do it if I have a teleprompter!  :)07:38
svij(and you sleep in my house for free :D)07:38
nhainesOoh!  :D07:38
nhainesMy friend is a software localizer and simultaneous interpreter and localized my Tutanota webapp in the Ubuntu App Store from English back to German again.  It was quite fascinating to watch.07:39
svijnhaines: if German is your third languages, which is your second?07:43
nhainessvij: Spanish, but my Spanish is horrible.07:43
sviji see07:44
nhainesFor a couple of years during German classes, some of my Spanish speaking friends said I spoke Spanish with a German accent.  It might be true!  lol.07:44
svijit's German, English, Tamil (and a little bit of French) for me.07:44
svijnhaines: haha, nice :D07:44
nhainesOh, that's quite nice!  :)07:44
svijeven though I talk to my mum in Tamil, my english is still better… I'll talk in a mixture of three languages to her anyway :D07:45
nhainesWell, my German pronunciation is great and my cadence is pretty good, but my vocabulary and complex grammar is lousy.  Although I studied last year for a month and now I have a good chance of getting my adjective endings right.07:45
nhainesBefore that I just made them up.  :D07:45
nhainesMy friend's kid always says "who" and "whom" correctly though in English, which is adorable.  <307:46
svijI always had a "nearly failed" or "failed" in German in my school time (~4 years ago)… and now I'm going to write a book. O_o07:46
nhainesJust not on Ubuntu, right? :)07:46
nhainesWhat's it about?07:46
svijabout Git :)07:47
nhainesOh!  :)07:47
nhainesI had to do a physical server to KVM migration a year ago, and the only books out were both German.  So they bought the newer one to me and I had to read that for some pointers.07:47
nhainesI can read technical German for about 10 minutes before my brain overheats.  :D07:47
svijwhich book was it?07:48
nhaines"KVM Best Practices: Virtualisierungslösungen für den Enterprise-Bereich".07:50
svijatleast the main title was in English07:50
nhainesYes, it was the only part.  :D07:51
svijbut it's curious that there wasn't an englisch book about this topic07:51
nhainesI was reading a bit aloud to my colleague (he hired me to help him) and he suddenly looked up with an amused look on his face.  I had forgot that when I read German but translate out loud in English I end up with a German accent!07:52
nhainesYes, the Amazon.com link says "German Edition" but as far as I know there's no English translation.07:52
* svij doesn't know how bad is english sounds.07:56
nhainesI think I remember seeing you in the Community Q&A and understanding you just fine.  :)07:57
svijand hows my accent?07:57
nhainesWhich reminds me I should probably call Richard this week... want to get ubucon.org plans going.07:57
svijoh, yeah.07:58
nhainesIt couldn't have been that bad because I don't remember.  :D  I recall it being a slight German accent.07:58
svijthat's good :D07:58
svijI was part of the ubuntu booth at the CeBIT (pretty big IT exhibition) where I talked to many people in English (and German)08:02
svijfunny thing was: There was one guy, hardly talking to me in english and then he said "In german we say 'Verschwommen' for that." Then I told him, that I can talk German too… :D08:03
nhainesHa!  :D08:03
nhainesWith "verschwommen" you must've been talking about US phone plans!08:04
svijthat was in 2012 I think.08:04
nhainesI think I'm on the Ubuntu Insiders list, but they keep taking me off because of the hardware region... so I need to start blogging again about the phone after my book is done so they don't take me off for the bq convergence device, haha.08:04
svijbut there are some US guys in the insiders group08:05
nhainesSure, but jono hardly even counts.08:06
svijJordan Keyes (Youtube guy), Erica Griffin (youtube girl, don't see a direct ubuntu connection) and Jono.08:06
nhainesI had a YouTube-ready video but I didn't publish it because my hair has this horrible streak of white lol!08:06
nhainesYou could barely even see it in real life, but then on camera... http://i.imgur.com/NtV8BwC.png08:07
svijI'll make it easy and don't put my face on my youtube videos08:08
svijwho wants to see my face anway … https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCudrITQTC9x9YWtS0vsP62g08:08
nhainesNow I just dye my hair, haha, and problem solved, haha: http://i.imgur.com/NV9cJKt.jpg08:09
nhainesBut anyway, I'll probably start some kind of video updates soon.08:09
nhainesI've been meaning too anyway, but this book...08:12
nhainesAnd next I need a new website so that looks like something someone would want to buy a technical book from me when they visit!  lol.  http://www.nhaines.com/08:12
nhainesOh, this week I also need to figure out the Ubuntu Free Culture Showcase, too.08:21
nhainesI never heard back from the wallpaper team.08:22
nhainesdholbach: can we get together in a hangout or here on IRC or something this week and figure out what needs to be done for the Free Culture Showcase?  I'd like to get things squared away so that I can make an announcement in the next week or so.08:39
nhainesThanks so much!  I don't want to cut it too close to the 15.10 release.  :)08:39
nhainesdholbach: is there any day you're more free?08:48
dholbachnhaines, maybe tomorrow my morning, if that works for you?08:55
nhainesYeah, I think that'll be perfect.  My book should be done but I won't yet be back to a human sleep schedule.  ;)08:56
nhainesWhat time works?  I'll put it in my calendar.  I shouldn't need long.  Half an hour but probably we're done in 15 or 20 minutes.  Unless I've grossly underestimated the responsibilities.  :)08:57
dholbachno no, that should be fine09:02
dholbach8 UTC?09:03
dholbachor I'll just ping you when I'm up tomorrow and we figure something out - it should be around the time today09:03
nhainesHa, I thought that was an hour ago, but luckily I put UTC into my Date/Time indicator.  Smartest thing I've ever done.  >:D09:04
nhaines8 UTC works fine for me.  I don't have anything scheduled this late at night (it's 2am here now) so I'll be around earlier.  Later if I need to be, but... it's 2am.  :)09:04
Kilosowl blood09:08
nhainesYes, well, being able to sleep in too has its perks!09:11
dholbachnhaines, can you invite the Canonical daniel.holbach to the event?09:43
nhainesdholbach: yup!09:47
nhainesdholbach: all set!09:48
dholbachcool - thanks09:49
nhainesNo problem!  I don't know about you, but lately if I don't have a calendar event somewhere I'll never remember these things.  :)09:50
dholbachyeah :)09:56
dholbachalways good to have a reminder :)09:56
ahoneybunyay UGJ stuff!11:46
nhainesOkay, well, that's everything but that last section finished, so I'm going to eat quickly, then go to sleep, and finish in the afternoon.  :P13:26
nhainesBut I'm pretty happy about this. \o/13:26
svijnhaines: congrats and good night13:32
nhainessvij: thanks!  :)13:32

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