Na3iLhey ichihi davlefou01:56
SalahMessaoudnabdev,  o/09:35
SalahMessaoudHola channel o/09:35
nabdevelacheche> u can read a boot repair log and understand the problem to booting to a laptop ?09:56
elachecheMaybe nabdev :) It depends if I saw a similar log previously or not.. Share it and will see :)10:06
nabdevokay,  http://paste.ubuntu.com/11991635/10:06
nabdevi poste the boot repair report to ##linux and someone tell me to mount sda2 partition and peek at the log , what u think elacheche ? how can i ?10:14
elachecheC'est n problem avec EFI et GPT10:14
elachecheYou're already in using a LiveUSB am I wrong?10:14
elachecheYou can mount sda2 using the live CD but ask him what log he need to see10:15
elachecheAs I csee in the paste you shared it's because of EFI.. Did ou tied to disable EFI and enable BIOS legacy, that can fix the proble10:15
nabdevyes i am using Liveusb,10:15
nabdevi will try now10:16
nabdevthe same result clean screen with th backgroun color of this terminal pic : http://i.imgur.com/RpvxQBX.png10:19
elachecheWhat did you do? disable RFI and enable bios?10:23
elachecheYou should execute boot repair again if you did that!10:24
=== nab is now known as nabdev
elachecheso nabdev12:05
nabdevwith legacy i have message when i apply recommanded of boot repair , so i try againt boot repair with EFI bios mode12:16
nabdevas result :  http://paste.ubuntu.com/11992580 elacheche12:16
nabdevi reboot then i have black screen after boot menu12:24
elachecheyou still have EFI problems.. Boot repair didn't got log while using LEGACY BIOS!12:28
nabdevwith LEGACY and legacy fist as priority i can got log12:35
elachechehttp://data.villedesayada.tn/ is down? :D13:32
elachecheWas looking for the link.. I find it but it's donw, any idea?13:32
nabdevreformatting :/13:55
SalahMessaoudelacheche, I think it is15:58
SalahMessaoudno idea15:58
SalahMessaoudnot hosted by us15:58
elachecheGood morning SalahMessaoud :D16:00
SalahMessaoudGm elacheche16:08
elachecheThanks anyway :)16:08

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