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dobeywow this channel is very low traffic18:54
tewarddobey: yes it seems that way :018:56
tewardit has its cyclical activity levels :)18:56
dobeyanyone around that knows anything about dbus-test-runner?18:57
balloonsit's summertime for northern hemisphere :-)20:10
knomeevening balloons20:11
balloonsevening. how was your Monday my friend?20:11
knomeyou don't happen to know anything about the QA tracker xml-rpc?20:11
knome...or xml-rpc with php in general20:11
knomethe last time i hacked on this, i got no results, now i'm getting HTTP 50020:12
knomeno? :P20:15
balloonshmm.. what are you trying to do>20:36
balloonsnothing should have changed persay between now and last time.. depending on how long ago you tried of course20:36
knomewell i've progressed otherwise...20:37
knomei'm basically trying to get any sensible reply from the server20:38
knomedoing "qatracker.get_access" works, and i get "admin" back, but apparently i don't know how to correctly post parameters for, say, "qatracker.products.get_list"20:38
knomeand thus, i'm getting HTTP 500 internal errors20:39
balloonsknome, hmm.. there's probably a way to glean that info20:39
balloonsknome, is your key correct? presumably yes20:42
knomeyes, i believe everything is correct, since i can use the "get_access" method and get a reply correctly20:43
knomeso maybe it's just me not knowing how to serve the parameters correctly20:43
balloonsok, so params can be lifted from the php source20:44
balloonsi wonder if they've gotten out of sync. Best to look there first20:44
balloonslet's se20:44
knomei did that20:45
knomeand i've received the list successfully from the server too20:45
knomethe php source is: http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-qa-website-devel/ubuntu-qa-website/drupal7-rewrite/view/head:/modules/qatracker/qatracker.xmlrpc.php20:45
knome        # Export: qatracker_products_get_list(status)20:45
knome        # ACL: public20:45
knome        # Returns: list of products20:45
knome        array(20:45
knome            "qatracker.products.get_list",20:45
balloonsI was just going to link you20:45
knome            "qatracker_xmlrpc_products_get_list",20:45
knome            array("array", "array"),20:45
knome            t("List all the products for a given list of status")20:45
knomeoh, oops.20:45
knomebut yeah, the first array means that the method will return an array20:46
knomethe second array should be a list of statuses (per the Export line)20:46
balloonsI can't give you more than that I'm afraid. Regardless of whether or not you get it working, do you think you could post to the mailing list about your findings?20:47
balloonsIt would be useful to get some feedback and working examples for this20:47
knomealso, figuring out from http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-qa-website-devel/ubuntu-qa-website/python-qatracker/view/head:/qatracker.py, "Active" should be a valid product status20:48
knomewell, here's the thing:20:48
knomethe python example code is working20:49
knomeso i would guess it's only me who's struggling to send the right stuff to the server20:49
balloonslol, sure. But what are you using to try and interact?>20:49
knome"anything" at this point20:49
knomelet me take a PM ;)20:49

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